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    1. If you're used to it and find it easier to get to sleep with it on then I'd say, no. However, if you are worried that it will influence your dreams too much then I'd recommend turning it off. Since you have it on most of the time though I don't think it would have much of an effect unless your volume is really high.
    2. Well, I keep my tv on every night....do you think i should turn it off?
    3. Nope, I have no idea. It probably depends on the person. Having it on may influence what happens in your dreams though.
    4. Hey, do you know if keeping the tv on all night has any effect on dream recall?
    5. Alrighty. ^_^
    6. Yo, we need to work out what the first mission is.
    7. I posted the details.
    8. Sooorta. >.> You said it involved missions to complete and such related to dream control. I don't really know the exact details though.
    9. Sorry, I have to do this because of the dumb 3 messages and hour rule....you do know what the Dream Army is right?
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