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    20 May 2015 and 1 May 2015 - TOTM and a Personal Goal

    by 501 on 05-20-2015 at 11:20 PM
    20 May Lucid
    I was outside of some warehouse building with a group of others. There was a large metal door that was red or orangish in color around us. We were just outside hanging out, me and another guy were closer and there were three or four others. The outside was green grass and not fully level ground but no trees or anything else around. There were little mounds possibly some dirt showing, not very detailed. Another guy rode up on a bike and kind of past us, I think I had a weird feeling about him. Suddenly just his bike rode towards us and crashed into the wall of the building. I quickly got away from the area we were in thinking we were about to get attached. I was the only one to really move. I watched for a little while and there was no action. I got a kind of moment of clarity and did a finger check. There have been these points in a dream where I am beginning to realize it is a dream. It is more in 3rd person almost and I have to force it to go into 1st person so I have arms and whatnot. I was lucid, I reached my arms out and touched the grass. I thought that I need to slow down and focus and remember something I want to do and not just go with no goal in other recent dreams I have had. I really wanted to get stable and clear in the dream and a good thought as to what I wanted to do. I found some items on the ground and really went through them and touched them with my hands. There were large bolts and some tools so I touched those and picked them up felt their curves and points. I decided to try phasing again. I have had no luck with this in the past so I had an idea to keep telling myself it wasnít there and it was a clout or mist that I could walk straight through. I walked around the building so I could see the door again. On the way around I thought I might see people I was with before but it was desolate. I walked right up to the door all the while thinking about phasing, I approached I was telling myself it wasnít even there and oddly enough I went straight through it. I did a fist pump and walked down a hall in a large warehouse. I touched the walls inside since I felt a little unstable after the phase and cleared the dream a bit. I didnít have any other goals at this point so I was really just exploring. The ceilings were very high and the warehouse was pretty dirty, may have been industrial as well. I peeked into a couple rooms looking for people and found no one. I approached another door that I was going to phase through but right when I got up on it I realized it was unlocked and partially open so I just pushed it open with my shoulder. I checked a couple more rooms and ran into one with a bunch of people in it, I yelled hoping to surprise them and got mostly looks of disgust. I woke up shortly after this and donít remember any more.

    1 May Lucid
    This may have been a DEILD since I was pretty much lucid right away. I am not writing this right after the dream so it is a little blurry and I am not sure what was before and after it. Before this I had some sort of conflict about people not wanting me around. I remember thinking how blurry things were and I was at some house outside. I was next to some rounded railings and rubbed them a little bit as an environmental interaction to clear up the dream. I did this and said ďthere it isĒ. I was LUCID at this point, I remembered before that I looked at a different house down the road and there were a ton of people down there, I kind of did a jump/float over to the house from my house. When I landed I picked up some rocks in the yard and rubbed them between my hands to clear up the dream a bit. I touched the rocks a couple of times, the rocks were fairly pointy and sharp. I got to the back of the house that I was heading to and no one was around. I thought of a task of the month and remembered the smelling one. I found a drawer inside the house and started to rummage through it. There was a lot of junk in it and I was looking for something that would smell. I ran across something that I thought would work but kept digging. I think ran across a grape lollipop and thought hey that should smell. I got it unwrapped it and took a big whiff, it was grapey but not as strong as I had though, I then put it in my mouth to taste and really didnít taste like much either. I woke up shortly after this.

    Advanced TOTM for Mar Success?

    by 501 on 03-08-2015 at 08:48 PM
    I had this dream in the middle of the night, no supps. Some of the details have went away but it was an interesting one none the less. I was in some house, I donít think it was mine. I remember being stressed that it was really late and I had to be somewhere the next morning and I hadnít been to sleep. Whatever house I was in I was with a DC, not sure who it was now, the house had a huge window out to the country side. The sun started to come up and I was even more stressed since I hadnít been to sleep. I then started to look at the sunrise and I was in awe how awesome it was. It was really amazing how the light crept over the countryside and the different colors emerged. It was just green fields and green trees as far as the eye could see. I was so moved by this in the dream I thought it might be too amazing and this might be a dream. I did a quick RC and continued looking at the sunrise, I thought something was off with the RC and did it again focusing more on it and became lucid. I instantly thought of the mirror task and I donít remember how I got to where I was at the mirror at. I want to say I went to a bathroom but not sure. At the mirror I pressed my head to it, it was hard as it should be in WL but I remembered what CanisLucidus said to just keep pushing. I kept pushing my head and I began to feel my head bend into the mirror. I tried to think of different places I wanted to end up, cool places that I canít recall right now, but remember picturing them in my mind. As I was looking around me while going through the mirror the place I was began to warp a bit and change. I kept pushing and finally felt it give and I was on the other side. I donít know if I slightly woke or was in the void at this point but it was pitch black, I just waited and finally a scene formed around me. It started in 1st or 3rd and moved to 3rd or 1st person, I canít remember which. There was a huge spiral staircase but the stairs were very short and it was hard to traverse. The stairs went around a tower that was very high. Only darkness was around the tower and nothing else. I donít know if the person traversing the stairs was me or another but I remember the eyes were strange, like they/I only had pupils with no iris. Very strange but a cool experience.

    Basic TOTM Saturday and Basic TOTM Success Sunday

    by 501 on 03-03-2015 at 02:36 AM
    1 Mar Lucid
    I donít really remember what I was doing before I went lucid but I remember being very busy and realizing that I should do an RC. I looked at my fingers and had more than I should. I was in a mall of some place inside and I immediately thought of the task to go into a house and see what was going on. I went out of the place I was in and tried to picture houses near. In an immediate left there was just more mall and then I took another left and saw the houses across the street. I was pretty excited and noticed the wind was blowing and it was very dark outside. I was hurrying across the street. There were news papers in the street and the houses looked like they were new, I thought maybe no one lived there and they were empty, I woke before I got to the houses.

    2 Mar Lucid
    I took valerian and melatonin along with my regular 5htp and ginko last night and had a couple of lucids about 2 hours before my alarm went off. The first one I really donít remember too much detail about except for that I was in some houses doing something of importance and did an RC and became lucid. I started looking for a different house but woke up pretty quick. When I woke from this I think I DEILDed and was in a house with some girls and went lucid almost right away, I pulled the pants off of a girl that was in a house I was in and then thought of tasks before I got too off topic. I left the house I was in and looked for another house. It was night and in my mind it was really late like everyone should be sleeping late. I found a little neighborhood with some smaller houses very close to where I was, I was reminding myself to remain calm. I went into the first one I could get to and as I was entering I was trying to think of something weird that the people inside might be doing. Along with that there was a worry that no one would be in the house. I went into the first bedroom to find no one, then the second bedroom to find no one, at this point I was a little erratic and panicky, in the last bedroom I was really focusing on there being someone in bed. I entered the last room and there were people in the bed. I went up to the beds and it was a small figure, a kid and the kids was made of like a grey and black marble. I am not sure if the kids were real or slept through me doing this but I picked them both up and they remained in their sleeping poses, I even made some weird shrill noise when I picked them up to try to startle them awake.

    More TK and an Amusement park - 25 Feb 2015

    by 501 on 02-25-2015 at 02:44 PM
    I really canít remember what made me go lucid in this one, this dream happened in the middle of the night and I felt that this lucid was going on for a long time, I kept thinking wow I have been lucid for a long time. Now that I am thinking about it I do remember showing someone (maybe my brother) that I could move stuff without touching it, I was rolling a ball on the floor back and forth and did some other things. I spent a majority of the dream practicing telekinesis and a lot of it with water. I was trying to manipulate water smoothly and not in just splashes. I tried this for quite some time. I was at home or a house initially and remember a back porch or greenhouse type thing at the end, it was daytime. I finished doing what I was doing with water and for some reason I wanted to fly and go somewhere else, my dream mind came up with the idea that I wanted to go to an amusement park. I had never developed a scene by turning around so I tried this, I pictured the place I wanted to go and when I turned around I hoped it would be there. When I turned I saw a type of amusement park in the distance. I flew over to it but it was more like a kiddy amusement park with small rides. I then kept thinking about a larger amusement park while I was flying and I think the rides got bigger. For some reason I focused on trying to find a girl in a bikini. I got to some female DC and when I got there I woke. There was a lot more detail to the dream and it was much much longer but that is all I have for now.

    Trial and Error: Mirror Jump

    by 501 on 02-21-2015 at 06:38 PM
    This was a very long and vivid dream but was early in the morning I am writing this late in the morning. I was with others, seems like I was running from something for a long time. I had super powers; I think it may have been like ice. This was long and very cool but I canít remember details. I went lucid when I started thinking that I could do anything. I was in a house or a boat and I walked through looking for a mirror to climb through, I went quite a ways until I found a bathroom with a mirror. I looked in the mirror a bit and I looked completely different, but I more focused in the background of the mirror and not my reflection. I wanted the background to change into something crazy or just other worldly. I tried to put my hand through and then I ended up punching the mirror, there were paint specks on the mirror. I then left the area I was in going to try something else on my lucid bucked list and try to get to an alien planet; I headed for an outside area. I found an opening but it was a ways away and I started to fly towards the area but woke up when I began having some issues flying.
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