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      Hi Him. I was wondering if you already had a dreambuddy or if you are still looking for one.
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    3 new lucids

    by Him on 04-22-2017 at 02:15 AM
    I am walking down a street, there are several fast food joints along the street. I fly and phase through the wall to see the inside. The inside of the restaurant is filled with office buildings. I eventually get board and decide to test what happens in the transition between sleep and reality, I wanted to see what point you stop experiencing dream and start experiencing reality. I am barefoot on a very cold floor when I tell myself to wake up.

    My vision goes black as focus on my feet and the sensation on cold stone. Over 10 seconds as I wake up, my body has a sensation of pins and needles, like when you cut of blood flow to your arm by lying on it, but with both legs. After a few seconds, the sensation fades and I can feel the warm fluffy texture of my covers.

    First Dild-10
    Phase through solid object-10
    --New night--

    This one was very long but I'll summarize. The dream started with an event that caused the school I was in to be detached from the rest of reality. People showed up telling me that they were going to test my character and that I had to use every skill I could to survive. The test was that I had to prevent the death of the 2 people with me. Over the course of the dream, I needed to fly, phase through walls, use a spell to drain a room full of water and reset time. After a while, I turned to the two that I was tasked with protecting and said "I feel like there is something you're not telling me", they laughed and revealed themselves as the ones giving me the test. They also said that they were my subconscious.

    First dild-10
    Interact with a DC-2
    Un Summoning-5
    Phase through solid object-10
    Time control-10

    --New night--

    I find myself on some sort of school trip with some people I don't know. There is snow on all of the roofs and we are walking on a board walk. The water is frozen and the visibility is great. There is a beautiful sunset behind me and we are walking back to our cabins after a long day. I turn to look back at all the people I'm walking with but I can't see them that well because the sun is in my eyes. Even though there is snow and ice everywhere, I still feel the warmth of the sun on the back of my neck. I look around at all the buildings and they are all bright colours, mostly red. At this moment, I try to explain how I feel to the DC beside me. I say that I'm happy yet sad, nostalgic yet I've never been here before. They respond with "It's unlike you to get so emotional *my name*". I take a few moments to just stand there and enjoy the dreamscape around me. I later fly up into the sky, open up a portal, fly into it and lose lucidity.

    Later in the night, I find myself in a sort of castle courtyard, officials are pestering me to grant them more funding so they can hire more knights.

    First Dild-10
    Interact with a DC-2

    Career best with 11 LDs in one night

    by Him on 01-23-2017 at 04:09 AM
    Night 4: nothing remembered
    Points: 0

    Night 5: nothing remembered
    Points: 0

    Night 6: some remembered
    This night, I didn't remember much but these were the dreams I remembered. I can't even remember if I was lucid during these so I won't count points for dild, wild ext...

    I remember a part of the dream where I had a magic battle with wands with someone I don't remember.

    There was also another part of a dream where I had to transform into someone else to get past some guards.

    The last thing I remember is that I lost a bet and because of it, I had to shrink myself down to the size where I was the same size as a cell. Gravity didn't work as every direction I looked was up

    Misc dream control: 5
    (Cast spell)
    Full transformation: 10
    Misc transformation: 5

    Total: 20

    Night 7: career best, 11 total lucids

    Lucid 1: The first lucid I had was where I found myself in a room that I can only describe as a puzzle room. It was one room of many where I had to align large blocks in all of the rooms to complete the puzzle. There were slots on the ground that each block fit into. When I looked around at the room, I became lucid, no reality check. I used telekinesis to move the massive blocks into the slots. When I completed the room I was in, I possessed my friend who was in another room. Using them, I moved the blocks to the appropriate spots.

    After doing this for 3 rooms, I still needed to do this for one last room. Instead of possessing someone, I used an item called a portable hole.

    This item allows me to travel through any solid object without risking getting stuck and waking up. Using it, temporarily creates a large tunnel that I can move through. After some time, the tunnel will close and the object will be solid again.

    I cast this item on a wall and flew to the final room. Unlike the others, this looked like a 3D puzzle where you had to turn the room and have the blocks fall into place. I changed gravity to have the blocks fall up and then to the corner of the room where they would fall in place. Once I did that, a DC in a robe appeared and stated that I have caused a rule violation. What happens next, I forgot

    Phase through wall: 10
    Advanced telekinesis: 10
    Change gravity: 5
    Mind control: 5
    Fly: 5
    First Dild: 10
    Interact with a DC: 2

    Total: 47

    Lucid 2:

    I find myself in a lobby of some hotel. I feel relaxed and see a group of people that I normally wouldn't see. I realize that I am dreaming, no dild. I fly over to them and talk to them. I think to myself that I don't really want to complete any tasks. That is the last thing I remember.

    Fly: 5
    Dild: 5
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Total: 12

    Lucid 3: I find myself at a dive shop (shop that sells diving equipment). At this point, I look around and see that I'm in a sort of arena and there are people sitting around watching me. I do a RC and find I'm dreaming. I fly over to them and try to talk to them but they stay silent. I fly to the roof and try to portable hole through it. I fly through the solid steel roof but there is nothing on the other side to fly to. At this point, I lose lucidity.

    Dild: 5
    Fly: 5
    Phase through solid object: 10
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Total: 22

    Lucid 4:
    I find myself on the roof of a building. I think to myself that this is a scene from the movie Star Wars. I am with a few Jedi, not anyone recognizable. I walk down the roof to find a ship. In it, I find a sith, I then look behind me and there is the emperor. I realize that there is no way this could be real and flew off into the sky. I used telekinesis to throw the space ship off the roof and flew into the sky. There was a barrier in the sky and it turned to stone. I phased through it with my portable hole but got stuck mid way and woke up.

    Advanced telekinesis: 10
    Fully phase through solid object: 10
    Fly: 5
    Dild: 5
    Interact with a DC: 2

    Lucid 5-9:
    I had woken up at 6:00 am and decided to check DV. I checked out Daniel loves Chanel and decided to listen to one of his wbtb video. One of my family members was getting ready, which caused noise. I went back to bed while facing my alarm clock. I felt shaking and after a while, stillness. (I was very relaxed and tired so this wild was much easier to do than others attempts). I looked around my room and my furniture was how I set it up a few months ago. I knew that I succeeded because my bed was facing the wrong wall. I get out of my bed and fly through my door and window and go to the north of my house. I decide to go through the walls and windows of my house and exit onto the street. I fly through to the houses on the other side of the street and look through them as that usually provides some interesting results. I find that most of the houses are empty of people. I find some people getting ready but I also find some aliens in one house. I also find an apartment with 2 people from a previous dream. My family keeps waking me up though and I manage to chain another 4 very short wbtbs where I go down other directions from my house checking out what changed. On the final wbtb, I fly high into the sky and look over the neighbourhood. I fly at the speed of sound into space when I lose lucidity.

    First wild: 10
    Advanced flying: 10
    Phase through solid object: 10
    4 wbtb: 8
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Total: 40

    Lucid: 10
    I find myself in some castle. Many people are in this castle and the whole thing is filled. There are spiral state cases going up and I see some people I know. I do a RC and I am lucid. I fly up the inside of the castle and find that there is a movie theatre on the inside that people are lined up to enter. After a while, I fly down and look around again. After not seeing anyone, I get on my back, point my feet at the ceiling and flip gravity for me and float looking upside down at everyone lined up. I then flip gravity again and look around. After doing that a couple times, I fly up to the roof. There is a room on the other side of the theatre that is locked. I use my portable hole and walk right through the door without unlocking it. The room I'm in is very small so I use my hands and move the walls further apart to make the room bigger.

    At this point, I don't remember anything after this for this specific dream.

    RC: 1
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Dild: 5
    Fly: 5
    Change gravity: 5
    Misc dream control: 5
    (changing the dimensions of the room)
    Total: 23

    Lucid: 11

    I find myself in a sort of gymnasium. I do a RC and I am lucid I look around and I find that I am with DCs that I seem to think of as friends. I look outside and find that there is a massive explosion (like a nuke) that looks a lot like what happened in the dream I scored 180 points on. As the explosion grew closer, I used my portable hole to open a portal to another parallel world where the explosion didn't happen. I walked through with my friends and it closed. The same person from the very first lucid that night showed up and said that what I did was an illegal action and I will be removed from the dream for it. I reach into my pocket and grab my key. I use telekinesis to grab him and throw him. He starts to fly after me, I open a portal and he follows me through it. I open another and keep flying through them. He continues to follow me. I then teleport behind them, use the gravity command on him so he cannot fly and is pinned to the ground. In a last ditch effort, I use my key and open a long chain of portals that connect in a strait line. I fly and accelerate to the speed of sound, spawn a large Boulder and use the key to close the portals. I then wake up.

    Dild: 5
    Advanced flying: 10
    Telekinesis: 5
    Advanced summoning: 10
    Teleport: 10
    Change gravity: 5
    RC: 1
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Misc control: 5
    (Opening portals)
    Total: 52

    Other non lucid dreams:
    I remember 3 non lucids I had in the same night. In one, I ate icecream and in the other, I flew.

    3 non lucids: 3
    Eat something: 5
    Fly 5
    Total: 13

    Grand total: 241
    (Holy shit)

    3 LDs 3 nights

    by Him on 01-17-2017 at 05:55 AM
    Night 1:
    I remembered nothing when I woke up. Rip

    Night 2:
    I remembered a bit. Might have had a lucid but I only remember fragments so I won't count it as I can't confirm.

    I remember riding on the back of a train by holding on for my life

    I remember meeting 2 DCs that were residents from one of my old dream worlds. Their apartment could be removed from one world and join another and that's how they survived. I remember getting a tour of their apartment.

    I also remember fighting a giant ice golem and getting killed. Turns out karate doesn't work on a 20 ft tall giant made of ice.

    Total points: 3 (rip)

    Night 3:
    Oh boy, 3 lucids

    Lucid 1: It started with myself finding a cave beside a giant tree. In the cave, there were several machines that could spawn stuff that they were preset to do. Some spawned food and stuff and others spawned monsters. Upon seeing these machines, I became lucid. I remember other people from the forums being there and the winner won some prize. Forgot what the prize was. There was a lot to this that I didn't remember but oh well, that's just how it goes.

    I remember that in between this dream and the next, I pretended to sleep walk in the dream world, not sure why, but that's what I remember.

    Lucid 2:
    I find myself in a castle on one of the upper floors. I'm sitting in a room with a few other people. I look to the person beside me and it's spellbee. I somehow just know that it's him but I'm not sure how or why. This time, he was without his DG unlike a previous dream.

    I turned to him and said "I'm pretty sure that this is real" and he sighed and said go through the list and I said ok. I thought to myself how I got to this place and when I couldn't find an answer, I did 2 different RCs. I asked spell where this place was and he replied it's a dream he was once in.

    We make our way to one of the towers in the castle and I look around. I see many lakes and hills around. Far away from the castle was a mountain range. The tower shook and a giant object came from the sky and hit the mountains in the distance. The shock wave shook the castle and I fell over. The explosion was fast approaching and I had little time to prepare. I knew I had to escape the world but I wasn't sure how. I flew out away from the explosion with spell but I couldn't fly fast enough. I landed beside a lake and watched the death zone coming. I tried to despawn the world around me or to detach the small area I was in. After many failed attempts to do it myself, I turned to spell who was sitting down calmly and I said to him "I'll give you as much power as you need, just please stop this from getting any closer. Spell responded with. I'm not exactly worried, you need to do this yourself. I then did 3 different RCs to assure myself that this was a dream to give me enough motivation to do a large dream edit.

    I flew up into the air and accelerated towards the earth until a magic circle appeared around me. As I hid the ground, time slowed to a halt and the magic circle grew to a small radius around me. Everything outside of the circle faded to black. As I despawned the whole world, spell looked up at me and smiled. At this point, it was around 5:00 am. I got some water and attempted a wild.

    I had a bit of trouble but I ended up in my room. I walked through the mirror and ended up in the first dreams location at the base of the tree from my first LD.

    My memory between this part and the later part of the LD is fragmented so I'll post the fragments. I somehow ended up at a sort of camp. I for some reason ate a giant coconut. (Had a ton of liquid and not a lot of meat)

    I ended up lucid (dild) inside of a cabin which looked a lot like the inside of my house. At this point, I did the nose pinch check. I'll count this as my wild as it was part of the same dream. There, I met spell as he appeared from the last dream, gab (a black cat), sensei (a short black haired Asian with a mini blue dragon) and a character from attack on Titan. (Forgot her name but I'm too lazy to look her up) if anyone is wondering, it's the girl who was actually a Titan and turned out to be evil.

    So the 5 of us meet in the bathroom and we just look at each other. The girl looked intimidatingly at me because I knew her secret, spell stepped back to watch, gab ran off and sensei held out his arm with the dragon on top of it aggressively at me because we were on opposite teams.

    I looked at the two of them and it was obvious that I was going to die a few times. I explained to them that even if they tried to kill me, it wouldn't work because I would just come back after death. As I said that, the girl grabs me and rips me in half. I then respawn behind her and sensei and they both turn around. I smile and say "see". They smile and step towards me as if they are going to keep killing me. I sprint out the door screaming "SHIT SHIT SHIT" as spell sits in the corner laughing while reading a book. I'm running outside as I'm being chased by a dragon, an angry Asian and a super fast anime villain. After getting killed again and respawning I do a RC while running to get confidence, turn around and use telekinesis to push sensei, the dragon and the girl back and up into the air. As I do that, they fly over spell, he points his finger up without looking away from his book and a magic circle appears above his head. The three fly into it and they get launched into the sky at a very fast speed and hit what looked like the moon. (It was purple).

    After a bit, I get teleported to a shallow pond where people are fishing. They pull in a fish and I stand there holding it. I cast a spell that I call Poseidon's umbrella which despawns all water within a 1m radius of myself. I walk calmly over to the shore and drop the fish which turned into a duck. I see a classroom just a few meters away and decide to enter it. I wanted to show off to the students by walking through the window without breaking it. I can phase through the window no problem going out but my legs have trouble going through the non glass part. I try going back but this shatters the window and I wake up. (7:11 am)

    2 Dilds: 15
    1 Wild: 10
    Reality check: 1
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Eat or drink something: 5
    Telekinesis: 5
    Teleport: 10
    Phase through solid object: 10
    Advanced flying: 10
    Advanced banishing: 10
    Time control: 10
    All 3 step tasks: 30
    Meet a teammate: 7
    Teammate show previous dream: 10
    Fight an enemy: 10
    Fight an enemy with teammates: 20
    Personal goal: 15
    (Create party of 5) (added spell and witch from apartment)

    Total: 180

    3/4 tasks. The moment I crashed a flying saucer into my house

    by Him on 01-01-2017 at 06:00 PM
    I attempted Advanced task 2,
    basic task 1,
    Bonus task,
    Flying saucer ToTY

    I failed basic task 1 and but completed the other 3.

    My dream guide screwed me over, it was the opposite of fun. This is what happened.

    I can't exactly remember what happened before this but I remember standing on a blank floor with no walls or anything in any direction. I remembered the task chain I memorized the night before and I got to work. I waved my hand and opened a rift above me where a flying saucer slowly descended out of. It looked like a sterotipical depiction of a flying saucer. After a walkway dropped, I entered. (At this point, I thought it was smooth sailing completing the rest)

    The ship seemed to move using 4 different 6 sided dice with different numbers and fractions on each side of the dice. No idea how to use those, let's go manually. I imagined the ship starting up and it started acending and flying forward fast. Instead of flying through space, it appeared to travel through "flight gates" and one opened up infront of the ship. I passed through and ended up at the bioluminescent forest from avatar. (I was very confident at this point but still needed to complete the last task)

    I get off the ship and look around but nothing. Nobody. I look around for a while and can't find anyone or anything. As I'm contemplating telling the glowing plants that I come in peace and asking them to teach me something, I hear a lightning bolt strike behind me and with a flash, my DG is there. She said: good luck completing the tasks without any aliens. I got a little pissed and told her sarcastically "Hello Olivia, I come in peace and want to learn your ways. Won't you out of the kindness of your own heart teach me something?" She frowned and locked an object in the sky that looked like a sun. I couldn't despawn it and it wouldn't move. The bioluminescent plants that were shining now dimmed. My DG said "you stayed up till midnight and now it's bright outside. Deal with it. I got a bit angry and she pulled the sun into the earth which sent myself and my ship flying. Fastforward a dream.

    I have a dream that I'm in my house getting food and I hear a bang. I look outside and the flying saucer from the last dream is lodged into the side of my house like a frisbee. My internal dialogue at that moment was. "Jokes on you. That's a free LD for me. I spent the rest of that LD wandering down a spiral staircase with other DCs singing and playing songs.

    *Edit* I remembered 2 extra lucid dreams from this night after I wrote this.

    -fragment- I remember testing out the diferance in my ability to fly and fly inside a car

    I remember myself wandering through my school and into one of the class. I notice friends who shouldn't be in that class and I realize I'm dreaming. This leads to me walking down an empty plaza at night.

    Updated 01-02-2017 at 06:57 AM by Him


    More character development for my DG

    by Him on 12-26-2016 at 03:45 PM
    I was in a room after running up and down a hall playing a complicated game with cops and robbers when I entered a room and everyone sort of looked at me. At this point, I knew I was dreaming. Not just I was aware that I was dreaming, but everyone in the room was. I spawned my DG by sitting on the bench in the room and holding my hand behind me and I felt my hand be grasped. I turn around and see the female DG without the male. I look at her and she seems more... Well... Alive. She had a much greater sense of being independent of me than before. We sat at the bench and she explained that the other DG couldn't be trusted. She also explained that the person who was the other DG wasn't the person from my dreams a long time ago and that he was responsible for destroying my third dream world. After that, she said she had to go, vanished into thin air and I woke up. I was thirsty and had to get water so no easy wbtb for me :.(

    Also, @gab gave me another two lucids last night. Once where I was scrolling through a gaming forum chat and saw that there was a user by the name of "gab" and thought, whelp, must be a dream.

    The other was where I was at another school and we were lined up against the fence in the field for a race across the field. I looked up and down and saw a black cat standing in line and thought, hey, there's gab again. When the race started, I simply flew at the speed of sound and won.