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    Been actively recording my dreams since I was in elementary school (I am an adult now), so I always had a thing for dreams and dreaming. A random encounter with a forum topic taught me that its possible to train yourself to Lucid dream! I have had LDs before this discovery just didn't know what it was. Now I am trying to practice and learn.

    My username is also a true statement, however. Real life constantly gets in the way. But I have certainly seen an improvement, at least in how I react when I do go Lucid.

    I was looking for a community to talk about dreaming, and I hope that DV provides that! c:
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    Video games, Books, Reading, Drawing, Fantasy, Nature, Hiking, Yoga
    Freelance Cartoonist/Graphic Designer
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    Willy Wonka and the Murderering Demon Vampires

    by LazyLucid on 04-01-2015 at 08:40 AM
    I haven't posted in a little bit, but I have been keeping track of my dreams! Alot of them I have been writing in my paper journal for lack of time online, and when I couldn't do that I have an emergency "sketchbook" style notebook to write quick notes in. Realistically I have alot of these sketch-style notes that need to be transformed into journal entries.

    But here I will tell you about how I got Lucid FINALLY after recording and obsessing about recording! In it, my dream journal, the thing most on my mind lately, became my dream-sign.


    It starts out on a farm my landlord owned in my dream. I was looking after it for them with a dream-sister, although there wasn't much to take care of. All the animals they owned had disappeared without a trace, and no one knew what happened to them. I think this mystery, among other things, is what caused them to keep away from the farm and ask me to watch it for them. The farm was a very dull and bleak looking place. Imagine a cold winter day before any snow has fallen on the ground, but all the leaves had fallen from the trees. Barren trees, dull orange dry leaves, dull grey sky. It looked like it was 6AM, just before sunrise, all day long. And this appearance permeated through the entire farm, into the house. It was just very depressing.

    There were other mysteries too. You would hear footsteps of people walking on the second floor, but no one besides me and my little sister were there. I think the farm hands and other people who worked on the farm disappeared along with the animals, so hearing footsteps was eerie. I think there was an understanding that something unearthly occupied the farm, although I am not 100% sure.

    As to my dream-sister, she looked nothing like my actual sister in real life. I might add also, that alot of times in my dreams I am accompanied by a dream-friend or a dream-sister or my own sister in real life. I am rarely alone in my dreams. I like to think its my dream guide. This particular companion was a young girl of 10 or so, with blonde hair done up in pigtail style braids. She wore an old fashioned dress.

    I remember a couple scenes in this house. I remember me and my sister in an office type of space attempting to hook up a laptop so we could use the internet. The only part of this room I really remember is the desk the laptop laid on, and the laptops themselves. The desk was that cheap particle board style desk you see in offices, with the base of the desk being made of beige colored metal. Everything was dusty, too. There was a main section of the desk where the "main laptop" would sit, and two fold out wings, slightly lower than the main portion, where smaller laptops sat. It was designed for a team to sit at the same desk and work together side by side. We were very excited to try and get it to work, but like I said..it was quite dusty and unused. I don't think we could get the computers to even power on, or there just was no internet in the area.

    I remember walking through a small dark hallway in the home to get to a bedroom with my sister. A greenish yellow light glowed through one room to accent the darkness, like a painted yellow window bringing in the dull grey atmosphere of the outside into house. The bedroom, too, had a dusty, grey, old feel to it. The bed looked like it came out of the 1980s, infact. Another particle board mess, very low key and geometric, Blonde "wood", and pastel colored sheets. I think the whole reason I went lucid was because of what I did next. I was acting as if I was awake, and I had to go to sleep. My sister suggested I lay down, and I did. I laid down in the 1980s bed, laying in the same position I use in waking life, to my left side facing a wall. This is where I heard the walking and banging upstairs as I tried to fall asleep. My landlords in real life live above me in my house, and it is an actual thing for them to make lots of noise when getting ready for work at 4 AM. I think my mind was recreating this, only in my dream, ghostly things were stomping around instead.

    I did my best to ignore it, covering my head with the blanket and closing my eyes. Very weird to try and sleep when in a dream, but it was just as it was in real life. Nothing zany happened when I closed my eyes, just the usual darkness. The banging continued, but I just ignored it and continued to focus on falling asleep.

    This next part, I don't know in what order of the dream it occurred. Maybe here!

    I remember I had wanted to grab my dream journal and "emergency" red journal from home, because I knew I would be staying at the house for a while and wanted to use the opportunity to write down all these dreams I have been stockpiling for the past few days. I remember going to my boyfriends house - not my house! - and searching for them around and under the cushions of their living room couch. I reached under the leftest most cushion and..voila! my dream journals! Just as I found it, a little funny gremlin looking demon appeared to my right, in the fireplace or floating near it. He wasn't a menacing monster, just something you would imagine seeing in a kids book or a cartoon. Ugly, but not scary. He popped in to taunt me about my sister, how I left her all alone. He told me she was in danger in a mocking way. Maybe he even implied HE was kidnapping her! I got angry and nervous, and decided to get my butt back to the farm house to make sure she was ok. I vaguely remember the demon showing me a video of my sister. She was sitting with other kids in a daycare setting (the same grey dullness), doing some kind of craft project on little circular tables like you'd see in a school. Suddenly someone called to her, and she got up and walked off camera. So, I rushed to her rescue!

    I guess my sister was taken to the usual place bad stuff happens in my dream, my childhood home, "B Street". Always, no matter what, I find myself back in that house with its spooky basement full of ghosts! Anyways, I had to take a train there to rescue her, but I missed it completely.

    Rather than give up hope, however, I said "why don't I just fly there?"

    This is where things get weird. I cant figure out how all this worked out in my dream. Maybe it just doesn't make sense! I am back sleeping in the 1980s bed, or maybe I woke up a little in real life, or maybe I was just dreaming of dreaming again. Whatever the case, I was back to having my eyes closed like I was trying to go to sleep. When I suggested to myself to just fly there, a flash of purple and pink lit up my blackness, and the desire to fly to where I needed to go went from just a mere thought in my head, to a visualization, to a dream. I saw myself sliding down a steep hill like a videogame character, and saw myself glide over a gap at the end of this hill to a platform on the other side. (Very videogame-like. Just imagine Mario64 styled levels or Banjo Kazooie. Very polygonal, this section.) At this point I was having trouble. Its always a gamble with me when it comes to transitioning from "vague idea/visualization" to "holy crap I am dreaming!" because at some point you need to "open your eyes". When visualizing the gliding/flying, my eyes were "closed". I flew from that platform I glided to, and flew a little more to land in a small polygonic valley on the other side. I felt the sensation, that wonderful sensation, of dream flying while I did this. But my eyes were still "closed". I landed all cool in a fancy crouching pose, and just stayed there for a little bit.

    "You have to open your eyes, you know." I thought to myself. "Its always a gamble, but you have to try!"

    So I did. The first try, I opened my eyes to a faded black scene, like a stage set where all the lights are out. You can just see the vague shapes of the things around you but nothing concrete at all. It was because I was trying to go to B street, still determined in my mission. I was trying to visually construct that place with my consciousness, but I just sucked at it. I saw shaped of trees, and the valley I was in sort of transformed into a little side lawn on a side of a house that actually was on B street. But it was all dark and formless. So I closed my eyes again, and thought really hard. "You're in B STREET!". I opened them again. Same thing. I closed them again. As usual when in these kind of pickles, I said "screw it, let me just let the dream take me where it wants me to go." After coming to terms with my suckiness, I opened my eyes one final time.

    Oh sweet goodness! So wonderful to open your eyes when lucid to a new world!

    I was not in B street at all. I was in something that looked like it came out of the newer Willy Wonka movie. I was still in my little valley, and it was still kind of dark like before, but past this was a vividly colorful hill, a bright spring green. It was framed by bright red velvet and gold tasseled stage curtains, and it went up in steps to a scene on the tippy top, like a big green staircase. At each "step", red and white candy cane looking swirlie structures decorated the hill. There were yellow and white flowers, too, and maybe a cobblestone walkway. I was, as usual, in awe of the clarity of being here, and just took it all in. I tried rubbing my hands to get more in the moment, but it didn't really bring any texture or more realism to the situation. I usually don't bother with sensation alot anyways. I find constantly rubbing my hands to be distracting, but I do try it from time to time. I saw on the top of a hill, a little scene. Maybe a tree in shadow, with a park bench sitting besides it, and someone lounging in it, like they were sleeping. It was either my sister fainted from being kidnapped, or the bad guy in the plot lounging in a smarmy sort of way. I couldn't see the top immediately, so I focused my eyes (go me for doing more than one focusing technique!), and as I did so I began walking up the hill.

    Like a dream does, as I neared the top, the scene transformed. I also got a little more numb the closer to the top of the hill I got, but I was still using my conscious mind just fine. The top of the hill transformed itself into a medieval/fantasy looking church, and waiting inside for me was the villain. The church was completely open from where I walked into it. Inside, it had a lobby sized area for maybe a couple of people or parishioners to sit. It was small by cathedral standards but it also fluctuated in that respect as well. To the left of the "parishioner" area was a rounded room, almost a large alcove. It was completely walled in glass windows that gave a view to a forest outside. In front of the parishioner area was where the priest would usually go. In the dream this section was only a few steps higher than the congregation area, whereas in real life its usually a little taller I think. There was a big rounded stain glass window here like a traditional church, but the exit door to the other side of the church was there too. The right side of the church was just a wall. The entire thing was in light grey stone, with pillars and steps and all the nice things you'd find in an older church. Where the priest's place was stood the villain. It was a taller 20 year old with brown-red hair and pale skin, wearing black. She was a vampire. She kidnapped my sister and was going to feed off of her and turn her into a vampire, too. I am not sure what ended up happening to my sister in this struggle. the brunette vampire was, I think, behind her and sucking on her neck or threatening to. She might have even turned her into a vampire already and I had to fight her off. Whatever the case, my sister was getting in the way of my battling the evil vampiress. Either I had to break her neck and push her into the window alcove, or the vampiress threw her in there after sucking on her blood and she passed out and fell in there. In the dream, as in my favorite show "Vampire Diaries", cracking ones neck didn't kill them immediately. It just sort of knocks someone out.

    (I was still SLIGHTLY lucid btw.) I tried to punch at the vamp while she hid behind my sister. My punches connected but they did little to her, and she laughed them off. Once my sister was out of the way, I kept trying to punch her out and stop her from killing her and me. I didn't want to kill the evil vamp I don't think. I wanted to either cure her or just stop her from hurting other people. If there was a way to end it in a peaceful or less definitive way, I was willing to try it. However, my methods were not working, and I decided I had to worry more about my unconscious sister than keeping this woman alive. Now that I think of it, I think my sister was going to turn into a vampire, so it was a race against time to stop the villain before she turned. I think I needed the evil villain's blood to stop the transformation, or killing off the villain stopped it. Since I was so stressed for time, I reach over to the brunette vampire, said "Ah screw it!", and snapped her neck. Instantly she crumpled to the floor, completely defeated.

    I ran over to where my sister was laying and helped her up as she came to. Did I give her blood? Not sure. She looked differently at this point, though. What was once my blonde, fancy dressed little sister was a squat little anime chibi dressed in kimono. She had a big bobble head, and her hair was black now. She stood up and was fine.

    After that I woke up and happily wrote all this down! Yay!
    VAMPIRE STUFF: Definitely Vampire diaries! One of few shows I watch, I guess I was thinking about it that night. I even thought perhaps the bad guy of this show, "Claus", was in my dream!
    Stompy stomp stomp above my head!: My landlord's wonderful habit of causing ruckuses every morning. Its why I wear earplugs.
    Getting to sleep: I have been OBSESSING with going to bed at a good hour since restarting my Lucid dream mission!

    And of course, my dream sign was MY DREAM JOURNAL because of my recent obsession with writing in it. Having it in my hand in the dream made me think of dreaming, so I was able to easily figure things out. Dreaming was on my mind, so it was an easy transition, and my journal was the reminder!

    Updated 04-01-2015 at 08:57 AM by LazyLucid


    Alien Queen of the Amethyst Planet

    by LazyLucid on 03-18-2015 at 05:55 PM
    I think I am going to have trouble remembering my dream last night. I will record what I remember later today.

    But, for now, another Lucid dream I had put down previously. This particular dream, I was thinking it was an OOB experience. So some of my wording is odd. I didnt know about lucid dreaming at the time. Also, another experience from college. I used to do some crazy dream stuff back then!


    I took a nap for whatever reason an art student takes a nap, so when I began dreaming, my conscious mind was still awake. I was back in CT (I was attending college in NYC at the time of the dream) and in my Parent's house. I was in my sister's room, walking, or floating out from her closet and towards the the outside hallway that connects her and my room with the rest of the house. I had the feeling of being led somewhere without my permission, but I figure it was my spirit floating through the house and my logical, conscious mind confused that it wasn't in control. I looked up and into the dining room (as before I was concentrating more on the floor. And no, I don't recollect my feet.) and commented on how the sunlight was shining so nicely into the room. I then took a left, through the open doors and into the living room, where I looked down onto one of my mom's throw blankets that was on the floor along with one of the many furniture catalogs my mom keeps and reads from time to time. I remember seeing some red cloth or reddish cloth blanket or bedspread. I also commented on how the blanket and magazine were even ON the floor, since in real life my mum is such a clean freak and only usually puts things on the floor for a minute.

    I figured, or knew she was somewhere in the kitchen. Next, in a flash, I had speedily made my way to the front door and was looking out the storm window. I then flew outside, spun around to look at a moving van that was parked infront of the house next door and on the sidewalk. I studied it for a while, then...

    I was suddenly somewhere completely different. I flew out of an emerald colored volcano that was hollowed out and without lava. (like a volcano shaped chute or something.) I began ZOOMING towards a sparkling city or palace that was very far away, but I reached it in only a few seconds. Between the green volcanoes and the sparkling citadel was what looked like shining purple chunks of rock, with deep cracks in between them. I couldn't exactly see what they were or if there was anything else under me as I flew, since I was going so incredibly fast. It was also very dark under me.

    The next thing I saw was the interior of the castle. I was standing in the huge threshold of what seemed at first like a sewer, only very clean and without poo-rivers. Or maybe it was closer to a dungeon-like water treatment plant. I stood in a square, grey bricked corridor, looking ahead and down at a river of purple sparkling water. It flowed below the corridor I was in and an adjacent, identical corridor, from the left to the right. It ran through a grate in the left and went off somewhere I couldn't see on the right. I think it also branched off to another river that flowed away from me, further down.

    Next I was at the threshold of the whole manor/castle, only a little in. I now saw before me a humongous, glowing purple orb, inside which was what looked like a star system, or a universe. The orb was on a black pedestal. I think things and mist swirled around the orb. At first this was all very fuzzy, like I didn't have my glasses on and therefore couldn't see well. But, my logic mind still active, I was able to make myself focus. I wanted to remember all of this. I focused too much and things became too detailed. Like if you put on a stronger prescription of glasses that you shouldn't be wearing and it strains your eyes.

    It was then that I noticed a guard to my right and a little infront of me. He hadn't seen me yet and was looking away, like a guard would. He wore a knights mail, a helmet...held a spear? Had faded red on. When I saw him I started to excitedly talk at him, so happy that I was able to meet another person while I was able to still use my logic mind. Of course I scared him, because I was behind him and he had no clue who I was or why I was there. I then realized this, and was afraid he would attack me, so I jumped really high 3 or 4 times to get out of his way. I landed in a room connected to the one I was just in, to the direct left of where I previously stood. There was what looked like gym mats ( both rolled up and unrolled and on the floor ) in this room, and I think it somewhat resembled a P.E gymnastics area.

    Next I remember looking in a mirror and looking at my reflection as I danced excitedly. I looked like me. The guard who I previously scared was still there. He told me, as I looked in this full length mirror, that I was "the reincarnation of our Queen". or Princess. Then I woke up.

    After this, I was convinced I was some mysterious Alien Queen in hiding. I didn't know what had happened. Whether I had a dream or I really experienced this adventure as a spirit. I was...confused. :[

    Looking back, I'm amazed I was able to focus and do other lucid-y things without even knowing that I was in a lucid dream. Ha.

    Spider pets at the big Mansion.

    by LazyLucid on 03-18-2015 at 05:53 AM
    Another nice long dream.

    I dreamed me and my friends were attending a party at one of my favorite radio personality's mansion. This person hadn't been seen in a while in the public light, and irl this person basically fell off the face of the earth unless you were a super fan.

    My friends, by the way, were just random dream people. "B" from my last dream was certainly there. Later portions of the dream deal heavily with her.

    Anyways, me and my random dream friends were sitting inside a tiki themed cabana by this mansion's pool. (Thatch roof, glowing Hawaii/island colored lanterns, coconuts. Things of that nature.) Suddenly our host revealed themselves at the party and sat down next to our group, and it was quite a sight. This person looked thin, sickly, pale, like they had been stuck inside of their house for a long time, not interacting socially with anyone. They also were stinking drunk. Literally. They smelled like alcohol. You would think I meant drinking alcohol, and if we were talking about real life that would make sense. But what I actually smelled was antiseptic/medical rubbing alcohol. This person smelled very sterilized, like they came out of a hospital. Or like bandaides. But I know it was supposed to represent actual "I have been drinking" alcohol smell.

    I tried to be nice to the stinking drunk host, talking to them, trying to joke with them, but it was embarrassing to me to try. They were just too drunk. I think they tried to kiss us, and I think we all played along, but from that moment on I decided to just stick to my group of friends and try to avoid them. All of us were sitting on a diner styled booth that ran the length of the Cabana, and I decided to scootch more to the left to talk to my group of friends. The owner of the home, in their drunken stupor, I guess didn't notice, or was too drunk to care. They just ended up sitting there alone staring off while me and my friends talked about how they smelled. I felt kind of bad, and went back over to the right where they sat to try and talk again, but I think I did this to get a better whiff of the alcohol smell so I could continue to gossip to my friends.

    It was night time at this pool tiki party. Next I remember it being daytime and me and "B" were on the road leading up to the mansion. I remember stepping back from this road, which in this scene was paved, and surveyed the entire area where the large home stood. I started thinking about how alone the home owner must be in this big house, and wondering if someone could move in next to them to keep watch on them and keep them company. There was a traditional styled home to the right of the property, basically ON the property, that may or may not have been occupied by random neighbors. I thought to myself that the mansion owner should buy up this extra house on their land and get someone to live in there to hang out with them.

    Next I recall being on this same road with "B" again, hopping up and down, playing "leap frog" or some other such game to pass the time. The road was dirt this time around, and looked alot like a road that leads to a large mansion over by a spot me and my BF frequent in the summer. Suddenly, a large tractor trailer or tour bus pulled up into the driveway. It looked like one of those "Pimp my Ride" style tractor trailers, or may have even been a "pimped out" tour bus. It was royal purple in color, with decals on either side of it. It also had flashing yellow lights on each side, for extra fanciness.

    I guess "B" knew what this tour bus vehicle was. It was a vet bus, and the people driving it were delivering some pets they had taken care of for a couple of days. I think at first these pets were supposed to be the mansion owner's pets, but it morphed into being pets of "B". There were 2 tiger striped domestic cats, orange, a dog and a Siamese cat. They had names, but I only remember one of them. The orangest of the striped cats was, of course, named "Tiger". I think the Siamese was supposed to be B's Siamese she has IRL. (IRL B has many cats.) All of the animals were in their own metal cages, stacked one on top of the other and placed on a rolling serving cart to be delivered like a parcel delivery. All the animals were sleeping, I think they were drugged to prevent them from getting nervous over where they had been. Me and B stopped our goofing around, signed off for the animals and took the whole cart into the house to take care of them.

    Inside, the cage situation became much different. Now instead of cats and a dog, we had a tiny double cell cage the size of an egg carton, with different kinds of animals inside. Chicks.

    For some reason, as if we were hatching them ourselves, we couldn't free the chicks from their cages right away. Either they were hatching from their eggs, or they needed to stay inside their cages until they woke up, since it was an incubator type of thing that kept them warm. We waited a little for the machine in each cage to do their job. I began to worry, thinking they were staying in there too long, but my friend insisted on waiting a few more minutes. Finally I convinced her to open up one half of the two cage egg carton to see how the chicks were doing, since it had seemed they were moving around for a short time. It was too late for this half of the animal cage, however. I poked one of the heads of the now browned chick, and it made a sound like I was poking a freshly cooked crispy chicken tender. We quickly opened the other half of the cage, that wasn't heating as long, before it was too late for all of the animals.

    What popped out of this side was not your typically shaped or typically sized chick. They were about half the size of a traditional baby chicken, maybe about the size of your thumbnail. (Perhaps they hadn't fully "cooked" yet, then.) Incredibly tiny, but also incredibly cute! They also didn't look like animals, but rubber toy versions of them instead. I also feel that they weren't all chicks. Some of them were small frogs, some may have been rubber duckies. They all acted as if they were living breathing creatures. I held my hand out to a small duck-thing, and it quickly crawled up my arm excitedly. As it got closer to my eyes it also got bigger in size, until it was a normal sized animal I could pet.

    These were also not the only pets inside the box.

    IRL my friend B has all sorts of plans to own all different sorts of animals as pets. Briefly she mentioned an interest in owning a Tarantula. YUCK!
    So, in the dream, B had pet SPIDERS!

    Suddenly, small little baby spiders, perhaps 5 or 6, crawled out of the box. As stated in a previous dream, I respect all life, even that of a spider's. Although they weren't as cuddley or cute as the little chick-things that came out of the incubator cages, I still understood they were B's pets, and I had to be nice to them. Also, a couple of them looked like Daddy Long legs, one of my favorite types of spiders. I knew they were hungry, so without a care in the world I allowed the little guys to crawl all over me and start sucking my blood. Where the cute duck-thing was by my face, now a spider was making its way there instead. All the cute animals ran away as the spiders did what they wanted. I saw them take nibbles on my skin, and pondered about why a daddy long legs, that doesn't bite, would now be feeding off of me like a vampire. One Spider made a circular pattern of red bite marks on my arm, the center of which was the color of ash. They took blood from this ashy spot, and it stung! On my leg, the larger daddy long legs was making a bite trail up my arm like a bedbug.

    When I saw the awful bites and lumps all this feeding was causing, I immediately stopped the spiders from sucking my blood! On my leg, by my left knee, a large lump the size of my hand raised itself, the last bite the daddy long legs gave me there. I called B over and tried to show her what her awful pets were doing to me, but she seemed to be ignoring me. Also I was distracted as I swatted these insects away!

    Next I remember one small scene where we were running from a stalker person throughout the mansion. The one scene I recall had us in a bedroom with large windows that looked out over the mansion's yard. There was a pine tree forest that bordered the yard on this side of the house, and there was a door in the room that lead out to a little patio area with steps that went down two floors to the yard below. It was all painted in white. Me and my fellow dream friends decided here was the best place to hide from a stalker. Of course it wasn't a good spot, and we soon saw the creepy man sneaking up the patio steps to the bedroom.

    Our plan to fend him off?

    We started dumping fake lemons into a decorative bowl that sat on the ledge of one window. I guess this would scare the stalker away. I couldn't tell you if it worked or not. My dream friend did it, not me. She has dark red hair, and was quite tall and thin.


    I was going up old wooden steps to the second floor of a Victorian house. Me, Michael Jordan, and my red headed dream friend all went upstairs, along with my sister I think.
    Upstairs we took a quick left into a messy old fashioned bedroom, and began packing luggage and such to leave the area.

    Anyways, thats about it!

    Radio personality: I listen to this radio show ALOT when working, and recently I was thinking about one of the members of this show who is no longer on there. I wonder how they are doing and if theyre okay. So, I had a worry-dream about them. They live in a big mansion IRL, so I was dreaming about it!

    Someone just finished reading "Penpal", the book based upon the popular Reddit creepypasta. I highly recommend it. The creepy vibes of the book have been effecting my dreams, giving me bad nightmarish situations. This dream is one of a few that was effected by this book, and I am sure it may not be the last!

    Spiders, cats, pets: B has pets, wants new pets, was thinking of getting a Tarantula. I also spend a good chunk of time with B, so she is featured prominently in my dreams lately.

    The dirt road: Me and my BF were discussion our old spot last weekend. "St. Mary's by the Sea."

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    I was THIRSTY!

    by LazyLucid on 03-17-2015 at 05:16 AM
    Oh, Joy of joys! I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, and was awarded with a nice plot-like dream!
    I will separate it into little chunks.

    Mafia Wife is Thirsty:

    I was the New Jersey-esque wife of a Mafia boss. Just imagine that Mafia wife show, or Melissa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny", but older. Like 40s. Skinny, flashy jewelry, tacky yet expensive looking clothes. For one reason or another, I was wandering the sewers, perhaps hiding from someone. I remember large tunnels made of cement, some rounded like a sewer, others roughly cut into the cement to create holes between on area and another.

    I must have been thirsty in this dream, because if you read this you will notice a theme to this!

    Suddenly, I found myself in what looked like a boiler room or 1960s control room to some factory. Everything was tightly packed together, large rectangular computer systems with gauges, buttons, and knobs on them. The walls were lined with these large computer machines, and others formed small aisles to one side. The whole placed glowed with the red of an emergency alarm light flashing, and yellow lights supplemented the red for lighting. In this tiny room, small little Dwarven men worked hard, dressed in construction gear. What they worked on specifically, I couldn't tell you. But they were the engineers who controlled the computer systems in this room. They pushed buttons, read gauges, and turned large industrial sized spigots to control the flow of, what I guessed, was whatever was puddling all along the floor.

    Perhaps ankle deep, brightly colored liquid with a smoothie-gooey consistency covered the floor of the control room. Depending upon where you looked, the giant mess of liquid was different colors: orange here, purple there, yellow in the back. Throughout this puddle, swirls of white were also present.

    I was thirsty. But someone was chasing me. I had no time to look for something more sanitary, or less smoothie thick. Listening cautiously for footsteps approaching the room, I grabbed out a striped straw and poked it into a puddle of red liquid. It tasted like Hawaiian Punch fruit punch. I think I knew this liquid was drinkable. But, it was a smoothie. Not very thirst quenching! I kept sucking on the straw hoping for that layer of juice that usually melts underneath the smoothie. I got some of that, but not enough to quench any kind of thirst. The little dwarven men told me to hurry up, since someone was coming. I tried as much as I could with the red punch liquid, then ran off.

    Destroying property in NYC:

    Next, I was with my friend "B" in NYC. I guess we decided to go there on a whim. (I live very close to "The Big Apple" IRL, and go there frequently with my friends and family.) We decided to go to a grocery store there, of ALL PLACES one could go in the big city. We were in the produce section. Suddenly my friend had a sudden desire to wreck different fresh items in the store, kind of like as a prank. A nonsensical prank. She's also vegetarian, so she may also had been doing it to teach this particular grocery store a lesson.

    I didn't want to have anything to do with her prank, humorous intent or not. I didn't think it was right, and told her that we should leave before anyone saw us. I went to another part of the store, because I was thirsty, and wanted some nice refreshing fruit to quench my thirsty. I remember grabbing some white grapes. They're so juicy, of course they were going to help me out! By the time I went back to my friend. she was hiding behind a vegetable rack as some store employees were within our line of sight. I looked down, and she told me she already had started her idea. A pack of a dozen eggs lays open infront of where my friend crouched, and she had poked and crushed each one so that no one would know they were getting soggy eggs until they opened the box. I knew we had to get out of there now, so I believe we avoided the guards and ran out of the store.

    My sister and her boyfriend were also in NYC, on a separate trip. As I ran ahead, I bumped into them. It was nice seeing them! I think they were trying to avoid something, or were in a hurry for some reason. My sister's BF specifically was in a rush, and felt they didn't have time to talk to me. I tried to talk them a bit, but realized I left my friend B behind. I went back to get her.

    I feel we were all running from something, like we, or all of the city, was evacuating.

    As for the setting of the city once I left the grocery store, I went up a stairway/escalator to the street level. Everything on the block was kind of cramped in, like I was in a clean alleyway that was closed in yet open enough to let regular ample light down to where we stood. Three tall buildings made up the walls of where we stood, and I think one of these "walls" had a stone archway in it to lead to somewhere else. I remember red doors, black metal fencing, and I think even a British royal guard with the big fluffy hats. Maybe for this smidge of my dream, I was in London!

    I woke up.

    As you may have seen, I was obviously thirsty for something sweet and fruity! I took a large, large swig of the Iced Tea Snapple I kept by my bed that night and went back to sleep for a little bit.

    The next thing I remember is packing drinks into a soft lunchbox style cooler, because me and my sister and her BF were leaving wherever it was we were. Either that or we were packing things away to go to a drinking party. More drinks! We were in an older style house, decorated as if it hadn't been redecorated since the 1970's. Wood paneling, hurricane lamp styled chandeliers, and the colors of harvest gold and rusty orange occupied this kitchen. Linoleum flooring and particle board counter tops, yuck. I put a couple of Redd's Apple Ale into my cooler. My sister, I think, gave me a half opened Coke in an old fashioned glass bottle and asked me to try to stuff it in there with my drinks. I couldn't fit it. I think I ended up drinking it and putting the empty bottle on the counter top.

    For some reason, Michael Jordan was there helping us pack various things. I guess he was our friend.

    Thats about it really. I got up again, grabbed a fresh bottle of Snapple, and drank that too. I also made sure to have fresh oranges and a banana for breakfast, since I was craving fresh fruit juice!
    Now I have a craving for white grapes, and a desire to have a yummy Jamba Juice.
    Thats all!

    Possible Inspirations:
    I saw Chappie yesterday. (Screw the reviews. See it. It is awesome.), and that may explain the theme of evacuation in the dream. Also the slight British-ness of it, although the movie took place in South Africa.

    CVS has all your epidemic cures

    by LazyLucid on 03-16-2015 at 03:55 AM
    What amazing recall I have...ugh. I know absolutely I dreamed last night, I just can't remember 90% of it!

    Here is what I DO remember

    - Some kind of mass disease situation going on, and alot of families driving to the local CVS and camping out there, waiting for a cure. The disease effected children, so everyone camping out had at least one child. I also remember a creepy guy there. I don't recall if he was trying to get the kids away from their parents to kidnap them, or if he was the one handing out the cure to the disease. In some way he was manipulating the parents or kids. The parents may have been hanging out in the parking lot in hopes of him releasing it.

    - In order for kids to be selected for the medicine, a match-up style game had to be played between two opponents. Kind of like a tournament. The game involved a shoebox sized wooden box with little wooden tiles inside. It was basically candy crush meets scrabble, I think. Matching up of different styles of the wood tiles was definitely part of it.

    Thats about it. Hopefully writing this down will cause my brain to leak out more detail on the next dream~!

    INSPIRATIONS: So obvious. I was talking to someone I call "semi-creepy guy" to myself, because he is..semi-creepy. So, as a result, I had a creepy stalker guy in my dream.
    Also, I have lately been addicted to the new Candycrush game, hence my certainty in the kind of game that was played in my dream.
    non-lucid , dream fragment