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    Longest lucid dream...two days in a row!!

    by Namwan on 01-31-2012 at 07:14 AM
    I had longest lucid dream last night (even longer than the last one I had) where it took ages to wake up. This time I tried spinning in many different ways but nothing happened. Everything occurred at night so places were not vivid at all except in places like rooms with lights turned on. It all happened when I woke up with a false awakening and a doll moved. I knew that something was not right. Immediately I did a reality check and went out. I met people, including a group of tourists at a temple (in which I asked three foreigners to do a reality check but it didnít work), and I met friends.

    I jumped off the balcony (of my condo) multiple times to fly. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I did not, but not one of them was vivid and I was not happy.

    A number of bad things in the dream occurred where people were chasing me but I did not care; however I was afraid and I had to run away, despite knowing that it is a dream. Or perhaps I forgot for a minute that it was a dream. I was stabbed in my chest once, but it did not hurt at all.

    I told people (my friends from university/high school) they were in a dream. I told them (including Mintra) to pinch their noses. It turned out that some people didnít want to do it because they think itís crazy (I should ask on the forum how hard it is to convince people in our dreams that they are in my lucid dream).

    When I was at the temple I asked three foreigners and they didnít do it the correct way despite my detailed explanation. I told my friends, and many of them just did it the wrong way. They didnít seem to understand, no matter how many times I told them. One, however (I forgot who, but she was one of my friends), tried and said she could breathe. I told her to look at the clock. It was 7. I told her to wait for five seconds and look again. It was 7.30. She was amazed, but still did not want to fly with me when I asked her. I told her I could do it. So I jumped off the balcony but landed on the ground, but it didnít hurt. I was asking myself why this needs to happen when Iím showing off my flying skills.

    I was frustrated that everything was not as vivid I had wanted to. I also tried rubbing my hands as suggested by some people on the forum, and consistently doing nose checks. Sometimes when I got chased in my room; for instance someone was about to open the door of my balcony, I rushed to sleep with mum. The setting was mixed between our condo and our house in Dindaeng. Mum was sleeping in her room and then I asked if I could sleep with her. The lights were on.

    Now I remember where it all started. I thought that two other people were sleeping on my bed, including PíNoo, a coworker. I called her name very quietly. Somehow I couldnít get louder than that, and she did not respond. I tried to kick her but I didnít feel anything. Then I realized hat no one was there. I was surprised. Then I saw the doll and became lucid.

    I ran out of things to do. I got bored that I could not control much at all and I could not change the scenery. There was this time when I was flying and landed at a place. Sometimes I flew by gliding, sometimes flapping my hands, and sometimes roller blading. But I was not happy as it was not vivid.

    As I was roller blading in the sky I landed somewhere near this place where I saw some guys rollerblading. I got raped by two girls and a guy (they only touched me thought). They proceeded to perform oral sex on me. I think they tried to bully me in the end though.

    It seemed very long indeed. I wanted it to end, but I couldnít. Another reason I wanted it to end was because it was too long and I was afraid I couldnít remember all of it. I wanted to wake up so I could immediately write it in my journal.

    I was consistently doing reality checks too. Sounds weirdÖat times I want to wake up and at times I do not want to. But this was a bad lucid dream, and I donít really know the point of it. I wish so much that I could have more control.

    I was also thinking of reading a philosophy book at that time, but I donít remember what kept me from doing it. Whenever everything was not vivid, I tried to open my eyes again but the scene was my room, and I did a reality check and I was still lucid. That was weird. I also remember trying to pick up my laptop to type my dream. Then at one point I woke up in bed. I was very glad. And it wasnít a false awakening.

    Now itís 6:27 AM (as I am writing this entry).
    lucid , false awakening


    by Namwan on 01-30-2012 at 06:23 AM
    Today I didn't recall any dreams at all. Woke up once to pee, but didn't hear my alarm clock at 3 AM. Didn't hear my alarm clock at 8:30 either.