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    If today is today, then what was yesterday's last week's yesterday's next week's day after tomorrow?


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    Unplug yourself from the inceptionized matrix, Neo.

    by EzioAuditore on 07-27-2014 at 08:48 PM
    All of a sudden, I was at my school during an athletic event. Swimming in partic-tac-ular. I was sucking except for the basketball portion in which I aboslutely killed at. Basketball in the water, except you use a floating beach ball. This competition was inside btw. I thought "Hell or high water, I'm going to get a medal TODAY." Just then, the water rose for more in-depth competition. A dialogue box popped up that said "At this altitude of water, there may be sharks. Be on the lookout." Then I thought
    "Why would there be sharks in an indoor competition?" This was my first clue that it was a dream.
    I finally did an event correctly. Swam 20mph in the sprint. Then I thought "Wait, I'm not even athletic, what's this?" I wanted it to be my turn so bad, that it actually came true. The rotations had smiled upon my liking, and I showed them who's boss.

    I talked to the kids post-game. There's this one who's the hotshot of the school; athletic, smart, cool, etc. He doesn't want me near him in real life because "I'm not worthy of his presence" or something like that. Since I had showed my brightside to him, I thought he'd look the other way. Nope. He said some snobby stuff, but then I said:
    "This is a dream, Ethan. We can do whatever we want. I can do whatever we want."
    He replied "Bullsh*t."
    I raised four miniature geysers of lava and shot ice crystals at his feet from nowhere. Not one of them hit.
    "Jesus christ, this IS a dream!"
    "Yes, didn't I tell you?"
    I saw the fear in his eyes.
    "Everything is wrong here. Nothing is right, but that's what I need to fix. If I grant you powers, the dream will become unstable, I'll leave and live my normal life, while you're here, stuck with the tyrannic rulers."
    I had his full attention now.
    "Omnipotent rulers?"
    "Yes. They're using you as fuel. You are slaves to them. I'll clear them out so you can go back to your life, or stay here if you desire. Stay safe."
    The truth was stranger than fiction though. I had unplugged myself [woke up] and found myself in a whole new setting. The world was dark, and people were handing their electronic devices to men that looked like Agent Smith from The Matrix while they sat in cars with guns. I ran straight into the school as sentinels flew above me.
    "Mrs. Swenson, what's going on?"
    "Come with me."
    This part of my dream skipped out, but I knew it. I had the power. to test this, I went into an elevator. I pushed 1 "ground level" and said "Cut power to elevator"
    The elevator sparked and warped a bit. I was then actually afraid as I drifted back into naivete. I almost lost my grasp on my lucidity.
    I found myself no-clipped out of the world. Much like in Half-Life 2, or Portal. When you can fly around and through objects, and see the entire map in a grayish blue box-ish outline full of objects.
    This was frightenting. The force at work here was much stronger than me, so I warped home. I immediately looked out my window. An agent in a red tie in a black buggy looked up at me. I saw the coldness and emotion, or lack thereof, in his eyes. He drove away.
    I then woke up AGAIN, to find that I was on Newgrounds. The endeavors I experienced were a Newgrounds Flash Animation. But I knew there was another level to this.
    I went to World's End, an ethereal location in the game Magicka. World's End is what it sounds like. Barren floating islands with a very beige, green background. There was a path. I had a showdown with the Beast himself. My inner demons. He wielded a large club, and I made myself twice his size. I couldn't stomp on him. I couldn't block him. I had to wait until he was out of breath, and land the finishing blow. I punched him off the barren island into No-Man's Land. He fell down into the deep, foggy abyss.

    I'm much happier now, tbh.

    Terrarial Dreams

    by EzioAuditore on 07-14-2014 at 10:13 PM
    This happened a while ago. I was playing Terraria for 24 hours straight, no breaks. Eventually, I just said "This has to stop" so I deposited my earnings into my wooden chest and went to sleep. That day, because I stayed up all night, I had a dream that I was in Crimson armor, at the surface with the crimson equivalent to a Nightmare Pickaxe [Nightmare is the name of the pickaxe, not relevant to the emotional complexion of the dream] and the sky was a maraschino cherry red tint. It was slightly darker, because it had a crimson-like setting to it. Despite not actually being in the crimson, the setting was very crimson-like. Crimson is the name of the biome, note, not the color of the sky. Crimson basically is the equivalent to the Corruption, the main antagonistic force in Terraria. It spreads very quickly, and is filled with evil enemies. Anyway, back to the dream. The ground was a very solid black, and I was wearing crimson armor. I was swinging the pickaxe at the ground. This seemed to continue in a loop for 10 seconds. What went through my head at the time follows"

    0:01: Huh. This is weird.
    0:04: Wait, why does the sky look weird?
    0:07: Wait, how am I playing this without a keyboard or mouse? Virtual Reality is many years away....
    0:09: Wait, I'm dreaming!

    I awoke and thought: No; I wanted to be God of my dream... Maybe summon skeletron prime and become Deus Ex Machina.. I couldn't get back to sleep.

    Becoming a mech; left the TV on to get lucid :D

    by EzioAuditore on 07-14-2014 at 10:02 PM
    I accidentaly left George Lopez on TV. The episode was a rerun from the previous night. I woke up, remembering that the TV was on, but then instead of getting out of bed, I thought "I'll know I'm dreaming know" so I went back to sleep. I forgot for a moment, then I realized it again. I went beast mode. I was walking through the town, then I thought to myself "These are NPCs, right? Therefore, it won't matter if they die." So I saw my perspective slowly lift into the air as mechanical sounds were made. All of a sudden, my body was enveloped into a metal chassis. Flamethrowers were hitched to my arms, and my tongue turned into a machine gun. I started torching the town, the pathetic NPCs cried for help and safety. I thought that it would be cool to take on extra terrestrial beings, so I summoned aliens. Ate the flashy ships. Then I thought after the town was crushed "let's take on a deity" So I cycled through a list of deities, Aries, mars, venus, Aphrodite, Cupid, Zeus, then it hit me. God. He caused the death of my trusted guinea pig, Max. I summoned him into the world in his true form; a spectral representation of a human being much bigger. I shot rockets at him, and he threw bolts of lightning at me. I dodged it in a bullet-time like matrix. I punched him as I valiantly cried out "This is for max!" Then proceeded to wake up. I had some "lumber" I had to "cut down" when I woke up in the morning, and here I am. Like a boss. yay

    Updated 07-15-2014 at 12:00 AM by EzioAuditore

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