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    I have Bipolar and BPD, I dream every night and they are very vivid. Some of them might be lucid dreams however I have grown to let them play out rather than change anything in them. I watch them like a movie.
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    Some kind of battle? Epic dream

    by xFallenKnight53 on 08-02-2017 at 04:26 PM
    I had a very deep dream last night, deeper than usual but it was a cool dream nonetheless despite what may be said I did enjoy it.

    I don't remember the sequence of events really well but what I remember earliest was waking up (in Dream) to a disaster. I must have been in high school in my dream because there was a whole class with me, some people I recognized, one person who wasn't even in a class with me, but most I don't remember. My mom was there too, something terrible happened. I woke up and we were all in a large auditorium but everyone was down, knocked out, moaning, wounded or all of the above. I don't know what happened but my mind just wanted to think I was tortured but because I woke up and noticed it I think something else must have happened like a large fight with something else, my whole class was like this so we were not fighting amongst ourselves.

    When I woke up my serious wound was my hand, it was covered in blood, a large amount of blood and there was a gash on the bottom part of my pointer finger that starts in the middle and goes to the part where it connects with the hand itself and it was bleeding pretty bad. I remember looking off and seeing my mom was injured as well and my nephew was there with a similar wound to mine. There were nurses who rushed in to help all of us but I had to yell basically to receive attention for my ever bleeding wound and they pulled out a needle and string to stitch it up. I didn't feel pain throughout the whole thing until they started to stitch me up. From my notes there was something about underground student clubs, I think it was to teach us how to be detectives and also how to fight with weapons.

    I received training on how to fight with a knife in close quarters by Agent Gibbs (From NCIS) of all people and I remember it quickly, in a training exercise he said: "How are you going to fight me?" and he had a holstered knife on his left side, I asked "Dirty or Clean?" "Clean," he said. I grabbed the knife and went for his throat because I couldn't think of a clean way to fight with a knife, he stopped me, twisted my hand and threw me to the ground and said it was too obvious. Had he said dirty I was going to take the knife and aim for the stomach in a stabbing fascion.

    L from death note was there and a friend in real life who was dressed to look just like him, he was there to help us solve the case of what actually happened to us in the auditorium but he (The real L) was murdered and the murderer was another detective. Right afterward the detective who murdered him went into this room where the fake L stood and the fake L said that the real L was a bad guy pretending to be him and claimed that he was the real L.

    The next part of my dream took place in a large bathroom, there were 3 stalls and in front of there were toilet fewer toilets if that makes sense, just a hole in the floor that can expand and leads directly to a sewer below. My Nephew was hiding in the one farthest from the entrance and was sitting in the corner, still wounded with a bloody hand similar to mine. The man who murdered L walked in with a hooker (yes you heard me) and they stood in front of the toilet less toilet and they were arguing about something, he killed her and stuffed her in the hole and used a toilet plunger to push her into the sewer, he then checked 2 of the stalls to see if anyone was hiding there and was about to check the third but changed his mind last second and left. The next part shows our class in the auditorium but we were all better and happy, we were going to watch a movie there and we were celebrating a big victory, I don't know all that happened because I was knocked out during the fight where we all were wounded but it would seem that one of our classmates had a magical item in the shape of a square or box that stopped the attack. Everyone was cheering and we looked at him as he was the one sitting in the back but in the middle and he held up the box shaped thing into the light of the projector and it glowed gold.

    The last bit of the dream was almost a flashback I think, it showed my nephew and I walking down the stairs from my apartment and we both were wounded, my hand was still bleeding pretty bad in this scene and he was too, we walked with a limp and I was also clutching my shoulder. The world seemed grey but we walked down the stairs him leading and we both had to keep a hand on the wall to steady ourselves leaving long blood smears on the wall where our hands touched it.

    That was the end, overall it was an amazing dream despite what most people would think, it was like a movie and it was very deep. I loved it.

    Updated 08-02-2017 at 04:29 PM by xFallenKnight53

    dream fragment , non-lucid , false awakening , memorable

    Sleep Paralysis experience 3

    by xFallenKnight53 on 09-13-2016 at 07:10 PM
    This will be short. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night, I was laying on my stomach and I kept my eyes closed. I did not really think anything because every night I have times where I wake up and fall back asleep so I was laying on my stomach with my eyes closed trying to go back to sleep when I felt my bed start moving, it felt like someone was trying to get on but was having difficulty and it was at this moment I started getting scared and I realized what was happening as I tried to move or talk but couldn't. I felt the bed move again this time whatever it was got on it and and I felt pressure on my back like something was pushing me down. The only thing I could do was moan because no words could come out and I couldn't move. After thinking back and remembering, it couldn't have been the cat because the presence on my back felt more like a hand with force.

    Updated 09-13-2016 at 08:55 PM by xFallenKnight53


    The great escape

    by xFallenKnight53 on 07-01-2016 at 01:20 PM
    My dream started out at the time of world war 2, I was a little boy living in the Soviet Union and because it was times of need, I worked at a factory. We got an official visit from Stalin and a bunch of other people, they said that for our Safety we will evacuate and board planes heading for safer locations. The planes were designed as to if it were attacked all the seats would fall one by one through a tube and then a parachute would open. It took forever to get everyone and every thing situated, they said we could have our own theme song play when we came out of the tube. I prayed and prayed when we started to take off and the flight was going well for a while but there were fighter planes that shot my plane down, everyone's seat went through the tube like designed and we parachuted down, me and someone else landed in the snow in the middle of a city next to a bridge and then a van pulled up and they started chasing us, they caught me and that is all of my story as I don't know what happened to me next. My dream turns into a 3rd person thing and I see all the planes get shot down, some have survivors and some don't and Stalin's plane was the last with just him and his little daughter in it, they get shot down as well. It turns out that it wasn't the Germans or world war II, there was a great revolt by the Red Army and Stalin was trying to move as much industry and personal to friendly territory as possible. I don't know what happened to me but I know that most people on the journey died, me and someone else were captured and thats it.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Rape and Assault

    by xFallenKnight53 on 06-29-2016 at 11:19 PM
    This dream is nuts let me tell you, I laid down for a nap today and this is what happened.

    My mother and I just got back home from doing something with her husband (they are separated) and I went into my room and I was saying something bad about her husband or something like that and mother said "if you keep saying that stuff i'm going to call the police and say you tried to rape me." I just ignored her and turned my tv up louder but I heard her calling the police and she kept saying over and over about how I tried kissing her lips and I was hitter her hands or holder her hands down. I walked outside because I couldn't believe she was doing something like this and then I heard her call over to her neighbor and she told her to kiss her lips and slap her hands and make her looked bruised up. I was yelling at them saying that all this was stupid, and it didn't make any sense as to why she would be acting that way. I looked over and seen the cops coming, guns drawn and yelling for me to get down I just said "Yeah yeah, I get it" and I laid down on my stomach and put my hands behind my back, and the first cop came and looked at me and said I fit the description and they are about to cuff my hands when I try saying this all didn't make any sense when halfway through the sentence I wake up and I was sleep talking it. man I tell you this was the realist dream I have ever had.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Dean Winchester and Vampire family Christmas Dinner

    by xFallenKnight53 on 05-22-2016 at 06:16 AM
    I meant to write this in here earlier but had no time but anyway this dream felt like it lasted around 2-3 hours honestly when I was dreaming it but it was good.

    It starts off the night before, my nephew calls me and asks to come over and have soup and stay the night and the next morning my nephew, my sister, my mother, myself and Dean come over to my nieces house (which was a previous residence in real life) for Christmas dinner and we got to meet her new boyfriend who turned out to be a vampire and dean doesn't kill him right here i'll explain later, So we all sit down and for about an hour to an hour and a half we all eat and chat and open presents early. Well vampire at this point is trying to knock everyone out and he knocks me out last but I go in to third person to watch what occurs next (as my in dream body was knocked out) Dean and the vampire get into a huge fight and in the middle of it Dean says "The only reason I didn't kill you earlier is because (my sister or mother because I didn't know he was a vampire) told him not to." They ruin the kitchen and dining room and then Dean drags the vampire outside and smashes his face on the metal railing and throws him over the side, goes to his car and pulls out a machete and comes and kills the vampire. The dream ends with us all waking up to the big mess, a dead vampire, and a long explanation. Because (my dream self) was not aware my nieces boyfriend was a vampire.
    non-lucid , memorable