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      Hey there, welcome back! Yeah I'm still hanging around here. What's new with you?
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      Really cool that you're an experienced LD'er. Not to mention articulate (at least what I think from your word choices :p) and willing to help others. The fact that you're only 14 (I'm 16) also inspires me to also reach that level of LD skill. Keep up the good work.
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      Hey thanks, yuppie, much appreciated! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! It's especially cool to me since you helped me out with DEILD back in the day.
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      Great thanks . I haven't really had much progress in anything other than my recall, but that's what I'm focusing on right now
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      how them lucids?
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      How does it, brethren?
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      lol, I had no clue it would become so popular
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      anytime. DEILD is the best techninque after all
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      What war? please explain
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    First in a while

    by yuppie11975 on 10-28-2018 at 05:49 AM
    I am in some sort of research station in Antarctica and then someone performs a monologue about the importance of community and leadership. It happens kind of in third person. Then someone praises a teacher for encouraging their students and keeping them entertained in such a remote part of the world. They suggest he often organises rap contests for the kids. Suddenly I am free-styling over a beat and I'm actually doing it with more skill in my dream than I could in real life.

    I walk around in my room and once I kick a towel a cockroach scurries out. I recoil, and it is half squishes and a little gooey. Then I think I try freestyling again.

    I am watching Twitch and for some reason the streamer starts roasting me. He pulls up my LoL account and mocks me for, I think, firstly, maining graves, and secondly being 'low elo'. I try to protest that gold elo isn't actually that bad but he eventually blocks me.

    Updated 10-28-2018 at 05:57 AM by yuppie11975


    Taming the Flawless Girl

    by yuppie11975 on 06-18-2017 at 01:32 PM
    Originally I was hesitant about publishing a dream of this nature; especially in such depth, but eventually the philosophy that dream journaling is most effective when done in detail governed my decision to proceed. The girl in question in my dream was once my girlfriend, but is now just a dear friend of mine.

    I am in her room for some reason, and she stares intensely at me and tells me there’s something she wants to disclose. I smile and nod in encouragement. It’s difficult for her to reveal what she wants to say at first, and so she spends several moments blushing and breaking her eye contact with me by glancing at the floor. I insist that she can tell me, but she is still too shy, and thus I must reassure her by pointing out how close we are. She asks me if I can recall a particular sexual experience we had when we were dating back in high school. I laugh and tell her that she’ll have to be more specific. She asks if I remember the time we were in her room sitting on the floor and making out. She was pressed with her back against the door to prevent her parents from walking in. She bites her lip and asks if I remember how roughly I had groped her body, and how I had forcefully slid my hand down her pants. I look into her eyes and nod. My eyes roam elsewhere, but still on the plane of her body. She asks why it was only a once off occurrence, and why we never did anything similar involving that power dynamic for the rest of the time we dated. I shrug remorsefully and I am at a legitimate loss for words. The question hits me with considerable weight, and I feel a sense of disappointment wash over me when I reflect over all the missed opportunities. “I really don’t even have an answer to that” I say as I stare into her doe-like eyes. She giggles. “I loved it, it was so exciting”. I reciprocate her laughter, “I know”, I tease, “I remember you telling me how much you liked it at the time”.

    She blushes, and then: “Listen, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve never really had the chance to properly experience anything like that since we broke up”. I nod enthusiastically in agreement. “I completely understand where you’re coming from, I am in the exact same boat.” She stares at me with burning intensity. “I want you to make me feel like you did all those years ago.” I do not protest. We have a lengthy discussion detailing our various kinks and desires. We start off experimenting with ways in which she would like to be referred to. It’s fun and games initially as we roll through the list of potential candidates. “Whore, slut, princess”, etc. They are hit and miss. Some she likes, some she doesn’t. We roll around in laughter at some of her suggestions and some of my suggestions. Eventually though, the laughter subsides, and I notice that she is legitimately getting turned on from some of the names. We decide together on a suitable variety of options, and then we decided to move on. She asks me what’s next. I ask her whether she’s been a good girl or a bad girl. She grins and says she’s been bad. I tell her to lay over my lap. Seeing we are on separate ends of her bed, initially she begins to simply shuffle over. I shake my head and tell her to go back to her side of the bed, and crawl over to me instead. She nods obediently. “Yes, sir.”

    Once she is within reaching distance I grab her and pull her roughly the rest of the way until she is perched across my lap. She moans. I am veritably astonished by how much she seems to enjoy being controlled. I run my hand up and down her bare legs, and ask her what she deserves. She tells me she deserves a spanking. I agree: “very good, that’s right.” I fold her skirt over her waist, revealing her perfect ass. My hand roams around the lower half of her body, teasing her. I come dangerously close to her pleasure zone several times, and I can feel her rocking on my lap, subtly begging to be touched there. I shake my head “you really are a bad girl.” She is denied such a luxury. I get to work and begin spanking her until I decide she has had enough. I can literally feel the warmth and wetness of her radiating outwards towards my hand. I trace my finger up and down underwear for several minutes, until it seems as if she may potentially go insane from the teasing. She wants it so badly.
    Finally, she is begging for it. “Please”, she moans. I pull her up by her hair towards me, so that my lips are at her ear, and say something I will refrain from writing down. I slide her underwear down her legs, and momentarily consider shoving her panties in her mouth, but decide against it because of how much I like hearing her moan. I struggle to comprehend how wet she is. I slide my finger inside of her slowly. I delicately brush past her clit while I am penetrating her with my finger, but only so that it is just barely perceptible. I repeat this process until she is on the brink of an orgasm, and then stop. “Please” she begs, practically crying out of lust and frustration. “You’re going to have to work for it – show me that you can be a good girl instead of a bad girl.” She agrees, “Yes sir.” It’s not as if she has any real choice in the matter. I sit up against the wall positioned next to her bed, and motion for her to come to me. “Come here baby.” She crawls over, just like she’s been taught. She is learning. I call her a good girl, approvingly. I kiss her deeply. I trace my finger around her lips, and she opens her mouth immediately and takes in my finger, sucking desperately. I remove my finger and shake my head. I chastise her: “don’t be greedy”.

    I figure I might be acting a little hard on her, so I decide to indulge the girl and provide her with a reward. I remove all her clothes and become momentarily mesmerised by her striking beauty. I tell her to kneel on the floor for me. She wastes no time. Without the need for encouragement she unzips my pants. Her evident lust for it turns me on immensely, I love how badly she wants it. I instruct her to stick her tongue out. I stay there for a while just watching. “PLEASE” she begs, with her big brown eyes. I oblige, and eventually I am crammed into her mouth. She makes vivid noises of delight.

    Eventually I order her to drape herself over the table, and present herself to me. I eagerly walk over and insert myself inside of her, and become overwhelmed with the sensation. We try several things that she told me she wanted earlier. I hold her hands behind her back, pull her hair, etc. I feel very fulfilled about how happy she seems. The physical sensation is rewarding, but what I find even more wholesome is listening to her moans of pleasure. Eventually I tell her I’m going to come, and she insists that it be inside of her. (Her actual phrase was a bit more explicit, but I’m trying to keep this journal RELATIVELY clean.) I wake up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Grim Reaper Lucid

    by yuppie11975 on 04-02-2013 at 10:35 PM
    I was walking down the street, with this one guy. We were in like, a busy city, with flashing lights and speeding cars. After around five minutes of talking, we spot this black hood, in the distance. The man's face is completely hidden, and he stands tall with confidence and power, holding what appears to be a scythe. He begins moving towards us, but not in the normal way, he kind of hovers over the ground, at a very fast speed. My companion and I begin to run, and the reaper gives chase. He follows us for a considerable time, when a young woman joins our party, also apparently a target. We begin shouting at each other, discussing what to do. I insist that my male companion goes to his hotel room, and the woman and I will venture to her hotel room. The only reason I want this is because I know the reaper will have less chance of catching us, if we convince him to go after the other guy. He eventually splits, but unfortunately the reaper continues to pursue us. We climb the escalator, running whilst it goes up. However, we have lots of trouble as we can't help but trip as we rise. I barely make it up the stairs, when I look back to find her cluttered on the floor. The reaper climbs the stairs about three times faster than us, and catches up to her. She manages to kick him away, which only results in him moving back a metre or so, but allows her to make it up the stairs. We part ways, opting to select different routes, and I run into the food court. After attempting to hide, and only have the reaper come closer and closer to my location, I made a run for it, and jumped back down the elevator stairs. I take a left outside, and now the outside has changed into a different location. It's more like a rural airport, with plenty of open space. I hear the reaper inquiring as to where I am, and I struggle to keep my cool. I hear him say "Have you seen Daniel's brother" (Daniel is my girlfriend's brother, so the line of questioning wasn't really exact, but of course he still managed to nearly get me killed) So, I run across to the side of the building and think "I'll just go over here and wake myself up..." GAAAAAAAH.
    I become lucid, and decide to 'fuck shit up' in the bluntest of terms.
    I fly up into the building, and decide to shoot the reaper. I get my gun to shoot a bullet, after a few faulty starts, and it falls to the floor, and dissipates on the ground. I shoot a few plates on people's tables, just to mess with them and freak them out, until I finally fly outside, into a swamp land. I have someone accompanying me now, I'm not sure who it was. We eventually come across three hill billies, and they begin acting aggressive towards us. I whisper to my friend to pass me a gun, (As this is my go-to method of acquiring objects in my lucid dreams) and I receive a pistol. They begin walking towards us menacingly, and I manage to shoot all three of them in non-lethal areas before they could attack us. They fall to the ground in agony, and eventually these... swamp people? Rise from the waters, and arrive on the land. The hill billy's see this as a positive sign, but I just know in my head that they're on our side. The hillbilly's call out "Thank god you've come! I bet you're ready to take care of those two" they say, wailing in agony. The swamp people shake their heads, there were three of them. "No, you've been fishing in our waters for too long, and polluting our land, it's time to take care of you" I watch as they begin moving towards them, and I decide to walk off, before I see anything too gruesome. Suddenly, I'm in Woolworths, the store I work at. I look around, and it has the exact same layout that it does in real life. I have this brain breaking epiphany, about the task of the month. The funny thing is, I haven't even READ the thread. I recall that Bill told me about it on my DEILD guide, so I decided to try them out. I'm not sure if this is correct (I still have to go check!) But I walked up to a man and a woman. Evidently shopping for their daily groceries. I lick the many's shirt, and it tastes a peculiar bitterness, with a really strong sour flavour. (It wasn't as disgusting as it sounds, considering I knew it was just a dream) I went up the lady, and asked if I could smell her neck, she obliged, and I soon discovered that she was wearing a really sweet perfume. Finally, I ran down to the end of the store, at the last register. I found two customers, looking at some glass jars. I decided to show off, and I said "Guess what?! You're in my dream, I'm having a lucid dream" They were very impressed, and nodded vigorously. I looked at the glass, and decided to shoot it in front of them. I pulled out nothing but my hand, which was configured in the way that children often form hand pistols. I decided to give it a shot, pointed it at the glass, and yelled "BANG." The glass shattered, and I repeated the process. They were pretty amused, and the lady even gave it a shot. She pointed out her finger and shouted "BANG," although nothing happened, which caused her to walk away bitterly, with a very stern look on her face. As far as I know, I then woke up.
    lucid , task of the month

    Best Lucid I've Experienced In My Life

    by yuppie11975 on 03-24-2012 at 10:24 PM
    Okay, so my memory is a little sketchy, I haven't been dream journalling for ages now. This has definetely encouraged me to go back into lucid dreaming! I started off in my room, opening the blinds, because for some reason I wanted to know as soon as it was light outside. I was struggling with this, the cords weren't attached the right strings, so the blinds just shifted back and forth. I was finally succesful, and it turned out to be light anyway, kind of a morning light. I open up my laptop, and overhear my parents talking about several storm warning, close to us. I think it was at this point I became lucid. I excitedly stabalize and rub my hands together, as I run down the hall, deciding to go into the storm. I psych up the storm, imaging it to be a massive downpour of water, with streets flooding, and wind roaring. I reach the door, and push it open, my mouth drops. It's insane! I struggle to keep my stance against the wind. The water is the height of small tree, all across the road, gushing downwards towards the slope of my house road. I run up, intending to jump over my fence, and get into the action. I can't quite make it, so I have to fly upwards, grab the metal, and climb over. I run towards the water, but it moves away from me, slowly enough to taunt me, but fast enough for me to not keep up. I chase the storm for a while, I did this cool thing where I ran really fast, but seemed to accelerate my sorroundings toward me, not phsyically move anymore than normal. The storm seems to stay just infront of me still. I return to my original spot from when I climbed over the fence because I remember it's all about control. I stabalize. "I am the master" I urge the water to come back around me, with the powerful wind. Water forms around me, and the win picks up, slightly lesss stronger than perviously. I jump around in it, and generally just have a ball. Mostly just amazed by the sheer power of the storm. (I know the storm thing sounds lame, but believe me, it was alot of fun) I decide to do something else, so I stop the storm, and wonder what to do. I decide to go to the top of a tall tree, and jump off it, which I've intended to do ever since I began attempting to lucid dream. I run back to my backyard, because I know it has a very tall tree in it. I stabalize. I spot the tree, when I'm standing away from it, but once I attempt to fly there, it dissapears. This goes on for a while, and I once again remind myself that I am the master of my own dreams. Much better this time, the tree stays put, but my flying skills die out, every time I use them for more than like ten seconds. I fly to my garage, then to a branch, then to another branch, till I'm half way. Now that I feel more confident, I fly to the top in one flight. I stabalize, even though I'm at peace with the fact that I'll probably wake up after this. I jump down, with my body upwards the whole time. The actual fall took about five seconds, I was slightly dissapointed. The actual fall was a bit slow in speed. Still pretty awesome, and a great view. I stabalize. I'm not sure what to do now, so I bust into the sunroom of my house, and summon a badger. I wake up.
    I'm definetely going to get back into lucid dreaming!

    Driving a car in a lucid

    by yuppie11975 on 02-09-2012 at 10:04 PM
    I'm in the car with my dad, driving to school, wearing my uniform. We're on the long straight of road, when I realise things look a bit weird. I count my fingers, and become lucid. "You've got to be kidding me..." I say, at first, I guess I was frustrated that I'd got ready, showered, sat in a car, and it turned out to be just a dream. However, I soon realised that this was a good thing, and looked over at dad, who sat there happily, smiling. "What should we do?" I asked, thinking of things, while rubbing my hands together for stabilazation. I realise we were in a car, so I moved onto his side, and I teleported him to my seat, whilst looking away (I thought it'd be easier if I didn't have to SEE him dissapear) I turn back around, to see that he's gone, but for some reason I stare very closely, and he slowly appears into the seat, like little pixels forming. (first succesful teleport! YES)

    I grab the steering wheel tightly, and press down on the accelerator, wary of all the cars. I move into the right lane, and begin overtaking all the cars. I do this for a while, when I realise a BIG green truck is heading towards me. I wonder what to do, waiting for dad to shout at me to turn a certain way. He says nothing, so I swerve left, whilst braking, which results in the car kind of locking up sideways, heading towards the ditch at the side of the road. The truck, is also doing the same thing, and everything just kind of turns into third person view, I wonder what will happen. I wonder if I'll "die" and wake up so I prepare to DEILD. I do wake up, but I decide to jot a few words down so I remember.

    -next dream-

    I'm in a classroom, with people I don't know, and the bell finally rings. The teacher trys to say something like "Remember the spring carnival!' But everyone screams and shouts over him just to annoy him. I look back, he seems frustrated. We all walk out the door, emerging into a somewhat wide hallway filled with students. On my left, is a drink fridge kind of thing, the shelf-like ones that have no door. Everyone is taking them, so I presume they're free. I grab to solo's and walk towards the exit.

    I hear my teacher attempting to say something again, but we all scream, and he seems to stop trying. I throw my solo up in the air, hoping to cause a bit of excitement and stir the students up, and they all laugh, and shout. The teacher that we've been ignoring, comes up next to me, and says something. I turn back, looking for my drink, and grab it. "Half price discount!" He tries to joke, because my drink is now only half full. (I'm not sure what happend to the other one, I think it just dissapeared) I decide to throw it at him, so I shake it up, fall back into the crowd, and throw it at him. Nothing comes out, but it hits him softly in the back, and he turns around, looking a bit depressed that no one seems to like him.

    I walk next to him, and say "Where's your car?" because I'm planning on throwing the drink through his window. He tells me the name and model instead, so I figure I should just follow him and find out. Unfortunately, I see my dad, who looks a bit suspicious, waiting in the car to pick me up. So as the teacher says something about a bodyguard, and I insult him one more time, I walk to my car, and get in. I wake up. -End Dream-

    Fragments: Impulse deoderant. On a ship trying to solve something I think. Playing this game that was very complex and required you to press three buttons at once to perform an attack that always changed.