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    Galantamine + Choline

    by DreamsRock on 10-22-2010 at 03:23 PM
    Hi dodobird,

    this supplemented approach is indeed reliable. A friendly guy named Thomas Yuschak investigates supplements for lucid dreaming since a long time and made great progress. I don't know if you have your ideas from his page, but in case you do, you should tell the people.

    You can access his research here: http://www.advancedld.com/LDS_profiles.html

    or buy his book, where he describes in detail, how everyone can achieve LDs with supplements.

    Please don't take this as offence.



    Galantamine + Choline

    by DreamsRock on 10-22-2010 at 03:17 PM
    Third WILD attempt with Galantamine + choline: Success.
    Dose: Galantamine 4mg, choline 500mg.
    Time: 4.5 hours after going to sleep I woke up, stayed up from about 15 minutes, and went back to bed.
    Report: I was doing the WILD very badly: I couldn't relax, couldn't concentrate, I kept thinking about things in life that bother me, and I moved from time to time. All the things that suppose to ruin a WILD attempt.
    Even so, after about 30-40 minutes, I felt like I was being swept away, and boom, I was in a lucid dream. The dream was long, stable, clear, and very simple. I was in a large building with people. There wasn't any story, and there wasn't any depth, anything strange about the surrounding or anything very interesting. Like my previous attempt, the dream was a lot less interesting than all my non-lucids, and all my DILD's.
    But I made the dream interesting myself by doing lots of stuff: jumping from hight windows, sex ( twice ), trying to meditate, trying to read, and something else that I'm too embarressed to say.
    Side Effects: This time I felt no side effects at all when I got up in the morning. This could be because of 2 things:
    1. I woke late ( because I didn't have work today ), so I slept through most of the side effects that may have been there.
    2. Right After I woke from the dream, I took Peracetam. This is another thing I got from Yuschak's book: Peracetam as a way to counter the effect of Galantamine.
    The difference in side effects from my previous attempt was huge.

    Conclusion: From these attempts I believe that these supplements are very effective. It's not just that I succeeded in the WILD, and had long, stable dreams, but I also I take into account the fact that I'm a novice in WILD, and that in these particular cases I was doing the WILD attempt very awkwardly. But this are just 2 successful attempts, and I'm still not sure.

    I will repeat the exact same experiment a few times longer, once or twice a week, and I will report in this thread.

    Galantamine + Choline

    by DreamsRock on 10-22-2010 at 03:16 PM
    Yes, dodobird,

    from my experience these supplements are really _the_ best WILD supplement I know.

    I made a series of experiments with Galantamine and Choline myself over the past few weeks. What can I tell you?

    I made 10 attempts on 10 nights. Got lucid on every one of them.
    40 % those were WILDs, the rest DILDs.

    WILDing into a lucid dream is incredibly easy for me with these supplements.
    I usually sleep less than 5 hours, take the supplements and make a WBTB for an hour. Then I stay in bed on my back for 15 minutes to get calm. After that I roll on my right side and in most cases only wait for the effects to start. Normally I will not have to wait very long.

    I got motivated by reading Thomas Yuschak's book. Side effects are only very limited, even with 8 mg Galantamine. But I have to stress that I only make a new try after at least 2 nights off.
    side notes

    Galantamine + Choline

    by DreamsRock on 10-22-2010 at 03:14 PM
    I tried it last night as a WILD aid with success.
    I'm a newbie and I had just 2 WILDs before, and this WILD was much more full fledged, and I didn't lose my awareness for a second.
    (This is my second time of trying Galantamine + Choline. The first time was about a month ago and I failed and fell asleep, and I slept quite badly too)

    I took 4mg Galantamine and 500mg Choline Bitartrate about 4:30 hours after going to sleep. I then attempted to do WILD.
    I tried to do relaxation meditation, to stop the "voice in the head", the annoying thinking that distructs you. I was quite unsuccessful, so I gave up on relaxation after about 20 minutes and leaned on the side, and waited for HI.
    After about 20 minutes I heard the most horrible screeching sound as if the very fabric of reality is being torn apart, and after I endured that I entered the dream.
    The dream was very vivid, very clear and organized. Every once in a while I felt like I was waking up, and I didn't move so I can re-enter the dream, and I succeeded in re-entering the dream about 4 times. I don't know if it was false or real awakenings.
    All together the dream ( or chained dreams ) were rather long, about an hour. I was very satisfied with the dream, but for my taste this dream was too normal and neat, I prefer more bizarre dreams. In this dream I was walking around in a city. I could think very clearly, and I remembered that I wanted just to look around and observe the dream-scape. I remembered someone ( I think billybob ) suggesting to focus on textures in order to make the dream more vivid and detailed, and I looked closely at the texture on my hand, the walls etc.

    Side effects:
    1) After waking for good from the dream, (which I decided to do because I had enough ), I was very awake, and couldn't go back to sleep ( and didn't want to go to sleep )
    But that was fine because I lay there reviewing the dream for a while.
    2) In the morning I fealt very slight 'heart-burn', and some hunger, which is unusual for me to feel in morning.
    3) During the day ( now ) I feel more alert than usual, my sight is slightly different: kinda sprarkly and a little less focused, as if it was over-focused to a degree that you see a little less clearly. The same goes for my thoughts, they are a little too quick, in a way which makes the flow of thinking a little less continuous. It's literary feels as if each neuron in my brain is shooting too fast, and so the next neuron can't catch up fast enough to enable normal, relaxed thoughts. But these effects are quite subtle, and not a major problem.

    If I will feel any other side effects during the day I will update.

    I will now let the Galantamine clear out of my body, and may try again in about week, and report again.
    side notes