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      Hey dollarway, I'm still around. Nice to see you back!
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      Hey! I'd love to hear about it
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      Dude, I have loads of ideas for the dream army project. We should have like a ranking system. You would be in charge, obviously, because you are the creator. So you could be the general. Anyway, each rank should have certain requirements, such as, to move up a rank, you must have all the current main mission completed. Then side missions (Learning combat, espionage, getting intel, and other general mission like that), could have a certain amount of points for each. So another requirement could be, all main missions done, and 10 points. Then we could have more point as you go higher up. Everyone would have to prove they had done it though, by posting dreams in their dream journal.

      I have so many good ideas for this
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      If you're used to it and find it easier to get to sleep with it on then I'd say, no. However, if you are worried that it will influence your dreams too much then I'd recommend turning it off. Since you have it on most of the time though I don't think it would have much of an effect unless your volume is really high.
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      Nope, I have no idea. It probably depends on the person. Having it on may influence what happens in your dreams though.
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      Hi and thank you for the friend request. Happy dreams
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      Hey man, whats up.
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      Alrighty. ^_^
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      Sooorta. >.> You said it involved missions to complete and such related to dream control. I don't really know the exact details though.
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      lol it's you yet again, again
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    Cool Dreams

    by dollarway64 on 11-06-2011 at 09:33 PM
    Haunted Trail
    I was at a haunted trail attraction with a group of friends. I was specifically with my cousin, Devin. We were both scared because we heard chainsaws. So, we made a plan to go into the haunted trail through the other end, so, we would be prepared. Our group left us and went into the haunted trail. I spotted my church pastor and talked to him. He jokingly told me that he was scared.

    Me, the Juvinile
    I dreamed that I was spending the day at my cousin, Devin's house. His mom worked at a juvinile center. In the dream, I had a friend in that center. So, me and Devin kept trying to break into the juvinile center. The first time, we made it to the door, but, Devin's mom came out and we had to hide under a table. But, his mom saw us and dragged us back to the house, telling us that if she catches us back there, she'll kill us. So, we tried again. This time, we made it to the pool room. The pool was filled with girls. Eventually, Devin's mom came in and it was every man for himself! I jumped into the pool and ran for it. Somehow, my clothes were gone. I ran outside and a random kid told me to talk to him or he'll tell on me. I ran away from him. I went back to the house, Devin made it. I tried to put on pants, but, I couldn't. So, I put on some pajamas. I woke up.

    Concert Fragment
    I was at one of my brother's concerts. He was doing really good. "Alright," he said, "We've got one more song for you! I'm pumped up!" A girl in front of us said he sucked. I told her to shut-up.

    Updated 11-06-2011 at 09:58 PM by dollarway64


    Weird Dream Night

    by dollarway64 on 11-05-2011 at 05:34 PM
    Haunted House
    I was in a haunted house attraction with a group of friends. We were at the end of it. We were about to go through the hallway, when Leatherface popped out with a chainsaw. Everybody screamed except for me. I fell to the floor and so did a DC. I told them, "We have to not look scared. He would go away if we're not scared." We got up from the floor, but, I think the Leatherface guy heard me. He wouldn't go away.

    This was a lucid dream fragment. I was in a snowy desert. Ellen Page and Leonardo Decaprio were in front of me. I was holding a gun. I was full aware I was dreaming.

    That 70s Show
    It was an episode of That 70s Show. Eric, Fez, Hyde, and Kelso were there. They were all mad at Kelso and he was trying to explain himself.

    Got the Part
    I dreamed that I got one of the lead parts of a weird dance movie. I shared the lead part with my friend Billy (A recurring character in my dreams) and a black guy. I don't remember the black guy's name, so, let's nickname him Youssef. Youssef, Billy, and I shared a dorm together. A very bossy woman barged in there and demanded us to be under her control. We said no. So, she gave us each five dollars. At lunch, we each spent our five bucks on chicken. The woman watched us do it and was mad at us. The chicken looked like chocolate cake. We then started filming the
    first scene of the movie. I found out the woman played the part of the principal in the movie. The scene took place in a gym. Youssef was the main character. All the dancers, including Youssef, Billy, and me, danced to a very weird song. The school staff didn't want us to.

    Choir Concert

    by dollarway64 on 11-09-2010 at 02:00 PM

    It started with me and a few friends sitting down, getting ready for our chior concert. When it was time, we got up in our positions. I could see my parents watching, my dad was bored out of his mind. Then, we sang. We sounded terrible. Afterwards, we had a feast. I accidentally stumbled upon a different feast, my sister was in it. Later my mom drove me home. We stopped at cranfords to get some groceries. But, then, we saw my sister drinking light beer, but, it turned out to be orange juice. I decided to go home with my sister. She told me that I had ruined her feast. I woke up.

    Dream Ends


    by dollarway64 on 11-06-2010 at 07:33 PM
    One fragment I remember:

    I was somewhere at church, and I was telling a DC about Scary Movie 3. I was talking about the scene where Charlie Sheen asks for a few minuets with the bottom part.

    Dream Ends (I Think)

    I honestly don't remember the rest of the dream.

    Updated 11-06-2010 at 07:44 PM by dollarway64

    dream fragment

    4th LD (Finally Found Dream Guide)

    by dollarway64 on 07-22-2010 at 08:28 PM
    *Non-Lucid at first, then Lucid.*

    It started out as a non-lucid dream. Me, a girl with messy brown hair, and another girl were in some sort of video game. We entered a cave and started walking through. We stopped at a corridor. It had two hallways and we were trying to find out which hallway to go through. Then, we heard a roar come out of one of them, and, out came a mummy. We ran through the opposite hallway and came to a dead-end. We could hear the mummy behind us. We were desperate to find a way out, then, I found a secret passage and we ran through.

    The two girls went to talk to an old man that was in the room we went into. I, on the other hand, was looking for a way to get out. I opened a door and there was sort of a train track inside. The three of us heard the mummy's roar, and we ran into the train track room. We kept running until there was another dead-end. Then, a bright light washed over us. When the light faded, I was standing in front of my house. Then, I found out that I was in a dream. I had little time before waking up, so, I called out to my DG. The person who replied this time was none other than...the girl with messy brown hair from the mummy game.

    It turns out my DG was giving me a test before I could meet her. I passed, then met her. She looked nothing like she did in my second LD. I remembered my first LD and asked her if she could teach me to fly. She did, she told me to flap my wings like a bird, and it worked. Then, I made a mistake. I took advantage of her and tried to kiss her. She disappeared and a different girl appeared in front of me. I looked for her and found her in my sister's room, read the book, "Gone With the Wind". (awesome book) Then, I woke up.

    *I made the mistake by trying to kiss her, I hadn't seen her in a dream since then.*

    Updated 10-27-2010 at 03:01 AM by dollarway64

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