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    1. Hahahahaha! XD Yea, thats Morrigan from Capcoms cult fighting game Darkstalkers. Its a really cool fighting game that came out on the PS1 years ago. A friend of mine put me up on that game.
    2. Lol, I didn't even know the avatar was related to that, I just picked a random one in my Demon Girl/Succubus Folder. XD
    3. Wow, quite a transition here Link. So ya done with Eva now? Oh, and Morrigan is hot btw.

      Lol did'nt know you was up on Darkstalkers man. What you know bout that? Lol
      That, Street Fighter, and King Of Fighters, is one of my favorite fighting games.
    4. Thank you Link! I had to let the Krishna avatar go, because he no longer appeared in my dreams as a guide. So now i felt like i needed to become somewhat of a guide to my DCs. Thats when i searched for the avatar that best fits me at the moment.
      Glad you like it buddy!
    5. Dude, digging the avatar pic big time! I love it!
    6. Hahahaha
    7. Lmfao! Hey, if you got it? Flaunt it!
    8. I'll probably change it soon, but I'm starting to like this one for some reason. XD
    9. Ah....i see. And whatever happened to Link, your original avatar? It really coloured your personality man.
    10. Nah, OpheliaBlue gave me it as a suggestion.
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