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    1. Haha Well thank you
    2. Is the new avatar you? Very attractive ^.^
    3. (But I used other peoples techniques, to get that experience)
      But right now I am going to try to find a way to get lucid dreams every day, and even if I fail to accomplish that I get random lucid dreams here and there.
    4. I allways WBTB or WTS (Wake to Snooze) What I mean by that is that I don't stay up I just go directly back to sleep.
      And by doing that I automatically are more aware of my dreams, and I am also used to the dreamy sensations so it's easier to recognise that I am dreaming yeah.
      I am trying to DEILD, because it's when those succeed I have (feels like reality) really vivid lucid dreams. But I allways have in the back of my mind that I am going to get lucid so I guess that is MILD and DILD too. And yeah as you can see it's pretty easy to become lucid that way, but don't be impressed by it, because sure they are lucid dreams, but far from all of them feels like a real experience, it's just me realising that I am dreaming, then the dream tricks me that I am dreaming again it has nothing to do with stabilisation, I just have to learn how to behave in those states so to speak and I can only learn that by experience, just like I learned lucid dreaming.
    5. Wow, your lucid dreams are REALLY frequent, lucky!
      What techniuqes are you using? Looks like mostly DILD?
    6. Thanks! The whole thing is in my dream journal.
      I find that it's alot easier in the morning, for some reason. I had my first DEILD, and woke up in the morning. Today, I wake up and managed to keep completely still, eyes closed, and ten seconds later the phone rang. (It actually wasn't a FA xD)
      And once I had hallucinations at 7:00 when I DEILDed.
    7. I read that thread Well done!
      DEILD is my favourite technique, but I don't like to rely on noticing my awakenings so I use the lucidology timer to wake me up several times and do a DEILD attempt on each awakening.
      Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and sometimes I just want to sleep. Technically you can lucid dream every morning with DEILD and right now I am trying to figure out how.
      Tonight I will try a sensory deprivation technique to make me hallucinate, but if that doesn't work I will keep deilding.

      I hope you find your way of deilding =)
    8. Yeah please do =) But I am going to sleep now. Good night!
    9. Actually, I think your answer helped!
      I had a succesful DEILD last night, I'm about to type it up.
      I'll post a link if you're intrested.
    10. Hehe your welcome I am trying to just dream vivid and perhaps get a lucid dream on weekdays, but on weekends I control the induction myself.
      So right now I just admiring my vivid experiences and hope that I realise that something is weird.
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