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    ~*Wednesday night adventures with Lalin*~

    by GypsyKiss on 12-05-2014 at 02:42 PM
    Hey Dreamers,
    It's been awhile... hope you all have been well. These are some dreams from Wednesday night. As usual, my own thoughts during the dream are italicized & moments of lucidity are usually specified.

    American Horror Story in Ala Moana
    I am wandering through the Ala Moana Shopping center at night. It's cold which is strange considering I'm in Hawaii. Snowflakes start to fall and I catch one in my hand... I say my LTP (Lucidity Trigger Phrase) as I stare at the flake melting in my palm...
    Yup. I'm dreaming... no surprise there.

    I continue walking towards the center of the mall. I see strange lights and shadows in some of the stores... kind of feels like a haunted house walk through... it amuses me. I reach the center of the mall and it seems like a show is about to start on the ground floor stage. I lean over the railing to get a closer look at the performers. Some of them I notice from American Horror Story and they were setting up stage with... hula dancers and magicians...?
    Hmm...Interesting... this should be a good show.

    I'm about to ask when the show starts but I notice something strange about the railing I'm leaning against before I can get a word out. I look down; the railing is falling away in chunks. I take a step back and realize the entire railing is made from a rotting corpse of a giant snake. My hands and shoes are covered in piles of maggots and flies. I panic slightly as I step back and almost trip but I manage to regain my mental stability.
    Argh, gross....

    I grow bored waiting for the show to begin so I leave the open seating area in search of an adventure. And that’s when I hear Strong Man (from American horror story) yell
    "Hey doll, where do you think you're going? We’re just getting started!" The tone of his voice wasn't very inviting.
    Pfft. kiss my ass.

    I begin running back towards the Sears side of the mall. I'm not afraid but I honestly don't feel like wasting my time by having "one of those dreams" again so I'm trying move to another space without interrupting the actual dream flow and atmosphere. But I stop when I hear very familiar voice coming from behind a fake plant. It's my friend who I shall refer to as...Je Lalin...Lalin for short.

    "Je Lalin, is that you?"
    Lalin: (panicked whisper voice)
    "Shhh! Yes! Shut the fuck up! Are you crazy?!?! They’re going to kill us!"

    He pulls me behind the plant and holds me by the shoulders. He's wild eyed, sweaty, and clearly disturbed by my laughing. I try to tell him I think it's a dream but he shushes me again and drags me into a store. We duck behind a rack of bras. I am completely amused by his fear... it's fricken hilarious.

    "Hey Lalin, notice anything strange about the mall?"
    "Okay seriously... just stop. This isn't a joke. I know you're in shock but you need to shut up while I try and figure this out..."
    "It's fucking snowing.... We're in the biggest outdoor mall in the world which happens to be on a TROPICAL ISLAND and...It’s snowing. Oh and we're being chased by fictional TV show characters..."

    I grab some bras off the rack, shove them in his face, and stand up. I can hear the strongman getting closer and I try to think of a really messed up way to kill him in front of Lalin.
    Shock value.

    He’s still kneeling behind the rack but I can tell he's processing what I said. He stands after a moment which was conveniently timed with strongman walking up to the front of the store. Lalin stares at strongman trying to break the glass before he grabs my face really hard and asks me if this is real... I reply
    "It's a real dream, my friend." He stares at me blankly as the back of the store molds into a tunnel...
    I pull him through.

    Oranges, Ski Lodge, & Pretend Make Out Sessions

    The dream skips a bit; I remember building a snowman with Lalin and his brother (?) at some point. I've never met his brother IRL so I can't be sure. There was tension between them... it was odd. The dream stabilizes a bit when we're playing a game of pool inside the lodge.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 my lucidity is at a 3 or 4 at best. We're playing with a young lady, early 20's, short, stocky, mixed Asian/islander. She's on the other team with another young man who looks familiar but I’m not sure why. Anyway, I notice her glaring at me a lot. I can feel her attempts to choke me with her energy. I find it rather unsettling but I ignore it. She eventually throws a knife at me after the game is done but it misses and I return fire with a half peeled orange straight at her head. Lalin and I crack up at the look on her face and she runs out of the lodge.

    Eventually, Lalin and I settle onto a white couch by the fireplace of the now empty lodge. We talk about life goals, traveling, and school. Then out of nowhere he snuggles closer, locks eyes, and leans in rather seductively. I close my eyes out of uneasiness as I feel his chest press slightly against mine... I anticipate a kiss but open my eyes to his smirk about 2 inches away from my lips. He reaches for his hot cocoa just behind me on the table. I watch him lean back playfully and sip on his mug. He tries to lean in again to put it back on the table but I grab it from his hands, take a sip, and place it on the table.
    Nice try you lil' shit...

    He laughs as if he's read my mind and then asks if I wanna play Make Believe Make Out. I crack up laughing and inquire as to what this game is and he responds with
    "It's a game where we pretend make out...duh." I watch him playfully roll his eyes at me and my curiosity peaks. I give him a coy smile and say... "Sure but what's pretend making out?" in the most nonchalant voice I could muster but I highly doubt he noticed my efforts... because his lips were on mine before I could take a breath.

    I try to protest that this isn't pretend making out in between kisses but he shushes me (again) and playfully proclaims that this is... in fact... pretend making out and we're winning the game. I can't help but laugh as he unzips my jacket and gently nuzzles his face into my cleavage... licking and kissing every inch he could reach while unclasping my bra from the back. The frustration finally gets to him and he takes off my jacket, shirt, and bra all in one fluid movement. I sigh as he pulls me onto his lap and his tongue finally reaches my nipples. He licks, nibbles, and sucks till I moan and pull his face back up to mine. I try to whisper a thousand sweet nothings to him within a kiss. My laughter's gone and I let my hands wander his body... I find something strong and throbbing just beneath his jeans for me. I unbutton, unzip, and let him out. I watch his eyes glaze over blissfully with each stroke of my hand. He whispers a thousand sweet nothings with a single kiss on my lips and the moment unfolds between us....

    Dragons & Pelicans

    I am lying in a wide open field of flowers. I sit up and automatically recognize the space as my personal sanctuary. This triggers semi-solid lucidity. I smell fire. I stand and scan the tree line and see a fucking huge black dragon just chilling by my Koi pond.
    What the fuck....

    "Isn't she beautiful?" he yells from the bridge over the pond.
    "Yes! She’s amazing! Is... is she yours?"
    "Kind of... I don't own her... I'm just lucky enough to take care of her because she lets me"
    "Ah, I feel ya, buddy. She's a beauty. Look at those eyes!"

    I stare into her endless emerald eyes as I cautiously join Lalin on the bridge. I ask him if he thinks she'd let me get a closer look at her and he shrugs... so of course, I go for it. I walk down the right side of the bridge and approach her slowly... she watches silently. I tell her she's the most beautiful dragon I’ve ever seen...and that's when she lowers her head, licks my entire arm, and takes off into the sky.

    Lalin joins me and explains that she's showing off for me. I feel very moved by her gesture. I clap and holler as loud as I can for her. She truly is amazing. I ask Lalin what her name is, he tells me but I will keep her name to myself for the time being. We're discussing her wingspan in proportion to her body when a big glob of white liquid splatters on Lalins shoe. We look up and see a ton of pelicans flying around the sky. Lalin begins whistling to himself while wiping the pelican shit off his shoe and readying his bow and arrow...
    Uh oh... babye birdies...

    Swoooossshhhhh! The first arrow flies through his bow and straight through a pelican gut. The bird begins falling from the sky but she (the dragon) swoops in and plucks the bird from his plunge to the earth before he can reach it. I can't help but clap at the team effort and Lalin explains that this is one of her favorite games they play together.
    How cool is that?!?!

    I smile to myself and watch them play their game together...
    I can feel the dream fading and I know I'll wake up soon. I wonder if he'll remember any of this. I want him to very much so and I sigh slightly within my wishful thinking. I look over just in time to see him smiling at me. I reach for his hand but the feel microfiber of my couch...
    I'm too late.
    My eyes flutter open before I can let go of the couch in my grip.

    Updated 12-05-2014 at 03:22 PM by GypsyKiss (Stupid typos...)

    non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid


    by GypsyKiss on 12-10-2012 at 11:22 AM
    Yo! Test!


    by GypsyKiss on 07-08-2012 at 03:43 AM
    I have half written DJ’s and scribbles overflowing my computer and phone…
    I’ll post them eventually but for now we’ll focus on the recent one.

    As always... my own thoughts during the dream are italicized & moments of lucidity are specified.

    This one is from the other night.

    I’m standing in a line of some sort with what seems to be mostly asian people in an enclosed stairwell? Feels like an apartment building. I look over the railing and see the line wraps all the way down past my vision… Wow. Everyone seems to be dressed in a very flamboyant fashion… feather boas, face paint, vibrant colors, spandex, & more spandex. Fucking spandex.
    Ok anyways, the line is slowly moving and I see a roof entrance.
    Cool, I'm almost to the top.

    I go to walk on the first step of the last flight of stairs but I stumble and fall back. Some asian guy behind me breaks my fall.

    Me: “I’m so sorry…”
    Him:“It’s ok, no worries. All the newbies do that on the first last step.”

    I give him a puzzled look and he motions back towards the stairs…

    The actual stairs are gone and now I see 4 round vents steeply lining the right side of the wall with pieces of thick paper sticking out of them. I don't know how else to describe it. I stare in pure confusion & then turn back to the guy.

    Me: “This is insane! How am I supposed to climb this?”
    Him: “Here, I’ll help you through it. Just envision the paper being solid like concrete. It’s a rite of passage… they have to make sure your awareness and imagination are strong enough to handle the inside.”
    Me: “…The inside of what?”
    Him: “Pala…”
    Me: “Pala? Like as in…”

    He nods and smiles. I get excited and scared all in one breath. I turn back towards the “steps” and focus. The air coming out of the vents is making the paper shake and this doesn’t help.
    I’m trying too hard…
    Just relax…
    Just relax…

    I look towards the door and just breathe. I notice the chatter in the stairwell quiet… I can feel all the people silently rooting for me. I see the paper start to still itself in my peripheral…. I reach out and touch the first vent which is about chest height. It feels thick but soft like cardboard…
    I think this is solid as I'm gonna get it…
    fuck it!
    I'm going for it.

    I hop onto the first vent without hesitation. A roar of cheers erupts from the stairwell and the people below me don't seem the slightest bit concerned about me falling on them. The cardboard bends & I start to slip back but the asain guy grabs my ass and pushes me up! I grip the cardboard for dear life as the solidarity falters in and out. I reach out for the second vent. The cardboard feels even thinner than the one I'm on. I look back at my new buddy in fear.

    Me: “Holy shit I cant do this!”
    Him: “Yes you can! You're a ninja!”
    Me: “What?! I’m not a fucking ninja! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
    Him: “Yes you are! Tell me you're a ninja! Say you're a ninja!”
    Me: (fearful whisper) “I’m a ninja….”
    Him: “No! Say it like you mean it! Say it!”
    Me: “I’m a aahhhh!”

    The cardboard on the first vent finally gives out. I fully grasp second cardboard vent thingy to keep from plummeting onto the crowd below. It bends as I hang onto it while trying to get some sort of traction on the right wall with my sneakers. I feel a hand grab my thigh and jerk me upwards just as the paper I'm gripping starts to tear. It’s the guy again. He's standing on the paper of the first vent just below me like its solid rock. We lock eyes and he stares like he’s known me my whole life…

    Me: “I am… a motherfucking ninja….”

    The paper/cardboard suddenly solidifies in my grip. I feel light as a feather. I look back at him with a smile on my face as he grabs my sneaker and tucks his shoulder beneath it. I use it to boost myself onto the second vent with ease. I stare at the other two “steps” remaining and simply hop onto them... like a space man walking on the moon. I reach the platform with the door. I turn back and see everyone cheering, clapping, and some people even had tears in their eyes?
    Why are they all so happy for me?
    I’ve been holding up the line all this time
    and yet they cheer…

    My helping stranger joins me on the platform & gratitude overflows me as I hug him.

    Me: “Thank you…”
    Him: “The pleasure was all mine.”
    Me: “I don't even know your name…”
    Him: “Yes, you do….”

    I step back and look him in the eyes… there’s a familiarity in them but I can’t place it. He motions towards the door and I suddenly feel hesitance. I wanna stay on the platform with him…
    I don't wanna go anymore. For some reason I just knew we couldn’t walk through the door together…
    It was against the rules.
    I felt a familiar ache…
    like I had been in this situation before... It hurts.
    I know he feels my confusion and hesitance but he grabs my hand and places it on the door handle.

    Him: “Go… its better if you don't remember everything at once. No worries, we’ll see each other sooner than you think.”
    Me: “But….”
    Him: “Hurry, you don't have much time.”
    Me: “What do mean? I have all the time in world…”
    Him: “No, not in this dream... not today.”
    Me: “Dream? Wait… this is a Drea-“

    I wake up to my alarm just as I slip into lucidity.
    Story of my life….

    Updated 07-08-2012 at 03:45 AM by GypsyKiss (had to fix youtube link)


    The Power Of Love & Light Switches

    by GypsyKiss on 05-15-2012 at 05:13 AM

    Light Switch Rave

    I am VERY lucid in some house with my daughter. I grab her and kiss her all over face because I know she’s outside playing at this moment (supervised) while I'm inside napping on the couch in waking life and I wanted to shower her dream self with love because for some reason I knew it's magnified on the dream plane which would flow over to her waking life body…. Or at least that was my theory at the moment. I laugh to myself as she smiles… I can tell she doesn’t know what's going on but is enjoying herself. I give her a silly face and run around the house flicking light switches on and off because I know they won’t work and I think this is funny? (dream thought process may be a lil’ fried) Finally, I stand in the middle of the house and create a light show with all the lights in the house for my lil’ one. I laugh to myself at the irony of being able to control the lighting with my mind yet not the switches on the walls….
    Silly Dream Plane….

    P.S. My lil’ one came in from playing outside after this and I woke up to her giving me a bunch of kisses while tickling me & telling me she loves me….

    Penthouse Blues

    by GypsyKiss on 04-20-2012 at 03:29 PM
    yes…Yes, I know…. I don't write my DJ often but for the record, I have good reason. I suffer from a horrible disorder called L.A.S… also known as Lazy Ass Syndrome. Needless to say, I feel the effects of this crippling disorder everyday & I’m sure you all can sympathize. But anyways, I digress…
    This DJ entry is consists of my dreams from the other night. It was one long continuous dream which is out of the ordinary for me. As always, my thoughts during the dream are italicized. Also, moments of lucidity are usually specified.

    Kaomea & The Lingerie Thief

    I’m sitting on a big round comfy beige couch in a penthouse apartment. I recognize the place. Kaomea & I often meet here in dreams but this thought doesn’t bring lucidity. I’m watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on a huge flat screen that’s mounted in front of one of several waterfalls flowing throughout our rooftop penthouse. I have a feast of food laid out on the couch in front of me and I'm grubbing down like a starving Ethiopian child… mumbling snide remarks about the bounty hunter in between bites.
    God, if only people knew what a douche he & his wife are in real life…
    I wish there was another show I could watch to see footage of home…
    Damn, this fried chicken is bomb-

    Kaomea: “tsk… tsk… tsk…”

    I look over mid bite to see Kaomea leaning against a pillar by the front door smirking at me with her arms crossed. I try to keep from laughing with a mouth full of food.

    Me: “What? What’d I do?” I give her a silly innocent look.

    Kaomea: “What if I was some hot maintenance guy here to fix the garbage disposal or something? Huh?”
    Me (mouth full of food): “Ok, first off… the garbage disposal is working fine… I think. Second, you’re not a hot maintenance guy and third, I think he’d let my less than graceful demeanor slide once I offered to let him lick some of this gravy off my nipple… so ha. In yo face.”
    Kaomea: “oh eww! Gravy? Com’on Gypsy… Seriously?” She playfully shivers & pretends to gag.
    Me: “Hey… don't judge me… besides, you haven’t tasted this gravy… It… like… welcomes you to flavor country with every bite…”

    I blissfully lick some gravy off my finger. She rolls her eyes & walks towards the back bedrooms laughing to herself. I turn my attention back to my food feast; take a couple more bites & start cleaning up. I'm making room in the fridge for leftovers when I hear some drawers slam. I can hear Kaomea mumble grumbling from the bedroom.

    Kaomea: “Seriously? What the faaawk!”

    Me: "Everything alright in there, buddy?” I mockingly ask.

    I start to walk towards the back from the kitchen to see what she’s fussing about. She walks out of one of the rooms and meets me in the hallway with two fist full’s of bras. My bras…

    Me: “uh…” I stare blankly at her. Totally confused.

    Kaomea: “ok…so, I have a favor to ask…”
    Me: “…o…k….” we both start giggling at this point.
    Kaomea: “umm, so…. Is it cool if I borrow… a bra?”
    Me: “…should I even ask where yours are?”
    Kaomea: “I was gonna ask you….”
    Me: “pssh, don't look at me bro…” I give her a raised brow.
    Kaomea (laughing): “nah man, I'm serious! I have no idea where they are! I went to change & all my bras were gone! Just my bras…. Nothing else. This makes no sense.”

    we both start cracking up again and I jokingly tell her that she can borrow a bra as long as she puts the rest back safely. I follow her back into the room to help her try and find her own bras to no avail.

    The Visitor

    I return to the kitchen, finish cleaning up, then go to change my clothes. I start to fall into autopilot as I throw on my signature “dream adventure time” outfit (Lol). I slip on my slacks, suspenders, wife beater, weapons, & hat... I stare at myself & out the window behind me through the mirror… I start to slip into foggy thoughts….
    what's with the clouds rolling in?
    Why so anxious?
    Where’s the sunlight?
    Why am I putting this on?
    Haven’t worn this since… a dream.
    Cloudy days are for napping…
    cloudy days are for dreaming…
    Dreaming gypsies…
    gypsy is dreaming…
    this is a dream.

    I “fall” back into myself with my reflection. I am lucid. And of course as usual, I start to feel the dream destabilize because of my excitement of being aware.
    Chill the fuck out…
    Don't fuck it up…
    Hold onto it…

    I take a slow breath & the scene relaxes a lil’ bit. I decide it’d be best to do something mundane until I can calm down a bit more because I really don't want to lose the dream. I walk back into the living room & plop myself on the couch leaning over the back. There’s floor to ceiling windows everywhere. This penthouse is magnificent. With water flowing in the walls and underneath the floors from waterfalls all over the room to random pools of water scattered throughout with luscious plants & vines. The glass windows open up to a rooftop pool lounge area… Beautiful. I admire the architecture but its short lived. I see those same clouds in the distance rolling in… swiftly getting closer. The air is suddenly quiet, dark, & cold…Time feels still. I hear Kaomea playing some music in one of the back rooms & I lose myself in the overcast…
    Those clouds…
    They’re for me…
    I can feel it…
    how do I know?

    The doorbell rings.

    It startles me and the dream begins to “melt”. I stand and use slooowww… steady steps to pull the dream back as I walk towards the door. I realize I'm starting to feel… strange…
    like I’m being pulled… lured… by an unknown essence…
    My emotions begin to stir… I can’t place why and I grow more uncomfortable with every step.
    I’m fighting with my thoughts at this point…
    There’s someone at the door…
    answer it…
    No, something’s not right…
    Open it…
    but it’s not safe…
    Open it…
    No, Don’t….
    No, Gypsy…
    Stay in control…
    But… I just wanna let them in…

    I reach the door and notice the bracelet (weapon) on my left wrist glowing dimly. I put my left hand on the door and place my lips lightly on the crease that separates the door from the frame. I have no idea why I'm doing this but the soft draft seeping between my slightly parted lips feels so good… my breath shallows. I close my eyes…

    fight it, Gypsy…

    A wave of fear washes over me… I know I'm slowly losing control but the instinctual alarms within me are fading into a whisper.

    The doorbell rings again. I am not startled.

    Me: “who is it…”


    Answer me…

    Me: “tell me your name…”


    I just wanna hear your voice…

    I can taste their energy through the door…. spilling in with the draft onto my lips. I lick them… I just can’t help it. A mixture of curiosity, fear, & lust collide in my conscious. The doorbell rings again & I force myself to step back from the pull of the door. I can’t take it anymore.

    They’re waiting…
    Let them in…

    I roll my bracelet into my hand from my wrist with one last drop of self preservation & control. Feeling the weight of my chain manifest & drop… I brace myself as I grab the doorknob with my right hand & pull. It flies open with a powerful force that makes me cover my face & step back….

    I open my eyes and stare into the foyer.
    It’s empty.

    I step past the door and scan the area with my breath heavy & heart racing. The silence is deafening. There are no other doors…. just a couple of windows to my sides and elevators in front of me.

    My eyes start to water out of anger, fear, & confusion.
    I’m sorry…
    Come back…
    Please don't do this to me…

    I whip my chain towards the ground out of frustration & the sound echoes through the entranceway like thunder.
    Why do I feel like this?...
    What did you do to me?
    It isn’t fair…
    I don't understand…
    How could you just leave?

    Kaomea: “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!”

    I jump at the sound of her voice and spin around, wiping tears from my eyes… I meet her gaze. She’s standing at the door… soaking wet in a towel with a look of pure bewilderment in her eyes. She sees the tears in mine and I can hear her in my head frantically asking if I'm hurt….

    The room starts to spin… I try to walk towards her but I lose my footing & fall, cracking my head on the marble floor. I feel an intense pain rip through my head. I close my eyes to try and stabilize. I open them slowly….
    and to be honest, I don't think I’ve been so happy to see the dull white walls of my bedroom in awhile.