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    ...Dream Guide into??...

    by DJ101 on 01-04-2014 at 09:28 PM
    I awake in a room...
    The roof is open looking up into the blazing sun seeming 2X as large as before...
    The building I am is one room and barren and empty with nothing in it but a small piece of the wall were a window seems like it should be is broken open... I look around and get up off the ground and walk out through the door...
    Outside is just sand and to the east I believe there is a two story house and a corn field to the north is a forest to the south is a sea and the east more desert...
    I walk north towards the forest and find no way into the forest...
    Footsteps... Quickly moving closer from the south... Advancing I hear a voice saying something...
    A man with tattoos on his arms and looks almost exactly like kamina from gurren lagann hits me across the face than and teleports into black smoke...
    "Catch me if ya can!!!" He screams from inside the forest...
    I teleport in the same fashion in and dash through the forest... I run until man... He wears a golf cap and a trench coat... He puts a gun into my face and says "watch urself boy" and cocks the gun...
    I look down the barrel of the gun and the gun and it shrivels out of existence...
    "Ahhh,so ur the one" he says in a calm voice and straightens himself up.
    "What do u mean sir..."I stand up and look him in the eye
    "You should know it hehehe" he vanishes out of existence leavening a grave in his place that is illegabal...

    I believe this is my dream guide
    Matter destruction
    Enhanced speed

    Final day of the apocalypse

    by DJ101 on 01-04-2014 at 09:01 PM
    Final day of zombie land...
    It's finally over....
    The darkness fades as I awake in a hospital bed room, everything so white, sterile, shiny. I look around me to see myself surrounded by smiling faces... There are so many... People I helped... Civilians... Unknown faces... I force myself to sit up to feel a pain in my gut... I look down to see there is a huge hole in my stomach...I immediately hold my stomach as a pain starts to well up over it.A doctor comes in and immediately puts a respirator over my mouth and I get knocked out... I hear the words rest and it ends... All 71 days of this constant repeating game of survival is over and I can now rest peacefully... (This sequence of dreams ended on 8-9-13 it started on 6-11-13 making it I fall asleep here I wake up there I fall asleep there I wake up here... Many peaches are missing from this story... (Comment please if you want to know anything that happened in the dreams if you want info on what a dream sequence is ask me I will be glad to share.)

    Updated 01-04-2014 at 09:05 PM by DJ101


    Zombies day 50

    by DJ101 on 07-31-2013 at 06:30 PM
    This is my longest dream sequance yet it started on june 11, 2013 its not over yet but when it is I will record the last day.
    Lucidity~extreme [activates muscles]

    Day 50
    I awoke on my way to colorado in the middle of a desert. My GF, My friends, and I had set up tents last night for a shelter just to wake up to the scorpions (a tunnling type of zombies) trying to kill us I pulled out snapped on their necks to make it have to run away to fix itself. I got up grabbed my musket with a mag and went outside. I just thought the best thing to do was kill these zombies. So I just starting helping my friends at unloading ath thezombie scorpian things which ended there were ten and nine of tge ten ended up dead. So we pacjed our bags and started moving in our desert suited up cars which some were two seater convertible sports car. We also had our hummer that was easy to drive through the desert. Later that day we crossed into utah without any trouble and were on our way to colorado with the road to help us. We used the road and git to a small abandoned town were we collected amunition and found a packapunch machine. We also found a ton of zombies, walkers, spinters, scrabs, suicides, and slender zombies. We desposed if all of them and my brother packapunched his hoodie with metal and a battery. Now wis hoodie has small shoulderblade and constantly radiats electricity. We slept in the town that night inside of a somwhat normal two story house.

    Dream sequence 2

    by DJ101 on 07-31-2013 at 03:25 AM
    Read my first DJ to get the way to read these and how they work

    March 24,2012
    Dream sequence 2. My mom just bought me and 4... Holy crap 4... Of my friends a vacation to the Bahamas. Now who should I take...
    and... Maddy. Yep seams like a good group. (7 days later) my mom planned my plane for tomorrow at least my plane leaves then at 5 pm so I'm ready but I can't sleep so looks like I've got a long night ahead of me I hope it's not too late because I wanna be pumped for Tomorrow so good night I'll log in. Tomorrow when I get on the plane.
    Finally on the way to the sunny warm bahamas. When I got to the airport i got through security and made it to the meeting point to see that Kyle was there. He stood up and gave me a broseph hug (or a man hug) than after about 10 minutes faith snuck up on me with maddy and gave me a great big hug. She thanked me for choosing her and maddy over someone else. I said no problem by 4:45 Catherine caught us on the way to the plane. We borded the plane i got to sit next to faith. That was kinda kool well gtg I'm gonna take a nap.
    I was awoken from my humble sleep to the sound of an engine screeching and faith screaming at me "(panicked)WERE GOING DOWN...WERE GOING DOWN!... AN ENGINE WAS DESTROYED AND WERE GONNA CRASH SOMEWHERE IN THE ATLANTIC AND DIE." I quickly rose up "the gang" and I dove off of the left side of the plane unlike the rest of the people who dove off of the right to become shark bait thinking that the red water and dorsal fins might be a sign of good luck or something(IDIOTS). I swam to the island while carrying faith on my back because she was so scared she fainted when she came up to breathe. I was the one who had to drag her limp body to the shore and do mouth to mouth and CPR with her limp body. She opened we eyes panicked and coughed up almost a gallon of sea water. She kissed me and thanked me, blushed embarrassedly, got up and went to help the group build hammocks. No one saw what just happened there(thank god). I laid in shock for a minute registering what had just happened. Then I got up and went to help the group build shelter. We set up hammocks off of the ground for beds. We also built a palm leaf roof over all of our hammocks. We finished the first day just as the sun set on the burning, dangerous, and deadly water.
    I awoke once again to Faith trying to get me awake. But this time she wasn't panicked in fact she seemed... Happy. She looked kinda cute and her hair was all messed up and a little curly and she had a puppy dog face on. She had a palm leaf plate of food in her hands, she looked at me smiled and said "morning sleepy head... breakfast." I took the palm leaf plate and asked her what this was all about. She said "nothing." She turned her back to me and did a purposeful V walk away. That was only to hide the fact she wanted to keep a baby monkey that was sitting on her chest when she woke up. She argued with me for 5 minutes until she gave up on begging and just kissed me forcing me into a yes. Making her skip with the monkey in her arms singing. I was enraged that she could trick me that easily. Than I ate my breakfast which consisted of a coconut, a couple of berries, a banana, and a grilled fish (I don't know how they grilled it, try just did). Quite good actually for a makeshift breakfast. the second I started on my fish Kyle walked over holdin hands with Catherine and asked me why faith was holding a monkey in her arms like a baby. I said it was because that's our new pet. Which it technically was because I just was forced into a yes. He just looked at her and then me and repeated that over and over again (I never told him about the kiss) he just was in awe I said yes to a monkey. He said he was going to watch me, did the finger to eye thing to me and her. He then walked off and Catherine followed looked at me and waved. I got out of bed 3 minutes later. Then I got dressed kinda off guard when Kyle hung himself from the tree by his tows behind me without me knowing and said... BOO! I jumped ten feet ( litterely 10') did a 180 in the air an saw Kyle laughing (I should have guessed because faith was on her back laughing while starring me) than he went back up into the tree. Kind of creepy stalker type stuff. I put my shirt on to find a crab liked my shirt and got a titty twister by a crab. I screamed like a little girl and jumped up and down. I ripped off my shirt and made a beeline for the ocean with a crab swaying on my nipple everyone on the beach was laughin as I ripped the crab off and chucked it 40 yards off into the ocean. My nipple was bleeding because that crab loved my skin SOOOOO much he took a suvineer (practically my whole nipple). I fell face first into the sand and fainted after I waided onto the beach because of shock, due to trauma and blood loss
    My eyes fluttered open to find myself laying in a puddle of my own blood. Everyone's eyes were on me they were all full of worry. Kyle handed me a can of chili filled with water I drank that down in a second. Kyle left the circle of eyes which were quickly replaced by another set of eyes... Big, round, brown, monkey eyes. The monkey hopped on me and stared at me eye to eye. Faith grabbed it and pulled it off of me quickly and held it in her arms. She gave it a banana. Kyle came back and gave me more water. I drank this slowly. I finally managed to sit up... For a second before Faith pushed me back down. I looked at my body which was slick with blood and disgusting. I pushed Faiths hand off of my shoulder and sat up. I got cocky and tried to stand... I quickly blacked out again.
    I awoke once again to a circle of eyes again. This time I was being pinned to the ground and was laying on some Gigantic leaf bed. I looked down at my chest and saw. It looked... Sparklingly clean, And also I was in my wonderful birthday suit... I immediately realized it was only girls in the circle of eyes. A little weird if u ask me. They didn't care I was naked they just stared at the scab covering half of my nipple. I just stared back at them blankly. They still just stared at my nipple. Eventually I sat up very slowly with there help. I spotted my clothes and reached for them. They stopped me and actually dressed me. I mean like they actually put me into my clothes. I still didn't understand why they were so worried until I looked closely at my injury to see half of a crab arm stuffed into it. I had just stood up and saw it and almost fainted. Faith caught me by the crab arm and with my bodies momentum, ripped out the hole crab arm and claw. I screamed so loud that if you were on the other side of the island you could hear me. The three of them rejoiced with the crab claw for so long they forgot about me. They left me in the sand long enough I was laying in another puddle of blood. They turned around and saw me close my eyes and screamed. They all ran over to put me bak on my bed and made me drink gallon, after gallon, after gallon of water. I drank so much I peed myself so again they ripped off my clothes while I was chugging another gallon of water. I peed three times but the girls didn't care they actually made me vomit up some water once and just kept me drinking. After about 1 hour of nonstop drinking they finally stopped. Catherine went back to Kyle and they started making out. I made it until (without fainting) dinner were i realized my day was about to get a lot worse. Kyle wouldn't let me eat because I had no clean clothes and I couldn't go naked. So I went to my hammock. During dinner faith had put some food in some dead persons tattered clothes and after it was filled to the bursting point she said she was gonna go to bed. So she got up and left the table and came to my hammock. A moonlit dinner of fish and berries. We just chatted and ate for 30 mins until Kyle, Came walking over and argued with faith for 15 minutes because she went against him to feed me. He gave in and backed down because faith (being herself) destroyed him in the argument I put on some torn pants on the beech and wore those around. Faith slept with me that night because she acted like I was too injured and needed the protection.
    Faith was once again by my bedside trying to get me up. Again looking adorable. She said that Maddy had found a surviver from the crash. She was very, very Ill from the bloody salt water. When she washed ashore she was hardly breathing and constantly threw up. She then blacked out and still hadn't come back out so we really just left it at that. Faith was still attending to me. She cept checking my heart beat and my blood loss. She basically wouldn't let me out of bed the whole day and she even brought me food. She again slept by my side she even cuddled me. I felt so cool before I fell asleep.
    I awoke to faith staring at me holding my breakfast again. It consisted of berries, a coconut, and a banana. She tended to me the whole day were all I did was lay in bed an eat...sleep and drink. Nothing too important I guess. Well I did manage to find a pretty cool coat from a dead body. It was a brown trench coat that had gold buttons in the front. Faith would not let me close the jacket due to the fact she had to make sure I don't ruin the jacket. I did use the bathroom a couple of times. Faith just stayed with me the whole day. Even when I was using the bathroom on a tree off in the woulds she came out and snuck up on me as I was finishing (thank god finishing). Later that day near supper time we found another surviver, half necked and completely unconscious. Of course I was not allowed to see the surviver until I recover or can walk more than 20 feet without stumbling. By bed time faith moved next to mine. Again we slept together.
    Today good news 1of the 2 extra survivors is actually up. Its not the new one from yesterday its the old one from the day of the crash. I was actually helped out of my bed to practically collapse on the ground. I was helped up by Faith and Kyle who practically carried me over to the survivor who was awake. It turned out to be one of my friends from Virginia. It was Georgia... She saw me and her eyes widened and she practically tackled me in a hug. Kyle caught me and kept me from falling over. Georgia was so happy to see me she actually apologized for almost launching me off my feet. She couldn't stop asking questions. Her first question was what had happened to my nipple on my chest. I explained the crab incident and she started half laughing and half crying. That night we had dinner and all went to bed faith did sleep with me tonight, because she didn't have a bed so she slept with me. She cuddled up against me and curled up into a ball and slept. That night my mind was running with thoughts but I'll tell those will be on a different day.
    I woke up today to see Faith had left a leaf on my stomach. It said "meet me at Kyle's hammock for a test." I got up out of bed and kinda walked over to Kyle's hammock. Faith was there waiting and as soon as I got there I got a big kiss on my cheek. I smiled and asked her why she called me over here and she said"your tacking a test, do your best." Then best kiss ever it was right on my lips (I mean like tongue and all). If I hadn't heard Maddy coming I would have been busted. After that I took faiths test while everyone was watching. I got a A on it which ment I was back up to health and was ready to help with food. I was put on fishing with a spear, which let me tell ya... It an't easy. I managed 4 fish in 6 hours and they were all decent sized. I actually was given a coconut and wasn't allowed dinner because of my fish catching skills. I walked to my hammock and laid there with the moon on the ocean just rising. Faith came after me and skipped dinner. We sat on the edge of our hammock and talked. She told me my fish tasted great an was sorry i didn't get any, which isn't really a big deal in my mind but in hers it was huge apparently. We talked until dinner was over and they all left then we had a make out session. It was awesome even though the romance faded as it got darker. Than we laid in bed huddled together for warmth. I still don't know what happened to the baby monkey though. We both fell asleep hugging one another.
    I awoke with Faith laying next to me sleeping so I got up and snuck over to Georgia's hammock and stole the fishing spear,and the net, ok and maybe a little fish scraps but whatever. I went out I was fishing for 1 hour and managed 3 fish using the net and 5 large clams that were alive. I then ran off and collected pawpaw fruit, and bananas. I then cooked 1 of the fish and cut it in half and 2 of the clams the sun was just starting to rise so I grabbed two small palm leaves and carried our food over to Faith. She looked so peaceful sleeping there I almost didn't want to wake her up, but a beautiful tropical sunrise, alone, I mean do I want to be forever alone. I barely touched and she yawned and looked at me and said "what are u doing this early". My only response was "I have something to show you". So I showed her the way to the spot on the beech with our plates on a makeshift table, in front of the beautiful sunrise. She started crying and immediately hung her arms around my neck and kissed me. We sat down after, and started eating. Faith was so happy she made me come over next to her and eat because she wanted me extremely close the whole time. As the sunrise ended we kinda started making out. We stopped when we heard Kyle 2 minutes later with a large "rhmmmmmm" to get us to notice him. Then he started babbling on about how he knew it was gonna happen, like all of it and blabla. After I showed him the fish he stopped caring about us and was happy with the morning meal before him. Later that day I was permitted to see the second surviver who we had made a bed for. She looked familiar as if I should know her. As it turned out she knew me. I still didn't know her so I kinda excepted and played along. The whole day consisted of romantic moments with me and Faith. Long walks with Faith, and more importantly chores. Today's routine consisted of fire wood gathering with Georgia, Fixing the plane stereo which didn't work, And fruit gathering with Madeline who knows her fruits. After dinner I carved a heart into the tree that held our hammock up and put F+E on the inside of it. And when Faith saw it she pretended to faint (given her acting skills it was believable). And made me give her mouth to mouth which turned into kissing. After this long day we went to sleep cuddled so close together for warmth that I could feel her heart beat.
    I awoke to Faith frantically trying to get me up. I climbed out of bed slowly the I finally heard it, a helicopters wings slowing down. Salvation was waiting for us. As we happened to be climbing on board the helicopter something strange happened, the baby monkey Faith had befriended bit my leg. I tried pulling him but he wouldn't let go. The only way we got him off was to knock him out with a peace of metal on the helicopter as we took off. End of sequence 2.
    April 04,2012

    Dream Sequence 1

    by DJ101 on 07-31-2013 at 03:20 AM
    My dreams are always linked so instead of making multiple posts I just post the whole thing when it's over every paragraph is another date and the dates are in waking hours.

    December 12, 2011
    Dream sequence 1. The dream started off in the best training facilities in the U.S.A. were me and my squad were training ourselves in our speciality Armors and weapons. Our squad consisted of me, Matt, Kyle, and of corse our juggernaut Bobby. I was training with a Dragunov extended mag and no scope. My side arm was a black p99 with a small silencer and a flashlight under-barrel, perfect for close quarters. Matt carried the Barrett with a red dot on the side of his barrel with a variable scope. He carried a Usp45 as his side arm with a red dot sight, a silencer, and a under barrel flashlight. Kyle had 5 different desert eagles around his waist for use any time he needed it. Each Desert Eagle had a Different attachment for a different situation. His primary was a m4 with a holographic scope on it for medium range useage at any times.Bobby carried a PKP PECACHANGE and had a juggernaut suit with a javelin attached to his wrist which had no kick to bobby at all. We trained in these facilities for days before our first mission. Which was that we had to storm a Russian city in the middle of a storm with fog surrounding us with 1 other squad. Afterwards we had to get into a shuttle and seize control of an entire Russian space station. We had exactly 1day to train with our other squad which consited of 3girls and 2guys. I recogonized the 2guys right off of the bat. They were Ali and Sergey. They each carried a Striker shotgun with a grip and custom paint, Ali's Shotgun looked like it was on fire because of the paint job. Sergeys had skulls on the barrel were the holes were supposed to be. Out of the girls I recognized one which had blonde hair and completely rounded shoulders. The only thing is that I couldn't remember her name at all. There was also to dark haired girls in there entire squad. We trained for what seemed like 3days straight, even though most of the time we showed off what our skills were to each other trying to gain bragging rights. When Night came I we each split up by squad for the night and fell asleep quickly.
    We finally started are mission the next day even though we spent the whole day on a boat it wasn't bad. We got to know each other and play pocker and to be funny "Pokeher" just to get the girls aggravaited that was the entire guys mission in the morning was how to aggravaited The girls. After lunch which was crappy tuna fish sand which we had rain as we had our full mission briefing. We learned which shuttle we would have to be on in space in order to get to was in the middle of there city. So we would have to sneak past the entire Russian military.
    We woke up this morning to realized we were lost at sea we weren't moving anywhere in the middle of this storm. The captain is always getting drunk nowadays and won't let us near the control panel. We are going to land today, Hopefully because everyone has gotten sea sick so far including me. We are all hoping to land today including the drunk captain who we might have shot in the foot so he would pilot us to the shores of russia without him piloting us through the storm to Russia we wouldn't have ever made it but thanks to the "Captain" we actually made it by 7:00 when the storm was supposed to end. I guess miracles do happen we ended up going to sleep inside of a old motel with no roof at 10:00 pm.
    God knows how we survived today. We woke in below freezing temperatures to just have the barrels of guns pointed at our heads by the Russian militia. One of the girls killed them all with one of Kyle's desert eagles, but got shot in the calf which we had to bandage up with part of my shirt. That made the day worse because we had to carry her to the shuttle which was leaving very soon. Also she forgot all of her silencers on the boat to make matters worse. Then also there wasn't a lone trooper that we could kill that wouldn't alert someone else which stunk. So we almost reached the shuttle to be caught by a security camera which alerted the entire Russian army and signaled off a huge alarm. We were running out of time to hide so we thought fast and through ourselves into cargo crates. Our cargo crate was unfortunately was filled with venomous snakes. Which sucks because appears that she has a huge afobia of snakes. She looked like she was about to scream so I might have knocked her out on "accident" with the butt of my gun. I had too fall asleep in there at 7:00or else I would be caught and killed so good luck me.
    We finally arived at the shuttle. I woke up just as she did, The blonde she almost had a heart attack and screamed because a snake swam past her face happily. A boa constrictor was around her body which of coarse I had to peel off ever so slowly to avoid getting bitten. The blonde asked if we lived this if we could get married. I said maybe because she was smoking hot, but that would be a little fast. I opened our crate to find my squad missing in action. I hurried into the control room and broke the door down. I just happened to find my squad running the ship. It was an 8hour flight to the station so like any person I took a nice nap.
    Today we arrived. We finally made it to our objective sure it took us 8 hours of walking slowly to get to the control room. When we got there there was a big red button in the center of the control panel. There were two guards up in the ceiling vents. unnoticeable to us but we were noticeable to them. They ambushed by then we lost bobby, Kyle and 2 girls, leaving the blonde, Sergey, Ali, Matt, and me. I was about to press the button when I was shot through my chest by Sergey, who was quickly killed by Ali. The girl ran to my side and helped me up. I couldn't breath, colors were flashing. I told her I loved her, kissed her goodbye and dove for the button I hit it remembering hearing self destruct sequence initialized then, as everything went red I remembered the girls name, Faith. End of sequence 1
    December 18, 2011