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    1. That's OK xXxArtistxXx,

      He passed in 2007, so I've had time to come to terms with it. If you can, sit down with your dad and enjoy a cup of coffee with him. Just talk. There is nothing more awesome. I mean, going on vacation or whatever is "more awesome," but what do you do then? Yes, you may enjoy a show or the beach or whatever, but sitting down and being still allows you to just be. Enjoy that moment. You can't get it back unless it is a memory. Toss a ball. Do simple things. Money is something to strive for, but you can't buy the time you could have a simple cup of coffee and talk...or not.
    2. Sorry for your loss. and COOL.. thanks for telling me wth a dreamsign is XD
    3. what are dream signs?
    4. xXxArtistxXx,

      Yes, you type in your dream and click post. I believe you have to give your dream/s a title. I title my dreams by separating them with a semicolon like this. Dream 1; Dream 2; Dream 3.

      Journaling does not make my dreams more vivid. Perhaps for others it does. I believe that by journaling your dreams, you practice remembering your dreams. You need to journal right when you wake up. If you are too tired, write down key words to your dream. If you are too tired for that, repeat key words in your mind so that if you could just remember those concepts, you'll remember much of your dream.

      Try to tether dream memories to something you will definitely see in the morning, like your pants, or your car keys. This will hopefully make you say, "Wait, I had a dream last night!" It's amazing how you can completely forget not only your dream, but that you even had the dream. Journaling is said to help you identify dream signs also.

      I hope this helps.

      The Sandman
    5. When you create a DJ on here...

      Do you just right down your dream and click post?

      By posting your dream on here, does it help make your other dreams vivid?
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