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    1. 3 WILDs and long fight.

      by , 09-12-2012 at 08:14 AM
      I was walking through a small hallway and people were entering a sort of checkpoint to check if they were "infected" i walk through and the man says "your shower is right through that room" i go in and i start to shower, the shower curtain was really flimsy and needed sorting out a lot before it was covering me up more.

      A girl came through the door and was quite chubby with a round face, she had makeup on to the point where she looked like a clown.
      Afterwards i was walking outside in front of the large building which looked like a university or palace or some important building in England or Germany.
      I met up with some people and got my clothes, as i was trying on my trainers which were old second hand things a bus went past and some other people not part of the building i was in were throwing rocks at it, the bus stopped and a small boy got out, he furiously ran up to them and starting boxing them knocking them out one by one with a few punches each, then a man strolled up casually with a handgun, i saw the boy pick one up off the floor and they began to shoot, the boy dropped and stopped moving.

      I ran up there and suddenly snow trolls from skyrim were running down at me, i had hold of a large pole which i was smashing them with, they would fly back into the walls and hit with shocking force but just kept getting up and running at me, i kept hitting and hitting them away.

      I started hearing Chris Rock saying something as i opened my eyes in bed, i distinctly remember seeing my arm and trying to lift it but not being able to, i thought "yes! sleep paralysis" and i shut my eyes and attempted to fall into a WILD, Chris Rocks voice got louder as i felt myself spinning and falling, suddenly i came to a stop and i heard him say "get him" i opened my eyes and i was in a bed but the walls were white and i knew i was dreaming.
      Stupidly i didn't do any reality checks or anything to anchor myself to the dream, i was eager to explore, i got up and knew i was about to get into a fight, i felt the dream fading so i jumped back into the bed and closed my eyes again trying to retain it, after the third time i was spinning down like a ballerina and my foot stopped me at a cobblestone floor, I looked at my waist and said "sword" and unsheathed the sword i created, i said "clarity" but i didnt "beleive" it would happen i only said it so my dream stayed very dark and very fuzzy, i said "show me my opponent" but he didn't appear.
      Then i woke up
      memorable , lucid
    2. Escaping a hostage prison. Bombing of my home city

      by , 08-31-2012 at 03:21 AM
      I was being witheld within a sort of hostage facility, is was kind of free like we could walk around inside but there were guards stopping us from walking out.
      Me and a friend were planning an escape when all of a sudden the only way out, a small door opened, we both took the opportunity and barged our way through onto the lush green field.
      We sprinted as fast as we could, somehow super speed far faster than any of the guards except one, who was sprinting right after us with a sly grin on his face as he ran, i only caught glimpses of his short dark hair but i knew if me and my friend ran at this pace we would make it.
      Sudennly i turned around and my friend was pinned down by this super fast guard, i took quick action to run back and tackle this other guy off him, i pulled my friend up and we sprinted off to escape narrowly.

      A little later we were hanging around just in town, being intrested in conspiracies and other things we felt something was brewing in town at this time, we suddenly heard a huge explosion in the distance, and another, then another coming closer and closer, we looked and saw a building with casino lights flashing just out of view explode and crumble.
      Although everyone was running away feared for their life, me and my friend seemed intrigued and excited, we ran towards the explosions, then out of nowhere we heard the loud fast revving of a dirtbike and a man in a blue and white biking suit with a dirtbike helmet on come blasting round from begind a building with a large object in his hand, he was coming straight towards us and he tossed it in the building next to us, we dove for cover and there was an extreme explosion rumbling the ground beneath us.
    3. SaS air entry.

      by , 05-12-2012 at 09:29 AM
      The bit i remember was everyone of us being called up to the back of the plane, my friend was there, i loved her and she loved me but we were not togehter, in a wierd way.
      She was worried telling me she wished she'd never done this.
      "if it wasnt for you i would not be here" i told her, since it was her that helped me with my life and got me into the SaS (so i seem to remember in the dream)

      Her squad was being dropped off first, they dropped and then it was my squads turn, i realised i wasnt wearing my parachute, i quickly grabbed one as my squad jumped out one by one, the plane flied further and further as i put on my chute pack, i then leaped out for what seemed like miles away from where my squad dropped.
      The ground was dark brown and volcanic as i landed, i was going to run in the direction of my squad and attempt to use the wind and my chute to help carry me faster, the wind was going the opposite way so i had to ditch my chute.

      All i remember next is seeing something which made me feel incredibly sad and upset, i keeled over crying and i felt a huge burst of energy inside me, i let it burst out as i screamed and everythig around me exploded.
    4. The Devil comes - I am a Lion

      by , 02-28-2012 at 08:11 AM
      I am living in a small village and from the surrounding i look like i am in African bush somewhere, long dry grasses and big shady trees, i am part of a tribe and i am just a small kid in this dream, there is a plague going around the village and we beleive the devil is causing people to die by coming for them and infecting them with tumors.
      My brother returns from hunting, he has some sort of alcohol stuff with him, like a deep red liquid in a clear bottle, he drinks some and then tells me to put my hands out, he pours some of this liquid on my hands and it is red and thick like a treacle, i rub it in my hands which i think in this tribe is a great honour?
      I then drink from the bottle but then everytime i drink the liquid i feel seep out of my body and back into the bottle, then i know the devil wants me next. One of the other hunters from our tribe we beg to help us, he says "i would if i could but i need a peice of sharp flint for a cutting tool."
      I smashed the bottle neck off at a slant to create a very sharp tool "ok it will be painful though" he said, so i kept downing the bottle and feeling it seep back into the bottle but eventually i felt drunk. He then pierced my skin with a needle right the way through and began to sew something.

      Next thing i know i am some form of lion, i go through a portal and there on the other side is a male lion and his two lionesses attack me, beforee i know it i am in the tight grip of his jaws and dying, for some reason it goes back to a checkpoint, this time i jump through the portal knowing what to expect and a sprint off, i am chased by them, one of the lionesses comes up on my side and i grab her head with my powerful jaws and launch her into a barbed wire fence, i kept sprinting, suddenly a pack of my own lionesses pounces onto the other lioness, only the male lion is left, he leaps up a hill and pounces one of my lionesses to the ground, next to some form of truck or lorry.
      I leap up and i roar loud in his face and he gets scared and runs off.

      Lion, i turn into a lion after going through some form of wierd portal? A lion with two lionesses attack me and i die, then its like a checkpoint and i am alive again, i sprint off away from the male lion and i end up catching up with my own lionesses, i have 3 of the enemy pack chasing me, i snap one lioness who is closest in my jaws and throw her into barbed wire fence, male lion leaps up a hill pinning down one of my lionesses , i jump up and roar loud in his face, snap onto his neck.
    5. apocalypse with my girl

      by , 02-12-2012 at 03:14 PM
      I was in my room, banned from coming out and seeing my girlfriend (which i dont have one in real life) My family didn't want me to be with this girl which annoyed us both, as i looked out of my window she was in my back yard looking up at me smiling. I opened my window and jumped out sliding down the roof of the back of my house and then landing on the grass.

      My parents saw me from inside and i saw them stand up, we ran into our neighbours garden by jumping over the fence, we then carried on to leap up a set of chairs in the next garden and over the fence, carried almost by our adrenaline. As we got into the next garden i said "shh quiet" and i began to sneak around and look for an exit, i saw a road to a field at the back of the garden so we ran onto this. We wanted to get accross a river that was next to us but couldn't as the jump was too far and there was no bridge, so we ran and ran along the riverside until we got to a mud pile creating a bridge accross, we then went accross it coming out onto a field.

      Now for some odd reason i was the girl, i was with my boyfriend, in my dream i felt kinda horny so i said "lets go into the woods there, i want to see the wildlife" obviously with something else planned. We went in and slid down a small hill, my partner slid too far so i followed, threw him on his back and mounted him. He looked to the side and said "what if people come" i looked up and i realised we were on a small mud made public footpath, i said "you're right"

      We got up and walked along and what do you know two small dogs and their owner walked past and looked as us strangely as our clothes were caked in mud. I looked to the side and saw my girlfriend, i was the guy now. I remember her being a little smaller than me , pale skin and dark brown hair tied in a knot, we were both in tracksuits which is really odd for me to wear.

      As i was looking at her i heard something, suddenly in the distance a huge explosion erupted and a huge orange inferno of a mushroom rose into the sky. "RUN" she cried "NO!" i shouted "we'll never out run that", I then had an idea, i saw a small bush along the road "comon run!" i shouted, we sprinted down the road and as i looked to the side i saw a huge wall of smoke and debris steaming towards us, a huge high pitched scream of the blast rung through my ears. We got to the bush and i noticed a car park filled with cars, the smoke and debris cloud smashed through the trees splitting into multiple lines of cloud rushing towards us at high speed, it hit the car park and launched a wall of glass shards toward us.

      I threw my girlfriend down and i noticed other people around us "down! theres glass!" i screamed, my voice almost drowned out by the noise, i was on my stomach covering as much of my face as i could, i felt peices of debris breaking through what little cover we had and smashing into the side of me, mainly my legs and hips making my pelvis ache.

      As the storm calmed i stood up and most of the side of my pants was just shredded and my leg sliced and bruised and bleeding, my girlfriend was the same, another random girl who didn't drop down when i screamed had cuts on her face and she was just staring into nothingness saying jibberish, delusional and confused.
      A man said "we have to wait for an ambulance", i got up and began to limp with my girl "one wont come, not from something that big" as i thought of the hospital which was just bombed, then i thought of mine and my girls whole entire family and friends. Dead.

      I looked into her eyes and thought "if it wasnt for her we'd both be dead"

      i woke up
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Free runner

      by , 01-12-2012 at 08:50 AM
      Me and a friend were for some reason infiltrating a tall sky scraper, a city which is very familiar in my dreams for some reason, once we infiltrated the sky scraper we were out on the window ledge looking for any way to climb down, as we were climbing down the bomb we planted exploded over the road. We were ninja-like soldiers uncovering a corrupt government, as i jumped down into the street i began being chased, i turned and ran down hill as fast as i could, i was leaping and free running across walls and over cars until landing down on a beach.
      dream fragment
    7. joining a new force.

      by , 01-05-2012 at 11:05 PM
      It was an average sort of day and me and some friends went into a pub to get drinking, one of my friends starting trying to fight with this guy and i could see the bar man eyeing us up, i told my friend to cut it out, suddenly there was a loud bang, i ran outside and it was nightfall and a clear sky, i could see people running around on this field and we were in the middle of it. Suddenly lava began to seep up from the ground below us, i could feel the burning heat on my legs just standing close, it hissed at it singed the green grass, i ran dodging side to side and it began to form a ring around the little area we were in which looked quite deep.

      I turned around after getting out of the forming ring and screamed for people to come this way as i knew the ring was almost fully complete, i saw people running into bushes knowing they would just be jumping into lava, i heard splashes and hisses from people falling in and i felt sorry for the people stuck in the middle with the lava creeping up.

      I turned around and began to walk down hill, two people came up behind me and began telling me i needed to go with them to help them fight, they pointed towards a huge swirling light reaching from the sky and landing somewhere in the distance, "that light is for you" they said, so i agreed and just thought "well worth a try" i ran out of the little area onto the street and saw a car, a boy racers car so i thought ok why not, i felt my chi inside me and forced it through my hand to unlokc the door.
      I climbed in with the people i was with and then i saw another car pulling up, it was the enemy. I quicky began to hotwire the car by flowing energy through my hands. The car started and i sped off, i ended up pulling in at some little warehouse where the light shone down.
      I got out and went inside, there i met some people one of them didn't seem too happy to see me, they were mainly all in blue uniforms like army uniforms coloured navy blue, they said they didn't beleive i was the guy they were looking for so i was like. ok...

      They said they wanted to test me so i had to make my way to a testing room with the people i was with, as i walked there i looked out into the courtyard right near the steps i was supposed to go up and saw the guy who wasn't happy to see me smoking, he looked at me and cockily smiled, waving, it wasn't long before it looked like he was waving someone over, suddenly a squad of green uniformed people armed with guns came rushing round a corner, we wre betrayed!

      I ducked down and waited for them to near, i charged a ball of energy in each hand and i fired one out of the window at one of the guys, then the next, i turned around to see a few civilians in the building running to try and hide, the green uniforms had then raised their weapons and werre about to fire, i held my hands up and formed a shield blocking all of the bullets, the building suddenly evapourated from around me and i held the shield all the way around me, objects were being blown past as if they were being thrown from some form of blast.

      i woke up
    8. secret infiltration team caught.

      by , 01-01-2012 at 04:26 PM
      Me and some people were building something, most likely electronic in secret to help us against a corporation forsome reason, we were building it right inside their building in hiding.
      3 of us went down an elevator and went into the entrance of this place, it was much like an airport, with white polished tiles and elevators going up, some elevators were flat slanted ones, it was slightly industrial too with girders sticking out in places etc and it looked a little dusty in some places.

      Just as we thought we were alone we heard something coming up a staircase, it was a robot which seemed to be scanning around, it rolled around on wheel below its feet and it had a square head with red LED's flashing on and off when it moved, it saw us and came towards us, it was around waist height. I ran at it and flicked two switches on the front of it which seemed to turn it off. "Let's take this back for parts." i said, yet i was trying to hurry incase the robot had alerted anybody.

      As we were about to go back people rushed through the main doors, civilian people all just working in the building to put as a first guess, we acted casual and waited for them to pass before going down back to the elevator, we heard someone else coming, we jumped into the elevator and it went down instead of up, as it opened there was a sort of cafe below us, a man drinking his tea hadn't noticed us, we headed back up and we heard movement, we tried to hide but we were caught.

      We were shoved on a tram by an armed guard and we saw a cctv camera looking around on a television set, and a S.W.A.T force in a car park, i tapped my friend and then pointed to the television set, he looked at me and shook his head to say it wasn't for us.
      When the tram stopped the door opened and we stepped out into a car park, identical to the one we saw on the television set, we then were hushered into a room.

      as we sat down a man calmly strolled through the doors, we was around 6 foot tall wearing sunglasses and a navy blue suit with matching tie. He took off his sunglasses and before we knew it everything went black.

      I woke up and i was looking at two of my friends in horror, we all had nothing but our underwear on and we were all covered in needles from head to toe, like small sewing needles places as if we were under some form of acupuncter.
      He lay one of my friends on the table and slammed one of the needles into his body with a hammer, he screamed in agony, now a different man appeared with a wierd metal disc around half the size of a bin lid and it was thick, he jumped into the air like a ninja and threw it into his chest slamming multiple needles into him.

      He then threw the disc like a frisbee at me and my other friend and as we dodged it grazed along the needles stuck in us making them sway all the way up our body making us writhe in pain. My other friend tripped and fell onto his front pushing every single needle into him killing him.

      Now the only two people left were me and this guy, who tried to come at me with a knife, i quickly grabbed a metal spatula and parried his attacks before slapping him accross the face with it, he stumbled back in dis beleif and said if i were to go free i would have to complete a series of tests, i stayed on guard now with two weapons at my disposal.

      The first test was simply fighting him back, as he stood there smirking i pulled out all of the needles until there were none left, he then said i had to light the lights above him using nothing but the metal cooking equipment on the shelf, i realised some were statically charged. I let all the lights up by making a chain of them with my hands and the metal searing the tips of my fingers, he got some water in a bucket so i could wash my hands.

      I woke up.
    9. TV pranksters and the perfect garden.

      by , 12-29-2011 at 04:31 PM
      My friends came back from holiday and decided to go to the pub despite me not wanting to go, it was kind of a posh bar really, we went in and the walls were a deep red and there were people drinking hot chocolates and coffee's so this pub turned more into a cafe.
      As me and my friend were stood at the counter some men walked past us, both were quite tall, one was more stocky and they had long shady coats on and they gave me a look and then whispered to each other, my friend also caught onto this and i told her we needed to hurry up.
      In the end she was getting a slushie and was trying to make different colour combinations with it, when she had finished she ended up with a green slushie shot and in her big cup she had purple, some other girl was randomly mixing colours and it went brown, green, deep green and then dark purple.

      As i turned around the two shady men were sat on the couch looking at me and they said "can we borrow you for a moment?" so i went over and they said, you need to come and sit down. As i sat down they said to my friend "this is about your grandads pulmonary." I saw her face drop and for some reason i myself felt what seemed like her emotion, and i felt myself whelp up in tears, but i held them back.
      She came and sat next to me and i held her in my arms and she buried her head in my chest and was crying, the stock man knelt down in front of us and said, "ok i'm going to tell you now" He leant in to whisper in my friends ear and i heard him faintly whisper "it was a joke" and suddenly a camera man came sweeping in our of nowhere, i began to laugh releived.

      As i left the cafe i was on my own again, i walked to my grans house and i was out back in the garden with no shoes and socks on. I walked up some slated stone stairs and got to the top of the garden, the grass was a pale green but when at an angle turned a vibrant purplish red, sort of maroon colour, i felt the grass tickle the bottom of my feet as a stepped on it, the garden fence was perfectly wooden brown and in the distance the sky was red and it was sun set, there were a few white clouds spread accross the sky reflecting the suns vibrant orange.

      As i turned around i realised someone was trying to sneak up on me, i stepped towards them and yelled "oi" and my grandad popped up laughing, he said "whats that in your hand?" i realised i had some raisins which i was eating, i gave him some and then some of my family stepped up into the garden, my dog began to poo on the garden and i got a nasty whiff of a bad smell, my dad picked it up with his bear fingers and plonked it in a tin to throw away, i screwed up my face as i watched him do it.

      Then my gran picked a large fat white leech from her pond and stuck that in a tin, saying in a patronising high pitched voice "i saw you there mr leech eyeing us up for our blood but not when im here" and walked off, i then saw multiple slugs on the ground and my other grandad picked on up and bit into it, the goop dropped a little bit from the slug, for some reason i didn't see this as a disgusting thing during the dream i just looked around to see what else i could see.
      Multiple of these big white slugs were on the ground, they were large and flat, much larger than the ones you find in great britain.
    10. dream to WILD to AP

      by , 12-17-2011 at 02:51 AM
      man being arrested:
      In this dream i was wondering around halls and we had told to all go inside and lock our doors, i was walking back with a friend when a door opened behind us, a white man with a bald head but a black goatee like king of sparta in 300 fell to the floor as a police man tackled him, he screamed and cried for help as he was cuffed, the police man said he had murdered someone and i felt myself rage inside for some reason.

      on bus:
      I was the strangely on a bus talking to a girl, we were right at the front of a double decker but sat with our backs to the window in front of us, as looking back along the bus, with all our friends dotted about, she took off a wig and her real hair was visible which was green and blonde and her wig was red.

      richard branston: I then flashed to richard branston sparpening an expensive katana with a stone, promoting himself and smiling.

      WILD falling out downwards to seeing the world:
      As i woke up i tried to chain my dream or even WILD by remaining completelt still in my body, i felt one of my legs and arms slowly coming apart from my body, like as i thought of it warping out it did, i was half in control of my dream body half not, my REM must have been bad supressed maybe by caffeine or little sleep, as i lifted part of my body out i fell through the floor, suddenly i was thousands of feet in the air falling through the earths atmosphere, i could see my country below me as i fell, i then suddenly had gotten back into my body and i could feel SP but also adrenaline as i tried to calm myself.

      AP standing up and seeing my own body:
      Trying to get up again i rememebred thinking how bad my REM was, i couldn't feel vibrations so to speak, i could SEE them like a wierd light effect through my eyelids, like hallucegenic images. I managed to get my arms and top half of my body up, holding myself up, then i "warped" my whole body out and stood up, i wasn't sure if i was groggy and just stood up for real or if i had actually Astral projected/WILD'ed i turned around and saw myself asleep in my bed.

      teleporting to friend touching her face:
      I have one friend which i talk to Astral projection about and only one, she always wanted me to come to her when i AP'd i teleported there and she was asleep in bed, i stroked my finger down her face and she gasped, i quickly teleported back to myself and decided i wanted to explore the plane, i walked through the wall and out onto the empty road, a few cars were heading my way, i stood in front of them and just passed through them like a ghost.

      This is the point where i fell back into a dream i guess as i got carried away with the plot half lucid half following the plot, i was then on a high street with people shopping, i followed this girl for some reason, into a shop and i put my hand through some glass and touched an ornament inside, i think it was an art shop, it looked like i was in paris or something.
      i touched this girls hair but she couldnt see me, i then realised how blurry it was becoming, i rubbed my own body and i was in a black t shirt, black and yellow shorts which i dont own and a black version of trrainers i own. was wierd.

      I then woke up but i realised it was a false awakening, i just knew... then i decided to wake up for real, i felt the most strange feeling ever when i did, i felt something almost activate in my brain, rushing through my whole brain like i had just smoked something, but strong, then SP lifted and i was awake.
      lucid , false awakening
    11. wierd experience.

      by , 12-14-2011 at 12:19 AM
      I chatting to my friend through some form of voice communication through my computer and i peered through my blinds to see steven spielberg outside, i waved at him and he waved back, i was astonished!

      I then realised i had an opointment at the doctors which i was incredibly late for, when i got outside there was an ambulance waiting for me and i realised i had scruffy hair and no top on, when we got there i apologised to the nurse who shrugged it off and said it was ok.

      i sat down and she started to talk about the shots she needed to give me, i shot myself with something almost instictively but i didnt remember what it wass and i dont even think she nurse knew i did it, maybe it was some form of protection from what she was about to give me.

      She had something in a syringe which was yellow and smelt like banana, i put my hand on the desk and just above my knuckle she put the tip of the syrindge on and flicked it and i heard "pop" and a tiny force hit my hand like a pellet or small velocity paintball gun, i retracted my hand as a reflex and she laughed at me, she then did it again on two different parts of my knuckle.

      She started to go through when i should take it and i began to feel fuzzy, i asked if i could have a lie down, she started to turn the desk into a bed, my mind started to mess up, i tried clenching my hand and my hand opened, i said "oh my god i have backwards co ordination" i tried to open my hand and it clenched, it was really strange. then i began to hear a loud buzz in the room and i got a massive tinitus rush and i went deaf when she was talking. I fell to the floor and felt my whole face going completely numb, i began to stand up but my "backwards" co ordination set in, she said i had some condition temporarily from it, cant remember the name now.

      As i sat there monging out i heard her say "no im not happy with this at all" and then it all went black and i was awake, it was as if in the dream i was coming out of the dream and i could feel the SP setting in with the hallucagenic noises from it, and at the same time hear the vibration from my fan. strange.
    12. my werewolf side

      by , 11-25-2011 at 03:38 AM
      Started off i was walking through a prison, one of the maximum security prisoners was a friend of mine, tied up blind folded and gagged i saw him kneeling down in a room with 2 armed guards guarding him, i walked in and they thought i was their superior officer or something as they let me take the prisoner out as if i was taking him to a new area or something, i unblind folded him and un tied him and began walking through the prison trying to act casual as i was about to break out my friend.

      The corridor was well lit and looked more like a hospital with green shiny flooring looking recently polished, a few people were walking up and down the corridor, i guided my friend out telling him to keep a low profile, we went down a hill and ran through a forest.

      We ended up jumping onto a beach, the sun was setting and everyone was sat around eating, my family said i had missed out on the food but maybe the chef would cook us up another meal, we went to the counter, the whole place was like a tropical dream island with lush palm trees brilliant golden sand and clear sunny sky, the huts and tables were made from bamboo and sticks of sorts for the generic island -like feel.

      The chef began to cook us up some of the meal and one of my family members gave me half of their sausage which i took a bite into, i then began to feel wierd and i ran into the forest of a different part, i leaped through and suddenly i roared ripping into a great werewolf, a group of people in the forest armed with swords and bows insisted that i wouldn't harm them unless provoked, they were wrong, leaping up i slashed one in half instantly and grabbed another biting through his head and ripping out his skull with my teeth.
      The last one charged at me with a battle cry, but for some reason i felt guilt, horror, i leaped down the hill and ended up going further than i wanted and off a cliff edge, i kept falling and falling downwards and eventually hit a rock and landing perfectly unharmed, continuing to run i eventually jumped onto a beach and realised i was in just my shorts and nothing else, i was back into a sort of human form, it was night time now and the clouds half covered the sky but faintly so i could see the stars.

      The sand was reflected by only moonlight and the sea water was warm, it was like a paradise, i lay down in the sand and looked up into the sky, the break in the formation of clouds showed a massive array of millions of starts shining incredibly brightly, behind me was some form of structure, round and futuristic like something you'd see in dubai.

      I woke up
    13. The beginning of a world battle

      by , 10-19-2011 at 03:49 AM
      Sat inside a wooden hut i was with some people, outside were an alien race hovering in their huge battleships, we were stocking up on canned food ready to hide.
      The door was being rammed in and was about to be knocked down, i picked up a bow and arrow and aimed at the door.
      The door swung open and i let go of my bow string, the arrow slammed right into the face of a humanoid looking thing in armour, the armour was granite coloured with granite coloured straight long swords.
      I ran outside and shot at two of them running away hitting one in the back and missing the other.

      I ran to the top of the cliffside overlooking the city, the city was an island like city surrounded by water with a river running right through the middle, a large purple object exploded out from the water the size of 100 buildings, lifting up into the air and as doing so more of this alien race came flooding out of it onto the city streets.

      I jumped off the cliffside and flew towards the city at high speed, i landed down and saw a friend (seemed to be close to me in the dream) fighting some off.

      The water which had flooded the area from the submersion of the ship covered most of the city making small island-like areas, i jumped across them like stepping stones, one of the fully armoured aliens rushed towards me with his sword in the air ready to strike, i aimed my arrow and felt a kickback from my bow as the arrow slammed into his face killing him instantly, i quickly dropped the bow rolled down and scooped up the sword he had in his hands, spinng around and slashing another.

      One with dual blades ran at me, i parried off his attacks and slashed his legs and impaled his chest grabbing one more of his swords, i fought off a few more and noticed my friend captured by two elite looking aliens in bright shining huge white armour, they were bigger and carried pikes, one ran at me and i flipped over him hitting away his pike, we battled for a while and i eventually killed him, suddenly everyone looked up in awe.

      I looked up in the air and saw a huge battleship creeping through the atmosphere, i looked back down to see the elite alien rushing at me.

      I woke up
    14. dream followed by an insane chain lucid and TWO AP's!!!! (fucking immense experience)

      by , 10-05-2011 at 02:59 PM
      The dream started off like this.

      I was in a sort of club with some friends and some music came on which was good music, so we started bouncing but the lower part of the club which we were on, the floor seemed flimsy, so i walked up the stairs to the higher part because the floor really started to wobble, i saw the bouncers looking at one guy who continued to bounce and i heard them saying "you'ree not allowed to danceo n that part" suddenly one of the bouncers grabbed some blonde girls head slammed her into the ground and we were all like "what the fuck??" it was completely random, i peered in to have a closer look and saw him prying a knife from her, i felt a bouncer grab the back of my head and hold me there, i then saw some other guy being launched out and then it clicked in my head that i too was being held by a bouncer.

      As we were walking out i was asking why i was being thrown out "you look like the kind of guy that causes trouble" he said "what do you mean by that? how do i look like that kind of guy?" i thought in my head "was it because i work out a bit?"
      Then outside were some police women and they said "we may need to take your details though and a statement" "i'll hapilly do that, i've done nothing wrong this is completely out of order"

      I began to walk home and it was dark, i got to some form of bridge and realised i was dreaming, i decided to run incredibly fast then wehen i got to the end i realised i needed to do a stabalisation technique, i rubbed my hands and it worked a little bit. "vision" i said, to make it lighter, but it only got a little lighter, i decided i wasn't anchored enough so began rubbing my shirt, i rememeber wearing a blue t shirt with dark blue baggy jeans and some skater trainers (which oddly i dont own the bottom area of my clothing)

      I knew i was going to wake up so froze and tried to keep extremelt still to try to wake up in SP to chain it.
      It all went black so i guessed this was me waking up, i felt myself climb from my body so effectively WILD'ing into my next phase of the lucid dream.
      I got up and i was in A room, which was similar to my flat room, but everything was pitch black.
      "vision" i said, nothing happened "light" nothing...i tried to turn a sort of knob or flick a switch but realised this wasn't going to work and i'd need to mentally come to grips with myself, but then i realised all the nightmares i had as a kid had the problem of not being able to turn lights on so triggered the impression something bad was going to happen.

      I began to charge my chi within my body and felt myself waking up, as all went black the energy within my body continued to formulate and my whole body vibrated very slightly but i felt warm within my whole self and i felt enlightened and good.
      I stayed still again but this time i felt as if i was numb all over, my body felt like it was floating a little bit with my arm and leg flailing about, i realised this was SP since i heard it sounds like your floating when you're in SP (thanks DV)
      I decided to try to Step out of my body or Astral project.
      I mentalised my arms further floating up in the air, they did so and my body was dragged out, with the sound of wind rushing through my ears like i was standing next to a jet engine, the engine noise stopped and the pitch blackness of my eyelids quickly phased to white,i felt myself gasp out air as if i had just had an orgasm, i heard a continuous noise of rushing and felt myself being lifted higher and higher into the air with this beautiful noise rushing through me and the whole of my body pulsating with energy, i couldn't open my eyes but i could feel myself breathing through my mouth, i felt myself stop breathing and i felt as if i had gone past some form of breakpoint in height and the sound continued but changed slightly.

      I got higher and higher i thought "shit is this death?" i knew that whatever was at the other end would be something unimaginably good because already my whole body felt completely and utterly extatic and under control which wasn't my own. During this time i saw a sillouette of a male body with the chakra eye mainly visible in front of me, it was a sketch and the middle of the sketch was still white.
      I then began to think of family and friends and how i'd miss them if this was to leave my body forever, i didn't want that so i tried to go back down but it wasn't working, i was breathing as hard as i could but my breathing was muffled, i thought maybe my face was buried in the pillow and i was suffocating so began hitting my chest as if i was trying some wierd form of CPR, but at the same time the feeling was emitting and pulsing through my body with immense pleasure i felt myself shaking my head and realised i was waking or coming back into my body, i woke up and leaped out of bed like

      "OMFG" then i did a reality check and pushed my finger through my hand, i was dreaming AGAIN! but i had almost no control, then i couldnt see my hands at all "this sucks" i said and fell backwards to the ground to try to wake myself up, i closed my eyes and before i knew it i could feel the sensation of SP again.

      This time i wanted to see hallucanations, i opened my eyes and i saw the side of my wall but there was text written on there as if written in black pen, some was large and spikey texts other bits were small with quotation marks, because of the angle i was looking at it from i couldnt see it, i could see other wierd things like parts of the room floating and the wall looked like sea water with waves.
      I closed my eyes again to feel my arm and leg flailing about again.

      So i did the same and felt myself lifted again, the same sensation, the same noise and everything went white, i was lifted again up and up, but the sensation wasn't as intense and i woke up.

      I've just woke up turned on my computer and got on here because AP or whatever it was felt like it was the most incredible experience of my life - try it.
    15. long ass story, jumping through woods fighting predetorial cats in forests and meeting a new race.

      by , 09-30-2011 at 01:11 PM
      me and two of my friends were stuck on an island, we couldn't get any signal with our phone line, we looked up and at the top of the mountain ahead of us was some form of communication system.
      "don't worry we can climb up there and we should get signal from up there" i said "maybe we can connect our phone to that line somehow to boost the signal", we ran towards the mountain and we began to run at very high speed leaping up at rediculous heights, it was almost an adrenaline rush, the three of us almost racing each other, grabbing ahold of rocks then leaping up to the next one, we came to what looked like the headquarters of the communication towers, we thought we might get seen so continued on quickly, we soon came to a sort of forest. as we were running there was a large drop into a valley.

      It was hard to see with the trees concealing most of the sunlight, but just enough to see each other and the branches, we had slowed down a lot now in terms of speed but were still travelling quite fast, we jumped from tree to tree acrobatically, suddenly one of my friends shouted "STOP!" "What's up?" i asked, he was staring at a large pool of thick dark mud, "quicksand" he whispered.

      I started to climb up a tree a little bit to get over the quicksand, moments later i realised both my friends were being consumed by the quicksand that they had slipped in, i jumped back and pulled one out of the quicksand, i turned around to see my other friend, he was up to his neck, i leaped towards a giant rock poking out of the stuff, one side was un climbable so i had to leap around the other side out of sight of my friend and jump over the rock.

      I got to him as his head was just submerged under the quicksand, his hand which was reaching up went under too "NO!" i shouted launching my hand into the pool and grabbing his, i scrunched my face up as i used all my face to drag him up and out of the quicksand and onto the flat bit of the rock.
      He was on his arse panting for air and coughing and gagging.
      I looked ahead and just nearby was a cave.
      "through there" i said pointing at the cave.

      As we got closer we heard a growl, we all drew our pistols, three large cats jumped out of the cave towards us, we shot them down, i peered into the cave and saw the eyes of a smaller cat, i didn't want to shoot unless it attacked first as i would never kill an animal unless in self defence.
      A leapoard which was without the black pigment on its fur prowled out of the cave with a fierce hiss bearing its huge fangs, it darted towards us , i pulled my trigger to hear only "click click" i looked at my pistol and thought "shit no ammo" my friend shot it just as it leaped for the attack.

      We proceeded further into the cave, after the end of the cave we were on a beach and it was filled with something extroadinary, lion men standing upright with huge manes were fighting each other, the other lion men were blue with dark dreadlocks where as the first type we saw looked just like upright lions with brown manes.
      I saw my friend make an allegiance with the brown mane ones and we joined battle, attacking the darker lions.

      Soon we chased the ones retreating down the beach and up onto a cliff face, i was ahead of the rest, chasing the last one down i jumped across a gap in the cliff and tackled it, as i turned it over it was a female lion, it looked up at me and whispered my name before i saw a brown foot stomp the head of the blue lioness and it was dead.
      i looked at my palms, who was this? how did it know my name?

      i looked back at my friend and he too was in shock, he said "we're nothing like them, were nothing to them, to them we're all the same", suddenly i was back chasing the lioness again, as if time had been reversed, but i knew what was coming, this time i jumped across the gap and the lioness tripped falling to the ground, i picked her up over my shoulder and made a break for it, i ran up the cliff and i got to a stairway, as i was climbing it the brown mane lions stopped, shuddered and backed off in fear.
      I was questioning why they had been so fearful of the area i was running into.

      I got to the very top of the cliff and laid the lioness down next to two blue creatures, both looked at her and said "what happened."

      as she woke i asked who she was, "ill show you" she said. She got up and raised her hands into the air, i looked around and she was controlling the water suddenly we were all dragged into the water and were going towards a large arc of water flowing in the middle of the sea, we passed through the arc and were in a completely different place, underwater yet i could breath.
      "we're back in time" i heard, i was morphed into a mollusc, sort of a disguise i guessed, and the other 3 were lions but with finned tails and no legs, sort of like myr lions.

      "this is where our ancestors lived" i heard again as i was swimming around the underwater coral area.

      i woke up.
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