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    🧿 I'm Emily (The Reactor Girl). Author and artist of "Red Shift" (a New Gods story). 💗 Taken by Downtown Binary. Ω I've been interested in dream journals since 2005.
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    Drawing, music, manga, etc.
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    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by MeltingCORE on 12-05-2022 at 01:22 AM
    Dream Fourteen (10.18.2022)

    I was in a dollar general and was looking through the dollar movies. I saw Ice Age, original Star Wars, etc. Then I saw a movie called "Apocalypse Girls". The cover had a group of middle aged women on the bottom, the logo in the middle, and then a city being destroyed at the top. When I turned to the back it looked like a normal DVD with images from the movie and a synopsis + rating (R). It was about a group of moms trying to save their kids during an alien apocalypse after they got separated. And honestly? 10/10 would watch.

    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by MeltingCORE on 11-14-2022 at 01:58 AM
    Dream Twelve (10.16.2022)

    I was riding SheiKra but it was going incredibly slow to "test" the coaster. (What an annoying dream for someone like me who goes to the amusement parks as much as she can!)

    Dream Thirteen (10.17.2022)

    My fiancÚ, mom, brother, and I all went to this vacation spot that was a vast indoor beach labyrinth. There were Roman columns and poolrooms. (I have an interest in vaporwave, liminal spaces, and the Backrooms. I believe that's where this aesthetic keeps coming from! I had dreams featuring this aesthetic before those internet genres were a thing but related heavily when I discovered them.) When you first entered the labyrinth, the columns directly ahead appeared to go into an ocean on the horizon. Everything had a hazy blue tint. Then my mom got mad at me for no reason. I left the labyrinth in retaliation. Outside was a random grey city. I somehow learned telepathically from someone my mom apparently got lost inside. I woke up.

    Updated 11-14-2022 at 02:02 AM by MeltingCORE


    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by MeltingCORE on 10-25-2022 at 02:39 AM
    Dream Eleven (10.12.2022)

    I had a dream that I was looking at a map of Russia. It didn't look like real life. Russia was divided into multiple parts that other countries were now ruling. I distinctly remember there was one part that was super tiny. Russia had retreated to a small section around Moscow. I got a weird sensation when I realized that was what that map represented. The dream glitched. My mom was sending me to the grocery store for her. I ended up in the theme park district but all the rollercoasters were by the road and impossibly tall. I was like "oops" and went inside SeaWorld. I promptly forgot what I was supposed to be doing and got in line for Mako.

    Updated 10-25-2022 at 02:42 AM by MeltingCORE


    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by MeltingCORE on 10-12-2022 at 02:17 AM
    Dream Ten (10.11.2022)

    I was at Busch Gardens again in front of SheiKra. Then I went into a vast bathroom that was completely empty. All the stalls were blue and only went up to my shoulders. I went into a stall. What's weird is even though it was completely empty, I said "everyone raise your hands" and felt the presence of hundreds of hands being raised despite no one actually being there. Then there was some "story" of a boy and a girl. I was watching the dream in third person. The girl wanted to go back in time to the 18th century. At the end of this "story", she finally made it there. There was epic music playing (a mixture of rock and choir). The boy was smiling. The girl in the 18th century was also smiling as she walked through a fancy church and disappeared into a crowd outside. Then I woke up.

    Also, do you guys ever ever have indescribable or near indescribable dreams? Because there's this dream I had years ago that still spooks my mind because its hard to describe. I just remember being in a computer lab and suddenly there was this strange shot of a unnamed girl on a boat. She was in some sort of... sea that could be compared to a chunky, synthwave grid but the colors were white and the grid lines were bright yellow. A texture, almost (that undulated and shook). I got the feeling this girl was sad and literally drifting through different realities on a spacetime grid. It's so weird. And it was weird because it had nothing to do with me, I was just seeing this girl briefly for some reason. My fiancÚ has had these sort of dreams before too. The most notable being one where he was a speck of dust floating near the moons of Jupiter. He said it's stuck with him since. The feelings the memory of these sort of dreams give off is also indescribable. A warm, melting feeling in my chest. Not happiness nor contentment. But not a negative feeling either. Almost a "how is our minds coming up with these images and stories?"

    Another dream I had like this was many years ago when I was in middle school. There were beehives made of light nestled in a storm above my house. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts!

    Updated 10-12-2022 at 02:25 AM by MeltingCORE

    non-lucid , side notes

    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by MeltingCORE on 10-10-2022 at 03:03 AM
    Dream Nine (10.9.2022)

    I had a dream I was walking in a neighborhood and there were big cats chilling everywhere I looked: lions, cheetahs, tigers... And I pet a lion! (This dream was very relaxing. I love cats of all sizes - even though the big ones could eat my face!)
    dream fragment