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    April 27, 1986 (33)
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    I'm a creative person - largely, that means I was banned from the glitter glue as a child and have been making up for it ever since!
    I love music and singing, though whether my neighbours feel the same way, I couldn't tell you.
    Reading and writing are natural ways to live in my mind. I love creating characters and throwing them in interesting situations to see what they do.
    I'm a red-head with a traditionally short temper, though I've been working on improving it and... apparently I no longer pose a health hazard to my partner and closest friends.
    I'm a child at heart, and act like it perhaps a little more than I should. (Okay, a LOT more than I should...!)
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    In the Unreality
    Reading, writing, drawing (badly), singing (loudly), playing games - Guild Wars 2!! Woo!
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    Not all stories have a happy ending, it's true, but not all sad stories end badly either.


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    Dad and a Giant Spider

    by Raivess on 10-28-2014 at 12:05 AM
    Well, this marks my return to Dream Views! Hopefully, after this week, I'll be back to posting all my dreams and actually trying to lucid dream!

    I dreamed that I was back at my parents' house for a visit, and my dad was there. It seemed that I knew he was or had been dead, and he obviously knew he'd been absent for a long while.
    He was walking through the downstairs of the house, trying out all the lights as though to make sure mom and I hadn't broken them in his absence. I followed him for a time, reassuring him that everything worked and that he'd left things in good hands.

    Eventually, I left him to it and went to check out some boxes of my belongings that I must have left there when I moved out. While rummaging through these boxes, I spotted what seemed to be a massive toy spider. I was about to pull it out when I noticed that it was moving, and realised that it was real and very much alive! This spider had a red back and was easily 9 or 10 inches long, leg-span included. Now, I like spiders - I rescue them from the house and from work, and generally leave them alone if no one else has spotted them - but this monstrosity was not something I could cope it. I cried out for my mom to come and help (she's got no fear at all!), but she was obviously busy. I think I put the box down to go and convince her that whatever she was doing, this was more important, but before I could leave, the spider made it out of the box and scuttled off.
    Finally, far too late, mom arrived on the scene. I explained, and we spent a few minutes poking around and trying to find/catch the beast.

    Then I woke up.

    Camping without Dad

    by Raivess on 10-22-2013 at 02:41 PM
    I dreamed that I went camping with my mom. We gathered all the gear and were setting up the tent together. I remember thinking that everything would be a little different without my Dad there. Setting the tent up wasn't as easy, and the bedroom spaces seemed larger without him. It's the first time in a dream that I've really acknowledged that my dad is gone. It was in the back of my dream-self's mind that it was our first time camping without him.
    In all the other dreams I've had so far, he was either alive or, at worst, dead but present.

    Swimming and terminator!

    by Raivess on 10-22-2013 at 02:36 PM
    I dreamed that I took my nephew and niece swimming at our local swimming pool. When we arrived at the pool, I realised that I'd spent so long making sure that they had their gear, I'd forgotten my own costume. The lady at the pool suggested that I buy another, but they were all really expensive! My nephew and niece wanted to get on and get swimming, and I remember suggesting that they started without me, and I'd catch up once I had gone home and retrieved my costume (if I could remember where it was!).
    I also remember feeling that I ought to be a grown up about it, and just sit at the side and watch, but I felt very childish and didn't want to do!

    The other dream i had, I literally remember only that I was being chased by a terminator robot. He didn't look like the movie robot, but I knew it was a terminator.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Shot up with drugs

    by Raivess on 09-28-2013 at 10:27 AM
    Always a fun thing, to be attacked (even in your dreams) in your bedroom. I was kneeling, for some reason, on my bed towards my dresser. It's not unlikely, I have a habit of doing that if I'm looking for something there or setting my phone/other gadgets to charge.

    Someone came from behind, totally silently, and injected me in the neck. When I turned, there was no one there. My boyfriend came in soon after and I told him (though I don't know how my dreamself knew) that I'd been dosed with heroin.

    Now, not knowing what heroin actually does to a person, my mind got creative and decided it would make time do strange things. One moment, I was in the bedroom still, talking to my partner. The next, I was in a shopping centre. I'd completely lost the time where I was travelling, but in my dream I knew that there should have been time. Then, as I was walking, everything started moving really quickly, leaving me standing still in a stream of relentless and rapidly moving people.

    I slipped into a charity shop to be out of the flow and, without knowing what I was doing, started looking through the wares. They had second-hand mobile phones, and I looked at one that had an old style RPG game. I played it a little, but it seemed familiar. I finally figured out that my boyfriend had the same game (he doesn't, but... in the dream.).

    When I woke, I felt a very strong urge to check with my partner to make sure he had that game, even though I knew he didn't.

    Dragons, Asurans, and running for my life.

    by Raivess on 09-28-2013 at 10:25 AM
    Now, this one is totally my fault. If I will play games about defeating Elder Dragons, then I will end up dreaming about being chased by them!

    Of course, I don't know why this dragon had the face and voice of Prince Arthur from Merlin since I haven't watched it in ages.

    In any case!

    I was at my parents' house, downstairs in the living room. I was with someone; I knew them in my dream, but I can't picture them now I'm awake. I don't think they're anyone I really know. But the important thing was that there was a dragon in the basement. (They don't have a basement, but that's fine!) This dragon was mean, large and it didn't like me much. It took great delight in telling me so, growling loudly as it fought to escape its basement prison. We knew it wasn't going to take much longer for it to break out, so we decided that evacuating the house and escaping was an excellent idea. While he (I'm sure the person I was with was a he, though I couldn't tell you why) got all the doors open and made sure the escape route was clear, I ran upstairs to the bus we had there (don't know WHY we had a bus upstairs!) to evacuate the Asurans hiding there. (If you don't know what an Asuran is, it's one of the five main races in a game called Guild Wars 2. They're short, clever little fellows with big ears and eyes.) There were two of them, one at the front of the bus and the other hiding on the back seat. We ran down the stairs and out of the house, feeling the ground shaking with the dragon's efforts.

    My parents' house is in a smallish village surrounded by mountains. One of the main ways out of the village is up the road, around and over one of these mountains. It was this way that we ran, thinking that we could slip off the road and find cover. It was night and, as we ran, shadows helped us when the dragon finally burst out of the now shattered remains of my parents' house! We scrambled from the road and found a deep lake beneath us. Out of options, we jumped into the water and hid among the reeds and plantlife.

    I get the feeling that we were there for a long time; days maybe. I don't remember anything the dragon said now, but it was sadistic and enjoyed the chase. He liked playing the waiting game, perfectly content to wait for us to come out or make some mistake that would lead us to him. While we hid, he toyed with us, talking and mocking, taunting and making his own presence known. It felt as though he was saying 'I don't need to lie in wait or try to catch you by sneaking. Here I am. You're mine.'

    I was hiding against a wall, with no clear idea of where the others were, sliding along it with ivy or some kind of water-loving hanging plant concealing me.

    I woke abruptly and, uncharacteristically, I was really nervous afterwards. Normally, exciting and adventurous dreams leave me really happy - like I took part in something fun! This time though, I crept through my house to the bathroom and it wasn't until ten/fifteen minutes later that I started to think in my usual way. I felt like the dragon was about to come for me in reality.