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      Hi, back! I see you posted in your DJ. Do you still have problem posting on the forum?
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    "Is all we see or seem but a dream within a dream?"
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    dreams bits and pieces 11-22/23-2015

    by venusflesh on 11-23-2015 at 05:04 PM
    Just woke up from a dream - I'm not sure of the setting in which the dream takes place--meaning, it's nowhere I recognize in real life. I remember before this scene took place, I was looking for a bank in the dream, and I stumbled upon this little building. It kind of reminds me of a cottage/gazebo type building--but it's a bank, because I stoop down to use this ATM that's in this room, and the ATM kind of looks like a little safe. Anyway, the next part I remember is there is this man there, and I'm totally in love with him--but he doesn't know it. He's someone I've been into for a long time, I think, but we've always just been friends/acquaintances. Also, I'm not sure he's single--or maybe he wasn't single, but is going through a separation or something? I'm not quite sure-it's something kind of confusing. So I'm in this place, and he is there, and this other woman is there, too, and I know her--I think she's a friend of mine, or maybe she's my sister? I can't remember, it's very cloudy/vague. But the thing is, is that he and her have a history, I think--and things are complicated. They are talking about stuff, and I'm not sure what's going on, but at some point I realize that they're talking about having a baby together--like, they've decided they're going to work things out, and they're going to go try having a baby right away. I'm so crushed to hear this, and I can't stop myself from saying something. All of a sudden I pipe up, and I'm like, "WAIT, no!" And I'm really upset and saying that she can't get pregnant, don't have a baby, etc. I also say something about the man getting skinny--not sure what I say or what that's supposed to mean, but it's relevant in a minute.
    So the friend/lady leaves, but the man is still there, and he's exasperated with me, and kind of upset, and asks me what's going on--what's wrong with me, why would I intervene and not want them to have a baby, why would I make the friend upset, etc. I'm in tears, and I tell him, "I CAN'T tell you! You won't understand, I just CAN'T tell you!" And I so much want for him to love ME, I don't understand why he loves her and not me--it hurts so much. I'm so afraid that if I tell him why, then he will hate me. Then, he softens some, because he sees how upset I am--and I must open up and tell him some of what's going on, because he responds to me as if I did (I just don't remember exactly what I told him in the dream--somehow that part got skipped). So then, he tells me that he thinks I'm a beautiful, amazing woman. He says that my laughter, how I love to laugh, my sense of humor, is such a positive and great quality in me, that it (helps) makes me a great catch. Then he says something that surprises me--he tells me that on their wedding day (he & the friend), he was really drunk, and was thinking about how beautiful/sexy his wife's sister(s?) were, and the whole premise/what he's communicating to me is that if he didn't end up with my friend/sister, then he would have been interested in me. I'm really pleasantly surprised and feel so good to hear that, because I assumed he just pretty much didn't know I exist. Oh and this man, in the dream, looks like Josh Duhamel (which, he is handsome IRL, of course, but I've never had a thing for him or anything bc he seems like a douche, lol). Oh and in his talking to me, the guy also mentions, kind of jokingly, that he is NOT skinny, and he's not going to get skinny (he isn't fat, but he's muscular and has a really amazing body). I'm embarrassed at that comment I'd made earlier, and say I wasn't serious--I don't think he's skinny, and in fact, he's gorgeous. That's the scene that was taking place right when I woke up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment