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    1. Good to see the green Sensei light on! Hope all is well! Miss having you around.
    2. Take care, Sensei! Hope to still see you around from time to time! All the best in your endeavors!
    3. Oh, I heard there was a party! Have an awesome B-day!
    4. Thanks! forgot to reply to this.
    5. Heard we have another little Sensei! Congrats!
    6. Good luck getting secrets out of me! Ill never talk!
    7. 3 secrets, huh? You've just given me an idea for my next ld.
    8. Improving. What an awesome idea, that'd really be fun!

      Cool new avatar by the way. See you around, BB!
    9. Good good. How is your dream control? We might have to have a race for the TOTY in January with Scionox, Dolphin, Canis, Dutch, and hopefully some others.

      Glad you liked it. I am changing a lot of the rules for the next challenge so that I can keep people more interested, thanks for sticking with it till the end.
    10. Thanks for the compliment! Hope to reach this count by year end.

      Also, thank you for your guidance and support all along and for organizing the awesome summer challenge! Good luck with the competition and am looking forward to your official comeback. In the meantime, wish you many fantastic lds and lots of luck, knowledge and understanding in whatever areas you decide to explore.
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