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    1. The minimum for full time is 12 credit hours so I'm taking 6 in addition. The only dream related stuff I've been up to lately is just writing down some dreams that stick out to me upon waking up. So I'm getting my dream journal done slowly but surely. I've actually had the same dream journal since 2005. I would like to hear more about your experiences in life and all that. I hope that you can find the motivation to Lucid Dream again!!!
    2. Hey, yeah I'm kinda in the same situation as you! Never been home schooled, although my girlfriend has pretty much her whole life. But I am starting my second year in college and not LDing at all as of like 5 months. You said you're working on a Minecraft texture pack? That's cool!!! I used to play Minecraft all the time until this summer. I actually gave up video games all together, because I had this sudden realization that I had more important things to do other than that. It was taking up too much of my time and money. In response to your classes too, that sucks! I too have a very heavy load of classes. I'm taking 18 credit hours (which is a lot. It means that's how many hours I should be dedicating to school each week.)
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      hey, i've been off of DV for freaking forever. Haven't been really trying to LD either. gotta get back into the habit of RCing and keeping a Dream Journal. Started my first semester at high school this january, which was also my first semester in a public school system (don't remember if i ever told you or not, but i've been homeschooled my whole life). Now, the summer vacation's almost over, and i've got a nightmare year coming up. since i started halfway through the year last year, they couldn't give me any math, science, or lit. so this year i've got to take 2 math, 2 science, and 2 lit classes, all at the same time, and i believe all for the entire year. so i'm not sure if i'm gonna have time to get back into LDing. Left ASEA (the game dev company), I just didn't have the skills to help with much. and i've been trying to work with some pixel art. i've also started working on a minecraft texture pack. what's been going on with you?
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      hey, i'm back on DV, what's going on?
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      hey, sorry i haven't been real active on dreamviews lately. things have been going great, i'm in a new gaming company, gonna get an official job there soon. I stopped the schoolbus yesterday morning, which was hilarious. i've been playing alot of minecraft, have a huge castle and everything. thing is, i haven't been having lucids that i remember AT ALL. after all that stuff happened i sorta stopped. i'm trying to start again, i guess the good old DILD is what i'll start using to help me get back on my feet.
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      Hey what's up? i haven't heard from you in a while.
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      The CANWILD technique. The Lucidity Power Trials Club is something in the forums that gives out challenging tasks to members. to enter the only thing you have to do is send me a dream journal entry in which you used alot of control.
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      i'm going to try it tonight. How did it work for you?

      btw, if you get really good a dream control then how about joining the Lucidity Power Trials Club?
    9. Wooohoo! trying to LD tonight using the DEILD tecnique or how others say CANWILD tecnique! I can't wait!
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    What it Felt like in Sleep Paralysis

    by jshumck on 08-02-2017 at 02:58 AM
    This is still really fresh in my mind; it happened to me this morning at around 7:30AM. As I'm writing this I will explain my current states throughout the experience. A little back story, this was a WBTB kind of thing. I woke up this morning to make my wife coffee and breakfast, and after she left I went back to sleep focusing on lucid dreaming. I also had a really great success with a LD too! That's not why I'm posting here though.

    (asleep and just exiting a lucid dream) I had a false awakening I think. I opened my eyes (still in dream) and I could not move my body really, and I didn't really want to because I wasn't ready to wake up if I was actually in my real body. A figure appeared at the door and I knew it was my wife. She said, "Hey baby," and then walked over to the foot of the bed. She seemed just out of my field of vision because I could not really see her the whole time. I knew a figure was there at the foot of the bed sitting down. I felt my feet move when she sat down, and she was putting on socks or something I presume. I was very lucid this whole time and I didn't think she was real, because how could she be? She had gone to work, and I know because of the nature of her job she wouldn't be back. I was in the same sleep position as I was in real life, and my real body almost felt like a shell. I tried rolling around on my bed in my dream and my orientation would change, but I still had an awareness that my body was still in the same position. (In real life I was laying on my side similar to fetal position.)

    Meanwhile this whole experience was kind of scary because I couldn't move and there was an entity (whom my mind made out to be my wife) and I couldn't do anything about it. Moving felt like drifting through thick water, but being slowly reeled back to my real body position. I would move fluidly and smoothly, but then become aware that I hadn't moved at all. It was really interesting in the moment. I accepted the fact that I was in sleep paralysis and couldn't make anything else happen. I just calmed myself and waited for it to be over. My room looked exactly how it does in real life (minus the blurriness).

    Once that FA/SP was over, Everything went black and I had a lucid experience while in NREM. Certain shapes would pop in and out. Also I remember hearing some voices, but not being able to remember what they were talking about. Then I had a REALLY VAGUE looking dreamlike experience. Picture it like a smooth fade in from a movie. Natural light and color of outside. Everything was blurry but I knew where I was and certain symbols drifted in and out. I also remember it being very colorful, and I was moving in some kind of truck on the passenger side. I was looking out the window, but again it was very vague and almost like I had my eyes fixed. I wasn't able to look around. Just had to watch passively as things came in and out. One symbol in particular was a block with a rectangular shaped hole through it. It just passed by me, and everything was really relaxing.

    After all of that, the imagery faded out very peacefully and I opened my eyes in real life. I wrote everything down after trying to retain all of that.

    The Halfway House

    by jshumck on 07-20-2012 at 04:57 PM
    I was outside of this little old white house with my girlfriend, lets just call her K, and outside there was movie tickets littered on the ground everywhere. I picked some up and read them, but now after waking up cannot recall what they read. We went into the little white house, which wasn't so little when we went in. There were people in there that I have seen before. They were married and were playfully flirting with each other then ran upstairs to have sex or something. I recognized their faces but not their names. I then realized that I had met them before I started dating my current girlfriend. I met them with my past girlfriend. I've only been in this house in my dreams before. So I'm guessing that this house is only where me and my girlfriend will go together. The two people there came back downstairs and made us this wonderful food. There was mashed potatoes, tacos filled with rice, cheese, beef, and pickles (?). K is allergic to cucumbers so I told her not to eat the tacos or she would get sick, but she did anyways and nothing really happened after that. I never even ate the food (I wish I would have!). That's pretty much all that happened.

    Weird Prom Dance Night

    by jshumck on 04-06-2011 at 11:30 PM
    April 6, 2011
    Slept from 11:15 - 7:10

    I dreamt that I was in this big room, as big as high school gym but darkly lit. It had 2 balconies and there were people walking on them. Everyone was dressed formally because this was our Prom. The giant room was filled with tables and chairs like a restaurant, and there were booths lined up against the walls. I met up with my girlfriend while I was walking around, and then I met up with my best friend who is a girl (We'll call her "L" for now). Anyways, L kissed me on the cheek to say hi, and then she kissed my girlfriend on the lips. This was not weird to me at all because logic was messed up in this dream. Then we sat down and ate dinner.
    dream fragment

    I Summon My Girlfriend

    by jshumck on 04-05-2011 at 11:19 PM
    April 5, 2011


    So I was in some house in a big bathroom, and my brother was there messing with the soaps. Then I just randomly decide that I want a girl there with me, so I closed my eyes and really tried hard to imagine a girl there with me. Next thing I know, my girlfriend whispers in my ear and then I open my eyes and she is just looking at me. I wanted to kiss her but she refused. She told me that it wasn't safe where we were. Then I tried telling her that it was okay because it was just my dream. She didn't believe me and then walked out of the door.
    dream fragment

    Am I Sure This Isn't Reality?

    by jshumck on 12-04-2010 at 08:25 PM
    December 4, 2010
    Wake Time: 6:15 AM


    I cannot recall any dreams as real as this one. To put it simply... It blew my mind! Here it is: I woke up in my bed, feeling the sheets on my body. Then for some reason I decided to look at my hands. I made a fist and my hand looked abnormally small. I thought, Hmm... This cant be right. Then it hit me: I am dreaming! Then I remembered to look at my hands and examine them, while also rubbing them together in order to make the dream intensify in clarity. It worked, and my hands felt so very real! It was very dark in my room and I could not see very well. So I walked over to the light switch feeling my way over. Everything in my room felt exactly how it did in real life. The wood floor on my bare feet, the couch upholstery, and the fabric of my clothing. I turned on the switch in my room, and it did turn on the lights (some people say that lights don't work in their dreams. I find that they always work in mine). I didn't bother to look around though after the light turned on. I just moved on to the hallway outside my bedroom, which was also dark so I had to feel the walls to get through it. Then I got to the stairs and walked down them, while the steps made the same sound they usually do when I descend them. When I got down to the bottom I turned the corner to walk down another hallway in my house. Then I decided that I would see if my dream body felt as real as it does in real life. I felt the sides of my stomach and it tickled a bit, then I felt my legs. Then I had a thought. What if I was sleep walking in real life? To test my theory, I only had to think to myself, I want to go back to my real body. I opened up my eyes. WOW! I wasn't sleep walking. Then I proceeded to retrace my steps from the dream. Everything felt exactly as it did in the dream.

    Some out there are probably thinking, Why would you waste an opportunity like that to just walk around your house?? You do that everyday! Well, I think that I didn't understand right then that I could have done anything I wanted to. Also I have been wanting to have a dream that takes place in my new house. I think next time I will try and translocate myself through a door and go somewhere fairly interesting next time. I don't regret this experience at all though, not one bit.