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    10/4/13 - lucid dream and non lucid

    by AliD123 on 04-10-2013 at 09:20 AM
    I was walking into my local cinema called Odeon. However the layout of the cinema was not the same. The layout was the same as a cinema that is further away from me called Vue. So i simply walk through the cinema waiting in the line. Behind me is an aggressive man who wants the line to go quickly, i just ignored him. I get to the front of the queued its my turn. I said to the blonde lady "Can i see Oblivion in IMAX for 9pm tonight please?" and she turned the computer monitor towards me to let me pick my seats. It was pretty empty and i didnt know if my dad wanted Premier Seats or Normal Seats.

    I then tried to look for my phone is the pocket that i ALWAYS keep it in. I never put my phone in a different pocket, ever. However i wasnt able to locate it. Then i looked in my other pocket and took out a device that does not exist. It was some device that looked thin and was running a newer version of Windows Phone 8. In fact, this device looked so good im going to draw it out later and keep it. (Your dreams can make you into an inventor..) At this point is was really confused where this device came from and i was questioning ideas in my head. Anyways, that aggressive guy was behind me and he started shouting "hurry the fuck up". I found my actual phone in the same pocket and i unlocked it to ring my dad however 2 things occurred:

    1) My Nokia Lumia 920 home screen turned into an iPhone screen and i was struggling to locate the Contacts Folder
    2) When i did locate the folder my dad was not on my contacts list

    So i became really confused and started to worry. I simply left the cinema and i do not remember what happened after that but i was then suddenly on a Bus that was not even near where the cinema was or where i live!

    My best friend was on this bus sitting on the chair opposite me. He started talking about how he is also going to see the movie 'Oblivion'. I took out the unknown device that i had in my pocket and showed it to him. He said "you stole that from someone didnt you? its probably a prototype". and i then shouted "DUDE I DID NOT STEAL THIS YOU IDIOT" and everything froze. The bus stopped and everyone on the bus( i think you call them dream characters?..) just stopped moving. I then started whispering uncontrollably and i did not know ht i was saying until it became louder and louder the whisper said "drreeeammmingg" and then i shouted myself "I AM DREAMING". I then looked back at my friend and since i knew he was not real anymore i wanted to try something that I HAVE Never been able to do.

    I stuck my hands out with my fingers pointing at my friend and i just screamed and electrical sparks came shooting out my fingers and my friend was being electrocuted and i can remember his face having his eyes closed and his mouth wobbling as he was being electrocuted by my hands. i then stuck my hands in his throat and gave him another electrocution in which he then just zapped away from the face of the dream.

    After that i wanted to teleport to a beach. so i just kept jumping in the air focusing on a yellow sand beach and then something really strange started happening. My dream scene was fading away and i started to see Shapes of triangles and squares. Then i saw a circle with 4 triangles around it, like a "NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST' compass. But i still kept focusing on the beach and after a few seconds i was there! Just standing in the middle of a beach with and ocean and one palm tree to the left of me. And after than i can only remember me walking on the beach. I then walk up feeling some strange vibrations around my body....

    But thats it.