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      What in gods name are you talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GLaDOS Version 3.11
    We're a lot alike, you and I. I tested you. You tested me. You killed me. I-oh, no, wait. I guess I haven't killed you yet. Well. Food for thought during this next test.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92
    ...there is something seriously wrong with me, isn't there?
    <Lseadragon> i was so hopeful
    <Lseadragon> because (featuring Portalboat) sounds cool
    <no-Name> that's what I was thinking as well
    <no-Name> Feat. Portalboat MC
    <no-Name> Feat. DJ Portalboat
    <no-Name> badass.


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    Bringing a sword to a gun fight

    by Portalboat on 07-06-2010 at 05:36 PM
    Bringing a sword to a gun fight (Non-lucid)


    Yaaaay First Dream in the new DJ system!

    So, there was this [Super Smash Brothers] Brawl Co-op thing, a 8-person campaign like in Left 4 Dead. I had picked Samus, of course, because she's my best character in the game. We started out at what seemed like a couple miles away from a castle, which was under siege, on top of a grassy hill, with nothing around it for miles. (It looked like the one from the Fire Emblem stage). The next moment, we were inside, in some sort of boiler room. There was a huge room (I'd say about a half-mile square) containing a bunch of wood. But we crawled over a table, into what seemed like the furnace. Then we teleported to some kind of hall, and servants were bringing dressers and stuff to barricade the room. (I think the base of it was masking tape) But before they closed it off, I found out WHAT they were closing it from. A tank, from Left 4 Dead. I don't remember actually killing the tank, but I get the feeling that we did. So, in keeping with the Left 4 Dead theme, Zoey rescued us in some kind of flying car thing. From a distance, it looked like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, but as we got closer it was a basic car with a propeller on top, and it was the EXACT same color as her jacket. She could only save a few of us, though. I tried to get in, but I remember that I broke the door handle off. I fixed it, but next thing I knew, I was sliding down a red slide, like you see in a playground. I didn't get to find out where it went, though, because I woke up.