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      Whooo! That's pretty cool. I didn't really do it for New Years, just for a holiday. Got my divers license in Egypt and that was pretty fun.

      Yay for feeling accomplished! As long as you feel accomplished I am proud of you. ^_^
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      Off into London to see the fireworks and then flying out to Egypt in the morning. Yourself?
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      It means we must be friends. That's what it means.
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      Hello there. :3
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    Alone in my room, looking through the 32X telescope ZOOM adjusting the focus to the moon

    by Sospiro on 01-27-2014 at 12:38 AM
    my HH has turned from visual to auditory. It sounded like some very fluent news channel. The whole time, I was impressed by my subconscious and how it made sense of everything and how it sounded like an actual news station. -hypnic jerk-. Fuck. Get back in the zone.

    My sight becomes a small peephole that i identified as a telescope. i tried to gaze at the stars. Before i know it, i have my dream body. It is night time and i am in what appears to be a mens changing/locker room. I perform a reality check and look at my hands just to stabilize myself and again, my fingers are short stumps and it gives me the fucking creeps and i shiver. I hate how it looks. I look in the mirror because everyone says how funny/weird it is. The first time I look, I die laughing so hard that i almost wake up because i see a retarded white man with his eyes too close together looking back at me. I turn around and look again...this time it is actually me...except with fat. I actually think that i look even more handsome fat than my usual body. -shrugs-. I also see some type of poster behind me in the mirror. I go outside and the marsh clouds are present in the dark night. I remember my training and try to make the picture more vivid. doesn't work at first, but does on second try. At this point, i decide to levitate and surf. i noticed a small fear of flying over the open body of water....I ended up at some cliff and saw a couple of familiar people. I surfed/flew more, and wondered why it was night. I wanted it to be day. I changed the scene from night to day subconsciously.

    I fucked tabitha. Doggy style.

    I end up at the locker room again and a maid asks me something about a towel and I say, "you can leave it there". I walk a stairway and see a guy with one eye (cyclops looking) with a group of people, but I am focused on him. For some reason, his one eye reminded me of my third eye which somehow reminded me about locating my dream guide. I asked him twice and he said he wasn't my dream guide. the third time i asked, he said he wasn't but he will take me to them. I asked him if it was true that they have to tell the truth on the third attempt about asking them about my dream guide...he and a friend say, "yea, it's one of those unspoken things...." he takes me to a warehouse and leaves. i enter and see a rifle on a desk just chillin. I suddenly don't trust the situation and am about to back out, but see a black lady behind a desk and ask her if she is my dream guide. she says no and tells me to wait.... and my memory cuts right here and i still have yet to find them. Maybe instead of asking, i will APPOINT someone my dream guide.

    overcame my fear of flying/Dream guide?

    by Sospiro on 01-18-2014 at 06:06 PM
    I wanted to meet the devil again. I scrolled down to his lair and asked his minion for permission. I told him that he should know me by now. As i waited, I swing on ropes the whole time catching crazy air. He took too long and was probably busy so I decided to leave to outer space.

    I wanted to visit a planet far far away, so i did. I pretty much scrolled through a replica of planets. I chose some earth-like planet and wanted to meet the species on it. I tried inventing what they would look like (had a character from sesame street on mind crossed with character from Wild Things) but my representation was tainted by Earth, because all i saw were bears. I saw a parking lot that looked no different from earth.

    I decided to overcome my fear of flying. I started out hovering and had trouble getting any higher. I let things happen naturally and went up slowly but surely. I was getting slightly anxious, but reminded myself that i wouldn't get hurt. I was up in the clouds and proud of myself for getting this far. The only thing I didn't do was look down, which i'm not sure if i'm proud of or not.

    I tried to find my dream guide. at first i went into my home garage and there was a black lady there. I asked if she was my dream guide and she said that she will be my counselor. I told her that I do not need a counselor, but a dream guide. After calling me schizo and crazy, i left and realized that she wasn't for me. I tried elsewhere. There was an ugly dude with a conehead and a cut up face who claimed to be my dream guide. I was shallow and hesitant because I was being superficial and thought my dream guide would be more beautiful. I still am not sure if they are. Anyway, i got over my fear of flying and decided to do the complete opposite.......meditate at the bottom of the ocean. I could feel the though make my physical body quiver, but i did it anyway. I closed my eyes with my "dream guide" at the dark bottom of the ocean and within seconds, some massive animal bumps into me and flings me. I do not break my zone and keep meditating. it happens again. I do not break. this happened for a few seconds and i guess i figured i had enough, so it stopped.

    I was in my apartment and there were numbers on the fridge. i was going to arrange them to make todays date, but i didn't. there was a NAKED in the fridge that i wanted but for some reason i grabbed some nasty orange liquid instead by accident. i said fuck it. there was a tiger running loose and i tried to jump on the countertop before it partially grabbed my foot. it did no harm.
    lucid , memorable

    Dream guide FAIL :-/

    by Sospiro on 01-14-2014 at 07:16 PM
    *beep* was the hypnagogic word i remember. Soon, a movie screen at a theater was in full view showing...what else but a movie. I guess some chase was happening and the camera showed a top view (like frogger). I tried to flip the camera to first person mode which didn't word, and the car crashed. View then zoomed out to me in the theatre (finally got my dream body) but i guess the chase continued. 2 people entered the theatre shooting stuff at me. i used some sort of hook to escape.

    I wanted to find my dream guide, so i kept asking around for a dream shop. I first asked a little kid who gave me some indiscernible directions and mentioned that he was funny. I gave him a high five and focused on how his hand felt to be more aware of the tangible/feeling aspect in dreams. He then told me an indiscernible joke. I asked someone older and tried to shake their hand but they tried giving me a hug...one of those awkward greetings. He said he didn't know. I asked someone else and he gave me clear directions, but I still didn't know the area well. He said he would charge me $50 to take me. I told him that I'd give him $40 if i can hop on his back and he can just fly me there. I guess he was gay because he really liked that statement, and asked, "Where did you FIND this guy?!?" to his friends who were laughing in the background. It never happened though.

    I almost visited hell again. From pitch black to red flames. i saw a vague devil like looking character who was spouting gibberish and was tired of his antics so i decided to leave. I've already talked to the devil before. I tried blasting off into space which worked this time and i ended up near some ultra hot star in space near a hippopotamus. I could feel my waking breath increase and i was still LD'ing but was half awake. I wanted to free-float in space longer, but i wasn't permitted the time.

    I go to some benches and see a group of ladies there. I decide I am going to fuck the hottest one there. They were all ugly, so i pointed and created a better looking girl. She bent over, and knowing my luck, I thought it would be a guy. I turn her around to see the face, and sure enough........I swear my paranoid thoughts are always fulfilled. I just said forget the fucking.

    I am in bed and stupid roommate comes into room. I try telling him to GTFO but i dont want to talk to lose lucidity. I am anxiously swinging my knees side to side wide knives in my palm on my lap. Another roommate comes in and sits down. I finally scream GTFO. one of them leaves. The other one is still there, and i say, "YOU TOO". I then feel someone choking me from behind and I tell them to stop. I tell them I'm gonna fuck them up if i have to get up. I end up getting up and looking at my hands only to find that my fingers are stubs. I realize I'm dreaming and playfully beat my roommates up and fly away.
    lucid , false awakening

    Aimed for hell, received the wonders of space clouds

    by Sospiro on 01-07-2014 at 08:43 PM
    working randomly here.

    I started on the concrete dancing on the blacktop. i wanted to go below the ground to go to hell to meet the devil to have a "supernatural" experience and to rid myself of fear among other things. I craved for a hint of something demonic. I elbow dropped the black top and landed hard on the pavement. i tried again where there was red cajun sprinkled on the ground which to me was a portal to hell. i elbow dropped it again and fell through into the blackness. I used my arms to propel myself lower and lower and LOWER beyond the depths of hell. There was nothing but blackness for a minute. Soon enough, i was falling from space. The direction seemed to be pulling me towards earth, but i was in the earths atmosphere floating through the dancing clouds while beautiful classical music was being played. i contained my fear of free falling the whole time while i was suspended in the air on a chair. I just let the scene play and let it takes its course until roommates woke me up.


    Some girl was trying to comfort a guy who seemed stressed. He was saying how she didn't feel his pain and complaining. Another guy told me that he was a war veteran. I approached the heavy set stressed bald dude and put a hand on his shoulder and said, "i don't feel your pain or know what you've been through, but I wish you the best my man". He gave me a head nod in acknowledgment and he gave me a one armed hug. I used a two arm hug and almost squeezed the tears out of him. He pulled out his wallet and i was like, "whoa....no money needed for empathy man". And he shook his head and said, "no, here is my card.....call me". After walking outside, one of my friends (Darryl) asked for the number on the card and i refused to give it to him...probably because i felt that he wasn't "worthy" or whatever and that he specifically gave it to me for a reason, but I wish i had at least looked at the piece of paper to see what was on it, but I didn't.


    I was in third person and watching the top of a tower on a (cartoon?) TV channel. I think the label said CBS and had the tag of a song (Bizzy Bone). The view scrolled from the top of the tower to the bottom quickly and it felt like an uncomfortable wild rollercoaster ride. This happened on two different towers.


    I AP'ed out of my bed and decided to explore my room. Roommate wasn't there, and the apartment was completely different. I laid back down in bed paralyzed and a pitbull was at my feet and the owner called him back. This was one of the many times when i was paralyzed in bed during this one session. I felt evil spirits around me but i warded them away with my courage. After that, I decided that I was a bad ass and even more evil than them telling them that they couldn't fuck with me. There was still nothing but blackness. Then "horror" words began popping up one by one...."EVIL" "HORROR" were the only ones i can remember. Then a movie came on the screen in third person. It started in some underground place and a few people were there. This is all i can remember.

    I was lucid the WHOLE time and kept looking down at my hands to perform RC's and my pinky and ring finger were only stumps. I told Makyla to look at my freaky fingers.
    lucid , memorable

    surfing in acidic fog in hell (Astral Projection)

    by Sospiro on 01-04-2014 at 01:31 AM
    I exited my body without any vibrations and looked at myself on the bed. I was in the same exact position i was sleeping in, but couldn't see my face because it was dark. i decided to fly through my roof and i flew at a 45 degree angle. i didn't get far and came down to my bed where a beautiful girl was already in doggy style position waiting for me. As i was about to mount her, i slight awoke and immediately tried to slip back into my "dream" state. My hypnagogic hallucinations went from pitch black, to swirls of gray. Next think i know, I'm floating and trying to fly again but kept thinking of hell and started to descend into the grey fog which turned into blackness again. soon enough, it was red and it looked like the devil's playground with shooting flames everywhere and a castle (think bowser). There was grey mist surrounding the scene which i thought to be acid. I surfed the acidic fog like it was snow.


    I "face detected" (think camera) the moon with one finger to pinpoint my destination. I tried to consciously propel myself to it but it didn't happen. I tried to use my other finger to facial detect a star and swing both hands in between to propel myself there and that didn't work as well. I jumped off a building and fell on my ankles. I meet up with my troubled cousin and we ran into a group of kids. He was going to rob them but I told him that we are giving everything back. He said he was leaving and closed the door. This is when my roommates iPad *clicking* noise woke me up.