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    Lost and Cofused in the Dream City

    by hassman789 on 12-22-2013 at 02:51 PM
    It's been a long time since I've been on the forums, I just can't seem to keep my dream discipline . Anyway, as I become more conscious of my dreams, this is the first to be clear enough for an entry, so here we go.

    The earliest point of the dream I can remember begins when I am at a Beyonce concert. The context of this is that my friends and I have been planning to go to this concert for months, however none of my friends are here with me. The dream at this point is not clear enough for me to realize the peculiarity of me being at a Beyonce concert by myself (I don't even listen to Beyonce). The concert goes on, I can't seem to absorb anything from it, as time just doesn't make sense. I notice that I am in the seated section, far above the stage, I can barely even see Beyonce. I also notice at this point that the GA section is completely empty, as is a lot of the seated section. I do process the the thought that it's Beyonce were talking about and that there should be way more people here, something feels off...

    So as I sit there, becoming more and more disoriented, people start to notice I'm in distress. Its as if I am heavily under an influence, however I can't remember taking anything. I can feel judgment coming from the other people that probably thought I was drunk. I try to stand up and it is extremely difficult, I wobble back and forth until eventually falling; no matter how hard I try, I just cant get control of my legs. An older man comes down from a couple rows above (as I am thoroughly causing a scene now) and starts looking at me, I don't think he even said anything, but I know he thought I was drunk. I tried telling him "I promise I'm not drunk," but I just couldn't get the words out. All that comes out is raspy jibberish and coughing.

    The concert ends and the lights turn on, Although I am extremely confused, I make my way towards the exit figuring I'll get some merchandise just so I can say I've seen Beyonce. However, everyone is quickly guided out and the doors are locked and the lights turned out, no more merch I guess.. But as soon as I am outside the venue, I realize it's my high school. I am so relieved as I can just get my dad to pick me up, whereas if I were in the city it would be much more difficult. I try calling my dad but I hear no ringing and become distracted by my surroundings. The gears start turning in my head, realizing Beyonce would never perform at my small town high school.. Also, over the tops of the trees, I can just barely make out tops of buildings, which is very uncharacteristic of my rural suburban home town. I quickly walk around the other side of the school, more city buildings. I am so utterly confused at this point. I see all of this and know for a fact, something is wrong. I recognize that these are two extremely different places colliding. I begin getting worried about my mental health, maybe I'm going crazy, either way I just gotta get home and then we will sort it out.
    The thought also crosses my mind that maybe I took too much of some weird acid or something and now I have no idea where I am or how I got there, I dismiss this thought as unlikely but possible.. Also, throughout this chunk and the rest of the dream, I repeatedly put my headphones in to listen to music at inappropriate times; I catch myself and remove them, but the music doesn't stop playing in my head. I notice the strangeness of this and also blame it on my surfacing mental illness.

    I somehow end up in the back seat of someones car, texting my dad for directions on how to get home from NYC. He sends me a picture of the train I need to catch to get home. I ask the driver if hes a cab driver and if he will take me to penn station. Turns out, he wasn't a cab driver, but looking to make a quick buck he throws some other girl out of the car and helps me out instead. He takes me to some building where I have to buy my train ticket. I enter the building and it is crowded and dirty (as expected). People are being shuffled by security into separate ticket lines. One security guard points me to a line, it takes me a bit because I was very timid and he became frustrated. I made it to my line, there were only a few people in front of me so it wasn't going to take long. I take notice to the couple on the line next to me, it is a man with an abnormal amount of facial hair, even the bottom halves of his very large ears have stubble. I notice he is holding a woman, this woman has the face and hair of a lovely adult woman, but has the body of a 3-4 year old wearing heals. The man holds the woman as she laughs and kicks like a toddler. I think to myself "to each his own" and wake up.

    Military Zombie Ship

    by hassman789 on 12-30-2012 at 04:48 PM
    I am climbing a mountain with a friend (I can't remember who). The mountain trail is quite steep and it is very difficult and tiring. We go around a bend in the trail that leads us into a cave that appears to be made by an ancient civilization. My friend is complaining a lot now and I'm starting to worry. I keep telling my friend that it is a really big mountain, but we might be able to find a short cut. We are now inside a large tunnel system made from stone slabs. It has a very Egyptian feel. I am starting to get thirsty and worry that I may become delirious.
    My friend is gone now and the structure has changed to more of a hotel type layout. I am walking down a short hallway and there are open rooms going down the hall. I walk into one and see a few dollars under what appears to be an old run down typewriter or something. I decide to take the money because it could be useful. I walk out of the room and suddenly a zombie slave approaches me and tells me I'm going to pay for what I did. The zombie was naked, bald, and very pale, barely resembling a human. The zombie corrals me into a small room. I submit and get on my knees apologizing and crying. There was an adrenalin like rush and I was almost certain I was about to be beaten. However, the zombie just went through my pockets, left the few dollars and a receipt on the desk and left. I waited there for a few moments and left, determined to find a way out. As I walk out into a bigger room I notice there are zombies everywhere. The zombies were being taken care of, it looked like a nursing home.
    I fight through them, the dream gets hazy and I end up jumping off the ship (the setting of dream just kind of turned into a ship). Somehow I end up back on the ship and the government has begun a quarantining an experiment gone wrong. I am very relieved by this, although it is too good to be true. The doors to the rooms with zombies all close and lock. As I continue walking I see a room full of zombies, with the doors open. I calmly close the door and hope it was just that one room that didn't quarantine. I walk up a flight of stairs and there is another open door with zombies casually walking out. There is a huge feeling of despair as I see this. I walk downstairs and see two men talking, enraged about how the government does these things, hides the truth, and gets away with it. That's when it hit, me. There wasn't a flaw in the quarantine. The government was going to say it was an accident that the zombies got out and they were going to convert the entire military to zombies and probably use us for world domination. I am planning to escape the military, maybe go missing, then I wake up.


    by hassman789 on 10-25-2012 at 11:24 PM
    I am in the car with my mom and we pull up to a small apartment complex type building. I just know that I am there for a party being thrown by a girl in the grade above me. I walk around the back of the complex and there is a pool and other people from school are arriving. I walk up some stairs and there are lots of people drinking, talking and having fun. I walk into a room where the girl who is throwing the party and others are lying on bunk beds. I get very nervous and ask her if it's ok I be at her party and stutter through the whole sentence. She was fine with it and sounded as if she had no Idea who I was, just really didn't care, or both. I walk around the entire building looking for food, there is a strong desire to eat. I scavenge a lot of food. It's later now, and another girl from school is now in control of the party (through weird dream logic). She confronts me aggressively claiming I ate all the food. I tell her that she is wrong, and that I only took a little of what there was a lot of (even though I did eat a lot of food).

    Now I am in the bathroom, the door creeks open a crack and I see the same girls feet under the door. When I call her out on it, she jumps into the bathroom and shuts the door. She demands to see my "junk," I don't show her and we devise a plan to escape the bathroom without it looking like we hooked up.

    The dream skips and I sort of wake up outside at 9:00 am, however ever clock I look at tells me something different. I keep thinking I missed work, based on the varying times I hear. So dream sign: messed up time sequencing.

    Semi lucid dream

    by hassman789 on 08-17-2012 at 02:28 PM
    Don't bother reading, doesn't make much sense, just writing it down here.

    I was in a shopping center/ museum. I don't remember how or when but I became somewhat lucid. Either way I knew that I could do whatever I wanted without any consequences. After breaking some glass and throwing myself down the stairs a few times I go upstairs to a gift shop area. At this point it becomes really clear and I am more aware that I'm dreaming. I take not of how clear it is. I walk up to the counter and look up close at these little glass things. I walk away and find someone I work with and say to her "I'm SO lucid right now!" (even though I wasn't). Then we found another woman from work who was panicking trying to find something. We tried to help by hastily throwing things off the shelf. That's it.

    The dogduck thing..

    by hassman789 on 07-06-2012 at 09:05 AM
    I've been really lazy with my journal, the recall is a bit crappy on this.

    I am at home eating dinner with my family, when my dad points out the window that my neighbor is in the road yelling. I quickly run out to see what's wrong. He points out a creature on our neighbors lawn, amazed, it's some sort of of cross between a big body, with a big, dog head, with a large duck beak. It was actually quite frightening. My neighbor is very interested in it, and not very afraid of it. I stay by my porch as it comes near. I yell at my neighbor to get inside my house, he does. The creature walks onto my porch and onto my open windows. Out of fear, I reach to close the window, but it does the same and closes and locks the window from the outside. It goes and closes all our windows. Next thing I know it's in my house. some dream stuff happens, I talk with my parents about work and fundraising for my school trip. I go upstairs and go into my attic, where I find the creature had put a bed and lamp, and was laying there. I was like, "Oh...? Are you staying the night?" I was honestly to afraid to ask it to leave, so I said it's fine. I hear my parents fighting downstairs and I feel bad about it. I say to the creature "I hate it when they fight..." The creature just shrugged, and I woke up.