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      yea. its pretty much all i listen too
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      i love techno
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      Like your avatar. Classic movie. for your sig you should put one of his quotes...
      Best line. "We can't stop here! this is bat country!"
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      <3 harder
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      Who's stealing from who?
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      Small world I guess.
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      Lol hi. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not active here anymore so yeah.
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      and thank you! for making good threads
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      and your threads are better than most peoples threads
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      i post in almost every thread
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    Strangest College Ever (Entry 1)

    by DaTechnoKing on 02-15-2012 at 05:33 PM
    Note: This is a very strange reoccurring dream where I am in this strange college setting. I wanted to write a journal entry about it because I felt it was interesting that it continued from where it left off. I'll try to leave more entries about this dream if more happen. Everyday starts out the same in this dream. I wake up in a dorm room and walk out to go get breakfast. Every time I walk out of my dorm, the layout of the college changes almost as if the ground is filled with magic. The trees were 400í high, and some of them were giant mushrooms. The clouds were different colors, spread into a giant mural of color and art. It was obvious that in the realm of existence, you could see all sorts of gases except for oxygen, which made for a strange sort of mist or fog in sort of wispy trails in the air. As I walked past a giant statue of an old man wearing a lettermanís jacket, I realized that the dining hall had moved closer to my dorm today. It felt like being cooperative for me this morning, which was odd because usually the buildings and grounds here do everything in their power to make sure you are late. Shrugging, I strolled into the line, and was served the strangest food. Iím not sure what it was made of, but it looked almost as if somebody had taken the gases in the sky and chilled them down into a slushy solid. It tasted of raspberries and divinity candy. I started to make casual small talk with my friends who were at the table that I was teleported to. Each of the lunch tables in this school were in their own plane of existence. Today, we were in the fire plane, which was unfortunate because I was wearing a suit. I started to flirt with a very beautiful African-American girl who had just started sitting with us. I complimented her and teased her, making sure not to come off as a creep or a weirdo. She was all smiles and giggles, so I took that as a positive sign. I asked her if she was doing anything after class and she shook her head. It was odd because she didnít say a word, but I knew what she was thinking.I donít remember what happened during class, it was some sort of magic and science. After class though, I met up with the girl I had been flirting with. We started to slowly dance and take comfort in each otherís arms. Then she started to strip me down until I was in my boxers and she motioned for me to do the same to her. So I got her down to just her panties. We had the most passionate, meaningful thing that probably the closest to sex Iíve every experienced. I am a virgin after all. I then got dressed and she asked me to leave without words, but not in a rude way. She did not want me to get in trouble for being in her room during room inspection. I nodded and strolled to another one of the courtyards. This courtyard was like a giant chessboard, with chairs instead of pieces. I sat at the spot of the black king and played a game with the chairs as if they were pawns, rooks, knights, bishops and such. I then grew bored of this and checked what looked like an iPhone. I had this strange application pulled up on the screen that had boxes with point values on them, and fireballs on some of them with negative points. I tried tap one of the ones with a fireball, but I guess I was in the middle of the game when I tried to start playing again. It turns out that the boxes had questions from my friends around the campus, about their personal lives. I guess it was a campus wide game, because people Iíd never met before were posting questions. The purpose of this game was to be a giant mixer game thatís smart phone enabled. I answered a few questions about friends I knew, and then I woke up.

    Updated 02-15-2012 at 05:40 PM by DaTechnoKing


    Deus Ex Machina! (Lucid)

    by DaTechnoKing on 09-14-2011 at 10:02 AM

    I just want to point out, while this dream does have some parallels with Deus Ex human revolution, it is not the basis of this dream, as I haven't played the games or tried to incubate a dream like this.

    So it all started with me walking into a large corporation, Haplogroup inc. I was following a woman named Dr.Hasley, who looked very similar to the character in Halo: Reach. She was walking and talking about things I really didn't care about, like how exciting it was for me to be there and rambling on about projects that I didn't care about. I don't know why this strange woman had called me there, and just as I asked this in my head, she turned around and scoffed, "You're here to be the test subject for our Human Augmentation program." I looked shocked and turned to run, but was grabbed by two giant robots. I then awoke some time later with my entire body aching and almost an electric buzz feeling behind my eyes. I went to stood up and broke the leather straps holding me down to the table. I became lucid at this point. Realizing this, I tried to fold the table up, using only my arms. I folded the table into a briefcase shape and threw it, destroying the camera in the top left corner of the room. I then proceeded to escape. The details of my escape are fuzzy, just that I remember overhearing that Haplogroup had developed a tank that could launch nukes almost silently. I went to the police at once, meeting them at a restaurant about 3 miles away from Haplogroup inc.'s main HQ. I met up and went over the details I could remember about the plot for the nuke launching tank, and proceeded to volunteer for the job, demonstrating my new augmentations as proof of my abilities to carry out the mission. I then rode off in a hijacked cop car and went to the coordinates that I had remembered. I ran off into the woods to fight this tank. At once, it targeted me with standard rounds and began firing me. I decided that my augmentations weren't enough, and decided to use a blink teleport type ability, similar to those used by Stalkers in StarCraft 2. I blinked around and got up behind the tank, which was a mix of a sedan and a standard tank looking thing. I grabbed the back right wheel and flipped it over with some difficulty, and then began to fold it in half. It then exploded in my arms. I brushed myself off and walked back to the car. I then tried to turn the police lights on top of the car on, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't will them on. So I got in the car and drove off, narrowly avoiding a dog. The dog just sat in the middle of the road and barked, "FEED ME!" at me. Then I woke up.

    Stretching a phone into a laptop, slow motion, and mother gibberish (Lucid)

    by DaTechnoKing on 08-18-2011 at 12:27 AM

    So I just took a nap and figured I tell you guys about this short lucid I had. It was weird because I don't normally start dreams in my bed, but somehow I started the dream in bed, messing with my phone. All of a sudden I decide I need more screen space, so I stretch my phone out. I then think to myself, "Ok, now I need to install avast! antivirus." So I run the installer for skype, and it launches the installer for what kind of looks like avast, but with different instal prompts. I mindlessly click through them, stretching the screen more and draging the window up so I have more room. I then get prompted for a password from the program. The prompt looked like this:




    So I put in the password because as a smart ass response, and it went to a screen saying my key for avast! was sent to my email with my email I normally use in the box. I the, at this point had stretched my phone into a laptop, when I noticed something was off about this whole stretching thing.
    I morphed this laptop into a phone and plugged my nose to check if I was dreaming. I was, so I got up out of bed and decided to turn the world slow motion. I focused until I made a digital clock face appear infront of my with the time 69:64. Then everything was in slowmotion. So I zapped a lightning bolt at my cat and hit her in the butt then ran in slowmotion to my front door. My mom walked over as if to send me off to school. She said to me, "Well son, I know that... Go off to school, he's nothing to worry about. ANd WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" I nodded and ran out the door and procedded to think of what to do next, but the dream faded.

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    Dead cats back to life, New powers, and a DC's congradulations.

    by DaTechnoKing on 07-25-2011 at 04:32 PM

    Just a side note here, I took around 60 mg of melatonin to cause REM rebound, BUT I DO NOT CONDONE TAKING SUCH A LARGE DOSE.

    I woke up in the dream in my friend Tom's house, in his room on his second floor. His room was set up differently, but I could tell it was his room. I was sitting on the floor with his door open, when his cat Suzie walked up. Suzie was an old black cat, and she died of liquid flooding her chest last year, so it was odd to see her. I was petting her when my other friends, Julia and Bob showed up and were talking to me. Julia said hi to me, and was carrying Mouse, and greeted Suzie, their other cat, as she walked up. Her brother Bob walked up and started talking about World of Warcraft, "Two people just joined the raid, do you want to watch." I stood up and looked at Julia. Her room looked different and nonsensical for how her house is normally set up. For example, on her wall that normally faces her father's office, there was a window behind her and as I focused on her, she became more detailed as did the window behind her. I became lucid at once and declared "I'm dreaming!" and got the biggest grin on my face. I rushed down their stairs to their kitchen, remembering to rub my hands to stabilize the dream as I ran down, where I met my friend Lindsay. She said hi and waved at me, and she was eating something. I launched a lightning bolt out of my right hand and she said, "Good job on that by the way!" Referring to my power. I then focused and managed to do a Kamehameha, but could only do it by chanting the words. My energy when doing the Kamehameha was a blue, wispy sort of fire, as opposed to just an orb of energy. I then focused on my left hand and shot fire forth from it. The fire was almost a super imposed version of fire, and was almost cartoony. I then raised my hands above my head and started to charge a spirit bomb, and as I did the light caused the unrealistic shadows you'd see in an anime from a large energy mass. Like how everything is black outlines because of the bright lights. As I charged, the "camera" in my dream pulled out and started to roll pre episode credits, like for a cartoon, but sadly they made no sense. I then opened my eyes to launch the spirit bomb, but when I opened my eyes, I woke myself up.

    Updated 07-25-2011 at 05:47 PM by DaTechnoKing


    Being from the future freaks people out...

    by DaTechnoKing on 07-21-2011 at 09:19 PM

    As I woke up inside my dream, I couldn't help but realize that I was in 1940's Chicago, in an uptown apartment. I was wearing a zoot suit and fedora with a large feather stuck in the band around the hat. I looked pretty sharp and like I was an important person. I headed out of my apartment and some sort of strange narration was playing over the top of my actions, kind of like I was in a movie. But it wasn't my voice, it was the voice of the main character from Prototype, which was odd, because I certainly didn't feel any connection to him. As I left my building of apartments, I walked through a crime scene, where somebody had been shot on the stairs, the leftover body chalk and coagulated blood on all parts of the stairs. I don't remember the altercation, as it probably happened before my dream started, but I do remember I needed to get to the crime lab right away. So I grabbed a taxi and went outside of town to a little building outside of Woodstock, an hour and a half away. When I got to the crime lab, a very good associate of mine was trying to leave in her car. I got into the car and started making romantic small talk. I became lucid at once when a punk rocker got out of a car next to me that had no seats, but beanbags and pillows. I decided I was going to have a little fun, so I handed my associate a posted that had a troll face and the date 2010 on it, and was a list of locations or something. She looked at me very confused, "What is this? A joke?" I shook my head, "I'm from the future." She looked really shocked and attempted to pull away from the building, backing us over a curb. She panicked and started breathing heavy, then tried to snuggle into me and calm herself down as she took this fact in. Then our boss walked past the car and I woke up.