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    Unknown Pt 3

    by drmrgrl on 08-25-2017 at 04:34 PM
    This is a weird dream. This was one that's stuck with me a while and still makes me wonder about my mind at times.

    I am taking calls on an airplane. On one of my calls, no one is talking. On the screen different messages start scrolling and threatening me. I'm freaking out. Our managers are trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I've decided I'm getting outta there. For a moment we're on the ground and I'm with Estrella.

    She's good, just upset because she's having a hard time getting out of the ditch were apparently stuck in. I offer to give her a ride out and she insists she's fine. I remember the thing that was threatening me starts it again and I remember I'm in danger. He tells me I can't escape him.

    I have this feeling of being trapped by him well past this moment. I remember the screen telling me my name over and over again. I'm scared. I remember going to find my grandma (the fuck is she gonna do?!) and she's laying on a couch and I remember coming up behind her and leaning down to hug and play with her hair.

    I lost some part in the middle I think. I get these little flashes of being scared. This guy is like stalking me and threatening my life and I can't get away. I can't remember what happened though. All through the rest of the dream I'm remembering that this man is stalking me and closing in.

    Except I've gotta put being stalked on hold because I have a wedding to go to . Rachel is getting married to Cody. On an airplane. The same airplane that is still being hijacked by this weird computer man thing. Romantic? I dunno, maybe. This is why I'm not a wedding planner. Apparently it's taking over and replacing the planes router... I have no idea because I'm just trying to get to Rachel's wedding. I remember being in a hall, and Rachel is married sitting with her husband watching a reception. It's like a school presentation. I'm about to give my presentation for them and I'm not even dressed.

    Becca and I sneak into the room; we get to the chairs and I grab my dress and I like run to the changing room. I'm freaking out because I can feel the plane rolling and tipping with whoever is hijackijg the plane. I remember sitting on the floor looking at a 3D map and the plane is circling Florida. The pilot, a woman (for some reason this is very relevant during the dream), is trying to counter the attack. I almost feel like I was attacked away from the plane, pre-dream, and now the attacker has followed me. Lots of flashes back to him but can't think of why. Like he's got me and he's slowly closing in.

    The Miz is up to give his speech (don't ask) and his music plays. I turn to leave the bathroom of the plane; the door opens and Rachel is there. She's in a like sapphire blue dress, having changed out of her wedding dress. I remember being really sad I missed seeing her ceremony.

    But we both grin as I see her and I engulf her in a huge hug. I remember we both get teary eyed and start crying. I remember saying I'm so happy for her and she pulls back and tells me "He's a good fit for me. He fits me so well. I look in the mirror and I love that it's Mrs Alexander looking back".

    Who the fuck this Mr Alexander guy is and where he came from is a mystery, because her boyfriend/husband's last name is certainly not Alexander. But I remember people are watching us from afar, and I'm really proud the bride is this happy to see me, and I tell her that I set up the hijacking of the plane so she'd get refunds on her tickets, which is my wedding gift to her.

    I wake up wondering the fuck is wrong with me.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Unknown Pt 2

    by drmrgrl on 08-25-2017 at 04:26 PM
    This is another dream I saved. Unknown date, but another memorable one for me. I write fanfiction and this was one where I was my actual FF character, not myself.

    My friend was the daughter of my favorite wrestler, Jon Moxley. Jon was taking us out to see Las Vegas, and he was being really nice to me because apparently I was homesick. My friend 'Gabby' was mad because she thought he liked me more than her. He explained "No, she just doesn't have anyone to love her like i love you."

    So he had to go to the stadium for his match, and we had to get a ride with Brock Lesnar. He had a pickup truck and he had all these other wrestlers in the cab and so he let us sit in the bed of the truck. We turned on 'Me Too' by Meghan Trainor and he started singing and dancing with us (which, if you know Brock Lesnar, looked pretty ridiculous). He took us to Subway (which doubled as a tattoo studio) and Gabby wanted a violin tattoo. The kid didn't know what a violin was so he offered to make her a sandwich instead. I was trying to get my new tattoo and i forgot the word 'dog' and was trying to explain to him i wanted my dogs paw print and I never got it because I couldn't explain what I wanted.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Unknown Pt 1

    by drmrgrl on 08-25-2017 at 04:20 PM
    I'm cleaning out my phone and this is one of the dreams I had saved. I may not have all details because this was a while ago, but it was memorable.

    I'm walking back from the Safeway across the street and I need to put my purse in a locker for some reason, which is located in the pool room (?). I go inside, and this old man is sitting there. I make a comment about how the lockers never used to be this way and he goes on a rant saying, "Oh yeah they did, I've lived here for 20 years..." etc. So as I'm putting it away the pool room morphs into a living room, which is upturned like there was a fight.

    I ask the man what happened, and he says he was having a bit of fun. He is an older, severely obese man; he points to an old recliner and this petite, scared Asian woman is hiding underneath the opened leg rest part. She is crying, naked, and hurt. I realize she is his caretaker and he was abusing her. I tell her to get dressed while he's going on about how useless she is and how fun it was to hit her. Once she's dressed he demands she help him into the recliner.

    I tell him I'm gonna be staying to make sure she's okay because he isn't allowed to hurt her, and if he touches her again I'm beating him up. While she's getting him situated he has to move the wires by his feet. As he does so they start sparking and catch fire. He panics and throws them onto the pile of cords at his feet. The flames are getting higher, and as they do the living room changes to my mom's living room, and I'm panicking about getting all the animals out. I'm trying to put the fire out and I just make it worse. Finally, I run and get a pitcher of water and put it out; that part of the dream fades.

    I'm at Kevin's old house and his mom and Don just got home and it's snowing. He had to go help them bring groceries in. I'm hungry though and want something to eat. He gives me a cup of easy Mac and I spend the rest of the dream trying to get it open.

    There's another part I don't really remember where we're in his truck with his mom looking for an apartment but I don't remember anything except trying to turn his truck around, which becomes a hassle because it practically has no turn radius.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Fragments & Bad Notes

    by drmrgrl on 08-25-2017 at 04:12 PM
    So a lot of my dreams, like I've said before, are just fragments. I startle awake a lot and forget what I was dreaming. Sometimes, though, I wake up and try to take notes. And then fall asleep while doing so. This is a collection of what I have on my phone. Most are confusing and incomplete but I figure they can hang out here instead of on my phone.

    Will be updated as I have more fragments.


    Secrets written on a piece of skin. The words on it fade. The first section is information only for his eyes. The second part is for the emergency contact. It gives more details about the vehicle.

    The back is Dean's only friend and mentor and it's his contact information.

    Yall I have no idea. I was not fully awake writing this. I remember the first part, being in a candlelit room. I think I was holding a book made from human skin (I'd watched some weird documentaries) and the words disappeared when someone else tried to read them. Past that, I have no idea.


    Jamie and the others stuck on sky ride. Most of the front has evacuated. Jamie wants to but is afraid to jump. Others do.

    When she's about to, Shield appear and emerge from lake below. Jamie jumps and Shield catch her.

    They go to a jewelry store. Dean is welcomed and heads he a

    Yeah. I don't know. The first part of the dream is accurate; Jamie is a character from my WWE fanfiction and she was afraid to jump off the broken lift that went over the lake. The Shield appeared and caught her when she finally jumped. I have no idea about the rest of the dream, and again I fell asleep typing the note...
    dream fragment , non-lucid


    by drmrgrl on 08-25-2017 at 01:38 PM
    I actually had two dreams, one from my nap, and then one overnight. Both of them were extremely strange to me, and I've been dying to write them down. From my nap, my dreams were completely built around the TV show in the background. That's never happened to me before. Usually I dream of things I watched before, but I guess I wasn't in a deep enough sleep and the narrative from the show came through. My mind placed things around it and it turned out super odd. My overnight dream was just weird in general.


    My boyfriend and I were getting together with some of his friends to watch some documentaries. I don't remember this one exactly, but I get the feeling it was about Alaska, glaciers, polar bears... things like that. We were in a hotel room with a huge dining table, with your choice of either fish or chicken to eat. The platters of food were odd: oval plates with the slices of meat stacked directly up, held together with a single stake. On the tops of the stakes were the heads of the animals the food came from.

    I was super grossed out (as I feel I should have been), so one of his friends came up and took the heads for himself to eat (ew). I circled the table and piled some pieces onto my plate, and then sat down across from my boyfriend. I don't recall much else from this scene except eating the food and taking another piece from the plate before decided abruptly we had to leave.

    We gather our things - including our basket of laundry - and head down the hall to the laundromat, which turns out to be our old apartment. The left of the living room is lined with washers and dryers, and a check out area to buy detergent and things. The right still has my couch and TV. There's a bunch of people gathered doing loads, and I find one. My mom, dad, and mother in law are there, and my boyfriend disappears for the rest of the dream.

    I'm piling clothes into the washer when I realize I didn't bring detergent, and I didn't bring my wallet to buy any. My mom, in line, hears me complaining, and offers to just do my laundry for me. I accept immediately and then head to the couch to drop down and watch TV.

    This is where the TV show I was watching really kicks in. I pull up youtube on my TV, and start watching videos. The audio of them comes from the show I fell asleep to (mysteries at the museum on the travel channel), and the videos I'm watching in my dream are of my friends.

    There were a few, some having to do with bees (I think), but the one I remember most is one about tornadoes. It stars one of my friends I don't talk to anymore, and the dream is taken up by the picture my mind comes up with for the audio. My friend is running around with his camera and taking videos of tornadoes. After a good chunk of my dream following this, the narrative voice comes over and says, "this was the first time all stages of a tornado were caught on camera".

    I remember thinking to myself how uncanny it was that it was MY friend that had done something so historic, and that stuck with me for the rest of my dream. I watched more videos like this, but don't really remember them as I woke up suddenly, cutting off the end of my dream. The last thing I remember is sitting on the couch with my mom, trying to coax my cat in from the balcony.


    I'm driving to work, and I'm running super late. I'm coming from a different direction for some reason and I note how weird it is that there are hardly any cars on the road. I remember seeing a VW bus tow truck type thing (like, the front was a bus, the back was a flatbed tow truck thing), and for some reason it struck me as really, really odd. Couldn't figure out why, but I pulled out after it and followed it up towards my work. As I got closer, though, things got bad pretty fast.

    ***Graphic warning, may upset some readers. Proceed with caution***
    There were dozens upon dozens of dead wolves littering the street. I'm talking the bodies were so great in number I couldn't maneuver around them on a 3 lane street. They were all decapitated, their heads scattered around them farther. Apparently it had been a massacre and the city police was trying to get a handle on it, but failing miserably. I had to try and drive around them, and get to work.
    ***End Graphic Warning***

    When I pulled into my work parking lot, I got a really bad feeling. Like, if I got out of the car, I was going to die. I had this feeling that the person that had attacked the animals was on the loose, and was still on the hunt for more. Obviously I had to still go to work, so I waited until someone else was going too, and I ran in the door after them so my chances of being killed in the parking lot was slightly lessened.

    Once inside, it was the old mall that I always dream of. I was trying to find my work, and I was having a really hard time finding the store. I was trying to remember the layout from previous dreams (which, in my mind, were just the days before) and I couldn't find the building.

    I wandered around a lot; I followed an indoor mine that's part of my dream world. I came out on the other side, and still hadn't found my job. It should have been right beside it, but it wasn't. I was thoroughly confused, and decided to leave and figure it out the next day.

    As I left, I ended up at my friend Leta's house. I don't remember why, as she's not someone I would regularly hang out with, but I remember I was excited I got to see her dog. Her house was my house; I was sitting in my living room, scratching her dogs tummy, when we saw fire on the hills outside.

    In my head, I knew it was the same man from earlier, out for murder. I told Leta we had to leave, and we gathered a few other people with us in the neighborhood and tried to leave fast. The police thought we looked suspicious, however, and we were taken into custody. We were forced to sit in the back of a truck and wait to be interrogated. They didn't care we had alibis, we were guilty in their eyes.

    I remember my hands were bound with a ziptie behind my back, and I was led into a principal's office-type interrogation room. The officer stood behind his desk, and while he was interrogating me, my attention went out the window. It was like a room that was half underground, and the window looked both above ground and underneath it. by the window was a set of stairs, and underneath them it was a hollow hiding space. [

    A little boy came running around the corner and dove into the hiding spot. He motioned for me not to say anything, but I was worried about his safety. When the officer chasing him looked in my window, I pointed under the stairs. The officer interviewing me rushed outside to help; the little boy was furious with me.

    As I watched the altercation, one of the women I'd run from the neighborhood with showed up and cut me free, telling me to run. I didn't second guess her, and we took off.

    I woke up from my alarm at this point and then fell asleep again. This dream is really choppy.

    I came into my dream running up a main road, looking for my car. My boyfriend was with me; we were late for an event and really had to go. As we ran up into a parking lot of the apartments we'd been looking at moving to, I remember thinking how glad I was we didn't go there. I was noting the lack of windows when my boyfriend spotted my car.

    It was parked between a floor-level apartment and a woman's SUV. Apparently, it turned out the apartment was mine. It was minuscule and only had a single window well for light, which the woman parked next to us remarked, "oh, you're lucky! You get sunlight!".

    We got into my car and drove off. The dream breaks up, and when I come back, I'm in my old dorm room. Becca's there with me having a panic attack. The helicopter she was in had spun out and crashed and she was panicking.

    I was trying to soothe her; we were in the same room, but texting. She told me, "I just kept going around, and around... and I crashed..." she mimed the action with a toy helicopter she'd bought. She was talking like she was far away, and I was trying to bring her back.

    I told her, "you're alright though. You survived and now you're better than ever!". As I was waking up, the text she sent back was, "I don't need to be patronized. I just had a really traumatic experience and I don't need you criticizing me. I'll talk to you later, I need some space". I was super confused and I was aware I was waking up, so I was trying to type fast and explain I hadn't mean to do that to her, but I woke up before I could let her know.