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      04-09-2024, 07:17 PM
      Night 2 Dream 1-4 I realize it is a dream at the beginning. I teleport to my ship.I start flying around and checking planet after planet. It was a...
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      04-03-2024, 06:57 PM
      In order to understand any of what I type in my DJ for the competition, you will need to understand my dream world a bit. So this is a TL;DR for all...
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      03-30-2024, 07:18 AM
      going to try hard to accomplish a big goal this time. It’ll take a lot of smaller goals as well and I’m hoping to have them all come to a head around...
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      Hey bruh, you still interested in being a part of a shared dreaming project?
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      Hey man thanks for the add, haven't seen you around much. How long you been lucid dreaming?
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    love to study and learn any thing about LD's. i also like things about the unexplained. I am a free spirit but I also walk with the lord. Im loving to my family and caring for others. I have studied lucid dreaming and topics like it for the past 4 yrs. I am now writing a fictional book that has mager lucid dreaming and unexplained type stuff going on. I would tell about it but I'm afraid of wicked people who might try to take the idea. I'm taking precaution I've worked too hard for some one to just take it. Any way that's me for now.lol
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    lucid dreaming, and playing video games
    writer/motor router
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    faced shape shifting shadow in dream. and tried theory for real

    by dreamenaider on 12-08-2015 at 07:57 AM
    it has been stormy all weekend, when I woke up. I went on the motor route with my girl friend delivering papers. We do a split she goes in the car a bit and I go on foot. I tested a theroy and based on past events I've encountered.
    I attempted to clear the sky I waved my hands in the air as I walked puting as much energy as I could into the sky. That and positive thoughts and emotions. It appeared to be working after some time of doing this. I worked up a sweat.lol iI even pictured bright colors coming from my hands and I was whistlin.
    Then when I was more in tuned with it i was able to take a more calm aproch using less motion using some visual tactics. I sang my own song about the stars and after that the sky opened up for a clear big circle of clear sky to view the stars as it turned night fall.

    The dream.
    I was supposed to box for a championship. The dude was much taller. We were in our cars racing down the free way. Singing we will rock you. Or somthing it was me and my crew in no top jeep and the other dudes crew in his car driving down the free way. I had my hood on.
    At this point the parts of the dream might be mixed up I don't know. I clear the sky before or after I got out of the car. But I clear the sky with my hands and thinking happy thought. It soon reveled the moon it was a half yellow moon at first then it turned into the sun.
    Then we drove again But this time there was a cloud entity taking on the aperence of many faces and moving very swiftly I tried to point it out to some one. but every time they would look it would move somewhere else it was staring at me and wanted to make sure only I seen it. It did not look or feel good. Then instead of boxing a man. This was my opponent I was to clear him from the sky after it turned into a small tornado. There was a big shadow of a man controlling it.
    The people that was driving me were talking. One said let's get out of here or get him out of here or something. The other said he's not afraid we can take him. They were right I was not afraid I cast my fear aside. Then it aproched the hood of the car. It wasn't even a full tornado more like a big dust devil with a shadow of a man by its side it was as tall as a two story house but only as wide as a car.
    It came strait into the car. I got out and yelled at it. And thought wait I have to aproch it differently and convert it. Then I said its OK you don't have to be angree any more and I said something else I don't remember. But I think it dissipated and the alarm woke me up I was lucid in this dream not high level but an upper mid level.

    Updated 12-08-2015 at 08:03 AM by dreamenaider

    lucid , memorable , dream fragment , side notes

    another attack on dream house while building

    by dreamenaider on 10-26-2015 at 08:21 AM
    This dream was very vivid was kind of lucid when witch came. I was at my dream house. We were having fun, parts of my family was there. We were doing some construction. my brother was at the store getting some stuff we needed.I was standing on the back porch looking at the back ally.

    Then I saw some big things in the back ground coming down a mountain. There is not supposed to be a mountain there in the first place. I told every one to get in. My brother was the last one in when he came back but he went around to front. They were right behind him.
    There was a goat looking menitar that crawled on four legs and a floating witch. He got in and I shut the doors. There was three doors I shut at the back door where they were coming from. I locked like five dead bolts on the last one. the witch some how crawled under the door and tried to pull me out. But I dragged it to the TV. it was trying to do something to me the whole time as I dragged it crawling on my back with it on top. When I got to the TV I smashed its head into the TV.
    It was blood and gore and its head just felt like a rubber mask head when I was done with it. I wasn't able to convert this time again... But it died and I saw an image of a guy saying well at that point its hard to wear gloves. Or its hard to keep the gloves on. Basically saying at that point its hard to convert them at that point and you feel you have to use any means necessary.

    Well I hope the construction we did do still stayed intact. Lol wish me luck on facing that nightmare figure that keeps showing up at my dream house.

    Updated 10-26-2015 at 08:24 AM by dreamenaider


    a lucid sky with a swim

    by dreamenaider on 10-20-2015 at 04:54 AM
    The first part was vivid then I got semi lucid. When I went out side the next day the weather did the same as it did in my dreams. but it did get to a drizzle but when I went out for a longer times. It would stop raining. I did use a bit of my will too to help the sun brake through by doing motions and sounds at the sky. After a few minutes Isaw result
    As for the rain I think something greater then me was watching over me.

    I think I was in like a grand hotel or somthing. I was with a group of people but I don't remember what happened with them. I only remember bits and pieces. It could have been and apartments. I explored the halls. Some of the sections were closed of because of a fire. A whole floor was closed and you couldn't even walk on it felt like I would fall through it and caution tape on the stairs and the hall but not at the enrtrence. I don't remember much after that.

    Until I knew I was checking out the sky and flying around. It was mostly cloudy but the sun was peaking through the cloudes and it was not raining. At the end of the dream I started swimming laps in a pool. But I was naked. The pool has gold checkerd patterns along the top inside of the pool. It had a covered area, With pillars holding it up. You could see out side. There were people around. I think I figured it was a dream after that cuz I didn't care I was exposed.

    Updated 10-20-2015 at 05:20 AM by dreamenaider


    an awesome flying experience.

    by dreamenaider on 10-19-2015 at 03:47 AM
    I was at a house party. I ended up seeing my girlfriend there. She was talking to some other guy. Sitting on a couch. There were a dozen other people in this living room. The guy had shoulder length hair. sunglasses on top of his head he had a metro look or somthing looked like a doosh Any way. I interrupted and ask her to come with me. She did so with no problem. Out side was a gravel parking lot. After that my girlfriend got in a car and went home.
    I don't know why I didn't go with. I saw her teenage son driving an impala with his cousin. I dont think i wanted to go i thought somthing odd with her son driving so They left me.
    ]Then all of a sudden. I get a bit more then semi lucid. I start flaping my arms in a slow and steady waving motion but up and down like a bird and flying as I was flapping my arms . after a while of doing this I started to see like colorful waving tracers coming from my body. Then I stop flaping and do the iron man style.
    The same kind of tracers acted as the force that hovered me above the ground. Like the flames did with iron man. find out its a very smooth way to fly for hovering and flying fast. I look at the sky. And it has puffy white clouds with blue sky holes evenly all over it. Almost like pokadots but in odd puffy cloud shaps and had an orenge neon tint to it like the sun was seting. Then I look down at the people on the ground. They are all admiring me flying. some where on the balcony of the house too smiling and being entertained by my performance. After that I remember trying to fly some where but don't remember where. And woke up soon after.

    spiritually attacked

    by dreamenaider on 10-17-2015 at 04:19 AM
    I felt i was on a mission again from the start. i was runing from somthing that was invisable and kept doing somthing to me that did not feel right. Every time it did it I felt that hepless feeling I didnt like it. I was holding a baby trying to protect it. I think I managed to get away briefly cuz the dream seen changed.
    Then I apeard some where else. There was 2 of every person. In seperet rooms. They were gathered there for somthing I was trying to take notes for somthing. I was like on a mission again or somthing . A spy mission. I was around the first group of people. They were talking about somthing I don't Remember. But it was something I didn't like. They seemed they were celebrateing for somthing they did they were all standing. And i felt what they did was bad.
    I went through a crowd of people to the next section of people. The doubles of the people. In this group I kind of felt bad for them for some reason I think they were all sitting and seemed they were suffering a loss or they were sad. Some kids came up and hugged me I felt a very loving feeling when they did. Then I seen a small little docter man. He came up to me and put his hand on my head. I asked him somthing about healing but before I could say anymore it went blurry my conscience was still there. But my sight just went blurry.
    (The kids may have been good but I think the docter may have been trying to keep me away from them now.) Then he said something I don't know then... He said... As far as telekinesis I don't know. I don't know what he did. But after that I got knocked back into the scene with that thing chasing me again. I was still holding a baby. It was after the baby. I was trying to protect the baby. I tried to use a sonic blast on it of waves. I don't know if I got it but I woke up. it could have been another dreamer. Cuz of the power they had. Or it could have been a bad being. I don't know but I am going to get lucid and hunt this thing down.