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    Flying Bus Crash

    by , 10-12-2010 at 01:11 PM (1276 Views)
    I was on some kind of flying bus or other multi-passenger transport vehicle. Outside it was dark and stormy. The vehicle was flying over a city. It looked pretty run down -- a very dystopian sci-fi vibe.

    I realised we were heading straight into the centre of a storm. It was like a hurricane and epic thunder storm combined. I knew it was dangerous and started shouting at whoever was driving to avoid the storm. It was too late though. The vehicle was shaken and vast amounts of water were pouring in to it, filling it up.

    Mostly everyone was knocked unconscious. Only myself and another guy were alright. I told him to help me open the back window. The vehicle was still flying and had passed through the storm but was almost full of water and heading towards the ground. We opened the window and I pulled out some kind of breathing apparatus and swap through the vehicle waking people up.

    I was telling them that they had to go and jump out of the window because we would crash. It seemed like it was somehow the safer option? I came across N, an old enemy from school. I was tempted to leave him to his death but decided it was wrong and saved him. Most of the other people on in the vehicle were people I knew but I canít quite remember the specifics.

    We must have all survived because we were know in a deserted city centre. Everything was so brown and dirty. The storm could be seen off in the distance, it looked like a scary destructive force yet really beautiful and natural. I was worried that it was heading in our direction. I was talking with someone and they disagreed with me saying that it would move off another way. It suddenly began to move at a rapid pace to the right of my view and was far enough away to not worry about.

    There was a girl with me. She was really beautiful but not someone I know from reality. She was either my girlfriend or someone I was in a sort-of relationship with. I felt like I trusted her a great deal.

    I found myself sitting with some people talking about what we should do. I said that we should go to a nearby town to look for something -- possibly other people or supplies, it wasnít clear. I was told I had to take someone with me. I said I would take the girl, but the idea was shot down for some reason. It was commented that I trusted her too much. I insisted and it was agreed except that T, an old school friend, would have to come wit me. I didnít like the idea because I didnít trust him. I also knew that T wasnít his real name. I considered him to be a slippery character that kept changing his identity. He was with some random girl who laughed in a knowing slightly sinister way that made me feel uneasy.

    I went to find the girl from earlier. She was sleeping in a make-shift shelter made of road signs. I touched her exposed belly gently and woke her softly. She smiled and I stroked her arm. I said I was sorry to wake her but we were going to scout out a nearby town and that itíd be good to spend some time together.

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