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      Help, I need help with this dream

      I need help about this dream. Or series of dreams ill divide the dream into 4 parts and tell which part i think i was lucid in but im not sure if i was lucid.
      Non Lucid= this
      Lucid= this is where i think im lucid

      Part 1 So the dream starts of with me and a bunch of friends at jumpstreet. The place is all arranged strangely but its a dream. So the this charcter from naruto shows up "Sasuke" and he is using his lightning blade jutsu. So then he runs to me, im standing by a window, and he just jumps right out the window.
      Part 2 Then i become sasuke and i land on my feet i run towards the mountains saying hi to people like this hot girl then like my old master or someone who wasnt his master at all lol. Then i am with a friend and we show up at this place hideout thing. Then we get there and the maid or housekeeper calls us down stairs.
      Part 3Then i arrive outside for some odd reason. There are 2 people sitting on a bench not far away and someone to my right but then everyone disappears and it gets dark. Then i start hearing this odd voice that is trying to scare me its like"i can kill you i will destroy you" and im like no your wrong your just fake.then i think i become lucid and decide i need to find someone, and i see a guy over by the creek near my house i say i need some light and lightning comes out of my hand. Then i run to him and he tries to stab me and his friend shows up. After dodging there knives i finnally kill them.
      Part 4 Then the sky turns light and im sitting there near the creek with a bunch of people talking and my dream ends.
      If you can help please do.

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      I don't understand what you need help with.


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