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    TK, Flinstones, this close to Rome

    by KnightDreamer on 03-12-2013 at 02:59 AM
    This entry has several stages and from now on each will be coded as follows:




    So I woke up about 2 15 in the morning. Was a bit cold and i realized i woke up because i was wheezing. I took out my inhaler and took two puffs. After that my nose became completely stuffed up and it was highly uncomfortable and difficult for me to fall asleep. After about an hour i decided to try an idea to un-stuff my nose. All i did was stick my thumb in one of my nostrils and after a few seconds i released and i could breathe comfortably for a while. Did this about 3 times before it was finally completely unblocked. I then fell asleep.

    I was in my room and my step dad was their and it seems we were arguing about something. He said something about me not doing well in school so i shouldn't want anything. Anyway i left him to his banter and as i approached the door i realized i was floating. I noticed and became lucid. So i floated to the top left corner of my room and decided to stay there and let him talk. After a few minutes I came down and floated through the doorway. I then went to my sis room and i saw my bigger sister who doesn't live here anymore. Anyway everything in this room was floating and my bearings got wild and it to a while to regain control. it was like i was Astral Projecting. All my dream re-entries and FA used to start this way.I've never APed before though. I decided to leave as there was not much to be done. Suddenly as I was going through the doorway i had an epiphany about TK that involved some kind of mental click. As i floated through the door I decided to close it behind me with TK. I thought of it, willed it, felt it and that's when the click came. The door closed as i left. This got me really exited. Sill APing I decided to go outside by phasing through the roof. At first I convinced myself but then at the last minute there was doubt. So instead of going through I ended up stretching the roof from the inside out as i tried to pass through. After a while I noticed it wasn't working and decided to go through the barred gate. With ease I phased through. *FACEPALM* It was that easy, DON'T THINK and you'll pass through.
    On the other side I went up to the roof I saw three girls explaining to me something about dealing with your feelings and the moon. One of them flew up to it and attached a piece as she demonstrated how it work. I then made the moon turn and could it's backside. it was three dimensionally flat if you now what i mean. After that Night turned to Day as i jumped down from the roof. and landed somewhere near a beach. before i jumped down though i thought of going to Rome and saw A giant cruise ship and then a guy pulling up in a boat on the sand.Hmm which should I choose?? Damn that boats so cool It can sail on sand!!!So i headed for the boat but as i advanced i saw a guy from school called Brian. He was chubby and I really didn't want to interact with him now. Click! He was up in the air then smashed in the sand. Went for a second round and I ended up breaking his spine and he died. Some how a few seconds later he came back to life. I got fed up. Click! He was tossed somewhere to my left where i couldn't see.Poor him, caught me in my TK mode I proceeded to the boat and as i did Day turned to Night and made a comment about not sailing at night. Something dangerous. So I decided to explore the realm and made off on a sand road behind me.

    After this there was a fragment involving a lot of TK usage and me trying out my new energy disc technique but it failed. So instead of reaching behind my back and throwing 6 inch diameter energy discs i threw two inch energy beans. After that frag, i was caught in another which was more sexual. i rarely have dreams without sex.

    Now I was walking down a road with light blue walls on either side. I stopped and started thinking about what tasks to pursue now. Two came to mind: 1) The advanced TOTM about the notes which I already set in place and, 2) Part 1/7 TOTY fight to the death in a Colosseum. I looked back at the town, home was too far away. I turned back and continued walking.
    "What's the fastest way to Rome" I asked my friend Romario who was walking beside me.Kinda odd he was there i rarely dream about him
    However i got my answer as I took a left and saw a collection of real sized model planes.For some reason they plagued my dreams.
    Some were in boxes others out in the open. had bad experiences with these before so i was cautious(aka DOUBTFUL) I jumped on top of a box with a huge pile and saw one to my liking. I knew i had to touch it a certain way to activate it, meaning to make it operational. I grabbed its tail, held it firm and as made a quick shake a ripple of energy was sent through the plane and the planes for followed the ripple. With the help of R i got it to the ground and got in. Jonny was i the front seat and took main controls. Wile i was in the back. it was a BI-Plane, green I think. we were speeding down the runway and we needed lift but the control i was using for that was working so we never got off the ground. Just as I thought, failed me again you piece of junk!!

    After that I jumped out really pissed and resorted to pure instinct. I stood, thinking about leaving this place and clapped my hands together like in FMA. Immediately I was in a different town with grey buildings. Then again, I was now in another part of the town. I saw a huge clock tower and aimed for it. Clap! I was there in front of it. Then i thought of going to Rome. Clap! I was transported to prehistoric times with some dinosaurs, huge endless forests and.. what the hell is that?? The Flinstones!! They were off at a distance with Fred at the top of a tree holding up Wilma with his left hand and Wilma holding up somebody else. They were dangling from the tree but before i could save them another emergency laid to my right. A huge white van with some symbol on it was racing towards one of the flin babies. Click! The van stopped unnaturally. Child saved, let's move on. Clap! I was in some kind dessert with a great arena in the distance.Almost there, finally!! One more try. Clap! I was in front of the arena, the details were coming into view, spectators were trickling in, then...
    Bam!!! I snapped back to somewhere else. I was outside a library, my friend was causing trouble with a teacher and i was telling her it was not me as she thought it was me. She waved me off and left. I muttered something and entered the library. When i entered i saw a huge book probably 20 inches in length and 15 in breadth while closed. Click! it floated behind me like i wanted and went to the back where i saw the librarian using TK to arrange some books. I then stopped at my old female english teacher wearing leopard tights. She looked sexy so i decided to sit down on here chair and hoist her on top of me while i guided my hand between her legs. Another teacher, probably mine for this session, was eyeing as to say "you should be studying." So ordered my book to wait at the table where my seat was, which was near the door, as i played with miss some more. I then got up and left and went to my chair. A few minutes after I sat some scholars came in and stand at the door.
    " Couldn't believe what we found. First we thought we would only see skulls and bones but we found real Templars" One said.
    I eyed them. Then it hit me, that flin kid.
    Could it be that i changed history?? Were the flinstones the first true Templars???

    After that i woke up. First i sensed something being scratched by something. Then i realized the thing being scratched was my ear and the thing scratching it was my finger. After that the rest of my body slowly came to me. Quite Odd!!!