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    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
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    The Junkyard Flood & Terminal Terror

    by Twisty on 01-11-2012 at 12:50 AM
    January 7, 2011

    This dream was sort of two parts. They connect, but it was real hazy in the middle. I wouldn't say that this was a nightmare, but really actiony with a couple of thrillers.

    I was in a nice house, with a huge glass window on one side that looked out onto the valley surrounding the place. There was a group of people there for some reason, but I can't remember what for.

    Soon, I had to leave, and decided to take a shortcut home through the forest. At one point, we (for some unidentifiable people had joined me) came across a large junkyard. A storm quickly arrived, causing a nearby dam to break and flood the entire thing, leaving pieces of nearly everything lying around. We knew that we couldn't get across any other way, and that this was our only option.

    I stepped onto a plank of wood that shifted like crazy, bit just managed to get to an upturned desk. I had to keep going, since whenever I stepped on something, it was only a matter of moments before it would sink beneath the churning waters. As I leapt towards a bunk bed, I knew midair that I wasn't going to make it. I was easily a yard away when I fell through the water. As my breath slipped away, I made one final surge and grabbed onto the railing, pulling myself up, coughing and sputtering.

    I soon after made it up to the shoreline, and climbed a steep hill to find myself behind my backyard. The gate was locked, so I decided to take an alternate route through my neighbor's house. They gave me quizzical looks when I, drenched in water, dashed through their house, saying, "Sorry, I just need to get through here real fast."

    The next portion of my dream was real hazy. I vaguely remember being at a movie theater. On the screen, this show was playing about these horrible creatures that would transform people into more of themselves. At the end of the film, they advised humans to go to their building.

    Strangely enough, my dad wanted to go see what this was all about, so he loaded me and my two siblings into our car and drove to the address.

    I was shocked to see that it was at an airport. Even weirder, there was our exact same car, already there. There were many different buildings that made it up, but we walked towards one called "Souvenirs." There, we found a slushy stand, with a monstrous creature from the movie behind it. It offered us some odd-colored slushies, and said they were for "converting." My family members willingly starting drinking them. I tried everything to get them to stop: begging, screaming, crying, but nothing worked. My dad said that, "It's not worth fighting. They all started to lose all sanity, and their skin began to turn various hues. This was when I knew I had to get out.

    There was supposedly a force field that kept us from leaving, but it didn't affect me. As I turned the corner, I bumped into none other than Stephanie. I told her that we needed to get out of here this instant, and we started for the exit. Right as we were about to leave, a rhino-man (for I have no better way to describe him) blocked our path. He charged, but fortunately, missed horribly, and crashed into the door, breaking it open. Stephanie and I ran towards the car, and finding it unlocked, hopped in and bolted the doors tight.

    Suddenly, we heard a knock on the window to our right, and were stunned to see Mitchell Musso standing there.

    "Will you by my CD?" he asked. "I need some more money to pay for the limousine."

    I started to say no, but was stopped by none other than Justin Bieber.

    "Do you think that you can actually get away?" he sneered. "My masters sent me personally to stop you. Prepare to know the true definition of pain!" Out of nowhere, two female ninjas with those ninja fighting sticks jumped to his side.

    I desperately turned to Mitchell.

    "If you help us fight off these guys, I'll buy your CD. Deal?"


    Mitchell, Stephanie and I then engaged the trio in a battle that would have made Chuck Norris proud. We beat them, but just barely, and knowing that they would soon regain consciousness, we ran off, away from the airport as the world slowly faded to black.

    Analysis: The junkyard vaguely reminded me of the junk from the opening sequence of "Adventure Time," and also of the furniture I had recently seen out at the curb for the trash. I had been at an airport a couple of weeks ago as well. To be honest, I didn't even know that Mitchell Musso was a singer, until I Googled him after waking up. I'm just so glad I could beat up Bieber as well.

    Category: Non-Lucid Semi-Nightmare

    Lucidity: 1/10
    Clarity: 4/10
    Length: 8/10
    Enjoyment: 2/10
    Overall: 3.75/10
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Bulk Dreams 12/3

    by Twisty on 01-02-2012 at 11:17 PM
    December 3, 2011

    More old dreams. These all happened in the same night, and I was able to remember all of them. These won't have my regular analyses, categories, or ratings.

    1.) I was in some sort of barber shop, where a bunch of people I know were sitting on a gymnastics mat. I was talking to my friend Dean, who was trying to convince me to join the soccer team (which is weird, because he plays football). I told him that I already run cross-country, but I used to play soccer. I then put on roller skates, and my friend Sam and I began to skate around the room. I tripped and fell onto Sara, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor. I then looked up at the television, where a commercial for women's lingerie was on. Suddenly, the tv became my vision, and it was really happening, although I wasn't there. The woman was swimming through the arctic ocean, wearing the lingerie advertised, and it began to show her circulatory system. Then she was back to normal, but was now a mermaid. Fins began to grow on her arms, but the dream faded.

    2.) My brother and I were in our backyard, looking over the fence at our neighbors, who had this huge swingset-type thing. There was a speaker box on their tree, which I explained to my brother was for neighborhood broadcasts.

    3.) I was in an old underground room with my brother and dad, that was supposedly underneath my grandparents' house. There was a huge switch box that supposedly used to control what shows aired on Cartoon Network.

    4.) I was in a forest with this wolf pup, and we were being pursued by some unseen force that hid in the treeline. We eventually got away, and ran down some stone stairs into a park.

    5.) My mom, grandmother, aunt, and I were at some sort of gardens/amusement park in London. We got on a train that went around the rim of this oval-shaped lake. At one point, I though that we were going to hit this Indian woman who was sitting in the water, but we never did. We got off, and I spent some quarters on an arcade game. The object of the game was to tilt the case so that the little balls would roll into the hole. I won a bunch of times. Among the prizes were some cards that built a castle, a super ball, and lots of coins. There were dollar coins, foreign coins, one with a cartoon version of Obama on the front, and one that supposedly was a spy camera that showed what Justin Beiber was doing. My mom was frustrated that I had spent my money, but I showed her that I had won more money than I had spent.

    Jaggers and the Mermaid

    by Twisty on 01-02-2012 at 10:54 PM
    November 25, 2011

    This is the first in a long series of entries that I am transferring from my written DJ to this one. This deals with yet another encounter I had with Jaggers', and is the only one I've had since then.

    I was at my house, sitting on my front porch, when three of my cross-country friends, Mike, Will, and Parker, came jogging up to me. They wanted to know if I wanted to go on a run with them, and I agreed. This next part was sort of hazy, but I remembered going a far distance.

    Eventually, we came to Bruno Lane, a narrow side street that I haven't actually been down myself. We turned down that way, and it turned out that it was more of a trail than a street. There were some tire tracks that showed that cars did, indeed, use it. There were lots of branches in the way, and I had to keep pushing them out of my face. There was a small footbridge that crossed over a thin creek, and the ground was all saturated, as if it had just rained.

    When we got towards the end of the trail, Will climbed up onto a pile of dirt. Parker walked off the trail and down a slope to a little pond, where he proceeded to start singing "We Are Family," while Mike beat boxed to the tune.

    I turned around, and saw a group of girls riding horses down the path. I recognized my friend Sara, who I haven't seen for a while, as one of them. She was talking on one of those Bluetooth earphones to so sone who was supposedly her supervisor.
    "Hey," I said, trying to get her attention.
    "Oh, hi Ben!" she responded. "Are you on a run for cross-country?"
    "Yeah," I answered. "We were just about to get going." I motioned to the others, and they came back.
    "Well, I'll see you around," she said.
    We waved to each other, and the group of riders headed off.

    Mike, Will, Parker, and I kept running, and just as we stepped out of the woods, a familiar face appeared: Jaggers.

    "Hello again," he said with a malicious glint in his eye. "Don't worry. I've changed my evil ways. You have nothing to worry about."

    My friends didn't seem to think so. After being turned into animals by him before, they weren't going to take a second chance. They fled as fast as their legs could take them. Jaggers facepalmed.

    Just then, a woman dressed in a black gown came out of the trail. She engaged Jaggers in an argument of some sort, although I can't remember what they said. After a few minutes, they stopped, and began to make out. Then, she dipped her hand in a nearby puddle, and transformed into a mermaid! I was shocked, but Jaggers told us to get in his car. It was a VW Bug, so there wasn't a lot of room. The mermaid's tail kept hitting my face, and it became quite a nuisance.

    When we pulled up to Jaggers' mansion, he was shocked to find that it had become a giant gingerbread house.
    "Whose idea of a prank is this?!" he cried.

    We all went in, and Jaggers began a conversation with the mermaid. While they were talking, I went out to the back porch, and tore off a couple of gumdrops. I popped them in my mouth, and they were quite chewy, but very bland.

    The mermaid asked me to come help her out on the front lawn. I found her with some bronze pieces of armor, which she asked me to help her put on. I pulled it up onto her tail, but she immediately began to scream, and her flesh smoked. I pulled it off right away. She said something about it being poisoned by some sort of dark beast, but the dream began to fade.

    Analysis: I'm not entirely sure here. Sara does ride horses, and Will is a showoff, and would certainly run up not top of something, but Parker doesn't sing, and Mike doesn't beatbox. The mermaid, I'm not sure about either, even though it's one of my dream signs. Jaggers as well. And cross-country. I'm surprised that even though all three of my major dream signs were there, I still didn't become lucid.

    Category: Non-Lucid

    Lucidity: 1/10
    Clarity: 8/10
    Length: 9/10
    Enjoyment: 6/10
    Overall: 6/10

    The Black Magic of the Banquet: A Continuation?

    by Twisty on 11-24-2011 at 12:41 AM
    November 17, 2011

    I know I took a while to record this, but it's finally here. This is actually, somehow connected to my previous dream, when my cross-country friends were transformed into animals by Jaggers, the evil rich guy.

    I was back in Jagger's mansion, and found that my friends (who had become animals) had killed Jaggers. I was very worried about what would happen to them, so I searched around for a cure. I found a slip of paper in Jaggers's pocket that had a spell on it to reverse the changes. I can't remember it exactly, but the first sign of changes began, and they started to slow revert to human form. We were all so happy that they were back to normal, and left the accursed mansion.

    We soon split paths, and I found myself by an apartment complex. It was different though, with a whole bunch of little houses on wooden stilts, like you see at the shore. I climbed onto the balcony of one, and looked around. There were a couple of lawn chairs and potted pants there, but no one seemed to live there.

    I looked down, to suddenly realize that I was wearing no pants. I rushed back to my house, bur my mom stopped me, and said that we needed to go complain to the management. The main building was big and futuristic, with a menacing presence. As we walked in the automatic sliding doors, my dream world began to fade away...

    Analysis: Since it sort of followed up from my past dream, that covers the friends-as-animals part. The rest, I'm not sure. I might have watched a TV show with those type of houses before I went to sleep, but I'm not entirely sure.

    Category: Non-Lucid Dream

    Lucidity: 1/10
    Clarity: 6/10
    Length: 5/10
    Enjoyment: 4/10
    Overall: 4.5/10

    The Black Magic of the Banquet

    by Twisty on 11-13-2011 at 01:48 AM
    November 11, 2011

    I had a pretty memorable dream for 11/11/11. I even became a smidgen lucid! It was a bit scary, but not really a nightmare, more action-y. Here it goes...

    I was in some sort of fort in a forest. Some Asian people came in and said that they were moving in. This part was blurry, so I can't exactly remember everything.

    Next, I had left the fort, because I had to practice for cross-country. It was at Holmdel, where I had my meet this morning (which was next morning last night). My team was running, and we came to a lake. My friend Rob explained that it was called Medusa Lake, because anyone who fell into it was turned to stone. Needless to say, we went around it.

    We came across a large mansion. We could hear noises inside, and it sounded like a party. Knocking on the door, an older man appeared, dressed in a red velvet bathrobe. "Come in, come in!" He said. "There's always room for more at my parties!" He seemed nice enough, so we stepped inside. There was a huge chandelier, and the whole place was decorated lavishly. "My name is Jaggers," the man explained. "Why don't you come into the dining hall? I was just about to make a speech!" We followed him on, and found ourselves in a large room with guests dressed in suits and gowns. I felt a bit underdressed for the occasion in my running clothes.

    "Attention! Attention everyone! Are you enjoying the party?" Jaguars asked. A murmur of yes's came from the crowd. "Good," he said. "Because you are never going to leave!" Suddenly, he shot out beams of magic from his hands, which hit a lady in a long blue dress. Instantly, she began to transform into a tiger. Everyone screamed, and Jaggers began to transform more people. "We need to get out of here!" I yelled. "Oh no you don't!" he cackled. Flying towards us, we made a dash for the door. When we got outside, he yelled, "Curses!" and didn't follow us.

    There were only a couple of us left; everyone else had been transformed. "What will we do now?" asked Brian. "We should probably move," I suggested. "Jaggers might come back." We began to run, and suddenly I thought, Gee, this is usually the part of a dream where a bear comes out and begins to chase me! Sure enough, one was right there. Wait a sec... This is a dream! I'm dreaming! I made the bear disappear, but I lost lucidity right away.

    I came up to Medusa Lake, and began to shimmy along a fence in order not to fall in. I climbed under the fence, and my dream slowly started to fade away...

    Analysis: I had my cross-country meet earlier today, which was tomorrow last night, so I was really looking forward to it. Medusa Lake, I don't really know where it came from. Jaggers is the name of a character in a book I'm reading in school, Great Expectations, but he's a lawyer, not an evil wizard. The woman who transformed into a tiger might have to do with the fact that there was a tiger in one part of a movie I had watched. Some Asian guys too. But the fort, I don't have a clue about.

    Category: Barely-Lucid

    Lucidity: 4/10
    Clarity: 6/10
    Length: 7/10
    Enjoyment: 6/10
    Overall: 5.75/10

    Updated 12-25-2011 at 03:37 AM by Twisty