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    1. Hi hi! Well I got a new job! But you know about that already from my creative visualization thread

      I keep getting this nagging persistent feeling im supposed to do something else with my life though. I keep dreaming that maybe one day I can make a living off my art and be debt free. But in all honesty, that idea scares me on so many levels.

      I think about what it would mean if I did get published and did make enough money from my book to live off of and finally be debt free. Thats a life I dont know, its a life ive never known (everyone I know is in debt, its so NORMAL). With that monetary freedom, I can build my cob home. But im not planning on living alone. And im reaching that point where Ive exhausted all of my excuses and ill just have to completely give in. That or, never change and stay at the same job till the day I die which sounds terrifying. Anyways sorry for blabbing, but thats where ive been in the past week
    2. How is it going? How is your living situation going? Awaken, sleeping dragon!
    3. I think I can relate! I moved to Arlington with my sis early February. First I'm happy that I did, I think I would have gone crazy if I had to stay with my folks for another week! But its also been really stressful in the money department. Ive got about three weeks to come up with more money.

      I am just filled with so many mixed emotions right now im practically catatonic. I wanna scream, I wanna celebrate, I wanna dance, I wanna hide in my room, I wanna laugh, I wanna flip out because I have no idea what happens in about a month if I don't have more money.

      Moving out puts things into perspective real nicely! And it would be awesome if someone else would cook for me.

      That said, I'm looking forward to picking up some lucid inspired goals I started last year.

      happy dreaming!
    4. I am in Colorado now. Been trying to figure things out, like money, house, etc...
      I haven't been focusing very much on dreaming right now, I have been more focused on Reiki.
      Once I am comfortable I can overlap them again.
      How have you been?
    5. hello! what have you been up to? any fun dreams?
    6. It looks southwestern, am I completely off?
    7. Does this look familiar?

    8. You need to watch this. [UR]L="http://spongebob.nick.com/videos/play/sleepytime-full-episode/"]Sleepy Time[/URL]
    9. How did it go?
    10. I was wondering where you've been. The new dream journal system is up on the top, next to What's New. In case you haven't heard, unless you have 50+ dream entries in your old journal, it's going to be closed! But you can transfer your dream entries over with just a button. And, out and about sounds fun!

      At least funner than pacing back and forth because you're nervous about tomorrow. That's when I'm having my art show
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