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      Exclamation Lucid Rocket Scooter on the Freeway

      Yesterday morning i was super hungover from extremely heavy drinking the night before. I woke up at around 6am to go to class, but i decided to go back to sleep. This is when i had my lucid dream:
      It started off with me in a grimy, porcelin basement with an aqquaintance of mine and a methhead from the show 'Breaking Bad'. We were being served rice and sushi by the exposed arms of some hideous, obese, naked woman in some sort of metal/porcelin chamber/contraption. After this i got on my razor scooter and went with these guys to a strip club. When we got there,the methhead started saying how he was gonna attack one of the strippers. So i bailed. This is when i did a reality check on my tattoo on my left hand ( http://dreamviews.com/community/showthread.php?t=85153 ) and it was just a scab. I BECAME LUCID AT THIS TIME. I did a wheelie on the scooter and i found myself gliding along the concrete upside down, staring at the sky which was a beautiful hue of purple and turquiose.
      I then proceeded to frantically try and think of things i wanted to do while lucid. The first thing that came to my mind was ROCKET SCOOTER. I revved the scooter handle and it made an enormously loud motorcycle sound. I flew right through a busy intersection and caused a huge car crash. I laughed and said "FUCK YOU BITCHES!!"
      I really wanted to hang out with my little brother so i tryed calling him. This is what brought me out of lucidity. He sounded very upset and confused and scared. He kept on repeating "WHATS HAPPENING?! WHAT IS THIS?! HELP ME!! I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON!!!" I immediatly was dragged back into the dream because i became very concerned with him and wanted him to be ok. Then i had to wake up and go to work.
      How can i prevent being dragged back into a dream, losing lucidity?? I am not very good at staying lucid once i become lucid. Got any advice guyz?????
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      Do RC's constantly throughout your dream, or keep saying to yourself, THIS IS A DREAM.
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      grab hold

      grab hold of something when u feel ur lucidity is slipping


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