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      COOL!! I'm a bit jealous now.
    2. I agree with atras, your PM has been limited, maybe you need to clean off your storage.
      But about your PM i received if you want to know about my situation, read my DJs and my thread at beyond dreams.
      I may have abilities that you don't (Telepathy), i receive communication with only certain people i know and knew, only reason i know who is intruding and how is from that telepathic ability.
      Btw i do love Resident evil, only because i am similar to Alice in my dream state. Only the closest comparison i have is her and me in my dreams, yes i can kick arse. This is why i posted in that group about who i really am and no one should intrude my dreams.
      I know it's no one in the group, i am just advising others not to come in mine and control my dreams. All i know it's someone i used to hate, and the person hates me back. Read my Djs, it's way off course and really something beyond dreaming. I'm actually not joking.
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      I never had a dream about something from the series but I had a dream where I met David Tennant, dressed as the doctor. I talked with him about the series and it was a very nice dream! You had a dream about doctor who?
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      You have exceeded your pm limit. This was my message. Reply via pm. Me, Katsuno, Windhover, and Nightyspy 2. We are currently doing just that, going over information from the past year. Regarding time, there is contradicting evidence that supports both sides. Some evidence points to the fact that time exists within shared dreams as it does in real life, therefore we should make sure that those sharing dreams are in REM at the same time, other evidence shows that time does not matter. Instead of just making an assumption, we decided we would do an experiment to test which theory is correct. We are currently working on designing the experiment.
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      Hi wana,
      yeah, theres so many things that occur in this life i reckon not just for me but for everyone on this planet where "new" things occur that we've never seen before. I think its a part of a transition in human history, that our minds possess powers beyond measure. And dreaming is the basis of all of this, we can see that if we utilize our minds, we are able to lucid dream, and for some -even astrally project.

      The mind holds a lot of possibilities and power, we are the key bearers, it is up to us to unlock it.

      But yes, the pencil story, that experience i will never ever forget in my life.
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      Idk why url doesn't work on the visitor message...-.- anyway the link to my gallery is on my sig pic lol!
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      Wana wana bobana
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      yeah I drew those drawings ^.^
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      You asked:

      how would you consider knowing what to rc on if your dreams were very random ?
      when i analyse 20 dreams i have many equally reptitive elements (like more than 10)?

      I think I would make my RC's more "vague." Instead of looking for something specific, like a clock or a page of print, "look" in general terms for anything that might seem odd. That way you don't have to keep track of all the recurring stuff, and you're training your mind to test its state without any particular input.

      I hope that made sense!
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      wana youre cool
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    the convin's agents

    by wana on 06-14-2012 at 01:38 PM

    Updated 06-15-2012 at 12:13 AM by wana


    special fx

    by wana on 02-18-2012 at 12:17 PM
    (non lucid dream exit and reentry)
    i am heading toward some random direction in town then as i enter a passage way to another side of the road , as i enter the passage i hear a sound so i stop for awhile then i hear a speaker saying that the opening time is over then before i even moved the whole passageway folded not morphed , it folded like paper and formed a wall then i decide to pass somewhere else to get to where i was going but behind me the placed had folded into a wall but with a small passageway this time , when i climb it i see a friend there too on another wall i see school friends asking me how will i get down there then by the magic of dream ellipse i find myself down walking toward the right then as i climb the steps i see this spectacular scene where on either sides of the steps are found giant purple dead snakes i first ask myself how can these be found where i am , like if the snake killing animals didn't eat them(at that moment i wake up with my eyes closed remember only the snake event then by staying still and keeping a sleep intent i unconsciously drift back to the dream) , but then as i was questioning myself i walked up the steps and then when i am on the top which had a small shed by it i talk to variuos people wander a bit then as i am now under the shed a drop of liquid touches my left hand where my watch is found and i ask myself where did the drop come from then wandered a bit more then as i am by the shed i see parallel formations of worms wandering in my watch under the glass cover , they were hiding the time then as i enter back under the shed i see many of the same worms wandering around in the left to right direction then i find all of this strange then i ecide to take off my watch an thow it away from me telling my friends that its the drop that brought the worms in the watch then after some series of forgotten dream events i go to the bathroom to take a shower and make sure i am clean then when i'm done i go out and told them that i am clean then more series of forgotten events occur ....

    school bad boys on the other ide of the hill

    by wana on 02-06-2012 at 07:49 AM
    started with me and my bothers in the minibus and then two bad-boys came on in and threatening us with a gun aiming me at first then i , with my arm directs his gun away from me then those derps start talking random nonsense and then ask my brother in the front seat for his computer then they escape then i come out to see that they are indeed class students and that they may return as they threatened , then i go to see my aunt and discuss about students who do things like that then i got myself angry about this and how i can't let people d o things like that and how i'll knock em off then i am talking to a school cleaner i am on the first stair and he is on the ground and i tell him for us o change discussion location to be as far as possible from the school students indeed the bad-boys then i find myself in that bus and dad is driving us o some random place on a hill , we get there and he calls the person i observe a board with syndicalists things on it then s the person told dad its the right place we then enter and with the overall feeling being fear of those boys coming back with their gun to steal more stuff from us
    non-lucid , nightmare

    random dream

    by wana on 02-05-2012 at 09:00 AM
    fading start
    medieval war blue uniforms a story of a man who stopped a certain revolt i actually see some sword battle and then a chief telling the simple soldiers to get out for him to make a kind of one man stand then the scene changes in some strange things where dad is going and coming to and from France and then after i end up in my grandmother's house with miley cyrus and me i have the power of invisibility but i have activated the power and am afraid to freak her out showing her that i am invisible
    so i always face my back at her she tries to ask why i am doing this and i give various reasons ...

    tagged dream 2

    by wana on 01-04-2012 at 10:16 PM
    at home i ask mom to go out then i arrive at dads old house i tell him that dogs are needed for safety as he say that prickly wires are better he opens the gate sis and mil appear i lend sis's Nintendo ds a wire hangs then dad makes a move which pulls the wire throwing the ds down she rages a little for that then we all enter on the grass i see potential twin pit-bull dogs playing on the green grass then on a shifted modified version of the porch theres a man like pelvis with a dark green shirt then i hear cryings and bandit blowing when i look in direction of the mansion i see a green shirted father beating his (hidden) kid then the dream shifts to a semi third first person view where i am a sausage in a trio of three thick red commercial sausages we are driving the same white car with the black sport line we stop at a corner of a turning point of a road we then come out out the car and walk a little around the road corner thinking about an issue to contact someone(indeed the image of that person was me IRL ) for some strange things happening (i think it was the feeling i had as i wanted to wild and this is the dream of the failed attempt ) then a mini truck comes stop-crashing in the exact corner then we find it useful to go see who's inside we see a woman in the passengers seat she had a sleeveless with her seatbelt on and head on the dashboard in front of her but our sausage trio are then astonished by the fact that there is no driver by intuition i make an instant escape but i have a dual form because one of my legs are caught off by an invisible force i tell myself that i may not escape but i have to at least free my leg from that force , i pull , i pull , i pull till i free my sausage self ( don't ask me i was dual because i was running with the feeling of legs still my body was a lump of sausage)
    then i started running to ascend to the hills that overwhelmed us and on my run i heard my two other sausage fellers being eaten by the lady who had awakened and i was on my way to the top to meet the human on the other side (me irl ) escaping the woman who was still by the truck ( i figured that the crash was a fake intended to trap us ) .
    i my real self is now in the city village driving painting some details on the sideway in the turning point of that city then when i reach at a point where a woman in her car would put me on the road if i went to her side with my car so i drove a bit till a certain point then i don't get a hint how i did it but i am now on a bike riding through the ripped woods neighborhood thinking how my aunt would see me there i watched the time(stupid working watch in a dream , it shouldn't work) it was half past one then i turned at the round about seeing two girls there then i speeded up when i made my 180 turn thinking about the rules of the road i then came back to the turning point that i was with the white car i was then behind a bus i thought of overtaking but it was hard to do so then many cars including the bus overtook the one that was parked by the road blocking the traffic i passed through police officers ( but that ol' dream logic ... i can pass through the officers but how in the world could that bus pass) then i arrive in the main town , i ask myself if i was to take the bus to go home but then decided to ride back home .
    i am in my room on my bed in the same position i took the nap then the scene was mingled between me arriving from town and me waking up from the last dream ( funny i am still in the dream at that time ) then m bro comes troubling me wanting to tell me something that happened whilst i wasn't there i didn't want to hear it then i was then thinking how i had a great adventure till the point where i wake up knowing all of this was a dream ( the dream was6/10 of vividity enough for me th think it was reality )