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      i I haved a dreamed a long time ago, it wasn't lucid but pretty cool. I was looking out of a window looking at the moon and there was like a large ass ship (UFO). And, i guess the next day robots were attacking the whole city and me and my family, were running trying to escape, and we found a store where some other people were hiding too. after that i don't rember much, and i guess the robots were still roaming the city, and i wen't into some room like in a allyway with my mom to hide, and 10 years later the city was back to normal and it was all chill. And i had a other dream where there was like some blue clouds, kinda like electric and i was at school and my firends eyes were like the electric clouds...Thats all i rember. But, does anybody dream about the ''end of the world''?

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      kinda wierd

      thats kinda creepy i had a dream sort like that, ufos everywhere in the sky and robots patrolling the grounds....creepy


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