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    < Lucid - WBTB > OBE like experience

    by carebearboy on 11-07-2011 at 06:03 PM
    Drank 3/4 of water bottle before bed. Fell asleep 12:30?

    Wake 2:45am

    Did not remember dreams.

    Wake 4:50 am

    * Notes *

    I was going to sleep and telling myself over and over again, "I am going into sleep paralysis. I am having a lucid dream." I could feel a powerful body buzz. The buzz felt very close to what an alcohol body buzz would feel like. It's like when you're drunk at a party and your sitting on couch just enjoying the feeling in your body. I had the thought that something good is going to happen becuase this buzz was so powerful. This happened a couple of times and I would feel as if my body was falling off the bed or in a strange position. I would feel that this was happening to my real physical body and then purposefully wake myself up by moving.

    * Dream *

    My shoulders are off hanging off the side of the bed. I feel as if I might fall to the ground that is a foot below my head. Am I peeling out of my real physical body? I can feel a body buzz. At this point I'm not fully sure I'm dreaming but for the most part I think I am. I know at the very least that my physical body is in bed and I am trying to enter sleep paralysis and have an LD. I'm attempting to move off the bed very slowly because I didn't want to wake my real body incase it's not in full paralysis yet. I try very slowly to get out of bed. I find I am sliding more and more off the bed, and finally I fall out of the bed and thump onto the ground. At this point I know that if I hadn't woke up by then that I'm okay to move around. I slowly stand up and take sweeping look around my entire room. I see my bed but it is very dark and I do not see if I am laying there. I can see this room has many similarities but it is not my real room. I am surprised at how well the dream representation is. I know I'm dreaming now.

    I walk out of my room and down my hall. I want to go outside so I try to blast through my ceiling to get out of my house (I had practiced this by visualistions for the past week or so). I ended up floating and hitting the ceiling, only to come back down again. I try a second time and visualise even harder, and the same result; I was able to touch the ceiling but not get through. I walked quickly down may apartment stairs and out my apartment door. I'm outside now. I try floating and it works. Was easy and I felt alot of control. I hovered about 1 or 2 feet off the ground and held it. I then blasted off somewhere.

    I remember that I did enjoy the experience and remembered dreaming at least another 30 seconds or minute of dream and that is all. I then woke up 4 hours later.

    < Lucid - WBTB > Train dream

    by carebearboy on 11-02-2011 at 09:51 PM
    I'm in a big classroom and there is a theater stage within that classroom. I see another theater stage diagnally from that stage within the classroom and someone is acting on it. I turn to look at the other stage. The room looks as if the lights are turned off. I see the rooms source of light coming through the window. I go to the other stage. Was someone else on that stage? Something triggered the lucid at this point. I don't remember my reality check. Hands? I thought, "I'm dreaming! It worked! I made it into dreamland!" I felt a rush that I was lucid and remembered that I might wake up so I tried to calmly go on into the dream. I thought for sure I would wake up given the excitement but I didn't. My next RC was trying to float. That was an easy success. I just thought of floating and I was then floating. I thought I might be more difficult then that. I remember not wanting to fly but wanting to be an invisible third person viewer that could hover above things with an eagle eye view. (I had this as a goal a couple of nights ago and had been practicing it using visualisation). I start to float. I'm touching the ceiling and gliding along it looking down. I can feel my shoulders and bum hit the ceiling and rub along it as I move forward down a hall. I leave this place by going through the ceiling?

    I am high up somewhere. I don't remember this part too well. It is important to mention that I did not jump. I flew off this high object. (I had practiced visualisations of this a few nights ago because I wanted more control while flying. I had previously had a dream of jumping off an apartment building and descending a little before flying upwards again. I wanted more control so my visualisations consisted of flying without having to jump and without having any effect of gravity or drag). I remember that I had a very small desent before regaining stability. Maybe only a few feet. I notice this and am proud of this within the dream. I think to myself about not wanting to fly but wanting to float. I'm floating. For a moment I'm stalled. I'm trying will myself forward. I'm up really high. I see very tall buildings all around me and they are blocking out much of the sun. I see the buildings creating shadows for the building I was looking at. The sun can be seen between the buildings. I then will myself to move forward and it works.

    There was a portion in the dream where I loose control of the flying and am falling. While this is happening I realise this is a dream and I am able to for the most part slow my storming descent. While falling I think how I will likely not hurt myself because this is a dream, nonetheless I don't want to just fall to the ground. I try 'willing' myself to slow the fall. I land with a thump and am okay. No pain at all.

    I'm in a hallway of an appartment building. I walk into an apartment door to my right... Then I walk back out of this appartment and down the apartment hallway. I'm looking for an apartment to go in and so I can destroy whatever is in it. I keep walking and see a corner down the hall that turns off to the right. I can see sunlight in the hallway. Is there a window at the end of the hall? Though I do not see it I know behind that corner is not a hallway, but someones apartment, right there in the open, with no door. I walk down to it. I already know that noone is home and no need to worry because I know it's my dream, so noone is coming home. I walk into the 'open' apartment and I get a big urge to destroy anything I can. I walk into the living room and then the kitchen which is the open style joining the living room. I see a kitchen preperation table? The windows are open and it's day outside so the house is bright inside. I think that a boat oar would be good to break things. I think about breaking a TV screen though I do not remember seeing a TV screen yet. Suddenly there is a boat oar like piece of wood there. I grab it. It's not a perfect boat oar as it is curved like a boomerang, but it's okay for now. It feels solid and a little more light then it should be. It is a light creamy brown colour. I turn to see a TV and I smash its screen. I break some other things? I see a bunch of oars piled onto eachother. They are seem to be entertwined like roots. Many are bent. I toss my current boat oar, though I do not remember where or remember it landing. I try grab another oar that is not as bend as the one I had. I think this might be where I fly out of the apartment?

    I'm turning out of a place onto a busy street...

    Then came the part of wondering what to do in the dream. I have a third person view the city and can see big buildings and moving cars. As I looked at the traffic I had the desire to destroy things. I'm now in a parking lot. I look around for a car. I know I'm dreaming so I wont be in any trouble. I see a navy blue family van. I see it's sliding door. I look into the passanger side window and see that there is a key to start the van on the passenger side and the key is in the starter. I enter through the passenger side and turn the key. I listen for the moter starting and it's not as loud as I thought it would be. Nonetheless it starts. I scoot over to the driver seat and start press the accelerator peddle down moderately. I'm driving. I go forward a little and then steer left and go out of the parking space and steer right to get out of the parking lot and on to the main city road. There is a shadow casting on the road from the tall apartment buildings to my left? I purposely smash into other cars on the way out of the parking lot. One of the cars I scrape against while going by. I don't know if I remember hearing any sound when I crashed into it. I smash into a few other things?

    I ditch this van and get a faster car. A convertable? I don't know if there was a person in the car or if I removed them to get the car or not? I may have done some flying at this point. I then have a big desire to get an 18 wheeler truck. I want big damage. I see a few 18 wheel trucks. I want one that does not have a load because I think it might slow me down. I see a one. The trucks door is already open? I'm driving it. I'm smashing around and hitting stuff?

    I want something more powerful. A train. It's the first thing that came to my mind. I'm ontop of a fast moving train walking towards the front of it. I am the one willing the train to move at this point. The train is not moving me. I'm on a train and I can make it go faster and slower by will. Sometimes the train would slow down a little but it would never stop. I look behind me and see a guy ontop of the train about 30 feet away jogging/walking towards me. I don't want him interrupting my dream. As he jogs towards me I think about how I am going to throw him off the train using the strength of hulk. I want to make him fly as far as possible. When he gets closer I throw him off the train. I project him about 20 - 40 feet from me. I see him land on ground his butt. He has both his legs straight infront of him and his hands behind his back to support himself. He is okay and looking at me. I turn around and face the front of the train to see where it's headed and then wonder if perhaps he got back on the train. I turn around and see him about 30 feet away from me jogging towards me ontop of the train. I easily get him off the train again. I don't remember how. I see a tunnel coming? My plan to get rid of him forever: Go through a tunnel and after the tunnel he's gone because it's a new scene and would not involve him. I look forward again, there's a tunnel. The next moment he's gone. The train then encounters a hill. I feel that I need to use more willpower to maintain previous speed and I feel the train slowing down alot. It's somewhat like the power I might use to float. I realise I am in control and that the speed of the train is not determined by itself. It is infact totally 100% me and that if I want I can make it go any speed but I need to will it... The train is going up a hill and curving slightly to the left. I notice the tracks of the train are disappearing. Not totally gone, but almost. A real-life train could not roll on these tracks. There are jagged white rocks in the tracks and the groves are almost non existant. I do not do anything about the tracks because I maintain that the train speed still entirely up to me regardless of conditions. The train continues at a much slower speed despite me trying to speed it up. Still going up a hill at this point. I notice that the train is approaching a hole that is getting smaller and smaller to the point of impossibility. I think that it would be just small enough for me to duck down and go through. I look down to see green emeralds on the tracks. The train is going straight now. I think that I'd have to duck. I think about how long that tunnel might be and that it might be fightening and uncomfortable. Infact, the strange thing is that this hole seems to be smaller then my head now but I think I could still attempt to go through. The tunnel hole is pure black inside. The outside of the tunnel entrence is made of cement and has a rectangular opening a with a half circle at the top. I decide to go off the train. All fades into black.
    lucid , memorable