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      04-09-2024, 07:17 PM
      Night 2 Dream 1-4 I realize it is a dream at the beginning. I teleport to my ship.I start flying around and checking planet after planet. It was a...
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    • Sensei's Avatar
      04-03-2024, 06:57 PM
      In order to understand any of what I type in my DJ for the competition, you will need to understand my dream world a bit. So this is a TL;DR for all...
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    • Sensei's Avatar
      03-30-2024, 07:18 AM
      going to try hard to accomplish a big goal this time. It’ll take a lot of smaller goals as well and I’m hoping to have them all come to a head around...
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      Is it ? I guess I'm lucky then ...
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      I don' t think it' s a gift, you just have to try, like for lucid dreaming
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      Well, sometimes I wake up with a dream and a weird feeling about it, and some of those dreams happen in real life. Most of the time it will be very vague or more symbolic
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      Oops, i apologize for the late reply. I only noticed your message today x)

      No, as of right now, I am not attempting shared dreaming. I am openminded about it though. For now I would like to focus on getting really good at lucid dreaming before I delve into shared dreaming
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      I love the academy drawings.
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      You're welcome, dude.
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      I've been reading your posts and even when you weren't having LDs yet you were staying positive about it. I on the other hand feel discouraged. Any suggests for staying positive because I think this negativity might be messing up my dreams.
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      I just searched it on a search engine and found a website called sendspace.com
      Check it out~
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      Thanks for the response man.

      I got home late after a technically-nightmared Radio Program and you made me chuckle. When things go wrong it's best to just laugh it off, but it's better if you have something to laugh about, 'n you did it for me . . . I feel much better now . . .
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      Thank you! I'm excited about it. I don't think I've ever stuck around a forum this long before lol.
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    I am a personality of many facets. I am a very physical person, and yet I'm fascinated over attaining and mastering lucidity in my dreams. I am a creator of tools and machines, and yet an artist and musician as well.
    My goal regarding lucid dreams is to master my dream-state mind so that I can be lucid whenever I am dreaming. I also am designing a dream-location (to create when lucid) for practicing dream-control and for sparring in shared dreams.
    I have two friends who are lucid dreamers, one a natural, and the other also-but-less-so. Neither are on DV (yet...)

    One day, one day, one day, you might see me in concert or in the bookstores. just look for the symbol I use as my avatar.
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    Try to imagine a life without timekeeping. You probably canít. You know the month, the year, the day of the week; you have a schedule, a calendar... Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures.
    A fear of time running out.


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    Two dreams alternate and then mesh together

    by Signet on 12-01-2012 at 03:47 AM

    It's difficult for me to tell if in this dream I went to a location and then returned to said location, or if I had a (complex) false memory while in the dream of a dream I never had.


    One part of the dream would cut to the other fairly often, I think.

    One dream-plot is that my brother E, my father, my mother, E's wife M, and I were on a road trip. Maybe is would be more fitting to call it an odyssey, as it was winter and snowy and we just kept having to stop to make the road or help people or whatever. We were in a minivan.

    I remember at some point in this story-arc we were outside on the road, effectively at our destination... or one of them. We were all placing equally spaced boards in the snow next to the road.
    Don't ask me why. I just thought it was funny when M put one in the snow and it stood upright.

    The other dream-plot is that I was re-visiting a great concert hall. Here's where the difficulty occurs: I don't know if I'd actually been there previously in a dream or in this dream or ever, yet I remembered being there before and talking to the director of an orchestra that was to practice there soon. Somehow that memory included a mock-train onstage and (I remember very clearly) the orchestra playing music from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6.
    But I was there again. For some reason.

    When I left, (and I know this was in the dream, not a possibly false memory) it was in a small crowd of college-aged people, mostly guys. I chatted a bit with one on the way out, and when I got back outside I got in the van (that's where the two story arc come together). As soon as I got in, though, the thought was that at least some of the guys coming out of the performance hall were to come with us in the van. (Which now only had my mom and myself.)
    Some of the guys got in the middle seats and then I helped another guy (a really pleasant person) get in back, where I was.
    I mentioned to mom about the odd music playing in the context of it being a memory. (more confusion about that upon waking.)

    Beautiful Minecraft-shore, Beautiful Friend

    by Signet on 11-12-2012 at 04:56 AM

    Due to not writing this down upon waking, I have lost my memory of a fair amount of it. (I didn't want to write it down because there was just SO MUCH to it!)

    At the beginning, I was doing something I don't remember, and then I went into this sort of cafe/floral mall. After exploring around a bit (man, I LOVE exploring!), I ended up working there for the day. At the end of the day, there occurs a gap in my memory.

    Anyways. When my memory picks up, I'm on a shore talking to someone that reminds me of my dad about some destination or something. He hands me an advanced volt meter just like my dad has back home and turns the dial to a certain setting. He told me to input a certain set of numbers that seem much like coordinates, and I did. The screen flickered, and then started up like a colored pixel display. (e.g., an LCD.) A horizon appeared on it, and as I would tilt the meter, the image would shift. The image also would shift relative to some unseen variable, and I assumed (accurately) that I was to keep it stabilized -- with both the horizon and the sun, centered, in view.
    As I did, we began to float and then to fly away from the shore we had been standing on. We flew in a straight line toward the sun, and soon we were flying over parallel, minecraft-style (read: blockish) outcroppings on a shallows. An out-of-place tree was on one of the outcroppings.
    Outcroppings? I don't know... like a sandbar, but made of secure dirt. With grass. Like in Minecraft.

    Quickly we arrived at the shore, and all the land about us was like im Minecraft, except it was like the generation algorithms were actually accurate to real life. (sans dirtbar-outcroppings)
    I don't remember what we did there or what the purpose was in us going there, but I do remember that it was a pretty awesome if not somewhat mystic sort of place.

    Another breaks occurs in my memory, and then I'm in my dorm room (sort of). A is there, and she's reeeeaaaaly tired. I'm pretty much hugging her nearly-bare self to keep her from falling in a heap onto the floor. I look to the other person in the room (Maybe J or M) and ask the something, but they're "not sure".
    I decide to lay A down on the bed, but when I do she pulls me down on top of her. I realize that she's already completely fallen asleep and decide to just forget it (that is, whatever it was I was worrying about) and go to bed there.
    And so, for the first time ever, I actually fall asleep in my dream.

    When I woke to real life, I could still feel her sleeping there, even though I was alone.

    Updated 11-14-2012 at 03:14 AM by Signet

    non-lucid , memorable

    Drive Into the Tornado

    by Signet on 10-28-2012 at 01:49 AM

    Generally hanging out with dad. At least one thing I know of the dream is that we had finally sat down and watched an anime (not sure which one), and I remember noting to him that, yes, even that one (something like "Dual!") had martial arts in it. "It's [part of] their culture." I said. After an interruption, I added "Like the British "Stiff Upper Lip".

    Later, during a nap:

    Sort of hired-on-the-spot by a gas station owner/manager to help him out refitting a new location. He, I, and his young (~8 y.) daughter hop in a van and head off to the location, but on the way the van starts to rock. "Mmm... it's a tornado." I say, and the guy is hesitant, but doesn't think so. Makes sense, because it was a totally clear day.
    Right then, up ahead, we see rotation and I say "Yeah, it's a tornado." Before he (seemingly) had time to stop the vehicle, the tornado formed completely and twirled around until the bottom of it was parallel with the road, and... we... drove into the tornado.
    It immediately picked the van up off the ground. We spun around a fair deal for about ten seconds before slowly dropping and then landing with a bump.
    Not shaken, we all promptly continued to drive to the location, which looked like a blown-out 1800's-style warehouse. Actually, it looked older, like 1700's and with large window-spaces, and it was three stories tall. It was only about a thousand feet from where we landed, so when we got there the tornado was still around. It doubled back and headed for us, and I told everybody to hold on to a beam we were standing next to. For some reason (or lack thereof) we were all on the ground at this point.
    The tornado actually entered the hollow, be-windowed building after hesitating at the large entrance at one end. We all held on as it writhed and moved and shuddered like a dying snake in the smaller area. (This actually made sense, because a tornado would have no effective amount of wind-power backing it up inside a building. Even one as blow-out as the one in my dream would be a massive detriment to it.
    When it finally dissipates, we get up and head back outside to meet the rest of the people who came to help out do... what ever it was we were going to do to this building. And my uncle C_____ is there (and overweight??), and he tells me where to find some tools.

    And I wake up.

    Frag.+ideas on stage 1 sleep

    by Signet on 09-16-2012 at 09:14 PM
    Hmn, now this is some odd happenings.

    So I have this dream, right? And the only part I can remember is right at the end where I (in the dream) am exhausted and hug/lean against a certain lady-friend of mine. Well, she think is best that we sit down before I crumble into a zero-energy mass, so she starts walking me (whilst I lean my head on her shoulder) over toward a park bench. (Weren't we just in a gymnasium??)
    Well, the motion of walking/dragging me over to the bench caused my head to slip down... down her front a little over half a foot.
    Now it should be clear why I didn't feel like just forgetting this dream.

    Okay, so I wake up. And it's hours before I need to 'rise 'n shine', so I attempt to re-enter the dream. Creative, imaginative guy that I am, that shouldn't be hard, right?
    True. I can see the dream-location in my head, I'm there, she's there. Now poke her, Elliot. 'Kay, that works.
    But I didn't feel it. It's not me, it's "me".
    Waitasecond... I'm in third person perspective, falling into a stage-1 sleep reconstruction (or continuation) of my dream, right? Okay, then WHY is it that I can't get back into my dream-self? I mean, the dream is even throwing in some odd things and non-sequitors like it would if it was a true dream. Because it IS.

    Well. Does the counsel of my peers here on DV tell me anything about this conundrum?

    Third Lucid: I start to LD like I want to.

    by Signet on 07-13-2012 at 12:45 AM
    Lucid dream #3

    Blah, blah, blah.... doing whatever, talking to his one guy, noseplug...
    "Hang on a second."
    Shove fist into brick wall.
    Look at dude with expression that says "Oh, I was talking to you? Too bad. See 'ya!"

    Oh, yeah.

    The rest of my lucid I used to test dream powers, including long- and high-jumping (no flying yet), punching through things, making people believe me/making them go with the situation, and...

    something else I forgot about.

    Oh, materialization! I made myself a ring that I'll wear only when I'm lucid. That way, It'll be harder for me to forget lucidity within my dreams!

    Anyways, some of the dream took place at my old Church building, where I would jump through the ceiling to get to the next floor.
    I woke up right after a segment that had me talking to some Stryper fans. T-shirts, and all, they obviously loved the band. One thing about them, though, was the logo on the shirts. Three of them were shirts for the "Reborn" album, a couple I don't remember, but two or three were for some album that doesn't really exist.
    Which is a shame, 'cause it was cool album art.

    The thing about this lucid dream that puzzles me is that my recall of it is just as hazy as ever. Go figure.

    The thing about this lucid dream that I absolutely LOVE is that I actually had the time and took the opportunity to just go wild.

    Oh, and jumping twenty or thirty feet across a street was sweet, too.

    Now, if you'll excuse me while I go and WILD...`
    lucid , memorable