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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Some kind of battle? Epic dream

      by , 08-02-2017 at 04:26 PM
      I had a very deep dream last night, deeper than usual but it was a cool dream nonetheless despite what may be said I did enjoy it.

      I don't remember the sequence of events really well but what I remember earliest was waking up (in Dream) to a disaster. I must have been in high school in my dream because there was a whole class with me, some people I recognized, one person who wasn't even in a class with me, but most I don't remember. My mom was there too, something terrible happened. I woke up and we were all in a large auditorium but everyone was down, knocked out, moaning, wounded or all of the above. I don't know what happened but my mind just wanted to think I was tortured but because I woke up and noticed it I think something else must have happened like a large fight with something else, my whole class was like this so we were not fighting amongst ourselves.

      When I woke up my serious wound was my hand, it was covered in blood, a large amount of blood and there was a gash on the bottom part of my pointer finger that starts in the middle and goes to the part where it connects with the hand itself and it was bleeding pretty bad. I remember looking off and seeing my mom was injured as well and my nephew was there with a similar wound to mine. There were nurses who rushed in to help all of us but I had to yell basically to receive attention for my ever bleeding wound and they pulled out a needle and string to stitch it up. I didn't feel pain throughout the whole thing until they started to stitch me up. From my notes there was something about underground student clubs, I think it was to teach us how to be detectives and also how to fight with weapons.

      I received training on how to fight with a knife in close quarters by Agent Gibbs (From NCIS) of all people and I remember it quickly, in a training exercise he said: "How are you going to fight me?" and he had a holstered knife on his left side, I asked "Dirty or Clean?" "Clean," he said. I grabbed the knife and went for his throat because I couldn't think of a clean way to fight with a knife, he stopped me, twisted my hand and threw me to the ground and said it was too obvious. Had he said dirty I was going to take the knife and aim for the stomach in a stabbing fascion.

      L from death note was there and a friend in real life who was dressed to look just like him, he was there to help us solve the case of what actually happened to us in the auditorium but he (The real L) was murdered and the murderer was another detective. Right afterward the detective who murdered him went into this room where the fake L stood and the fake L said that the real L was a bad guy pretending to be him and claimed that he was the real L.

      The next part of my dream took place in a large bathroom, there were 3 stalls and in front of there were toilet fewer toilets if that makes sense, just a hole in the floor that can expand and leads directly to a sewer below. My Nephew was hiding in the one farthest from the entrance and was sitting in the corner, still wounded with a bloody hand similar to mine. The man who murdered L walked in with a hooker (yes you heard me) and they stood in front of the toilet less toilet and they were arguing about something, he killed her and stuffed her in the hole and used a toilet plunger to push her into the sewer, he then checked 2 of the stalls to see if anyone was hiding there and was about to check the third but changed his mind last second and left. The next part shows our class in the auditorium but we were all better and happy, we were going to watch a movie there and we were celebrating a big victory, I don't know all that happened because I was knocked out during the fight where we all were wounded but it would seem that one of our classmates had a magical item in the shape of a square or box that stopped the attack. Everyone was cheering and we looked at him as he was the one sitting in the back but in the middle and he held up the box shaped thing into the light of the projector and it glowed gold.

      The last bit of the dream was almost a flashback I think, it showed my nephew and I walking down the stairs from my apartment and we both were wounded, my hand was still bleeding pretty bad in this scene and he was too, we walked with a limp and I was also clutching my shoulder. The world seemed grey but we walked down the stairs him leading and we both had to keep a hand on the wall to steady ourselves leaving long blood smears on the wall where our hands touched it.

      That was the end, overall it was an amazing dream despite what most people would think, it was like a movie and it was very deep. I loved it.
    2. Lucid dream within a dream

      by , 05-18-2016 at 04:59 PM
      The dream starts off non-lucid as I am standing outside school talking to friends and one of them was like hey, you're in your underwear bro, and I looked and felt down and he was right. I was only wearing a shirt and underwear, instead of getting embarrassed I just immediately thought "this cannot be real I must be dreaming because a person as careful as I am that tries not to stand out it is very unlike me to make this big of a mistake." Then I thought "well if this is a dream let's find out and I will create things as I go along." I start running down the long sidewalk, cars are honking and people laughing but I don't care and I thought "ok I will run to the side of the building where there is no door but it will be there this time." Boom the door is there and is open, I walk in and at this point everybody is just ignoring me and talking with their friends as they walk to class and then I think "Alright run to English class and I will have a pair of shorts sitting on my desk." I run there and what do you know? there is a pair of shorts sitting on my desk, I grab them and put them on and sit down. Here I "wake up" and sitting in English class, I must have dosed off so I turn and start talking to some of my friends about the dream and I say "I have lucid dreams all the time." Which is a lie it is to and few between. and at this point I really do wake up.
    3. Incredible! Night of Feb 12th/Morning of Feb 13th

      by , 02-13-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I took dream leaf again, the alternative method really seems to work for me. Take a red pill the previous night and then the next night (which was last night) take the blue pill right before bed and then dream. I had a series of dreams, some of them repeated but there was something a little different each time so here we go.

      1st dream: I hanged out with a childhood friend named Jet and another friend (who I knew in the dream world but not in the real world) we were kid of offroading with a jeep somewhere out in the boonies and it lasting long enough for day to turn to night, around night time I pulled out my phone and explained I wanted to record what we were doing and we came across this large mountain, it was sitll in the distance but it turns out to be a Volcano and it erupted and large amounts of black smoke and very hot stones poured out of it and they kept we kept driving toward it and a very hot rock landed on my stomach and it burned and I said to turn around and we did. We had to do something and take a drug test later the next day but we decided to get really really high anyway (weed people calm down) and so we went for the drug test still very high and there were a lot of people who had to do it but this test was different then normal drug tests we had to sit at a desk and spit into a test tube but not only that we had to put a manikin arm in the tube and it would change colors depending on if we were high or not and also it would inscribe in the arm our names and birthdays. For some reason it enscribed the wrong birthday (my real birthday is Jan 16th 1996, but it said Jan 16th 1949) and trust me, in my dream I was still my young self. The guy next to me was for some reason FaZe Apex and we talked a little bit and my arm started to change colors very fast and it was like neon weird colors and Apex said "this guy is still really high wtf" and it got to a point where everyone was trying to take the test tube away because I was sitting there staring at the changing colors for a long time, I said hold on and I put it down and my dream ended.

      I had two lucid dreams but neither of them lasted very long, for some reason I would realize I am dreaming but before I could change anything I would wake up in a different dream and the thing that makes it even more weird is I was thinking about lucid dreaming WHILE I WAS DREAMING and I didn't recognize that I was dreaming in most of my dreams.

      1st dream repeat: This one was about going offroading again in the open jeep but instead of my childhood friend it was one of my current best friends (lets call him Alex) and the other dude was the same, I didn't know his name but somehow we were friends. We had to run down this large hill to get to the jeep and it turned into a race so what I did was I jumped off part of the cliff instead and I had that suit that can make a person glide down, it had like flying squirl arms and legs and I flew over Alex and I was like "I am winning!" Both of my friends said I was nuts but I pulled the parachute last minute and landed perfectly next to the Jeep. I got in the passenger and Alex got in the back we drove around a lot and as day turned into night I started recording on my phone again, this time there was no Volcano but we got into a clearing in a wooded area and we stopped, at this point I realized I was dreaming and I just said "You know, you guys are my best friends." I didn't get a response because when I turned around they were gone and I was alone by myself and Darkness started to envelope my world and my dream ended. I think the part of me that is so very alone started to kick in once I realized I was dreaming and it took away my friends and said "you don't deserve to be happy, you don't deserve to be with friends."

      2nd dream, it was very short, I woke up and I was a kid sitting in a bus with other kids and we were going on a field trip, I talked about my dreams but every other kid was mean and was a bully to me. I didn't let it bother me and I just woke up in a different dream. which was another repeat of dream 1.
    4. Night of 1/29/16 GTA

      by , 01-30-2016 at 07:08 PM
      This dream felt like it lasted several hours so I was in a deep deep dream. Anyway to start off, my nephew and I were playing grand theft auto and sometimes it was split screen, other times it wasn't but it got to the point where we were both actually inside the game like VR Sword art online style. We stole cars, broke into houses, flew helicopters, did missions, killed each other and re spawned and did it all over again. I sort of knew I was dreaming I just didn't want to alter what was going on because it was really fun as it was. We "woke up" into another GTA style game but it looked way more realistic like real life and I hurried outside and found a Ferrari and drove off. We were in California because I remember speeding down the golden gate bridge but what I was most focused on was trying to put the car into gear as it was manual and I have never driven manual but it ended up working out. Night time came and we were by this river, it wasn't flowing a certain direction it was just there and we decided for some reason we were going to kill ourselves (we could re-spawn like I said before) and he jumped in first and I just stood there and watched him drown, when he died a fire like essence that was rainbow colored started to flow out of his side like a flame thrower type thing and I jumped in and I layed on my back underwater looking up at the beautiful nights sky while drowning. I was slowly dying but it was a very happy death. At that point I reminded myself that I was dreaming so I forced myself to wake up but i woke up in a different house, in a dark room and I walked toward the door and when I opened it, I woke up in the real world... sometimes I just wish I could stay in my dreams forever...
    5. Night of 1/27/16

      by , 01-28-2016 at 04:39 PM
      I had 2 dreams as I woke up and fell back asleep, my dreams are very vivid (yet not lucid) and are usually very random. I had been keeping a dream journal but kinda just not wrote in it but I decided I wanted to start up again last night. I have been having many many dreams about school almost one every night. If anything in my dreams offends you, I am sorry but that is just what I was dreaming about.

      1st dream: took place sometime in the summer, it was beautiful and warm outside and I was with friends. This friend of mine who is good at getting stuff took me with him and was showing off how he could get alcohol before he was 21. My friends and I walked around the Carnival that was in town and then we were in this office building that had a bunch of computers and there was a news team there talking with someone about ISIS when they started to attack the building and the computers in the middle all blew up. I had a false awakening in my current apartment, almost everything was the same except for a few details. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and I heard gunfire so I hid in the bathroom and peaked around the corner and found my step father playing call of duty

      2nd dream: This one took place in school, I was a half human half turtle going on an adventure with classmates, solving puzzles, skipping class, barging in on other classes and disrupting them, including one that was watching a movie. I went to the very dirty bathroom and, well I went to the bathroom but someone came up behind me and was trying to take my shell away from me and I pissed all over the floor and fell in it. I got up and it just completely dried off my pants and I went to go get my shell back. This kid took it to a different bathroom and booby trapped it because he was waiting for some girl to come and he was going to make it land on her head and kidnap her. I got it back and that was the end of that. I caught up with my classmates and we started playing this game with a cooking pot of stew in the middle, there were 3 on their side and just me on mine and we all had big wooden spoons and they were trying to keep a giant onion at the bottom while I was trying to throw it out. the Onion fell apart but I managed to throw it all out and win the game and it turns out the losers had to pay for the meal so I started messing with their cards trying to pick one and I said "here put them on the table and shuffle them around while I turn my back since there are only three of them" they did it, I picked one and then I woke up for good.
    6. First real lucid dream

      by , 01-13-2016 at 08:19 PM
      So I tried this product I found on Amazon called "Dream leaf". I tried the alternative method which says take the red pill the first night and the blue pill the 2nd (because the first method involved waking up 4 hours later to take the red pill) also on the 2nd night I took about 2-3 10 mg of melatonin and I entered the dream world. At first it was a normal non lucid dream, I was standing next to this white 2 story house and I had a ladder in my hand looking up at the open window and this ladder was one of those single sides ones you put on the wall to climb up but instead I put it perfectly vertical not attached to anything and started climbing and I set my hands on the final rung and looked over at the window about to jump through it and I stopped myself and my train of thought and I looked forward and said "wait, this doesn't feel right." "I think I am dreaming...." "Yeah I am dreaming." and then I said I was going to find out for sure so I stood with my feet on the last rung with perfect balance and stared at the ground. I did have 2nd thoughts however I jumped head first anyway and I started to fly and I flew higher and higher and I was in the clouds, I flew over cities, forests, beaches and the ocean and I changed the sky to dusk with beautiful purple and orange clouds. Finally I "woke up" but it was in a different dream and this time I didn't realize I was dreaming.