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      how u doing geo ? ;(
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      Hey, where'd ya go?
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      i am discouraged ... check my most recent post which i put today. I am confused. I'm yet to know how it feels to know that i am dreaming within a dream.
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      hey whats up geo?XD
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      Hey, how is it going? In both worlds.
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      Oh my God, the new phone dessign is confusing!!

      Oh, but yeah. I love Binaural beats, they are awesome. It makes me relax so much, I'm flying when I'm listening to them.
      I love this one, this was the one I used that morning: youtube.com/watch?v=OMajWjlA4U4
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      Yeah, I guess. I heard the Binaural beats 4 am, and woke up 7 am..
      .. and danced my chandler-dance.
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      Yes, haha!
      I just became more self aware. All the day, I just stopped op, and did nothing, just thought about if this is real? Every time I walked into a door and other things, I did a RC. Oh, and then I really thought about Lucid Dreaming and did the mild technique. So much, that it took me 1 hour to fall asleep.
      And then I woke up 4 am (WBTB technique) and listened to some Binaural beats.
      Awh, long message..
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      Yeah! I'm also proud of you! We're doing this together.
      It was just an amazing feeling, the happiness just exploved in my chest.
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      I did it I got my first LD last night!
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    School has started

    by Geodae on 09-23-2011 at 08:03 PM
    So I'm crazy busy! argh!
    But I had a second lucid dream
    I flew! and found M. Two of my goals in one dream! Yesss! But I couldn't look closely at anything, and everything kept going black. But I never woke up! So I think I'm getting better at this

    Light bulbs/Expose

    by Geodae on 09-19-2011 at 02:24 AM
    Dream 1:
    I am with four people, my brother B, and two adult figures (One of them was my dad, I think). The two adults have a large metal tank with legs. They are filling it with helium to make it float, and I don't think that makes sense/will work, but it does. Me and B are supposed to compete to glue these light bulb contraptions on to the sides of the tank, but we get distracted. In the end, he wins, and I am very upset. We get in a fight. He points at himself and says "smart" and then at me and says "dumb". I storm off dropping f-bombs.

    Dream 2:
    I vaguely remember being in some sort of large inside play house.

    Dream 3:
    I am in a room that is my "knitting room". I am sleeping there, but I almost feel as though I shouldn't be. It is adjoined with more rooms in a building, but the other rooms aren't my. It is my office/some sort of workplace. A girl is here, even though it is really early in the morning, and I feel the urge to hide under my covers from her. She comes in later and tells me she wrote and expose on one of my coworkers dogs. I talk to my mom about this, and decide to prove the girl wrong by cooking some sort of dish with cheddar cheese on top of it. It works! Huzzah.

    High School Flashbacks

    by Geodae on 09-17-2011 at 10:36 PM
    First dream:

    I wrote some key points. down, but when I woke up I couldn't remember much more than what I'd written.

    I am at school buying lunch with C (from jr. high/currnet) and 2 (?) other friends who I don't remember. S walks by with a friend and casts me a scathing glance. I feel satisfied.

    Second dream:

    I am in band, but band is taught by Mr. Kn (my teacher from media in high school). M is in band with me (and she was in my media class for a while!). M offers to drive me to our competition. I am in her car - it has a dark red roof that is "pressed velvet". I suggest she gets a chandelier for her car, and feel please with myself for making this funny suggestion. We go somewhere and I buy new shoes. Throughout the dream I struggle to hold all the things I am carrying - my new shoes and old ones, my ipod, other things.

    We get to the gym for the band competition, but we are there almost as a prank. We perform, but are obviously not trying, and are just making fun of the other bands. We have no instruments. Someone says "get into groups of three!", and we line up in threes. A police man comes and starts to talk to Mr. Kn - we are in trouble for making light of the competition. I walk away.

    I finally did it, yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    by Geodae on 09-15-2011 at 05:01 PM
    I woke up this morning at around 8 AM, and realized that I had once again failed to have a lucid dream, and only remembered a little bit of one dream about getting really drunk on beer, working at a cash register for a really long line of people, and messing around with two friends. I was so frustrated that I told myself "You are not leaving this bed until you have had another dream, and it had better be lucid". So I lay back down in bed, but I couldn't go to sleep again for another half hour (because I really wasn't tired anymore).

    Finally, I managed to get back to sleep.


    I am shopping for a present for my brother in a strange store, but there's nothing very good for him, and one PEZ dispenser costs 10 dollars. They keep boarding up the shelves so that I can only see stuff through the side. I find an awesome skirt that makes you look like Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, but when I look back they've all turned into other articles of clothing.

    I walk into another part of the store and do a reality check of plugging my nose and breathing. I realize it works and am SUDDENLY LUCID! YAAAY! I do the things that I read about not to lose it, so I try to spin around and look at the rest of the dream, but it fades out a little as I do this and I feel myself waking up. So I don't do anything. I don't move a muscle and I don't open my eyes, I just start to visualize until the supermarket fades back in around me.

    This time I try the undressing trick that I've read about, but I only manage to take off my shoes - the rest is too difficult.
    I'm too worried to try walking through any doors, as the dream feels very fragile to me. I remember I wanted to try and find M in my dream, so I imagine him being in the other room, and I call out his name loudly. It makes me wonder if my real body is yelling as well.

    As I turn the corner I see him, but his back is too me and he walks into a freezer. This frightens me, and I'm worried that if I get too frightened I will wake up, so I don't follow him. I walk back into the supermarket and notice how clearly I can hear the music coming through the loudspeakers. I walk out the doors and am at the beach.

    I wake up. And do a happy dance!! Yaaaaay!!!!
    lucid , non-lucid

    Paintings - Almost lucid

    by Geodae on 09-14-2011 at 04:38 PM
    I kind of sort of did it!

    At one point in the night I half woke up and remembered what to do, so I told myself I would become lucid. I felt sleep paralysis set in and realized I was dreaming. Unfortunately everything stayed black and I eventually lost lucidity.

    But still! Yay!

    As for my dreams, the most vivid one I remember was in M's room. Since I am visiting family I told myself that the next time I saw M I would be dreaming, since that's the only place I will see him for the next few weeks - but it didn't work. Anyway, in the dream M's room was covered in multiple very large, colorful, beautiful paintings. Two of them were paintings I had done, but they were mediocre compare to the one on the other wall. I looked at it for a long time. It blended into the wall behind it on the edges.

    Unfortunately I don't have time to write any more now - maybe later.
    lucid , non-lucid