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      Hey man!

      I noticed your avatar and was wondering what it was?

      It reminds me of the main character in a children's series that I read a long time ago-- Mummy Troll was his name, translated from Russian.
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      Hey dreamer friend!.. lately I haven't been able to dream much although I have had dreams but nothing standing out.. been dreaming about floods lately.. find it interesting. Well just came thru to say hi and catch u next time...

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    Flying Bus Crash

    by exdreamer on 10-12-2010 at 01:11 PM
    I was on some kind of flying bus or other multi-passenger transport vehicle. Outside it was dark and stormy. The vehicle was flying over a city. It looked pretty run down -- a very dystopian sci-fi vibe.

    I realised we were heading straight into the centre of a storm. It was like a hurricane and epic thunder storm combined. I knew it was dangerous and started shouting at whoever was driving to avoid the storm. It was too late though. The vehicle was shaken and vast amounts of water were pouring in to it, filling it up.

    Mostly everyone was knocked unconscious. Only myself and another guy were alright. I told him to help me open the back window. The vehicle was still flying and had passed through the storm but was almost full of water and heading towards the ground. We opened the window and I pulled out some kind of breathing apparatus and swap through the vehicle waking people up.

    I was telling them that they had to go and jump out of the window because we would crash. It seemed like it was somehow the safer option? I came across N, an old enemy from school. I was tempted to leave him to his death but decided it was wrong and saved him. Most of the other people on in the vehicle were people I knew but I canít quite remember the specifics.

    We must have all survived because we were know in a deserted city centre. Everything was so brown and dirty. The storm could be seen off in the distance, it looked like a scary destructive force yet really beautiful and natural. I was worried that it was heading in our direction. I was talking with someone and they disagreed with me saying that it would move off another way. It suddenly began to move at a rapid pace to the right of my view and was far enough away to not worry about.

    There was a girl with me. She was really beautiful but not someone I know from reality. She was either my girlfriend or someone I was in a sort-of relationship with. I felt like I trusted her a great deal.

    I found myself sitting with some people talking about what we should do. I said that we should go to a nearby town to look for something -- possibly other people or supplies, it wasnít clear. I was told I had to take someone with me. I said I would take the girl, but the idea was shot down for some reason. It was commented that I trusted her too much. I insisted and it was agreed except that T, an old school friend, would have to come wit me. I didnít like the idea because I didnít trust him. I also knew that T wasnít his real name. I considered him to be a slippery character that kept changing his identity. He was with some random girl who laughed in a knowing slightly sinister way that made me feel uneasy.

    I went to find the girl from earlier. She was sleeping in a make-shift shelter made of road signs. I touched her exposed belly gently and woke her softly. She smiled and I stroked her arm. I said I was sorry to wake her but we were going to scout out a nearby town and that itíd be good to spend some time together.
    non-lucid , memorable

    I Really Am Sorry

    by exdreamer on 10-09-2010 at 11:37 PM
    This is a dream that is important to me because it reminds me of how much of a jerk I was and maybe still am and how much remorse and regret I feel for past mistakes.

    I was my old school playing field. It was different; there was a large gate where there was not one before. I was walking through the gate and B was there. I was eager to talk to her but she strangled me with a bicycle chain. It was cutting in to my neck slightly.

    B is a girl I used to be friends with and had a massive crush on. I havenít seen her in years and we parted on bad terms because I was a complete asshole. Anyway...

    I was then sitting at a large table, still sore from the chain. My neck was red and bleeding slightly. I was really upset but I still wanted to go and find B and apologise to her for what happened in the past. Also at the table were some old school friends. I looked around and saw that we were in a big hall and that there were lots of tables with people sitting around them. It was loud; people were chatting and joking around with each other.

    I noticed that I recognised pretty much everyone in the room. There were people that I knew well and people that I barely knew. It was sort of like everyone I had ever met was in one big room for some kind of event.

    I mentioned to my friends that I wanted to go and find B. For some reason they didnít want to let me go. They dared me to make out with a girl sitting at a table nearby us. I recognised her, but she was someone I barely even knew. She was pretty ugly and I had no desire to make out with her, but I got the feeling that it was the only way my friends were going to let me go off and find B which I really felt I needed to do. They called the girl over and she came and sat on my lap. We made out but she was a bad kisser, although for some reason I had a hard-on.

    Finally I was free to look for B. The next thing I knew I was sitting at a table across from her. She was wearing a black suit jacket and a red low cut top. She was just staring at me sternly. I felt really bad about what I had done in the past and felt so desperate for her to forgive me. I was struggling to explain to her how sorry I was about everything. She just kept staring at me. I continued to apologise but she didnít react.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dye Your Hair FFS, and How Can "She" be Your Boyfriend?

    by exdreamer on 09-02-2010 at 09:55 PM
    My dream have been pretty short, boring and similar lately. I keep having school dreams, which I find pretty boring. It's hard to keep journalling when the results are so poor for so long. Anyway...

    Dye Your Hair FFS

    I was walking to a class at the secondary school I attended. I saw H, except her hair was red. She said hi and pointed out this girl to me and said she had said that she knew me. The girl had grey hair and I didn't recognise her at first because of it, but it was L. I was a bit confused, but before I could really question anything we were in class.

    I was in my old Geography class room except doing Maths. There was a diagram on a piece of paper of a circle that was divided up, it wasn't clear to me. I felt really confused. L came and sat near me and smiled. She said she'd help me out because I looked really confused. It was bugging me constantly that her hair was grey.

    How Can "She" be Your Boyfriend?

    I was at the local post office. I was asking the woman serving there where the attractive woman who used to work there had gone. She said she had quit. She then told me that the other woman was her boyfriend. I was pretty confused...
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by exdreamer on 08-19-2010 at 04:55 PM
    Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid

    My recall still isn't what I'd like it to be lately.

    I've had a few dreams that I've had vague recall of that weren't worth recording. They were kind of pointless dreams where I was sat at my computer writing code.

    Anyway, something to record after a few recall-less days:

    I was at the post office. It was totally different, perhaps another post office than the one I usually visit. I was at the counter, and an unfamiliar blonde woman was serving me. She was very pretty but was wearing a overtly bright pink jacket. I noticed that her nose was slightly big/convex - typically an unattractive feature in a woman -- but found her really hot regardless.

    She tried to overcharge me! What a bitch, I thought. I argued that I knew that she wasn't charging me the right amount, but she was insistent that I pay. I paid and said I'd be back to get her fired.


    by exdreamer on 08-17-2010 at 03:28 AM
    Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid

    I was playing a Mario Kart game on DS with my brother, except it wasn't Mario Kart DS -- it was a new game. The controls were messed up, L or R to power slide then the opposite shoulder button to initiate the speed boost. It was awkward and I was complaining about it sucking really bad.

    I also recall there being really hard to see short-cuts on the track we were playing. It was extremely frustrating.

    The dream started to change in to a physical race on foot. I was no longer holding the DS but an active participant in the race. There were a few people I was aware of also racing. I recognised most from different periods of my life.

    I was running through a castle themed area. I remember stopping and hiding to ambush the person behind me. I had some kind of tray or disc, strangely turquoise in colour, and I jumped out from behind a wall and hit them with it.

    I raced up some steps and overtook someone ahead of me. They tried to stop me, but I avoided them. I recall that I was now on wooden rope bridge over some water. It wasn't very far, and there were other rope bridged around. The water was very oldskool video game looking: opaque blue and pixelated.

    Finally I recall reaching what must have been the end goal. It was a room with containers built in to the walls on either side. It looked like the inside of some kind of temple. I wasn't the first here, but I learned that it didn't really matter. I had to open a box with a number on it. More of a game of chance it turned out. There were low and high numbers.

    I saw J, a hot girl that went to my secondary school. She was next to largest number. I walked over and said I was going to open it. She and the others in the room were shocked. I understood that the higher the number the higher the risk that whatever was inside was more dangerous, but also the higher the potential reward. I felt like injury or death might await. I was trying to be daring though.

    I opened it. My vague recollection is of reading some instructions inside on a small brightly coloured scroll. J was also helping me by explaining something.

    I either woke up or just can't remember the rest.