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    I'm a young guy that went to audio school that now lives out in North Hollywood, working at a recording studio. I love to learn and think in depth, I'm a fanatic about space/space technology, and a love for making/playing music. I know I've experienced lucid dreams before, but that was before I even knew what the term "lucid dreaming" even meant. I want to be able to consciously control the process, exercise my brain, and get to know a little bit more about my own mind!
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    North Hollywood, California, United States
    Music, Space, Audio Engineering, Skiing, Cooking, Hiking, Traveling, Food, Thinking, Gaming
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    Giants in the Antarctic

    by Jdcie on 02-26-2013 at 08:19 PM
    I had a dream last night that was kind of nightmarish. My coworkers Dan, Dustin, and I were all giants; like Gulliver's Travels size, so that as we waded through the ocean the waves lapped up against our knees. We were wading our way down towards Antarctica. Why? When you're that tall, why not?

    We got to the south pole, and from my perspective, the entirety of the Antarctic continent was about the size of an extra large pizza with a conical shaped mountain in the center. We stood around it, gawking and joking about how small it was in person. For some odd reason, I remember dipping my finger into the waters just offshore of the continent and schools of tuna would swarm around it. They would disperse and reconvene as I raised and dipped my finger, so I did it for a little bit out of amusement.

    I turned my attention back to the continent, and the was a yellow mamba snake coiled around the mountain wearing a yellow cloth hood (?). Dan and Dustin encouraged me to grab it and toss it, but I was so terrified I couldn't move (actually sleep paralysis). I tried to back away from the snake, worried it would turn around and strike, but I literally could not move because my body was still in sleep paralysis. Eventually my bod came to and in turn I awoke from the dream. Snake averted!
    non-lucid , nightmare


    by Jdcie on 02-22-2013 at 01:08 AM
    A group of friends and I had just walked out of a convention center after attending a non-specific event, when I decided to hop up into a cross-legged position and levitate in mid air. It was as simple as that! The group I was with watched in amazement as I effortlessly floated through the air, accompanied by a low-hum levitation noise.

    I floated towards a crosswalk and had to stop and wait for the "walk" sign to turn green, and noticed I was starting to bump and scrape the ground. Keeping the levitation going was a lot easier while mobile for some reason. The sign turned green and I scooted right along like some futuristic hover car from 'The Jetsons.'

    On the other end of the crosswalk I came out into a wide, empty parking lot. It was here where I decided i wanted to pick up speed and fly. For a second a fear of falling out of the air and dying crossed my mind, but then I remembered I was in a dream and started to pick up speed. It's such an amazing sensation, feeling the air rush past your body, feeling the acceleration of some invisible force push you faster and faster! As I picked up speed, I started to unfold my body out into a superman formation and lift into the sky. Unfortunately, I only went a short distance before waking up. It sure was a refreshing way to wake up though!
    lucid , dream fragment

    First Lucid Experience in a While

    by Jdcie on 12-06-2012 at 08:06 AM
    Not last night, but the night before I had my first Lucid dream in what seems like forever!

    i was in a building with dim lighting which resembled the recording studio I work at. I was standing in one of the studios, and thought to myself: "Wow, this is boring... I'm in a dream, I should do whatever I want." I went lucid, walked towards a wall and managed to walk through it, which was an amazing feeling!

    I proceeded to walk through several walls, but after a while I decided I wanted to go outside. I walked towards a brick wall, which posed as the perimeter of the building. As I passed through it, the blinding light of day was so much so that it overcame me and I woke up

    Wood as a Recording Medium?

    by Jdcie on 04-03-2012 at 10:10 PM
    This dream started off with me walking through a shopping mall. As I was just strolling along, a girl standing out in front of a store walked up to me and said she needed my help. She was about my height, my age, had dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders and a slight New Zealand accent (which was totally hot).

    She was trying to explain her dilemma to me, not in a frantic manner, but rather cool and composed. It wasn't making sense to me for some reason, so I ended up telling her to just take me to the problem so I could see it for myself.

    We walked out into the parking lot and there was an airport shuttle van waiting there by the curb. I jokingly asked, "You're not going to kidnap me and rape me, are you?" She laughed and said "I like that, but no." (Liked the joke, not raping people haha) I appreciate a dark sense of humor here and there.

    We arrived at a dilapidated old building surrounded by a chain link vence. The vence had a wooden or tarp screen on the inside of it so you could not look beyond it. As we walked into the gate, the area opened up into a messy junkyard. Old rusted cars, discarded appliances, it was all there. For some reason I specifically remember seeing a green 90's Subaru Forester.

    We came to a dimly lit room where there were wide wooden planks running across one of the walls. The planks had markings and notches etched into them. The girl went up to them and ran a dry washcloth across the wood and music started to play! Right out of the wood! It was an electronic-indie type song... Which was ok... but the cool thing was that this chick somehow managed to record music directly onto wood. No speakers, nothing; You somehow plugged the microphones into the planks (I didn't get a look at the interface between the mics and planks), recorded, and just ran the cloth over the planks and the song would play.

    I was completely amazed and immediately started asking questions. Apparently she played all the instruments herself, recorded and mixed the entire thing. I grabbed the cloth and ran my hand across the etchings. The sound of the cloth sliding across the wood made the song sound like it had a phaser/flanger effect on it.

    I was in love. If there's one characteristic I find more attractive than anything, it's intelligence (humble intelligence at that). Smart, kind, gorgeous, New Zealand accent, inventing new recording mediums that defy the laws of physics, sign me up. Dammit dreams, why do you tease me!!

    I suddenly remembered that I had come here to help her out with something. She told me she actually didn't need help with anything, she just wanted to show her crazy "wood recording" to someone who would appreciate it. Radical.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream Girl

    by Jdcie on 12-27-2011 at 08:08 PM
    This dream started out in the halls of the high school I graduated from. I was in my current body, not my high school body, so I was a lot more in shape and confident than I was back then. I was just dawdling about in the hall when a girl caught my eye. She was actually an inch or so taller than me, which is usually a turn off for me. She had a fit body, blue eyes, and short champagne blonde hair just above the shoulders. Usually I'm not attracted to the short, super light blonde hair either, but the way she was wearing it made it very appealing to me.

    I went up to her and started walking/talking with her down the hall. Her name was Eileen, a name I've barely ever heard in my life, but a pretty name none the less. We decided we should go drive around and hang out, and I was ballsy enough to put my arm around her as we exited the school.

    It was evening and we drove around for a while, talking. It's crazy how in depth dream characters can be and how much you can learn about them. She was a midwestern girl, same age as me, and had moved out here with her parents. She loved rock/alternative rock/folk/indie and was into climbing/hiking/skiing; all the same outdoor activities I was into. She was super nice and very down to earth.

    This is the cool part. We somehow made it into a house and she said something to the effect of "You haven't forgotten those promises you made to me, have you?" "Of course not," I said, "I have them all right here so I don't forget." I pulled out my phone (the same one I have in real life) and went to my notes. There was a page titled 'Promises Made to Eileen' with a short list jotted down below. I was confused on how the list got there, as I thought I was meeting this dream character for the first time.

    I then realized that this was not my first time meeting Eileen! I had a revelation that I had met her in a previous dream that I had now forgotten. She smiled at me, extremely happy in my remembrance of meeting her before. We shared a great kiss, said our goodbyes and then I woke up.

    This is one of the first times I've remembered a reoccurring character in a dream, and I must say I am very pleased with her. Now if only I could meet the real life version...
    non-lucid , memorable