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    Two Worlds

    by HakaishinChampa on 08-15-2017 at 03:22 AM
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    Two Worlds

    In the Car my Dad was going to drop me off, I said "Drop me off here." closer to the school doors.
    I get out my dad starts playing really loud dubstep-esque music.
    I walk into the school, it looks like middle school but it's high school.
    I see Celina talking to some people, I walk upstairs and someone is next to me.
    We walk for a bit and then our Teacher shows up out of nowhere and pulls a lever which a monitor shows up and 50 lights appear, the monitor looks like one
    you'd see on a highway that's black with orange lights.
    It was a 50th Anniversary for something.
    We walk into the class (looks like Mrs.S's classroom). The teacher is a woman all of the sudden, "I'll give you a hint: Candy."
    Everyone is excited to get some candy, a girl thinks "I bet its cookies!"
    And on a desk there is Chip Ahoy cookies so it wouldn't be out of the book.
    I'm sitting next to Kevin, he tells me "I wasn't here Monday."
    I told him not to worry because he was on a field trip (?).
    I look at his shoes and it reminds me of Dark Matter/Black Sky Camo from COD, I was going to say "Takes a 5 kills without dying to get that."
    The scene changes (still in the classroom) and there is Abraham, there wasn't much time left.
    There was one last ingredient.
    They found it, a small Black Cat.
    Abraham kills it and let's it blood run into a vial.
    Outside there are rabid humans.
    Abraham lets the Blonde Chick drink it.

    That was a weird dream, I know today is the day I'll get a Lucid Dream. I'll report to you guys tomorrow. A few weeks until school starts, my Senior Year.
    August 14th, 2017
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes


    by HakaishinChampa on 08-12-2017 at 03:38 AM
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    I was at School, the day was almost over.
    I saw Rupert sitting on a ledge, I shrugged it off.
    Walking up the hallway which was hard because it was like climbing a hill, three kids in front of me had no problem at
    this. It was really slippery.
    They were talking about something, I moved to the right side of the hallway it had a railing which I grabbed.
    A kid asked something to his friends but they didn't respond so I said "Yeah."
    The kid looked at me weirdly.
    I move to the left side of the hallway, they turned the corner.
    After getting outside the School I was looking for my Bus #45, I saw it but the bus in front of it on the bus window
    was Rupert sitting there.
    That bus starts to move so I run after it, it went to the front of the lane.
    I caught up and went in front of the bus, there's a few kids and no bus driver.
    I touch the button on the steering wheel gently but it honked the horn.
    I look back and a few people look annoyed and the bus driver who's in the back looks cranky.
    I say "I think that's my cat."
    The bus driver replies "It could be a cat that looks like yours."
    I turn back and I see a Blonde-Teen Girl driving the Bus, the Bus driver seems not to care so this is supposed to happen.
    The bus pulls up and gets real close to the other buses and then does a U-Turn.

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I was Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 in the Living Room, I don't know what world I was on but when I opened a door there
    was a character from Atlantis the Lost Empire and I was surprised, they're going to mix two worlds in one!
    I got off the game and was sad that I can't play it now but, I could play it later I remembered.


    I was at a College and it really looked like a hospital but had some educational posters on the walls.
    After awhile I went home (old house) , I believe that Adnan called and had to be picked up from the college I was just at.
    I went there and tried to find the college area, there was a cooking area but then I found the college area and went
    to find Adnan.
    Back home, Adnan tells my Dad that he's getting a ride to go home from his Father.

    My Cat, School and my Friend Adnan are definitely dream signs.
    August 11th, 2017

    Distant Galaxy

    by HakaishinChampa on 08-05-2017 at 03:44 AM
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    Distant Galaxy

    On the balcony, outside was Infinite blackness.
    I'm talking to a family member, in the corner of my eye, I see a galaxy with planets. I want to take a picture of that!
    I don't want to get too close or I'll drift off into Outer Space.
    I step near the ledge, it's hard to breathe over here.
    Later, I was talking to my Mom, there was a giant tank of water, there was a Shark eating another Shark and I didn't want to see that.

    Black Box with Medicine

    I was at a hospital, I picked up my medicine box.
    There was another belonging to someone else, I hesitated but grabbed it. I gave my medicine box to a woman who
    accompanied me. I have to get this box to this guy.
    The medicine box said "Floor 9", can't get up there fast with stairs, so i'll have to go on an elevator.
    I dash to the hallway where there is 3 or 4 elevators. The first one on my right looks suspicious.
    I feel like the elevator will collapse....so I decided to pick the next one, on the left.
    I push the 'up' button and the elevator opens, I walk inside.
    There's 9 floors, 9 buttons, I found it!
    The 9 button is glowing and I push it.
    This floor is different from the other floors...it's like a mix between a cafeteria from school and a church.
    I am greeted by this priest, who insists I go on stage, I do.
    'I don't have time for this' I think.
    I am nervous, the spectators are waiting and worse of all the priest is stroking my hair.

    I woke up creeped out, I really have nothing much to say except: how does my Mind come up with this?
    August 4th, 2017

    Updated 08-05-2017 at 03:46 AM by HakaishinChampa (spelling)


    False Lucid/Awakening

    by HakaishinChampa on 08-02-2017 at 03:29 AM
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    Where are you?

    At School, our class is watching netflix, some educational videos on Social Behavior, after a few videos, the intro
    to 'Scooby Doo, Where are You?' pops up. After the episode, it goes back to the main page of netflix.
    We all want to watch more Scooby Doo.
    I click on the name that we just watched in recent watches and the episodes came up.
    Later, I went outside earlier than usual for the buses.
    The buses are coming in the front.
    Ms.K's there, she asks me "What'd you want?"
    I say "16 Pack" she looks at me weirdly, which the look implies 'NO'.

    False Lucid/Awakening

    I was trying to sleep so I could Lucid Dream. (I don't know how I don't actually become lucid when I dream about trying
    to be lucid)
    Everything felt tingly, I couldn't move, I felt like I was sinking into the bed. (I was at the old house in my old room)
    My vision covered by a wave of blue like an ocean, I open my eyes and the room is filled with water.
    I wake up and look at the accounts on the television monitor hanged up on the wall. (The room changed to something more
    Left to Right: Cassie, Demera, ____ , Lemera
    I wish I had my own account.
    Demera comes into the room, I tell her "I did it for you."
    My Brother, Alex, asks me if I had the same sleeping experience as him which I did.
    Earlier or Later in the dream (back in my old room) I was watching a terror attack on video.
    It had something to do with planes, trees and a road and me talking to some middle-aged man.
    I remember getting up and covering the computer screen so I wouldn't be seen.

    Dragon Ball Alternate Timeline

    Somekid is sucked into the world of Dragon Ball, but its different, Vegeta is King and Goku is a "Robin-Hood" like
    character. Takes place a few years after two kids changed the Dragon Ball Timeline.
    It says in the description "No Virus."
    There were lots of Dragon Ball OCs, I saw Fat Buu but he looked a-bit different.
    This team of fighters was tracking an evil Majin Buu, we're about to turn around the corner but..Suprise!
    it's the evil Majin Buu.
    The evil Majin Buu is Female and has a jester like outfit on.

    August 1st, 2017

    Updated 08-05-2017 at 03:47 AM by HakaishinChampa

    non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , side notes

    Soul Stealer; Me-Mow-Rue where are you?

    by HakaishinChampa on 07-29-2017 at 03:27 AM
    Side Notes (Side Notes)
    Soul Stealer

    Maggie fell ill at Alexandria mysteriously, me and some other people went on a trip.
    I remember there was something about dark clouds, red sky and lightning.
    When we got back someone asked "How's Maggie?"
    A tall guy looked at Glenn and told him "You did it your self?" out of curiousity. Glenn was looking down at the ground.
    A black woman who looks like Mammy Two Shoes from Tom and Jerry comes out and stabs herself.
    People looked on in confusion, why would she do that?
    She became a ghost and went down to where Maggie was and stole Maggie's soul, Maggie did try to go back to her body
    but it was difficult.
    Her body was declared dead.

    Me-Mow-Rue where are you?

    I was at School at some kind of party, I don't remember much about the party.
    Later, my Website Design Teacher (He shows up alot in my dreams, weird) told us we have to move to a computer lab.
    We're at a computer lab and apparently we were taking the 'MCAs', the MCA had weird questions like:
    what is your favorite FFXV games?
    We had to watch a video that would help us answer these questions.
    Timeskip: I was talking to Adnan, I asked him "Did you go to the party?"
    Adnan replied "In the afternoon."
    I said "I went in the morning and oh dude, did you take the MCAs today yet?"
    He started to complain about the MCAs
    Timeskip: Somehow my cat was at the school, I looked everywhere and couldn't find him.
    I went to Paulson's room because I know Adnan has a class there (in the dream Paulson's class was where my American History
    B class was) but there was only three people, Adnan's not there.
    Class is about to start but I can skip it, it's the final hour and I have to find my cat.
    I goto the Help Center and I get a brown haired lady to help me, I tell her to call all the security and say
    "If you see an Orange and White Maine Coon Cat, make sure to put him in a secure area where he can't go outside."
    She said "Oh with the T thing."
    I noticed a map of the school and push one of the buttons, I am teleported to G_____ Club.
    Meanwhile, the brown haired lady added me to the G_____ Club since I was there.
    Back to me, there were these girls and this one girl told me that the buses are here and we're going somewhere.
    I told them "I can't do this right now, sorry, maybe next time."
    I goto the main office and am worried about Rupert, I look at the ground and there he is laying down.
    Timeskip: I am in a car, Me-Mow-Rue is in the back seat.
    The windows are down and I try to make sure the windows are at a certain height so he can't jump out of the car.

    I have to worry about my cat getting outside so much it's starting to get into my dreams, more school dreams, more walking dead dreams, I will figure something out eventually.
    July 28th, 2017
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes