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      thank for adding me as a friend hopefully we can become astral friends and attain lucidity together one day
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    Juice War dream

    by DreamMaster27 on 11-24-2016 at 05:51 PM
    I dreamt I was on the front lines at the second great juice war, where the armies of Juice lined up on the battlefield to take on the combined forces of Juice haters. Me and my friend Derick Donaldson sat astride great stallions. The sky grew dark and all hope seemed lost for juice and its followers. The juice hater army was advancing towards us, the walls of their fortress to their backs. Then, a light shone down from the sky and Margaret Juicer herself rides out infront of us. "Hold your ground, sons and daughters of Juice. Have we come so far to break now at the final moment? The moment Juice needs us to stand strong? Have we forsaken the fruit of life and the liquid that stems from it? Have we bowed to these oppressive carnivores who would happily devour our flesh if their craving grew great enough? I think not. Let today be the day we stand, for Juice."

    I think this dream was a message to me from juice to make me stay strong in the face of adversity. In darts and in life, Margaret guides us all..

    Updated 11-24-2016 at 05:54 PM by DreamMaster27

    non-lucid , memorable

    Darts Dream

    by DreamMaster27 on 06-20-2016 at 11:17 PM
    I am shrouded in darkness, as the light seem to slowly seep out of the world. I know that this is a dream, but it feels so real. I am a spectator in my own mind as the floodlights burst on, and the music begins to play. "AND NOW, THE SEVEN TIME DARTS CHAMPION OF THE WOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!! DREAM MASTER 27!!!!!!!!!!" The music is deafening as I make my walk down through the crowd who are all chanting my name. I can feel the heat, the intensity and the pressure of the occasion. As I walk onto the stage, my heart sinks slightly. My opponent is non other than the great Adrian Lewis. We exchange a respectful glance, but now I know it is time. This is the ultimate test. The darts match to end all darts matches. I can feel the sweat on my face. I can feel the blood coursing through my veins. This is darts.

    I don't know if this is some sort of premonition? Maybe I will face Adrian Lewis in a darts game soon. I am very good at darts so it could happen if I become professional. I think this dream may have been my minds version of a dress rehearsal for the walk out and the whole situation. I know if it does happen, I will be better prepared now...

    Meeting my soulmate

    by DreamMaster27 on 06-15-2016 at 09:58 AM
    A little context before we begin. I am a professional didgeridoo player, often performing in front of crowds of thousands. From the Australian Outback, to the Sahara Desert, I have played many a venue. On this night, I was walking alone through the 4th Astral Dimension, which took the form of a wasteland. It was a cold night, like the time I'd spent in the desert. I've never felt cold like that in a dream before.

    Then, I realised I had my didgeridoo, so I took it out and began to play. Within minutes, grass sprouted from the ground, and life seemed to seep into the surroundings. Trees grew and birds began to sing as I played. Then, it happened. My soulmate entered the realm, and I sat there dumbfounded. "You must not stop playing," she whispered quietly in the moonlight. As I had stopped playing, the trees had begun to wilt around me. I started up the tune again, and life resumed.

    The sun rose and then she sat beside me as the world began to grow. I couldn't speak to her without ceasing my song, but I knew she was as content as I was to sit there in silence. Soon, we would join together. A stream began to flow through the forest I had grown, and we basked in its cool waters. I knew that if I stopped playing, the dream would end, but I knew the girl would like to see a different kind of didgeridoo at some point. I decided I would take my chances, so I ceased the song.

    She stared at me with a look of distaste, but a look of longing. The dream faded....

    I'm on fire my spirits are terrified

    by DreamMaster27 on 06-10-2016 at 09:24 AM
    Last night I was perusing the fringe lands situated between the Astral Realm and the reality that we all know. I am a simple being, with arms and legs, but in this moment I was nothing but a thought, floating around in this strange alien world. Then, I hear it emanating from the darkness, permeating through the fabric of reality itself.

    "He will score goals, he will just score more and more.
    He will score goals, that’s what we signed him for."

    The chant is quiet at first, but then it begins to grow in volume, until the whole world seems to shake at the song.

    "Will Grigg’s on fire, your defence is terrified
    Will Grigg’s on fire, your defence is terrified"

    Alarmed, I reach out for reality, as if in an attempt to escape the song that has plagued me for several waking hours.

    "Will Grigg’s on fire, your defence is terrifed
    Will Grigg’s on fire, na na na na na na na na na na na"

    But then I realised, if I cannot escape the song in the dream realm, where can I earn a reprieve from it? Is the chant destined to play in my head for all of eternity? But then, I see a knew light in the darkness. It is my spirit guide, eager to help in my time of need. "Fear not the Will Grigg song, for all things must pass in time." I am soothed by the words, but then, I am shocked. My very being is indeed on fire. I am burning in front of my spirit guardian, who also seems terrified. "This can only mean one thing," it whispers.

    "Will Grigg is on fire, and will win the Euros and finish as top scorer..."

    Updated 06-10-2016 at 09:28 AM by DreamMaster27