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      My bad! Too many tabs open! Thanks saiza- Iíll get it in the right one here on in : p
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      That sounds fun. I shall sign up. Thanks for letting me know.
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      Yeah, my strategy is way more sophisticated than it was a year ago.
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      Thanks, looking forward to getting some work done!
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      Thank you!
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      Mastering DILD is gonna be ★ and mastering WILD is gonna also be ★
      Right now I am getting very close to both, so I'll have it replacing the ✩✩ when I achieve them. When I get both of them, I will have mastered achieving lucidity.
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      Correct. The beginner tasks just recently got added since the last comp. Most of them seem way too simple to be worth 15 points, as some of them hardly even require much control at all. You might be able to persuade me to make them like 5 points or so, or only count for Beginner League, but for simplicity's sake I figured just not counting them at all is fine.
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      Hey I didn't think anyone would even notice I was back lol. I've only had one recent lucid dream ever since I left and it was about a week ago. Not much happened since it's been a while. I'll post about it soon on the lucid experience section
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      nope. I'm retired from competitions. They don't really help me anymore. They used to help a lot with things like pushing myself harder and keeping my attention focused on LDing, but now they just distract from my work of LDing.
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      Cool! Good luck!
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    Visitors and dream jumping

    by Saizaphod on 06-14-2023 at 10:28 PM
    I'm scaling up a building's side and peek inside a small singular window that's extended outwards from the rest of the wall. A guy looking like myself looks back at me from a cozy looking green oriented bedroom. As I move higher and reach an inclinated tile roof I become lucid. I turn around and see two guys in their late 20s dressed in cycling outfits climbing right after me. The guy on the left who's blonde instantly blurts out: "Sensei", while the guy on the right, who appears more offbeat crawling up like a feral animal, rumbles quietly: "hoookiiiiff..." I instantly say out loud to myself that: "Yeah thats not quite Sensei" while still ignoring the other guy not realizing what his rumbling meant. We then stand on the edge of the roof together. The weirder of the two, who I then realize is meant to represent Hukif, jolts his hand towards the ground 4 stories below us and points with a finger. A beam shoots down, and another next to it. Two portals appear, and just as quickly Hukif jumps down in to one them and bolts right back up to the roof from the other one. "Holy shit hahah! That was sick", I say, and Tbox, who has now also appeared next to us agrees excitedly. I go and try copying what Hukif just did, but right as I'm about to hit the portal it shrinks into a quarter of it's original size and half of my body hits the pavement. Ah. I return back to the roof. Then Tbox decides to try something similar of his own from the other corner of the roof and drops himself from the eaves. I know it won't work, and with him no longer in sight I shoot my hand towards his approximate location in the air. He comes levitating back on top of a small portal thingie of my own smiling.

    I suddenly "wake up", and now my brother and Hukif, who has turned into a muscular shirtless guy, quickly help me get up on my hands and say in unison the sort of: "We were in the same lucid dream! Did you dream about being on a roof with us? Yeah we did too!" I'm completely blown away, we did it! We shared a lucid drea...! - Wait... I check my left hand, five fingers. I check my right hand. Three fingers. Hah! Alright, back on my feet. We're inside some small yellowish wooden room. "Hukif" and "Sensei" are now outside, apparently wrestling each other. I open the door and sure they are, and now Sensei actually looks like himself from his Discord picture. Hukif then bolts at me and tries grabbing me as well, while shooting fire from his mouth right to my face with no effect.

    I actually wake up, but stay focused on the sensation of the dream while ignoring my physical body. I'm back inside the dream. The scene changes completely while gaining extra vividness. We're now standing on a sluggish strand of forest right on the bank of a lake with moss, twigs and all sorts of gnarly stuff covering the place. The people I'm now with are strangers. A lady goes and begins poking around a heap of the nasty stuff near the water and something begins moving where she touched. And further to the left as well, atleast five meters away, as if something big was waking up under the mossy blanket. I see shapes of a giant vulture.

    Dream control practice

    by Saizaphod on 03-11-2023 at 01:06 AM
    I'm in darkness when I begin to sense myself becoming aware. I'm beginning to enter a dream. I start feeling a slight dropping sensation in my stomach, which my subconsciousness instantly connects to what else than - falling. Oh man... here we go. The falling sensation grows greater and I begin to see faint clouds and an ocean floor through the black mist thats covering everything. Oh fffuuuu- I begin to prepare myself with heavy breaths, the lucid would begin from the sky. I pull my hands forward into a flying position, but then everything becomes near psychedelic, wobbly and extremely unstable. I can feel myself flying but I can barely see anything and my other hand is stretching 30 meters forward. Snap. I'm suddenly in a small orange-greenish hostel-looking room. The dream has almost completely finished forming, now I just need to form myself into the room. I pinch my nose and breath. "Okay I'm here! I'm here now, focus! Stabilize" I say out loud trying to command myself to not slip from the moment. I begin rubbing my hands together fiercely while repeating "Here now!" I switch to rubbing the walls. I'm beginning to become grounded in the room with a proper physical body. Finally, this time it should be better. I finish the stabilization and open the door leading out of the room.

    I enter a corridor with a red carpet. There are rows of doors on each side. Time to do stuff. I re-try my failed attempt from the previous competition and command: "Sensei!" to appear. One of the doors opens from the left side of the corridor. A man peeks out, but quickly goes back inside after taking a look at me. Knowing what Sensei looks like from his Discord avatar I realize it wasn't him. Alright, into the next task. I push my hand forward like a fire-bender, and without any effort a stream of fire launches from my open palm going atleast 8 meters. Hah! Easy as ever! I take foot and walk the corridor until I get to a small reception lounge. There's a stool in the middle of the lounge, perfectly out of place for more dream control practice and catching up in points. I point my right hand towards the stool like a mystic and it begins to levitate. I see a fire extinguisher on the wall. I let go of the stool and pick the red syringe of the wall with telekinesis, throwing it to the other side of the corridor where I came from. The extinguisher explodes and begins whirling wildly all around the place. I realize I could try one more thing. I stand still and let the metal tube hit me square in the face and it bounces off. Hah, that's what I thought. I then head to a small staircase leading outside.

    I get outside and realize I'm at the front-yard of a hostel where I used to work as a trainee for five months back in college. Can't believe I missed it from all the fun I was having, must have been absolutely too focused on the tasks. The ground is all green and plants are spurting out of it and there seems to be what looks like a small, mold-ridden and abandoned greenhouse on the corner of the main building. I re-focus on the tasks, and this time into my main task; my last Three Step Task. I turn around to face the other way towards the street and say: "Door." I turn back, and there's a white-greyish door sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard. Yes! But, as most of the time doing this, the door begins to fall backwards (as doors are not meant to be standing without a wall around it. Maybe I should come up with a new way to teleport in the future.) I grab the door and shove it back into the ground with force. The door remains slightly tilted backwards, but I ignore it and begin forming a "story" in my head to help creating another scenery behind the door. I think that...Sensei must be behind the door... as a medieval man... in a... MEDIEVAL CASTLE! A sense of continuity fills the moment and I open the door into a brick-laden hallway of a castle. I enter, but as soon as I do everything begins to unfocus.

    The normal front yard of the hostel, with the tele-door

    [ZADMOS] Last one this time

    by Saizaphod on 04-30-2017 at 09:13 AM
    I'm in a canyon with some hillbilly hunters next to a small shack. On the porch of the shack one of the hillbillies is cutting carrots to make a bait for rabbits. I have a dejavu and "remember" that they're doing the same thing that ended up in a catastrophe the last time. They don't care. More hillbillies appear and they go on with their plan. The plan goes ill again like I knew it would when a 50-meter giant appears to kill us. I take of flying but the giant creature follows me and jumps great distances to catch me. Yikes. For my relief the dream hops me to above my neighborhood and the giant now is gone. It gradually dawns up on me, thank god gradually. I'm flying! I'm flying above my home streets! I gain altitude and the feeling of height booms into me essence. I haven't flown in a long time. But I'm no novice either, so I gracefully shift my course and take flying to southeast. I lose some altitude and fly just above a grassy field. I look to my left and remember to score some points for the record. I lift a spruce off the ground by pointing my hand at it. I could have gone to check what's underneath it as well for the TotM, but I didn't remember. I see a girl and a guy in their mid-twenties and land next to them. I think about interaction, so I ask the girl for a kiss. She comes and kisses me on my right cheek. I do the same to her and we laugh a bit. Lots of youngsters start flooding to the area. I think I should also finish the Three-Step Task, so I point my hand behind me and ask a girl in front of me:" There's a door behind me right?" She nods and says :" Yeah." There's the regular yellow door and a much bigger and larger steel door as well. ( thanks dolphin! your technique works! ) I go to the yellow door, but there's no real door at all in fact. It's all some weird plastic that I have to rip open from the corner. I still try to teleport, but I soon realize it won't work like this. I repeat. "There's a door behind me right?" Same response from the girl. This time it's a proper one.

    I go to the door, not really knowing where I want to end up so I just think abut a hotel room or something. I open the door and enter a dark narrow corridor that leads to just that; a hotel room. I step in leaving the field behind. I find my brother, father and a beautiful blonde there. They're a bit caught off guard, how did I get there? I ask the blonde to come to me. I make my father and brother disappear by waving my hand in front of them. Just one "swipe" and they have vanished. The blonde lays over me. I ask if I could get a little show. The blonde stands up and begins dancing. No no, that's not how it's done I think to myself. I have to give an example so I stand up as well. I show the blonde the real moves, my dancing is way better! I can feel myself waking up a little bit, seeing the blackness behind my eye-lids almost. I manage to return to the same spot from where I almost left. I think it's too dark at the moment, so I reach for the curtains to let some light in so I could see the blonde in the coming moments. I can see the elegant and bare figure of the blonde just for a brief moment, before the curtains are drawn back to place by some dark force. There's something in the room with us. That feeling quickly subsides as we lay down to have a brief moment of... you know.


    [ZADMOS] 1v2 Dream fight

    by Saizaphod on 04-15-2017 at 08:03 AM
    I become lucid in my living room as I'm trying to write my signature on a post-it note. All that comes up is symbols of notes. My brother comes up to me. I know the dream is ending and all I have left to do is show the thing I just made to him.

    I'm walking through a liquor store and I'm looking at the drinks on display. I'm interested only in the small portion of light drinks, like ciders. My friend Tony arrives to the store suddenly. I have decided to buy a readily-filled glass of liquid that tastes like mineral water. Tony takes a sip from another similar glass and decides to buy one of them as well. The dream hops us into his car. Tony still clearly has a hangover from last night and has trouble steering the car. I advice him to go slower and go through a quieter area so the cops wouldn't catch us. After a while the car disappears and we're walking towards a low metal-bridge on a snowy scenery. The air is warm though. I see our destination further away, some random apartment building. Out of the blue it hits me; "Tony I'm lucid... this is a dre-... I'm lucid! We're in a lucid dream!"

    Tony gets really happy as well as I. "First thing, we're not going to continue towards that place" I say. I turn around and right then my brother and a friend of his have spawned there. My vision gets more sharp an detailed for a while. We decide to have a fight, one against two, as Tony has now disappeared. This is going to be easy. Actually this is something Iv wanted to do, to show off my dream powers to my friends. They start throwing large rocks at me with telekinesis. The rocks are flying towards me and as I spread my arms and take battle stance, a huge force field shoots active around me with a low electric noise. The rocks break as they hit the force field. My brother and his friend are clearly amazed. They try again doing the same move, throwing large rocks at me once more. I wave my hand from behind my back and a huge wind slash strikes the boulders destroying them. I continue my move and wave my hands in front of me turning their spot into a fiercely hurricaning cloud of wind fists. They're fine. They decide to try something else. They see the snow and they try to use it to their advantage, but I won't let that happen. I lower my hands and point the area around us, making all the snow melt down immediately. The ground is now visible. Like Toph from AtLA I make a strong lifting gesture upwards and a large column of ground lifts up; with me on top of it. They shoot more rocks at me. I blast another pillar sideways from the larger pillar launching myself sideways into the air. I shoot a fire blast and a wind blast to the two rocks destroying them again. Suddenly I see Sensei in front of me.

    He immediately tests me. Calmly he lifts three small black rocks and shoots them at me. I throw my fist forwards and a force shock meets the three rocks. He tries something again, but I can't remember what it was. After that hes fine and sure; he would take me on. His whole figure turns blackish and power-emitting. I think something along the lines "Oh f-" before taking off. My brother and his friend stay put, they clearly have no idea who they're dealing with now. I start losing lucidity now
    as I enter a narrow room. "If you're able to beat me now you'll likely win all of our duels" Sensei says. I dodge some of his attacks but then I get distracted as Tony is now making noises outside. The whole scenario becomes a mess because of that. Suddenly we're not even fighting anymore, actually, we didn't get to fight at all. "Soo... you won I guess?" Sensei asks. "No dude you won, I think" I reply. Someone from the competition comes to me. He has Zapdos's head for a head. I try giving him a code, so later when we'd be awake we could see if we were shared dreaming. " Banana smoothie" I tell him. " Banana smoothiiiiiie" ... definitely lost lucidity towards the end lol.

    [ADEL] 500th Lucid Dream

    by Saizaphod on 12-26-2016 at 12:39 PM
    Finally after a month-long dry spell I had my 500th lucid. Woo! Feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The lucid was a short one, but I'm happy and excited again.

    I'm sitting on a chair and as I look down I notice my legs are that of a woman. I have a short false awakening right after noticing my legs and in the false awakening I'm writing down the incident to my notebook. Another dream begins in which I'm with a friend of mine, Tony. We're standing on an open balcony just right above the surface of a lake. Tony tells me that he could throw his cellphone into the water to make it bounce like some rocks do. I try to shake the idea out of his head, but being the guy who does all kinds of weird and funny things, he tosses it anyway. The phone swings back like a boomerang, hits the roof and then suddenly starts bouncing above the water like a flat rock. Tony is so exhilarated by the weird thing that just happened that he straight up jumps into the water as well after his phone. I can't believe this is happening. I can't wait to tell others what I just witnessed. As he gets back I notice a dim light shining under the surface. I wonder what it could be. The light moves near to where I'm standing and I can see a dangler-fish. Tony must have awakened it and now it's searching for a possible prey. Suddenly the dangler fish jumps against the window - I'm suddenly behind a window - from which I'm looking at it. It falls to the balcony and stops moving. Holy! Now I see another similar creature moving near the balcony under the water. It seems more than three meters long so I quickly "nope" away from the window. I say : "Man eater" to my grandparents who are sitting on a living room, referring to the scary fish outside. I leave the house.

    I find myself on a parking lot on a completely different scenery. This is where my other grandparents live. But wait, it's summer. It's as summer as it gets. I turn around, I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I try to see if the creature would follow me to the current dream scenery from behind the apartment building, but I find it unlikely. It wouldn't fit to the plot of this dream. 500. 5.0.0 I look down to my hands and they both have the right amount of fingers. Only a slight difference to my real ones. I feel a strong urge to take off to the sky for some reason. As if the sky wanted me there as I look up. I resist the urge and I think that the dream itself might make fly even if I didn't put conscious effort into it. I look up to a nearby tall tree. I want to climb it. No. I look down to my hands again and remind myself with the three-step technique. One - Stop. I don't even consider doing the second or third part, it feels like the stop part is enough for now. I walk to a nearby road and chant quietly to myself :" A door... door.. door." I would use it to teleport. 500. I want to reach Varion. Suddenly I remember Sensei's dare. Oh right, I could destroy the moon quickly before leaving. I try to spot it in the sky, but it's nowhere to be found. I know I could see it, even though it's midday. There's not even a single cloud on the sky though, so I bet there's no moon either. Then I simply start feeling hot. Wow, how can dream heat feel this real. It's summer inside my own mind, how? I stop to feel the sensation. I start taking off my socks because my feet are sweating.


    Updated 12-26-2016 at 12:45 PM by Saizaphod

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