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      Didn't you used to go by Mario92?
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      Just saying hi! I read some of your posts back when I joined the forum. Somehow I never said hi back then.

      Better late than never!
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      remember me we used to talk alot
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      Hey! Remember me?
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      You should definitely clear some space in your inbox so it'll let me send you a PM.
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      No idea what you mean.
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      Nothing more to say in that topic. You want to act like an angry child and stomp around go ahead but I'm not changing the topic on that thread any longer.
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      Yea. Sometimes for me, I don't really work on LDing. I just hope they happen at night.
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      Great you? I kinda drifted away from LDing for a while. That's why I was never on.
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      Long time no talk ^-^
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    Recent Entries

    Mario's Epic Dream Journal of Awesomeness

    by Mario92 on 06-11-2010 at 08:52 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92 View Post
    Pirate King Pompous, the Monkey Lover (Non-lucid)


    Very random dream that didn't make a lot of sense. Pardon the confusing entry. I started out on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. A very large boat was right next to us, anchored down. There was a big hole in the side of the ship, and through this, I could see one of the major horizontal support beams had fallen on one side, crashing through the ceiling of the lowest level and forming a nice ramp up to the second level of the ship. The captain of the small boat I was in said something like, "Oh, no, she's not separated anymore." Indeed, had the beam not fallen, there would have been no way to get from the first level to the second one. I jumped clear of the small boat, dashed through the hole in the ship, and ran up the beam-ramp. I was standing in a warmly-lit room made almost entirely out of wood. Three monkeys were swinging about. This very rich, very arrogant guy appeared on a landing above me. He began applauding in that slow sort of sarcastic way that the rich do. One of the monkeys approached and the guy gave it a treat, and the monkey was off once more.

    The scene skips a bit. Apparently, this girl had followed me up the ramp and had started to root through the rich guy's refridgerator. She began pulling out rancid, freezer-burned hunks of meat and throwing them away, scolding the man for feeding such poor fare to his beloved monkeys.

    While the girl was rooting through the freezer, I headed toward the council room. This one guy was mapping out an island. He showed exactly where large amounts of small treasure was buried, and also the location of a very, very large and valuable treasure. They would chart a course as soon as the ship was repaired. The dream ended.


    Double Your Pleasure (Non-lucid)


    Short dream fragment about twins. They were scantily-clad and drop-dead gorgeous. I was about to have my way with them when the dream abruptly ended.

    On a side note, I seem to be having difficulty recalling several other dreams. I believe that three thoughts have tickled three different dreams, but I can't put anything together yet...

    Mario's Epic Dream Journal of Awesomeness

    by Mario92 on 06-11-2010 at 08:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92 View Post
    Winter Wonderland (Non-lucid)


    I was up at these cabins in the mountains. The snow was all around...I'm fairly sure that I was there for school work, along with the rest of my class. I remember that there was this one girl I had taken a particular fancy to, and I spent the good majority of the dream chasing after her and flirting with her in general.

    The first scene I remember is a restaurant. We are all inside, happy to be out of the cold. The lights were dim, there were candles on the table, and the interior was fabulous. This was definitely a high-end place. The dessert menu started to go around. I noticed that one entry was a 15-piece truffle and chocolate set, for one's own consumption. The other option was a well-sliced, chocolate covered caramel apple. I took the latter, and it appeared on my table. It was cut into 5 slices on each side, rather than the three I am accustomed to. It was positively delcious, but we did not stay long. Apparently, our teacher had insulted the chef, and we were all thrown out. The teacher called it a night and ordered us all back to our hotel rooms.

    The scene skips ahead to early the next day. I remember walking under an icy overhang. Most of the roof has slid, but a particularly large and dangerous section had yet to budge. I picked up a bit of snow and lobbed it at the snow pack, but without success. I then noticed a very large sort of ice spear. I picked this up, distanced myself from the roof, and took aim at the top of the slide zone. I had broken the ice spear in half for more ammo. Both pieces left noticable marks where they impacted at the top, but still the roof refused to slide.

    I made it to the teacher's work station. I was early, so I decided to do some snooping. The dream gets sort of fuzzy after this, but I believe the teacher catches me and I don't get the girl. The only thing I clearly remember is this sort of test where a person concentrates on a line and tries to move it either left or right on a bell curve. I succeeded easily with this.

    Mario's Epic Dream Journal of Awesomeness

    by Mario92 on 06-11-2010 at 08:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92 View Post
    Use the Force (Non-lucid)


    ^That picture pretty much sums up my dream. I was apparently the next Jedi Master, and I had come to the Yoda planet to train. The main Yoda led me to this big building, where hundreds of other Yodas were answering phones and such. My training was supposed to begin in this sort of pit-like thing. I jumped down into it, along with this dude I was apparently traveling with. What I saw, however, was not a Yoda master; it was the enemy. It was a trap! The Yodas had set us up. I came to learn that they had no choice; it was either help the dark side or have thier planet destroyed. The dream gets a bit fuzzy, but I recall escaping and running through the swampy jungles of the planet, eventually finding a boat docked on this big, foggy lake. The fog would hide us, as well as make our path completely undetectable. I climbed in, along with my good friend, and we shoved off for the other side of the lake. Then the dream faded out.


    Search for Pronz (Non-lucid)


    (Graphic Content)

    Mario's Epic Dream Journal of Awesomeness

    by Mario92 on 06-11-2010 at 08:49 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92 View Post
    Lucid TOTM Completion (MILD)


    At long last, I've finally gone and had another lucid deam. I'm sitting at my computer, logged on to Dream Views, when BAM! I become lucid. Realization just sort of hits me like a brick wall. I briefly stabilized the dream, though not as much as I should have. I instantly recalled the Task of the Month: have a sip of sparkling cider (I'm underage). I try to summon a wine flute full of the stuff, but I kept failing (looks like dream control may be a bit harder than I thought). So, after failing to actively make a glass of cider appear, I looked around on my desk. Sure enough, there was already a glass there, filled with semi-warm sparkling cider. It was a tad old, but it still had some fizz to it, as well as some chill. I quickly drained the glass. The fizzy apple juice tasted just like it does in reality. The bubbles danced about my mouth; the cool, sweet liquid poured down my throat.

    As a side note, I had a very good feeling about last night before going to bed. I spent the entire day in a state of perpetual awareness, which I think may have really helped here.

    Mario's Epic Dream Journal of Awesomeness

    by Mario92 on 06-11-2010 at 08:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mario92 View Post
    200th Dream!

    Long one in the Spammy Thread (Non-lucid)


    I had a dream involving Invader, Walms, Jeff, and CarmineEternity. We were all posting in the world record thread, treating it like a chat room. In it, we were discussing all sorts of topics, including our pets and going on long walks just for fun. It was a lot of fun. The dream lasted for a long time and was quite vivid, but not much to really write up.