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    1. no puffin don't leave i came onto this profile because on my visitors box there was a post of you helping me out with dream recall and you helped. ever since ive been having lucids and such and was coming on here to see how you have been. i saw these other comments and dream views and the others love you puffin.
    2. If you fall asleep in a different setting than usual (eg. not your own bed), or fall asleep late, your recall can lessen. It should pick up again once you're back home, though. For mantras, it's not so much what you say, as how much you mean it, and how much you believe the mantra will help. It's also important to strongly believe, and know 100%, that you will have a lucid tonight. Something as simple as "I will have a lucid dream" can be very powerful if you believe it'll work - MILD is all about mental expectation!
    3. hey puffin is it bad if you spent 4 days at your friends house and didnt try to lucid dream and couldent recall 2 of your dreams out of those four days when before you could recall atleast 1 dream per night? and also what mantra would you recommend?
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