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      gribēju tikai pateikt čau . vienmēr ir interesanti ieraudzīt kādu no lv visādos "kreisajos" forumos
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    About Ayrwen

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    Date of Birth
    February 4, 1994 (26)
    About Ayrwen
    Started lucid dreaming since I was seven years old...

    If you're wondering, the lyrics in my signature translate to this in english...

    There's still a dim light at the end of the road
    And all that was, is put aside
    As two hills we stand facing each other
    But someone needs to take the first step

    The original song, aka, its Latvian version is called "Es jau nāku" by Prāta Vētra aka Brainstorm
    Riga, Latvia
    Dreaming, reading, musice, piano music, art...
    How you found us:
    I have had lucid dreams since I was 7. So a while ago I typed in "lucid dreaming" in google and his place popped up. It seemed interesting - the possibility to share experiences.


    Ayrwen's DJ
    Have you seen me on the moon?
    Goals (if I remember to try them) : Snap my fingers, create a spark and grow it into a fireball in my palm [/] ; Find out my horses names [x] ; Practise controlling water [ ] ; Finally see Him again [x] ; Talk to Her [ ] ; Go to the Moon and talk with someone from the Dream Sharing team [ ]

    Vēl ceļa galā gaisma blāva
    Un viss, kas bijis, ir malā nolikts
    Kā divi kalni pretī stāvam
    Bet kādam taču jāsper pirmais solis



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    Recent Entries

    17/06/2010 The purple stone

    by Ayrwen on 06-17-2010 at 09:26 PM
    There is an indent in the floor of the room, filled with water. I noticed there are colorful stones there. One of them is a big, purple one, and it easily brakes into peaces, revealing a deep purple tone inside. It looks something like this, but a bit of a shade darker. Somehow I think it wasn't amethyst.

    I'm going to go and search for it tomorrow at the crystal shop. I'll report if I find anything.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    The Hidden Blade

    by Ayrwen on 06-16-2010 at 08:05 PM
    15/06/2010 & 16/06/2010

    I am walking around a city at dusk. I go between a cluster of big old apartment building and go into a small shack. It turns out to be a big building and a dance party inside. There are flashing lights everywhere.
    There are some DDR machines on the side, and after doing one dance I realize I am better than some of the "professionals" here.


    I am in my room. As usual I climb out of my window and while climbing down try to make a hidden blade appear on my left hand. It works only half. The bracer is too see-through and the blade itself is too short. The scene changes to one that slightly reminds me of Jerusalem streets in AC.

    Sorry for the size
    I go out testing my hidden blade on random DCs and am a bit surprised that it actually works.


    A fragment of me ripping off a huge poster and crumpling it into a ball. I throw it to the ground and now there is a huge crumpled paper on the ground. I think that I should try setting it on fire. I snap my fingers near the ball and see with unusual vividness (and slowness too, actually) how sparks from my snap fly, how a fire forms and catches on the ball quickly enveloping the whole paper in flames. Imagine this in slow-motion, cause that's how I saw it and see it before my eyes now. I think while looking at the ball of fire, that this just maybe could count as the task of the month, since I remembered about it straight after performing pyrokinesis.


    I am in my grandma's garden. I am chasing someone with the intention of killing. (Goddess knows why...) Anyways...
    So I'm running down to the forest part, materializing the hidden blade on the way. I see the guy and now that I'm closing up on him. He is now over the fence. I jump on the fence and from there, jump on the guy and push the blade through his neck from behind.


    Some more fragments involving trying to materialize the hidden blade.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Ayrwen's adventures

    by Ayrwen on 06-16-2010 at 03:38 PM
    I just spent a good 30 minutes typing down two long lucids just for your enjoyment, but pressed something by accident and now the text is gone. TT_TT You'll just have to live with brief notes and hope that I will pull myself together again tomorrow for another try. TT_TT

    -unknown date. Hogwarts like school. A fight with three witches on top of a castle in ruins.
    -05/06/2010 Maneuvering dream where my wings are visible and I'm trying to evade being captured by some weird group of officials.
    -06/06/2010 An attempt to make myself a hidden blade which almost works. Some random telekinesis and a snow storm. o_O
    side notes

    Ayrwen's adventures

    by Ayrwen on 06-16-2010 at 03:37 PM

    This is one of those days when I just can't pull myself together to write down ALL of my dreams. So some of the least interesting and fragmented one are not going to be mentioned :/ Sorry guys. But on another note I'm going to try both the TOTM and the BD TOTM. If my WILD tonight is 100% successful. Because the island resort is just too awesome to not try to go there. XD

    But now, for the dreams...

    Non-dream Dream Semi-lucid Lucid

    The witches and the monster-wolves

    I am in a field with a forest on my left and a steep rock wall further down on my right. The whole dream is dark. There are witches there. How I know that they are witches I do not know. They slightly remind me of the witches from the movie "Golden Compass". I have a longbow in my left hand and an arrow bag over my shoulder. (Fun fact: I started to train in archery from this years January.) We need to fight the monster wolves that are coming out from the forest. I'm trying to kill them with precise shots but somehow I always miss. The other witches are starting to get annoyed. I somehow know that I am knew here.


    It is now raining. No, pouring. We are preparing for another attack. We go forward and the wolves start attacking us. I and another witch am backed against the rock wall. I see other witches behind the wolves. The wolves are upon us, and another one is attacking me in particular. The wolf the size of a huge dog, and looks normal, except for it's face. It has an evil look and red, glowing eyes. I try shooting him, but he is too close. The other witch - she has long, dark hair and a long flowing dark dress - says that I need to hit him. I do a couple of times, but then the wolf start biting my arm, practically chewing on it.

    The visible wings

    A little info: when I want to fly in my dreams, I imagine myself with wings. That is also my reality check. These are just random fragments. From a dream.

    I'm going to visit my grandma. I ring at the door, and I'm let in. I go into the living room. My grandma is sitting on the couch. There is a little girl there with a nice dog. The girl gasps.
    "Oh my god..."
    "Yeah, those are my wings.."
    "Is that why you never let me touch your back?"

    At the same place, I feel someone touching my wings and gently pressing them against my back. The feeling of soft feathers touching my back feels weird.

    At the same place. I am sitting at the chair next to the couch. I am scratching the dogs head. At first he's enjoying it and is really happy, but then he starts growling at me, barking at me and even tries to bite my hand. I pull my hand back from him and hiss like a cat. (Yeah... Another thing I may tell you about sometimes... )

    I am hiding from someone on a roof of a shop not far from my home. I know for a fact that my wings are still visible.

    A vague memory of running down the street to my apartment building.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Ayrwen's adventures

    by Ayrwen on 06-16-2010 at 03:34 PM

    Non-dream Dream Semi-lucid Lucid Shared?

    The fire

    The memory starts with me being in a abandoned part of the city. I see a fire burning in a metal box and think, hmm, I need to put that out. I start making the water rise up from the puddle with mere movements of my hand, but then think, oh, this is a great chance to see if I can control fire.
    I diverted my attention from the water to the fire. The water fell back into the puddle with a splash. I raised the hand above the small fire and the repeated the movements that let me control water. The fire started raising together with my hand. And after a while there was a separate fire burning in the air. I made the fire grow bigger, then smaller again. I made it hover in my palm, just a few millimeters from the skin then made it bigger and threw it at the wall, where it left a burning circle. I had just thrown another fireball at the wall when the dream ended and I woke up.

    Fun fact: I remember waking up after this dream and thinking - ooh, I need to remember this. But I only remembered the dream after an about of hour of fussing in the morning that I remember the thought when I woke up between the phases, but didn't remember a single dream. XD

    The empty classroom ***

    I guess I need to give you a little background before I tell you about this dream and why I deem it so important.
    Last year (note - by year I mean school grades) I started noticing a guy from parallel class. Not that I hadn't noticed him before, it's just that I started to notice that he was quite handsome, though quite obnoxious too. After a couple of times when I noticed him, I had a dream with him in it. We were paired up for basketball practice at school. We were standing lined up, and he was holding a basketball in his hands. He made a snide remark about me, and I answered with an equally snide remark and a smirk on my face. He looked down upon me (he was taller than me) with an amused and slightly bewildered look.
    The next times when I saw him at school, I was met with two greyish-blue orbs - he was looking back at me.
    Since that time I had had many dreams with him. And always when we saw each other at school he would look at me with this weird expression.
    But it had been a long time since we had had a supposedly shared dream. The last time we had something like that, was the night after the school's Christmas ball, and before that dream, there too was a long period without a dream with him. So this dream made me think again...
    Let's see what will happen at school tomorrow...

    I was sitting in an empty classroom with my back pressed against the wall - now that I think about it, that's the way I usually sit in that classroom, that reminds me of one of my Latvian language classrooms. If I was sitting at the first table, he was sitting at the third table in the row, in the other seat line. I was the first one to speak.
    "Where have you disappeared?"
    "Should I've been anywhere?" he answered with a bit of a sneer.
    "I don't know, shouldn't you have?"
    He didn't answer, just stared at the table.
    Th next moment he was sitting at the second table, though still across from me.
    "Why aren't you doing anything at school?" he asked.
    I think I smiled. "You should know by now that I'm waiting for you to act."
    He looked at me with this weird look. Like he was a bit surprised... And maybe even considering it...

    The dream ended. Although he probably ended it.
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment