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    3 WILDs and long fight.

    by lucydity on 09-12-2012 at 08:14 AM
    I was walking through a small hallway and people were entering a sort of checkpoint to check if they were "infected" i walk through and the man says "your shower is right through that room" i go in and i start to shower, the shower curtain was really flimsy and needed sorting out a lot before it was covering me up more.

    A girl came through the door and was quite chubby with a round face, she had makeup on to the point where she looked like a clown.
    Afterwards i was walking outside in front of the large building which looked like a university or palace or some important building in England or Germany.
    I met up with some people and got my clothes, as i was trying on my trainers which were old second hand things a bus went past and some other people not part of the building i was in were throwing rocks at it, the bus stopped and a small boy got out, he furiously ran up to them and starting boxing them knocking them out one by one with a few punches each, then a man strolled up casually with a handgun, i saw the boy pick one up off the floor and they began to shoot, the boy dropped and stopped moving.

    I ran up there and suddenly snow trolls from skyrim were running down at me, i had hold of a large pole which i was smashing them with, they would fly back into the walls and hit with shocking force but just kept getting up and running at me, i kept hitting and hitting them away.

    I started hearing Chris Rock saying something as i opened my eyes in bed, i distinctly remember seeing my arm and trying to lift it but not being able to, i thought "yes! sleep paralysis" and i shut my eyes and attempted to fall into a WILD, Chris Rocks voice got louder as i felt myself spinning and falling, suddenly i came to a stop and i heard him say "get him" i opened my eyes and i was in a bed but the walls were white and i knew i was dreaming.
    Stupidly i didn't do any reality checks or anything to anchor myself to the dream, i was eager to explore, i got up and knew i was about to get into a fight, i felt the dream fading so i jumped back into the bed and closed my eyes again trying to retain it, after the third time i was spinning down like a ballerina and my foot stopped me at a cobblestone floor, I looked at my waist and said "sword" and unsheathed the sword i created, i said "clarity" but i didnt "beleive" it would happen i only said it so my dream stayed very dark and very fuzzy, i said "show me my opponent" but he didn't appear.
    Then i woke up
    lucid , memorable

    Escaping a hostage prison. Bombing of my home city

    by lucydity on 08-31-2012 at 03:21 AM
    I was being witheld within a sort of hostage facility, is was kind of free like we could walk around inside but there were guards stopping us from walking out.
    Me and a friend were planning an escape when all of a sudden the only way out, a small door opened, we both took the opportunity and barged our way through onto the lush green field.
    We sprinted as fast as we could, somehow super speed far faster than any of the guards except one, who was sprinting right after us with a sly grin on his face as he ran, i only caught glimpses of his short dark hair but i knew if me and my friend ran at this pace we would make it.
    Sudennly i turned around and my friend was pinned down by this super fast guard, i took quick action to run back and tackle this other guy off him, i pulled my friend up and we sprinted off to escape narrowly.

    A little later we were hanging around just in town, being intrested in conspiracies and other things we felt something was brewing in town at this time, we suddenly heard a huge explosion in the distance, and another, then another coming closer and closer, we looked and saw a building with casino lights flashing just out of view explode and crumble.
    Although everyone was running away feared for their life, me and my friend seemed intrigued and excited, we ran towards the explosions, then out of nowhere we heard the loud fast revving of a dirtbike and a man in a blue and white biking suit with a dirtbike helmet on come blasting round from begind a building with a large object in his hand, he was coming straight towards us and he tossed it in the building next to us, we dove for cover and there was an extreme explosion rumbling the ground beneath us.

    SaS air entry.

    by lucydity on 05-12-2012 at 09:29 AM
    The bit i remember was everyone of us being called up to the back of the plane, my friend was there, i loved her and she loved me but we were not togehter, in a wierd way.
    She was worried telling me she wished she'd never done this.
    "if it wasnt for you i would not be here" i told her, since it was her that helped me with my life and got me into the SaS (so i seem to remember in the dream)

    Her squad was being dropped off first, they dropped and then it was my squads turn, i realised i wasnt wearing my parachute, i quickly grabbed one as my squad jumped out one by one, the plane flied further and further as i put on my chute pack, i then leaped out for what seemed like miles away from where my squad dropped.
    The ground was dark brown and volcanic as i landed, i was going to run in the direction of my squad and attempt to use the wind and my chute to help carry me faster, the wind was going the opposite way so i had to ditch my chute.

    All i remember next is seeing something which made me feel incredibly sad and upset, i keeled over crying and i felt a huge burst of energy inside me, i let it burst out as i screamed and everythig around me exploded.

    The Devil comes - I am a Lion

    by lucydity on 02-28-2012 at 08:11 AM
    I am living in a small village and from the surrounding i look like i am in African bush somewhere, long dry grasses and big shady trees, i am part of a tribe and i am just a small kid in this dream, there is a plague going around the village and we beleive the devil is causing people to die by coming for them and infecting them with tumors.
    My brother returns from hunting, he has some sort of alcohol stuff with him, like a deep red liquid in a clear bottle, he drinks some and then tells me to put my hands out, he pours some of this liquid on my hands and it is red and thick like a treacle, i rub it in my hands which i think in this tribe is a great honour?
    I then drink from the bottle but then everytime i drink the liquid i feel seep out of my body and back into the bottle, then i know the devil wants me next. One of the other hunters from our tribe we beg to help us, he says "i would if i could but i need a peice of sharp flint for a cutting tool."
    I smashed the bottle neck off at a slant to create a very sharp tool "ok it will be painful though" he said, so i kept downing the bottle and feeling it seep back into the bottle but eventually i felt drunk. He then pierced my skin with a needle right the way through and began to sew something.

    Next thing i know i am some form of lion, i go through a portal and there on the other side is a male lion and his two lionesses attack me, beforee i know it i am in the tight grip of his jaws and dying, for some reason it goes back to a checkpoint, this time i jump through the portal knowing what to expect and a sprint off, i am chased by them, one of the lionesses comes up on my side and i grab her head with my powerful jaws and launch her into a barbed wire fence, i kept sprinting, suddenly a pack of my own lionesses pounces onto the other lioness, only the male lion is left, he leaps up a hill and pounces one of my lionesses to the ground, next to some form of truck or lorry.
    I leap up and i roar loud in his face and he gets scared and runs off.

    Lion, i turn into a lion after going through some form of wierd portal? A lion with two lionesses attack me and i die, then its like a checkpoint and i am alive again, i sprint off away from the male lion and i end up catching up with my own lionesses, i have 3 of the enemy pack chasing me, i snap one lioness who is closest in my jaws and throw her into barbed wire fence, male lion leaps up a hill pinning down one of my lionesses , i jump up and roar loud in his face, snap onto his neck.

    apocalypse with my girl

    by lucydity on 02-12-2012 at 03:14 PM
    I was in my room, banned from coming out and seeing my girlfriend (which i dont have one in real life) My family didn't want me to be with this girl which annoyed us both, as i looked out of my window she was in my back yard looking up at me smiling. I opened my window and jumped out sliding down the roof of the back of my house and then landing on the grass.

    My parents saw me from inside and i saw them stand up, we ran into our neighbours garden by jumping over the fence, we then carried on to leap up a set of chairs in the next garden and over the fence, carried almost by our adrenaline. As we got into the next garden i said "shh quiet" and i began to sneak around and look for an exit, i saw a road to a field at the back of the garden so we ran onto this. We wanted to get accross a river that was next to us but couldn't as the jump was too far and there was no bridge, so we ran and ran along the riverside until we got to a mud pile creating a bridge accross, we then went accross it coming out onto a field.

    Now for some odd reason i was the girl, i was with my boyfriend, in my dream i felt kinda horny so i said "lets go into the woods there, i want to see the wildlife" obviously with something else planned. We went in and slid down a small hill, my partner slid too far so i followed, threw him on his back and mounted him. He looked to the side and said "what if people come" i looked up and i realised we were on a small mud made public footpath, i said "you're right"

    We got up and walked along and what do you know two small dogs and their owner walked past and looked as us strangely as our clothes were caked in mud. I looked to the side and saw my girlfriend, i was the guy now. I remember her being a little smaller than me , pale skin and dark brown hair tied in a knot, we were both in tracksuits which is really odd for me to wear.

    As i was looking at her i heard something, suddenly in the distance a huge explosion erupted and a huge orange inferno of a mushroom rose into the sky. "RUN" she cried "NO!" i shouted "we'll never out run that", I then had an idea, i saw a small bush along the road "comon run!" i shouted, we sprinted down the road and as i looked to the side i saw a huge wall of smoke and debris steaming towards us, a huge high pitched scream of the blast rung through my ears. We got to the bush and i noticed a car park filled with cars, the smoke and debris cloud smashed through the trees splitting into multiple lines of cloud rushing towards us at high speed, it hit the car park and launched a wall of glass shards toward us.

    I threw my girlfriend down and i noticed other people around us "down! theres glass!" i screamed, my voice almost drowned out by the noise, i was on my stomach covering as much of my face as i could, i felt peices of debris breaking through what little cover we had and smashing into the side of me, mainly my legs and hips making my pelvis ache.

    As the storm calmed i stood up and most of the side of my pants was just shredded and my leg sliced and bruised and bleeding, my girlfriend was the same, another random girl who didn't drop down when i screamed had cuts on her face and she was just staring into nothingness saying jibberish, delusional and confused.
    A man said "we have to wait for an ambulance", i got up and began to limp with my girl "one wont come, not from something that big" as i thought of the hospital which was just bombed, then i thought of mine and my girls whole entire family and friends. Dead.

    I looked into her eyes and thought "if it wasnt for her we'd both be dead"

    i woke up
    non-lucid , memorable