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      Now it's 3 pm and I just woke up from a very long sleep. Sorry for the very very late reply, these timezones are not too compatible Also, the time thingy on DV is a bit messed up right now, so I have no idea what time these messages arrived

      As for my hobbies, well I don't really do anything productive hehe :3 Mostly I just go take a walk around the town or watch tv series (which i may or may not have downloaded illegally ), when I'm online I just read LDing stuff and go on the chat, and when I'm doing neither of those, I'm probably just doing household chores. There are some other stuff I'm trying to learn online, though I don't think I should say them, or people might think I'm such an Asian nerd haha!

      What about you? (not the nerd part, just the hobbies lol )
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      Sadly no, I don't play any video games - the MMORPG and stuff. I find I get really tired and disorientated right away I am pretty sure I'm missing out though, but I'm too lazy already haha.

      Eh, nothing planned for the day, it's 7 pm here and I just woke up from a nap. Haven't done anything productive throughout the day either
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      Nahhh no trouble for me just yet What have you been up to? x)
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      Exactly! Time flies by so fast...

      Ah, nothing too grand for my special day -- just dinner out with the family, and avoiding any crimes while I'm at it! (i am now viable for jail time! lol)
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      Thanks Dreamprofesser! Thank you very much!

      Wow it's been a week already? D:

      Have a great weekend as well
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      Lol, I didn't even know the avatar was related to that, I just picked a random one in my Demon Girl/Succubus Folder. XD
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      Hello Dreamprofessor...

      I am well, but my mother is not well. She has stage IV colon cancer and is in the last stages of her life. Maybe weeks...maybe months...no one really knows. Colon cancer is an awful...awful way to die. God bless you and your loved ones, Dreamprofessor. May you sleep well at night.
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      D'awww :') Thank you so much Dreamprofesser.

      Wishing you many more lucids as well! Have a great weekend~
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      Thanks for the tip. I may still end up reading some anyway. X3
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      Dude, digging the avatar pic big time! I love it!
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    July 20, 1984 (39)
    About Dreamprofesser
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    20+ Years
    Hi to everyone who is reading this. Welcome to my very vivid sometimes wild and wacky sex filled and violent dreams! You are in for a ride everybody.

    As my dreams include a ton of action, sex, dream missions, you name it! I have a variety of dreams, and a ton of dream abilities too. So if you want to learn something new, or have any suggestions or questions, feel free to pm me or drop me a comment. Peace and much love to you all! I value each and everyone of my friendships to the fullest. And enjoy meeting new people.

    If you are one of the lucky ones, we may share dreams together, and teach a entire nation together.
    So...what are you waiting for hm?
    Class is now in session.
    Country Flag:
    Detroit Mi/Alternate Reality/DreamWorld.
    Meditating, playing chess, lucid dreaming, meeting people playing video games,and feeding the birds.
    A little bit of everything, and a Dream professor in dreams.
    How you found us:
    Thru Dreams.


    Dreams are meant to be used to create ideas. And hopefully, plant the seed of this idea, to another. Which will help build, a very powerful nation.

    ~The Dreamprofessor~


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    by Dreamprofesser on 06-01-2012 at 04:37 AM
    This is not an entry to all who is reading this. This is more of an update so to speak. The dream i had last night........just left me very unsure about how to take things around me at the moment. Lets just say it was a conclusion to the last dream i had the night before.

    Im wondering now if that guy that i met was truly a actual person, as he wants me to continue to teach in my dreams. I never had a back to back dream with a actual person before and being lucid at that.

    But for personal reasons i will not post that dream i had last night, seeing as how the guy explained to me to keep it discreet to a select few. So, im going to do things a little different now. I am starting a dream experiment with a few people i have met in the dreams, who want me to recruit more people who have a strong curiosity for seeking the true truth, and nothing but, THE TRUTH.

    I will continue to post dreams, just not the dreams i have been having lately so to speak. So...the question Is this, is Inception real??? Certainly it is more real then you can imagine.

    And to those i have been so fortunate to share dreams with on here? This is only the beginning my friends.

    Remember, dreams are meant to be used to create ideas. And hopefully, to plant the seed of this idea to another. Which will help build, a very powerful nation.

    A new assignment classified...TOP SECRET.

    by Dreamprofesser on 05-30-2012 at 10:19 PM
    Black means non lucid
    Orange means semi lucid
    Blue means lucid
    Red means dream characters talking
    Purple means possible shared dreaming person
    Green means notes

    Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

    Ok, now it seems that i've gotten back into the swing of things with this dream of mine. Although, if i get called on a new job opportunity soon, that may reduce my chances of dreaming like i use too. Soo, what i am going to do is, try and do weekend dreaming.

    I'll just save my dreams onto my computer file, and post them whenever i can. Been doing more reality checks with my totem too, so it has appeared quite a few times in my dream i had. Looks like im back on board...for now that is.

    Lol, ok enough talking..here are my dreams!

    Dream #1 Making moves.

    Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

    Im in my 2nd home packing up some items in my suitcase. I notice that i see my hawk coin totem on the kitchen counter and put it in my pocket. (What a missed reality check there) I go to the den and start putting some clothes in the suitcase, and trying to hurry up. I go back into my room and my celphone rings and its Natalia. She tells me..

    (Natalia talking)

    "Don't forget to stop at your 1st home, we need those files."
    I tell her ok, and start looking around to see if im forgetting anything. I hear a cab blowing outside of my house, and head out the door with my suitcase.

    Dream #2 How to take care of business.

    Im in a hotel projected as Natalie Raitano for some reason. Its night time, and im holding a guy off of the edge of a balcony telling him to give me all of the information, or else i will drop him. The guy is screaming and yelling as im holding him by his ankles. I notice Blaze is with me too. She says something about we can always moniter his calls or something like that.

    "Oh yea, that is true huh?"
    We pull the man up and i grab him by his collar and tell him to make the call now. He starts calling someone, and thats all i remember there.

    Dream #3 Getting closer.

    Im still projected as Natalie Raitano, and im creeping thru a long hallway.

    There are corners that i stop at, and peep around while holding a silencer. I see a few men waiting by different doors and i shoot at each one of them. I now make my way thru one of the doors, and find a huge table with a list of names on it. I become lucid right here though only briefly, a man enters the door and asks me if i can help him search for someone. I told him who was it, and he mentioned his daughter. I leave the room and ended up walking with this old man, and started losing lucidity here. The man starts talking about how he wishes he could go fishing, or some shit like that..and i ended up waking up because of that.

    Dream #4 Top Secret.

    Im in a room with this dude in a dim lit room, and he starts telling me stuff about the goverment is out to get him. I try and tell him to relax and not be so paranoid, but he says that it is true and wants to show me something. We head downstairs to this basement and there are a bunch of people in capsules, and people hooked up to machines and shit.
    I become lucid seeing all of this, and reach in my pocket staring at everthing and rubbing my hawk coin totem. I asked the guy what was his name and he told me he wishes to remain anonymous due to potential possiblities of him being watched or something like that. I then ask him..

    "So how did we find eachother?"

    "Na bro, you found me!"
    I start becoming even more lucid to the point i began talking with him about stuff like wars, and poverty, and religion. He starts telling me that its all a set up from the jump or something like that, and that he only wishes that more people would wake up. I asked him how can i find him again and he says..

    "Shit, you the dream navigator. I don't know how to navigate dreams like that man."
    "How did you know that about me?"
    "Cause they told me about you."

    The door upstairs is kicked in and he starts talking to me in code, and giving me certain numbers if i ever need to look for him again or something like that. I try and repeat the numbers, but he insists that we will meet again. He tells me to keep teaching people thru their dreams so we can build our nation back to the way it use to be and to be safe. He sits in a chair, and straps himself in with a device hooked up to him, and dissapears.
    I hear men upstairs talking and footsteps coming towards the upstairs basement door.
    I start running thru the basement looking for a way out, but find no exit. I decide to fall backwards.

    False awakening

    I wake up in my 2nd home on the basement couch, and trying to remember the last dream i had. It hits me..I don't live here anymore, ans i better wake up before i forget the rest of the dream. I wake up for real, and record the dream.

    Final dream. Building a team.

    Im in my 2nd home in the basement talking to a bunch of different people about dreams. (Don't become semi lucid or lucid) I start handed out totems to everybody and giving each of them a homework assignment on reality checks with their totems. Thats all i remember and wake up.

    Updated 05-30-2012 at 11:29 PM by Dreamprofesser

    memorable , side notes , lucid , non-lucid , false awakening

    Dreams in the foreign country

    by Dreamprofesser on 05-29-2012 at 02:31 AM
    Black means non lucid
    Orange means semi lucid
    Blue means lucid
    Red means dream characters talking
    Purple means possible shared dreaming person
    Green means notes
    Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.
    Well i have not been dreaming my usual epicness like i use too. Soo i certainly can say that it is my own damn fault. I have not been doing any reality checks, work is starting to take a toll, and summer here in Michigan, is just making it more and more difficult for me to really focus on dreaming. I am not going to complain though, because anyone who knows me personally, knows i am not a complainer. So on that note, i have to start back reality checking more with my totem, and by doing more subconscious training thruout the day and nighttime hours too. I hope that you enjoy them anyway, even though they are not my usual epic dreams.
    Dream #1 Naked and writing in my dream records.

    Im in my current home, upstairs in my room writing something down in my dream records. I noticed that i am ass naked, but don't seem to reallly question anything about it at that paticular moment.

    Dream #2 Kidnapped, by goons

    Im in the back seat of a car riding with some arabs. A car pulls up and starts shooting at the windshield of this car im in. The driver, and the guy in the passenger seat get shot. The back door opens, and i am now fighting off these men. I get beat up pretty bad, and end up being dragged off into another car.

    Dream #3 Tell us what you know!

    Im handcuffed in a chair, in this room surrounded by a bunch of arab men wearing long robes and scarfs, and holding guns. And this Arab guy a walks up to me and grabs my face and looks directly in my eyes and says..

    "Do you know who i am? Because i could kill you right now with the snap of my finger."

    "Fuck you! And you will be sorry you ever.."

    (He smacks me and is gripping my hair holding a knife to my throat)

    Im breathing heavy at this point fearing what could happen to me. He starts asking me questions about missing people, and what do i know about a missing girl or something like that. Another guy nearby tries talking to him, and calming him down and telling him that maybe i really don't know anything, and he could possibly have the wrong person. So im now battered and brusied up, bleeding and just resting my chin near my chest. That dream ends, and i wake up to record it.

    Dream #4 Talking about dreams with a woman in my bedroom.

    Im laying in bed with this hot supermodel looking chick who reminds me of Gisele Bundchen.

    We were not having sex or anything, we were just in bed cuddled up talking about dreams and stuff. She gets out of bed and walks over to the window and stares out the window glancing at the night skies. She mentions something to me about wanting to fly up to the moon one night when she becomes lucid. I mentioned to her that in dreams anything is possible, and she can surely do anthing once she truly believes in it. I don't really remember much here except me and her were downstairs trying to look for some tea that i had, that gives you lucid dreams.

    Final Dream. The dancer who calls herself Rosa.

    Im in a temple, surrounded by beautiful Gypsies, and belly dancers. This woman who had a look similiar to the woman in the picture, walked up to me and begin telling me that she would like to dance with me. I stand there just admiring her seductive look, and glancing at her piercing glowing shimmering cat like green eyes. She shakes her hips with the sounds of tambourines and tabla drums beating in the background. She is dancing barefoot, and is moving very erotic to me. I get closer to her as she grinds out of control on me! I literally was feeling closer to a climax, but kept cool and just enjoyed the dance from her.

    Afterwards, she mentions if i ever want to come see her again, her name is Rosa.

    Updated 05-29-2012 at 03:05 AM by Dreamprofesser

    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , side notes

    Paranoid? Crazy? Or Both?

    by Dreamprofesser on 05-26-2012 at 08:56 PM
    Black means non lucid
    Orange means semi lucid
    Blue means lucid
    Red means dream characters talking
    Purple means possible shared dreaming person
    Green means notes

    Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

    Dream #1 Babysitting kids.

    Im in some house babysitting 2 little boys. There was a fairly attractive young lady in the house getting ready to head out somewhere. (She was brown skin with a thick curvy figure, had black curly hair, and had a british accent) The little kids were getting to be a pain in the ass, so i called this head coach (not sure who he was) over to help me babysit these kids.

    Dream #2 The loaded gun.

    Im in My cousin L's house, and she gave me this silver gun. I check to see if the safety was on, and it was not. So i intentionally pointed it at a table and shot at it, and there were other people in the room who jumped from the gunshot.

    "You did'nt put the damn safety on."

    (My cousin L talking)

    "I thought i put it on after i loaded it?"

    "No you did'nt. Just leave it with me in the time being."

    I tuck the gun underneath my belt buckle, and started cleaning up.

    Dream #3 They are plotting against me?

    Im still at my cousin L's house, and i noticed this heavy set black dude sweeping something up. I was cleaning up some cheerios or something like that, and i said that i needed to use the bathroom real quick. There was this latino dude sitting down in a chair talking to someone on the phone, and staring at me the whole time.
    (Little did i know, somone was plotting something against me)

    But little did they know, i was on to them and ready.

    Final dream: Paranoid? Crazy? Or Both?

    Im walking down a long a long hallway, and went into this bathroom. (it looked like a public bathroom stall) Im taking a piss, and hear someone coming towards the bathroom.
    I finish, turn off the bathroom lights, and notice some shadow coming towards the bathroom. I hid behind a wall of the door, reaching for my gun waiting for this person to enter the bathroom. Soon as he entered the bathroom i shot him twice, and once in his head.

    I hear people screaming down the hall. I said..

    "Ah ha..they ARE plotting against me!"

    I waited again for someone else to appear in this dark bathroom. A second guy appeared, and i shot him. A third guy appeared, and i shot him like 5 times. He kept crawling towards me, and i shot him in the face. I ran out of that bathroom, and ran down this long hallway, dived thru the floor and woke up. =/

    No luck becoming lucid in this dream. :/ I was gonna try and search for Littlezoe again, but i ended up only being semi lucid. Oh well, there is always tonight to look foward too!

    Updated 05-26-2012 at 09:26 PM by Dreamprofesser

    non-lucid , side notes

    The Golden Oracle, Me and Littlezoe arranging our next meeting.

    by Dreamprofesser on 05-25-2012 at 10:55 PM
    Black means non lucid
    Orange means semi lucid
    Blue means lucid
    Red means dream characters talking
    Purple means possible shared dreaming person
    Green means notes

    Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

    Dream #1 The Golden Oracle.

    Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

    Im walking down a dirt rocky trail like the one in the picture. I see two huge statues, and begin walking closer towards them stopping right at the middle. The one on the left says to me...

    "Is your heart as pure as gold?"

    "Well i am certainly not perfect, but i would say so yes."

    "You can pass on one condition."

    "Yea what is it?"

    "You must glow the colour gold before passing thru here."

    "Uh...glow gold uh?"

    I start trying to focus my mind on glowing the colour gold and end up just feeling my vibrational energy.

    "I can't do it on command though!"

    (One on the right talking)

    "Then you cannot pass thru here. Only the one who's heart is pure and full of gold."

    I start thinking hard about how i am able to pass thru the middle i try to walk closer, but they warn me that i will most certainly perish if i do so.
    I try and focus my energy again on glowing gold, still nothing. I finally ask them where is this place located, and how can i return here?

    (They both say)

    "We are where you are. In the alternate world that you have created for us."

    Wait a minute...it hits me, and i realize that this is a dream. I start glowing gold and tell them i am the master of this world!

    I tell them..

    "Whoever wishes to fight me, must be at the highest level of their being. And their aura must be full of gold. Let no man or woman pass thru here, unless those requirments are met."

    (Both of them talking)

    "As you wish Master."

    I walk thru and feel the dream closing in on me and i wake up.

    4:30 - 4:45 am. Did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

    Dream #2 Me and Littlezoe arranging our next meeting.

    Im walking thru a huge forest just like the one in the picture. You can hear birds chirping and singing, and even certain animals in the forest too. I hear someone whistling in the distance, i look around but see no one. All of a sudden i spot a girl who looked to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was sitting atop a tall tree, on a branch. She seem familiar, but i still can't quite make her out. Her eyes were colourful and brown from the sun, She had long jet black hair, and fair complexioned. She wore a Blue short sleeve t shirt, and some black pants with some white sneakers.

    I begin asking her why she is whistling, she says to me..

    "Im trying to call the hawk to me."

    "Hmm, the hawk uh? Certainly the hawk must be your guide if you are seeking for him or her."

    We begin talking more about animals, and spiritual stuff. We start jumping around thru the trees, leaping higher and higher in the air. I become lucid, and notice that...its Littlezoe!

    I tell her does she know how to shapeshift yet, and we both jump down from the trees, and start running. I feel myself shapeshifting into a wolf, i noticed that Zoe shapeshifted into a wolf too. We start running thru the huge forest leaping thru bushes and just chasing eachother thru the huge forest. We end up back at this house, and are seated in a room.

    We start talking about our next meeting and how we plan on finding Lucy together.
    The dream fades and i wake up.

    Updated 05-25-2012 at 11:24 PM by Dreamprofesser

    memorable , lucid , non-lucid